Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson Must Burn In Hell
You'd better watch what you think, part II

The word's out in Hollywood... Mel Gibson's an anti-Semite.

According to the entertainment news Web site, Gibson launched into a tirade when he was arrested, swearing and hurling anti-Semitic and sexist remarks. (According to who, again?)

According to the site, the report said Gibson's comments included, "F------ Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," and that he asked a deputy, "Are you a Jew?" (According to who, again?), which is owned by CNN parent company Time Warner (big shocker there, huh?), also reported that different versions of the police report exist, and that Gibson's profanity-laced tirade was removed from the original report, which was filed by the arresting deputy. (Reported by who, again?)

Asked about the report that the 50-year-old actor made anti-Semitic remarks, Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said, "The job of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is not to focus on what he said or didn't say, but to establish his blood-alcohol level and concentrate on the facts. We do not investigate on rumor and innuendo."

Gee, so according to WHO exactly did Gibson make these remarks? The deputy on duty didn't say so.

Ahhh.... but then again, Mel Gibson is sooooooo loved in Hollywood. We all saw the outpouring of affection and respect during the run of Gibson's last flick. I'm sure you heard of it. A little something called The Passion Of The Christ. It made a minor splash.

Anyhow, as I was watching MSNBC this evening, Tucker Carlson was interviewing some entertainment industry bleach-blond bubblehead, and was excitedly asking "... but is Gibson and anti-semite!!??" I swear, he must have asked it three times.

From what I've read and heard as of late, the media (especially Hollywood) is literally pissing their pants in glee over this entire episode.

I came to grips a long time ago that Calypso Louie Farrakhan hates White people. I came to grips long ago that David Duke hates Black people. I came to grips a long time ago that Bob Jones hates Catholics. As long as they're not advocating killing people or burning down churches, you know what? I don't care! Honestly... I really don't care.

Personally, I could give a damn less if Mel Gibson did ask the deputy if he was a Jew. As someone who hasn't touched booze in over 10 years, I can attest that just sometimes, people say REALLY stupid things when drunk. I mean REALLY STUPID.

But back to the main point. There's absolutely not one shred of proof that Mel Gibson said anything even resembling an "anti-Semetic" remark. But to hear the media types... than you'd think he was the guy that personally dumped the Zyklon-B into the showers.


UPDATE- 1 Aug, 2006.

Mel Gibson has apologized to "everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words".

Gibson said he's "in the process of understanding where those vicious words came from during that drunken display" and hopes members of the Jewish community, "whom I have personally offended," will help him in his recovery efforts.

"There is no excuse, nor should there be any tolerance, for anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark," Gibson said.

But that isn't enough for some in the Jewish community. "We are glad that Mel Gibson has finally owned up to the fact that he made anti-Semitic remarks, and his apology sounds sincere. We welcome his efforts to repair the damage he has caused," said Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. "Once he completes his rehabilitation for alcohol abuse, we will be ready and willing to help him with his second rehabilitation to combat this disease of prejudice."

"I welcome his words. And I hope and pray that they are sincere and heartfelt," but Gibson needs to show "tangible actions" of repentance, said Rabbi Mark S. Diamond of the 280-member Board of Rabbis of Southern California.

The sheriff's deputy who arrested Gibson said Monday he feels badly that the star's reputation has been damaged but he hopes Gibson will think twice before drinking and driving again.

"I don't take pride in hurting Mr. Gibson," Deputy James Mee told The Associated Press during an interview outside his home.

Mee, who is Jewish, said he didn't take Gibson's remarks seriously.

"That stuff is booze talking," the deputy said.

You know... if Deputy Mee can forgive and forget, then why can't Foxman and Diamond?
You'd Better Watch What
You Think
1984 revisited

Warning! Harsh language alert!

As someone who is technically considered mixed race, let me say that I find the entire notion of racial hate crimes to be revolting.

Case in point, courtesy of the Village Voice;

I saw no angry editorials or columns objecting to the 15-year sentence for Nicholas "Fat Nick" Minucci" as an extra-large Daily News headline celebrated his jailing for a "hate crime" against Glenn Moore, who is black. Minucci is white. And since the crime took place in Howard Beach, Queens, it recalls for many of us the death, 20 years ago, of a black man chased into parkway traffic there by a gang of white men.

Eight years of Minucci's 15-year sentence were added on because, as he hit Moore on the head with a bat, Minucci kept yelling, "Nigger!" That made it a "hate crime." Those eight years were not because of Minucci's act (the beating of Moore), but for what he said.

So the added sentence is for a thought crime. It has become settled in the majority American mind as evidenced by the "hate crime" statutes in other states too that it's not enough to punish someone for an act of violence if the act is accompanied by expressions of bigotry. There has to be more punishment.

The current view of the Supreme Court, that what you say can add prison time for what you do in a "hate crimes" case came down in Wisconsin v. Mitchell (1993). The defendant, Todd Mitchell, black, was convicted for "assaulting" a white teenager, and the trial judge added two years to the normal two-year sentence for aggravated battery, making it a "hate crime."

This is what happened in the "assault" as described in by far the best book on this issue, Hate Crimes: Criminal Law and Identity Politics (Oxford University Press), by NYU law professor James Jacobs and attorney Kimberly Potter.

Todd Mitchell and several friends had just seen the movie Mississippi Burning, about the notorious murders of civil rights workers in the South during the 1960s. In one scene, a praying black youth was beaten by a white man. As Mitchell and his friends left the theater, a white youngster walked by, and Todd Mitchell said to his companions:

"You all want to fuck somebody up? There goes a white boy, go get him." The white boy was beaten so badly that he suffered severe injury. But Todd Mitchell, as Professor Jacobs notes, "did not physically participate in the beating." (Emphasis added.)

I say simply prosecute Minucci and Mitchell for the actual crimes they did. If they so desire to talk smack inside prison, let 'em. Between the Aryan Brotherhood and the Black Muslims, it'll be a rather unpleasant stay.

But anyhow, I've often said "gee, I'm none too fond of the IRS". Does that mean I have an impending visit from the FBI in the dead of the night because I might purchase fertilizer and #4 diesel oil?

Why not? I've already expressed a thought crime by saying I don't like the IRS. That means that I just might be some anti-government nut job who wants to blow-up a government building... right?

I better stop for now. Big Brother might be listening.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I've Always Wondered About That Picture
A linchpin of history?

For almost a year, I've had the very top photo of the priest celebrating the traditional Latin Mass as the "intro pic" for this blog.

I'll admit, I just thought it was kind of a neat picture that dovetailed nicely into the whole 'caveman' theme. I knew that it was from a place in Spain named Covadonga, and I also remember enough High School Spanish to know that Covadonga comes from two words, cueva meaning “cave” and donga meaning “deep”, but never gave it a second thought.

But then I ran into a posting by Karen over at Some Have Hats concerning Our Lady of Covadonga.

Karen posted an excellent summary of Covadonga. Take a few minutes and read this. Being a history major, I'm a firm believer that small things change the course of history. We all know the old saying, "missing a bus can change the course of your life".

I shudder to think what would have happened if Don Pelayo had lost that battle. Would we all be bowing to Mecca five times a day?

"In 711 a. d. the Arab conquerors established a new Islamic kingdom in Spain. They became the unquestioned leaders. Both Christian bishops and princes submitted to them. (some things never change, huh?) This Moorish presence continued until the end of the fifteenth century.

The only one to resist this initial onslaught of Islam was Don Pelayo. King Rodrigo had perished in the early part of the invasion. Pelayo with a small band of knights and soldiers retreated to the dark hills and mountains of Asturia. Their little army hid for seven years preparing for the final battle. In 718 the Moors sent an entire army into Asturia with orders to destroy Don Pelayo and his men. Pelayo retired with his men to the sanctuary of the Madonna, the cave of Covadonga.

Pelayo spent the night in prayer and solemnly vowed to win a victory or be ready to perish in the fray. (Legend also has it that the Virgin Mary appeared to him during this time.) When the Moors appeared with their immense army Pelayo and his men seemed doomed. Arrows darkened the sky, and the mountain air was filled with darts and lances. Suddenly the contenders realized that these weapons did not reach them but merely bounced off the rocks. The Moors began to flee in confusion. Pursued by this small Christian band, the enemy made for the safety of the plains at Mont Auceva. A tremendous rainstorm broke over the hills; the river Deva overflowed the banks, and a landslide of mud crushed the Saracen army.

After the victory of 718, Spain was not yet saved. The greater part of the country remained for centuries under Moorish domination. Nevertheless this victory had the greatest significance for the future of the peninsula and for Christianity. Don Pelayo, chief of the Visigoths, became King of Asturia and united the remaining Visigoths and the Hispano-Roman tribes.

Deeper Significance

What was the deeper significance of this battle? It was the first resistance to the onslaught of Islam and the first victory for the Christians against this immense force that threatened to destroy Christian Europe as it had succeeded in destroying the Christian Church of Palestine and all of Asia Minor in the mid east. It was through the intervention of the Blessed Virgin that this victory was achieved.

This victory of Pelayo and his courageous men stemmed the tide of the onslaught. Over the ensuing centuries Spain continued to push back the Moors, until the final push during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella at the end of the fifteenth century. Spain was saved for the Church. This struggle of the Church and the Christian nations was to continue into the seventeenth century. The Christian victory was finally sealed with the victory of the Christian fleet at the battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571; and ultimately with the victory of the Christian armies under Jan Sobieski of Poland and the Cossack army of Kulchitsky against the Turkish army at the Battle of Vienna in 1683."

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Austrailian Girls Got It Right
Everything old is new again...

Katey Barrett, 27, is one of many women who has moved from country New South Wales to the city because of the lack of career options in her home town. But she's found the bright lights of the city is not the place where she's going to find her country man to settle down with.

She contacted The Saturday Daily Telegraph last week following our report on the shortage of women in rural areas. It was one of many letters we received from city women who also wanted to find a nice country man because they believed they were more genuine.

"City boys are not what I'm after. They are fast talking, money orientated, and that's not for me," Ms Barrett said.

Fiona Thomas, founder of the dating website Rural Romeos, said Ms Barrett was part of a growing trend. "They (city men) don't want to marry and settle down and have kids and live happily ever after."

Sheesh... what a concept. Women who want to settle down with men who act like.... well, MEN!

What'll they think of next?
Or I'll bash your skull in

Michelle Malkin's hit the nail right on the head... Rainbow tie-dye has turned to raging-bull red.

Case in point;

Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams displayed what the Australian media called "her feisty Irish spirit" to hundreds of schoolchildren this week in a murder-minded diatribe against President Bush. "I have a very hard time with this word 'nonviolence,' because I don't believe that I am nonviolent," confessed Mrs. Williams.

While the kids cheered, Mrs. Williams, the world-renowned pacifist, fumed: "Right now, I would love to kill George Bush." In America, we don't call this irrational hatred "feisty Irish spirit." We call it "unhinged."

Mrs. Williams would no doubt endorse the disgusting comments left on an America Online message board for Sgt. Leonid Milkin, whose wife, two sons and sister-in-law were murdered in Kirkland, Wash., last week while he was serving in Iraq. Human Events Online writer Lisa De Pasquale documented the comments of antimilitary Bush-haters: "Too bad the paid assasin [sic] wasn't home also.... Got what he deserved for serving an illegal government in an illegal war."

Want another dose? Earlier this month, a New Zealand peace activist and former Green Party candidate who served as a "human shield" for Saddam Hussein in 2003 was charged with assaulting a teenage rock singer in London. Peace-loving Christiaan Briggs reportedly harassed the boy's girlfriend, then knocked the boy to the ground. Mr. Briggs ran off laughing before turning himself in to police. The victim had to have part of his skull removed and only days ago woke from a coma.

This reminds me of what happened to my baby sister in Hawaii a few years back. First, some background... baby sis is about as Democrat as Democrat can be. But she also has a dad and three brothers who are all retired from the Armed Forces. Anyhow, one day baby sis is driving through Honolulu with her baby daughter in tow. Baby sis sees some of the Great Unwashed protesting the war in Iraq.

But this wasn't your run of the mill, generic "Bring The Troops Home Now!" protest... this was "The Troops Are Murderers" protest.

Soooo... baby sis flashes this bunch a thumbs down. She didn't flip 'em the finger... didn't scream cuss words at 'em. She just gave a disapproving thumbs down.

Take a wild guess that this 'peaceful assemblage' did... they rushed her car, swarmed around it and started rocking it in an attempt to roll it over. The whole time my 105 pound little sister and her 10 month old daughter are in the car screaming.

Thank God my sister had the presence of mind slam on the accelerator before things got too far gone. Oh, and the police did nothing. Things are oh, so Politically Correct in paradise, you know.

Anyhow, the 'peace or I'll kill you' crowd has been around for quite some time. This is really nothing new. The same thing happened during the Viet-Nam War.

Same scum... different generation.
What The %#@&?
The photographic equivalent of artificial insemination

Friday, July 28, 2006

Showboat Ain't Just A Broadway Show
...and hotdog ain't just for eatin'

Whatever happened to sportsmanship? Whatever happened to being a good winner?

I for one, am pretty sick and tired of seeing these multi-millionaire jack-asses who do everything in the world to bring even more attention to themselves than is already given them.

Case in point... Barry "Better Living Through Chemistry" Bonds. Every time this creep slaps a tater, instead of taking off on a trot like a true professional does, he arrogantly stands there for a few seconds to watch the ball sail out. What a jerk.

And that steroid infested, one man circus freak-show, Mark McGwire was just as bad. Two peas in a pod, these two clowns.

I do know that steroids will shrink a man's testicles to the size of a couple of peanuts, but I didn't know they also increased the need for attention to Homeric proportions.

Give me Tony Gwynn or Khalil Greene any day of the week.
And Archbishop Lefevbre Was "Excommunicated" For What Again? (Part II)
More raw sewage rises to the top in Boston

Alas, more anti-Catholic shenanigans from the Roman Protestant Archdiocese of Boston. The Apostasy De Jour is some chick up in The Land of Law has done and got herself "ordained".

Hey sweet-cheeks... I don't know if you realize this or not, but one can no more ordain a woman as much as one can... oh, let's say... baptize a Cocker Spaniel or give Last Rites to a tree.

But anyhow, this gal was actually in a leadership role... for years... within the Archdiocese of Boston, and NO ONE KNEW of her attitudes towards so-called women priests? No one had even an inkling!!?? You gotta be kidding me!! WHO THE HELL'S IN CHARGE IN BOSTON!!??

The "priestess" in question, one Jean Marie Marchant, who just turned in her resignation to Cardinal O'Malley... and that's where it ended. What? No writ of excommunication? Un-freakin'-believable.

Love, hate, or indifferent towards Abp Lefevbre, you have to admit that at least he had valid reasoning for his actions, unlike Marchant. Abp Lefevbre at least had the good manners to cite Canon Law for his actions, unlike Marchant. Abp Lefevbre at least had the good manners to request a Canonical Trial for his actions, unlike Merchant (and oddly enough, Abp Lefevbre never got his day in court... hmmm).

And here's the scary thing about Merchant - according to the Boston Globe; Marchant chose to be ordained last year by female bishops associated with Roman Catholic Womenpriests, which says its ordinations are valid because its bishops have been ordained, in secret, by valid Roman Catholic bishops.

Things are way out of control in Boston. Yes, the word apostasy works nicely.

I think that my good goomba, the Curmudgeon, just may be on to something here... as Curmudgie says ~ In the old days, a prelate would put a region under prohibition, or whole groups of people under interdict when things got so out of hand he needed to get people's attention. It's long past time to do that in Massachusetts. Sure, it would be a hardship on the faithful Catholics in Massachusetts, but it isn't like they're in Texas. Everyone else can catch Mass just across the state line on the weekends, and that's . . . . what . . . . twenty minutes in any direction?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Never Let It Be Said That I'm A Sexist Pig
I can be fair and objective

Senator Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bust To Be Unveiled at the Museum of Sex.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- New York, NY- July, 26 2006—- A presidential bust of Hillary Clinton is set to be unveiled at the Museum of Sex on August 9, 2006 at 10 am. Accentuating her sexual power and bolstered by the presidential seal, The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton: The First Woman President of the United States of America will be officially open for public viewing on August 9 for a limited six week run.

Artist Daniel Edwards describes this new sculpture as capturing Clinton “with her head held high, a youthful spirit and a face matured by wisdom. Presented in a low cut gown, her cleavage is on display prominently portraying sexual power which some people still consider too threatening.”...

OK, I'm honestly trying to be fair and objective...

*looking at bust*

*looking at bust*

*looking at bust*

*looking at bust*

*looking at bust*

ARRRRRRRRGH!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! I need something to scrub that horrible image from my brain!!

*whining* Make it stop! Make it stop!

Ahhhh..... Grace Kelly, now that's better!

Homosexuals Deserve Equal Protection under The Law
After all, they're an 'Oppressed Minority"... right?

OK, I've heard the "oppressed minority" crap for long enough.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was primarily to protect the educational and employment rights of poor, undereducated Blacks citizens.

Here is the source for the stats I have on the homosexual demographic in the United States. For the Black demographic, I have the specific links highlighted.

Compare the numbers for homosexuals with Blacks.

Average Household Income
Gay Households $52,624
Lesbian households $42,755
Black households $40,131

College Graduates (among people over 25)
Gay households 62%
Lesbian households 59%
Black households 17.6%

Hold Professional/Managerial Jobs
Gay households 47%
Lesbian households 40%
Black households 26.8%

Yeah, right. The homosexuals have it soooooo tough.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Different Look On The Irish Bog Psalms
The signs are everywhere

Hat Tip to Jay

By now, we've all heard of the 1,000 year old Book of Psalms recently found in Ireland.

According to the news reports, the book was unearthed with it opened to the 83d Psalm. That particular psalm was a prayer to God asking His protection against those who would destroy His Church.

Actually, that's the 82 Psalm of the Latin Vulgate Bible. The good folks in Ireland are obviously using the heavily Protestant influenced modern day St. Joseph's.

Here is the original Latin;
82:5 Dixerunt: Venite, et disperdamus eos de gente, et non memoretur nomen Israël ultra.

And here is the traditional Douay-Rheims Bible translation;
82:5. They have said: Come and let us destroy them, so that they be not a nation: and let the name of Israel be remembered no more.

What is this "Israel" the psalmist speaks of? A geographical entity or political state in the Year of Our Lord 2006? I think not.

I remember reading what Pope Pius XI said in 1938: "Through Christ and in Christ, we are spiritual descendants of Abraham."

Ladies and gentlemen, the Israel that the psalmist wrote about is US!

Gee, are there any heavily armed folks running around present day that have every desire in the world to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth?
Who Said This?
You'll never guess

Today, in a multicultural and multireligious world, many are tempted to say: “It is better for peace in the world among religions and cultures that one not speak too much about the specifics of Christianity, about Jesus, the Church, the sacraments. Let us be satisfied with the things that can be held more or less in common...” But it’s not true. At this very moment – at a moment of a great abuse in the name of God – we need the God who triumphed upon the cross, who wins not by violence, but by his love. At this very moment, we need the face of Christ, in order to know the true face of God and thus to bring reconciliation and light to this world.

Was it;

Bishop Fellay of the SSPX?

Some other SSPX crank?

Some "Catholic Fundamentalist" who rejects The Spirit of Vatican II?

Any one of the three Catholic Cavemen?

Some religious right-winger who has no life, so he spends his whole life blogging?

Give up?

OK, here you go....

It was His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI three days ago.
OK, I Have A Reason
Really... I do

Since I started this blog, I've been called:

1. Sexist

2. Uneducated

3. Hypocrite

4. Bigot

5. Neo-Con

6. Fanatic

7. Uncaring Jerk

8. Nazi

9. Ignorant

10. Pig

Ya know gang, I really do have a reasonable excuse for the way I act.

Normally I really do enjoy the roast duck and mango salsa, but every so often, I just have to say "nothing for me. I seem to have lost my appetite."

click here to view video

11. Crazy (thanks, Jay)
I never saw that one comin'

What a shocker, huh? "Lance Bass of `N Sync Reveals He's Gay".

The former frontman (I guess it's now 'backdoor man') for that showcase of American Manhood better know to the rest of us mere mortals as 'N Sync, has just shocked the livin' hell outta the world by announcing that he's a big fan of driving the wrong direction down one way streets.

In related news, grass is still green, the sky is still blue, the pope is still Catholic, and bears still defecate in the woods.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'd Say They Earned It
Especially the one in the middle

President Bush shakes hands with Specialist Noe Santos-Dilone, 21, center, from Brooklyn, New York, as Specialist Sergio Lopez, 24, left, from Bolingbrook, Il, and Private First Class Eduardo Leal-Cardenas, 21, from Los Angeles, look on following their naturalization ceremony at Walter Reed Medical Center, Monday, July 24, 2006.

Here are some of the remarks made by the Prez;

Specialist Lopez says that becoming a citizen, "represents being acknowledged as having done my duty, having done my part for the country, like the oath says, defending the United States."

Today, we honor Army Private First Class Eduardo Leal-Cardenas. He was injured when an IED blew up his vehicle in Iraq. Private Leal-Cardenas is a man of few words, and he's a man of action. When some questioned whether he would ever walk again, he laughed, and he began his rehab while still in his bed. When Private Leal-Cardenas is asked what citizenship in America means to him, he just said one word: Freedom.

And finally, we honor Army Specialist Lito Santos-Dilone. He was injured while serving as part of the protection detail in Iraq. I first met Specialist Santos-Dilone at this year's National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast. I was working the rope line. He grabbed my hand, and he said, "I'm not a citizen of the United States and I want to be one." Now, here's a man who knows how to take it directly to the top. (Laughter.) I'm proud to be here when he gets sworn in.
Pearls Of Wisdom From Mrs. Caveman
Converts say the smartest things

"Oh, so you don't believe in organized religion, 'eh? Does that mean you believe in disorganized religion?

"'Non-Denominational', my foot! Just admit it, you're a Protestant!"

After hearing a woman gush about how great Father Skippy is, because he says your name as you receive Holy Communion, Mrs. Caveman responded "isn't it more important that Jesus knows your name?"

"How can someone so smart not be Catholic?

The Caveman comes home from work and says angrily "when's dinner gonna be ready!?". Mrs. Caveman retorts "dinner will be ready when I'm done... that's when!" She then tosses a copy of "The Dictionary of Saints" Caveman's way and she says "here, read this and pray for some patience in the meantime".

"Looking back, Protestantism just doesn't make sense!"

Whenever Mrs. Caveman catches The Caveman eyeballing some chick, without fail, Mrs. Caveman will say "hey stupid, explain your way out of that one to the Blessed Mother".

"I never converted, I just came back to the Faith of my ancestors".

Monday, July 24, 2006

Is Traditional Catholicism "Masculine"?
Part II
Just some random thoughts

There's an old saying within Trad circles... the cradle of vocations is found at the foot of the altar. Centuries upon centuries, those boys who served Mass looked to the priest as a heroic figure that they might emulate. Keep in mind, it wasn't all that long ago that it was common to see captain of the football team serving as an Altar Boy. Those days are pretty much over.

Alas, serving Mass in the vast majority of Novus Ordo parishes is now looked upon as a girl thing. Boys (being different from girls) want nothing to do with what they view as chick stuff. Many boys nowadays look upon serving pretty much the same way they look upon an afternoon of clothes shopping and painting each others toenails.

And think how unfair it is to those girls that now serve Mass. So close to the priest during Mass... but never to be able to be ordained.

And we wonder why we have so many women that scream for ordinations, and why we have so few men actually ordained.

Coincidence? More blurring of the distinctions? Too bad our own hierarchy can't see that.

On second thought...
Breaking news....

Forget about Lebanon. Put Iraq off to the side. Afghanistan can wait.

This just in from Los Angeles;

18 year old Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, Miss Puerto Rico, was just crowned Miss Universe 2006.

From what I understand, she completely screwed up the interview portion. Many considered her out of the running. From what I was told, here interview went something like this;

Host - Carlos Ponce: What is it you want more than anything?

Rivera Mendoza: Ju kno' wa' I wan' more dan anyting, man? Lemme tell ju wa I wan', man... Whirl piss.

*gasps from audience, stunned look from Ponce*

Ponce: P-Pardon me? You want what??!!

Rivera Mendoza: Why ju look at me like dat?! Ju so stoooooopid! Ju hear me right! Whirl piss. Eferbody luff each udder. Ju kno' wa' I mean... no more war an' chit like dat! WHIRL PISS!! ¡No puedo creer el que el pinche pendejo me pidió!

Golly gee, I wonder how Rivera Mendoza won.

Oh... yeah, that's right. This is why she won.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Is Traditional Catholicism "Masculine"?
...if so, what are we to make of the Novus Ordo?

Most of us have at least heard of the "feminization of the Catholic priesthood". Let's be honest, those are just code words for our priesthood being overrun with effeminate sissies. But back to the initial question: is traditional Catholicism masculine?

Now that begs the question, what's the traditional teaching of the Church on what is and isn't masculine?

I do know that the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament always referred to The Creator in the masculine. I also know that Jesus referred to God the Father as just that... Father. Not Mother, not Parental Unit Of Undetermined Gender... but Father. In fact, didn't Christ cry out "Abba!"? As we all know, "Abba" roughly translates to papa or daddy.

And, unfortunately, we have present day, clerics, religious and laity who toy with the idea of "God the Mother". And yes, I've read in Catholic textbooks "Our Father and Mother who art in heaven...". God the Father isn't some androgynous freak. If you disagree with me, take it up with Jesus.

Now I'm not saying that God the Father is physically a man, but God the Father is described in the masculine, with masculine attributes. All that must be for a reason... right?

But anyhow, we have not only the honchos from the Old Testament, but Christ Himself describing Our Creator in the masculine. But why?

It's real simple... men and women are different. One isn't superior and one isn't inferior. Just different. Or should I say compatible. Men are meant to do certain things that only men can do, and women are meant to do certain things that only women can do.

And that's the traditional teaching of Holy Mother the Church. In a nutshell, I'm the head of the household, and my wife is the soul of the household. To use the automobile analogy, I'm the steering wheel, my wife is the engine. I set the course, she keep us all on the straight and narrow. And like The Holy Bible tells me, I cling to her.

Oh, I'd like to point out that the Saint that we have the highest regard for (hyper-dulia) is a woman. The Holy Mother is the utter epitome of the best that humanity has to offer. Not St. Peter, not St. Paul, not St. Francis, Not Pope St. Pius X.... but The Holy Mother.

So for us, The Church Militant here on earth, The Holy Trinity is most definitely in charge. Always has, always will be. But who is it that sets the example for us, we simple mortal creatures? Who do we emulate, we simple human beings? The answer is obvious. And without fail, the Holy Mother always points us to God.

The traditional teaching of The Church has clear and defined the roles for men and women. Remember the old saying "be a man!!"? Well, that pretty much sums up what the 2,000 year old teaching of The Church is. That is until present day. Today's New & Improved Vatican II Approved Church most definitely blurs the distinction between the two.

Oh, one more thing I'd like to add; why do women wear Chapel Veils at the Latin Mass? Simple... (pointing to the Tabernacle)... we have a habit in traditional Catholicism of placing a veil on what we consider sacred.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Boy Scouts To Be Evicted
Homosexuals tickled pink

WARNING! Harsh Language Alert. Yeah... I'm pissed off again. If harsh language offends you, I suggest you pass on this post.

I've posted in the past how the sodomites and their cronies in government are doing all they can to destroy the Boy Scouts of America.

Here is a post where those gutless maggot bastards in Berkeley, California did what they could to shut down the Sea Scouts because the Scouts don't allow faggots or atheists.

Never mind the fact that the Sea Scouts serve inner city kids for a whopping 7 bucks apiece for an entire year. It's more important to kiss the asses of queers then it is to help out poor kids. This shit really pisses me off.

Now I find out that the mayor is doing all he can to shit all over the scouts in The City of Brotherly Love. Boy, does that nickname have a whole new meaning.

Mayor Street will evict the Boy Scout's Cradle of Liberty Council from its city-owned Center City headquarters, or make the organization pay fair-market rent, unless it stops discriminating against gays.

The council serves 87,000 members in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties, and is the third-largest in the country.

"With an epidemic of gun violence taking the lives of Philadelphia's children every day," Cradle of Liberty Council spokesman Jeff Jubelirer said, "it is ironic the administration chose this time to destroy programming that services 40,000 children in the city."

Stacey L. Sobel, executive director of Philadelphia's Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, said members of her organization had worked with the city and the local Boy Scout Council during negotiations.

"This is a long-standing issue with the Boy Scouts," she said. "We're pleased that the city is taking action."

Just like in Berkeley, I wonder how many kids are going to have to suffer because of this politically correct bullshit.
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
You can lead a dumb-ass to water, but you can't make him think

At least 8,000 Americans are being evacuated from Lebanon. Not all, but many are pissin' and moanin' about how the American government has basically dropped the ball on getting them out in a timely manner.

Below, I have listed some information that took me all of 10 seconds to find on the internet.

July 30, 1997 The United States Department of State warns all U.S. citizens of the dangers of travel to Lebanon. This replaces the Department of State Travel Warning for Lebanon dated July 15, 1996.

May 12, 1998 The U.S. Department of State on Monday warned Americans "of the dangers of travel to Lebanon," citing past terrorist attacks targeting U.S. citizens.

August 28, 2000 The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Lebanon and recommends that Americans exercise caution while traveling there.

May 20, 2004 This Travel Warning is being reissued to remind U.S. citizens of ongoing safety and security concerns in Lebanon. It is being reissued without change after periodic review. This supersedes the Travel Warning for Lebanon issued December 4, 2003.

April 21, 2005 The State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs issued the following updated Travel Warning. This Travel Warning is being issued to update information on threats to American citizens and interests in Lebanon. It supersedes the Travel Warning for Lebanon issued November 18, 2004.

May 2, 2006 The State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs issued the following updated Travel Warning. This Travel Warning updates information on threats to American citizens and interests in Lebanon. It supersedes the Travel Warning for Lebanon issued November 7, 2005.

July 13, 2006 The Department of State urges American citizens to defer travel to Lebanon. American citizens are urged to evaluate their personal security posture and consider departing in light of the current situation in Lebanon. This supersedes the Travel Warning issued on May 2, 2006
Yet another "Inconvenient Truth"?

A woman who received advice from a pregnancy counselling agency in Limerick has filed a complaint with Gardai (the Irish National Police) after being subjected to videos and pictures of late-stage abortions.

An undercover exposé of pregnancy counselling agencies will be broadcast on NewsTalk 106, a Dublin radio station, on Tuesday. Aisling Riordan, its reporter, has exposed the modus operandi of A Choice for Women, a Dublin agency that subjected her to a series of distressing tactics during a pregnancy counselling session. Riordan was shown graphic videos and photographs and told that she risked breast cancer, infertility and suicide if she had an abortion.

“No matter what your views on abortion, no woman or girl should ever have to go through that,” she said. “It’s manipulation and intimidation of women at their most vulnerable.”

OK, I just want to make sure I have this right... the A Choice for Women agency told the truth to Madame Riordan that she would in fact "risked breast cancer, infertility and suicide if she had an abortion". Those are well documented medical facts, are they not?

And as far as "graphic videos and photographs" are concerned, shouldn't the women contemplating abortion be told the entire, unvarnished truths about abortion? Isn't that what the so-called "pro-choice" coven... oops, I mean crowd, would want?

While I'm at it, I love the objectivity (or lack thereof) of this entire "news" story. Peppered with phrases like "subjected to..." and "unorthodox counselling...".

I especially enjoyed our intrepid reporter, Aisling Riordan. Did anyone else notice her news story ceased being news (and became pro-abortion propaganda) when she editorialized, “No matter what your views on abortion, no woman or girl should ever have to go through that,” she said. “It’s manipulation and intimidation of women at their most vulnerable.”

Hey Aisling, what say we bring up the manipulation of the abortionist's instruments as he rips a baby limb from limb? Shall we bring up what it's like for a baby be be chemically burned to death in their own mother's womb? Nahhh... I'll bet she doesn't want to bring those inconvenient truths up. Ya think?

You know, every so often, we all need to be shaken out of our complacency and see abortion for what it really is... the premeditated butchering of an innocent human being.

WARNING!! This link has pictures of murdered children. If the REALITY of abortion makes you uncomfortable, please don't go to this page.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Of My Favorite Lyrics
Some nice turns of phrases

Certain songs have lyrics that I find fascinating. No great works of poetry, but still fun to listen to.

In The Weight by The Band, they describe what being really tired feels like ~
Pulled into Nazareth, was feelin' 'bout half past dead.

Man... "half past dead"? That's one tired bubba. Any of you ever feel "half past dead"?

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra. At the end of a perfect day, night begins to fall. I like the way Jeff Lynne describes sunset ~
Mr. Blue you did it right,
but here comes Mr. Night,
creepin' over, now his hand is on your shoulder...

I've always thought that painted a neat mental picture.

What's The Use Of Getting Sober (When You Gonna Get Drunk Again?) by Louis Jordan ~ truer words were never spoken.

Tempted by Squeeze. Some guy cheats on his wife, and can't stop. And I'm not sure if he really wants to quit. This is one of those 'tell a story' songs that never tells the end of the story ~

At my bedside, empty pocket, a foot without a sock
Your body gets much closer
I fumble for the clock, alarmed by the seduction
I wish that it would stop

Ohhhh, mysterious.

Lady Madonna by The Beatles ~
Sunday morning creeping like a nun

What a perfect way to describe a slow Sunday morning.

Can anyone think of any others?
It's Not New, It's Not Improved...
And the pope should allow all Catholics to have a pack or two!

If This Is The Springtime Of The Church...
Then why are so many of our most beautiful flowers dying?

Seriously, I've been hearing this Springtime of The Church crap for decades now. And this ( from USA Today) is what we have to show for it?

Downsizing and the Catholic Church

In and around our nation's big cities, hundreds of Catholic parishes, schools and hospitals are consolidating and closing. Many of these institutions have long provided the foundation — as well as provided for the faith — of urban neighborhoods and immigrant communities.

Why is this happening? Certainly demographic changes, the movement of Catholics to growing suburbs, and changing attitudes of Catholics — clergy and lay people alike — about the importance of Catholic education are part of the story. So are declining numbers of priests and religious sisters (although the number of Catholics in America continues to grow), development pressures and increasing costs, the financial challenges associated with the aftermath of the clergy-sex-abuse scandal, and old-fashioned mismanagement.

Oh, and don't forget a watered-down Catholicism. A theology of moral absolutes that's been replaced by a philosophy of moral ambiguity, A Church that once strove towards the salvation of souls, is now more interested in the salvation of society instead.

And no, it isn't that way everywhere... but it is in most places.

In this day and age of hyphenated Catholics, I say it's time we all stopped being Ostrich-Catholics. For the love of God, am I the only one who sees The Church imploding?

Well, maybe not. Our Lady of Akita knows all about it.
I'd Like To Point Out The Obvious
How I spent my first Latin Mass

I swung over to Carlton's posting at Upper Canada Catholic, concerning his first ever Traditional Latin Mass. It was a fair and honest assessment for his point of view concerning such... and I can respect that.

But Carlton's post prompted my to cruise to other blogs concerning a "First Timers" experience with The Mass of the Ages. One common thread I found with the folks who were raised (or converted into) the Novus Ordo Missae, was that they complained about a lack of Communal Feeling at the Latin Mass.

Don't get me wrong. Most of the First Timers were pleasantly stunned by the reverence, respect and sense of the sacred at a Latin Mass... they, for the most part, decried a lack of community feeling.

To those good folks, I ask you to consider the following -

1. The primary purpose of a Catholic Mass isn't about a communal meal. It's about the Unbloody Sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. That's why the mass is sometimes called "The Sacrifice of the Mass".

2. Even Pope John Paul II stated that "silent prayer is active participation in the mass" .

Remember folks, the emphasis at mass is suppose to be vertical, not horizontal.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Marine Mom Comes To Grips With Her Liberal Past
...and undoubtedly makes other rich liberals squirm

Mindy Evnin isn't exactly the kind of mom who you would expect to have a son in the Marine Corps. A psychotherapist, a daughter of a rabbi; a professional woman; a liberal; a person who had come of age during the social and political turbulence of the Vietnam War. Oh... and a son who was with a Scout/Sniper Platoon in Iraq.

Before her son joined The Corps, the recruiter gave her a sticker for her car that Sunday in late November when Mark (her son) enlisted. It said "Proud Parent of a U.S. Marine."

I told Mark afterwards, 'I don't know if I can ever put this on my car'.

Now she can't imagine having a car without that sticker on it. You see, Mindy's son, Corporal Mark Evnin, USMC was killed in action on April 3, 2003. He was 21.

A moving and straightforward account of Mark's death, written by his mother, is included in a recently published book,
"AWOL: The Unexcused Absence of America's Upper Classes from Military Service -- and How it Hurts Our Country."

A warts and all review can be read here. Know this.... this review is especially straightforward. Kind of a long read, but well worth it.

I've posted before about how the "shared sacrifice" that President Bush spoke of is a cartload of crap... especially from Bush. Here's a small bit from my Shared Sacrifice post;

If Prince Harry, the third in line to the British Throne, will join the British Army's 1st Mechanized Brigade, which will be deployed to Basra in May 2007, then why can't either of the Bush daughters join up? It's a fair question. Queen Elizabeth did in WWII. Why can't the Bush girls?

While I'm at it... why aren't either of Jeb's sons, George P. and Jeb, Jr. in uniform? Why can't I ask these hard questions? After all, this is suppose to be a "shared sacrifice", right?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our All Around Bad Asses Of The Day
The Cowcaddens 10

Ten Scottish firefighters face disciplinary action for refusing to attend a pro-sodomy group hug in Glasgow. For such, the Cowcaddens 10 have been designated as our Catholic Cavemen All Around Bad Asses Of The Day.

The men were told to attend the June 24 event in uniform and hand out leaflets on fire safety.

The Herald reported that some refused on grounds of conscience, while others were “embarrassed” to attend the event in uniform. Their superior officers reported the men for disobeying orders, said BBC News.

Scottish National Party MSP Fergus Ewing said disciplinary action against the men would be “unbelievable.”

“Firefighters are entitled to their private views. Since when was handing out leaflets at a gay event considered a firefighter’s core duty?”

I know the REAL reason as to why the Cowcaddens 10 refused to attend. They knew damn good and well that they were saving lives by not getting rump rangers and bull dykes interested in a possible career in firefighting.

You heard me right...

The Cowcaddens 10 knew that if any of the Butt Pirates and/or Butt Pirate Ladies Auxiliary had joined up, they would have never gotten the fire hoses to function properly, and subsequently, lives would have been lost in a fire.

You see, when one couples the lengths of fire hose together, it's always a "male-to-female" connection. And by their very nature, the queers and dykes would out of force of habit, constantly attempted to couple the hoses male to male, and female to female. Lives would have been lost. Tragedy.... utter tragedy.

Soooo, for saving the lives of unknown hundreds (but mostly for having the spheres to stand up for themselves), it's with pleasure that the Cowcaddens 10 are so designated as the Catholic Cavemen All Around Bad Asses Of The Day.
And Now For Something Completely Different
If we're not careful, we could end up with.....

Texas Man Catches Fish With Human-Like Teeth

A fish caught in Lubbock, Texas, with teeth that look like they
belong to a human has baffled wildlife officials in the area, according to a report. Fisherman Scott Curry reeled in the 20-pound fish on Buffalo Springs Lake and immediately noticed the catch had human-like teeth.

A game warden photographed the fish and is attempting to identify it. General Manager of Buffalo Springs Lake Greg Thornton told KLBK13-TV in Texas that he has never seen anything like the fish in the 36 years he has lived near the lake.

I guess this mutation isn't all that bad... if it ends up with this below as the end result;

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Our All Around Bad Ass Of The Day
Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D.

It's not every day that the glaring use of common sense aids and abets in making a jackass to look exactly like a jackass. But Father Pacholczyk did just that.

Here's just a taste;

Recently I was asked to speak in Virginia at legislative hearings about embryonic stem cell research. After I gave my testimony, one of the senators asked a pointed question. "Father Tad, by arguing against embryonic stem cell research, don't you see how you are trying to impose your beliefs on others, and shouldn't we as elected lawmakers avoid imposing a narrow religious view on the rest of society?" The senator's question was an example of the fuzzy thinking that has become commonplace in recent years within many state legislatures and among many lawmakers.

Two major errors were incorporated into the senator's question. First, the senator failed to recognize the fact that law is fundamentally about imposing somebody's views on somebody else. Imposition is the name of the game. It is the very nature of law to impose particular views on people who don't want to have those views imposed on them. Car thieves don't want laws imposed on them which prohibit stealing. Drug dealers don't want laws imposed on them which make it illegal to sell drugs. Yet our lawmakers are elected precisely to craft and impose such laws all the time. So the question is not whether we will impose something on somebody. The question is instead whether whatever is going to be imposed by the force of law is reasonable, just, and good for society and its members.

The second logical mistake the senator made was to suppose that because religion happens to hold a particular viewpoint, that implies that such a viewpoint should never be considered by lawmakers or enacted into law. Religion teaches very clearly that stealing is immoral. Would it follow that if I support laws against stealing, I am imposing my narrow religious viewpoint on society? Clearly not. Rather, the subject of stealing is so important to the order of society that religion also feels compelled to speak about it. Religion teaches many things that can be understood as true by people who aren't religious at all. Atheists can understand just as well as Catholics how stealing is wrong, and most atheists are just as angry as their Catholic neighbors when their house is broken into and robbed.

The rest of Fr. Pacholczyk's article is stunning in it's obvious use of common sense. I particularly like what he said about Bald Eagles. Believe me, you'll enjoy this article. Take a few minutes to read it. You won't be sorry.

Padre, for turning the tables on the Dark Forces of Political Correctness, The Catholic Cavemen proudly hail you as our All Around Bad Ass Of The Day.

Monday, July 17, 2006

It's Official - Europe Hates Catholicism
And the hierarchy doesn't see the solution? Sheesh, a blind man can see it.

Two interesting stories today concerning the secular institutions and the Catholic Church in Europe.

First we have this from the nation that gave us Their Most Catholic Majesties, Ferdinan and Ysabella.

Spanish children as young as 10 will be taught pro-homosexual material as part of a new school curriculum, the Telegraph reported Friday.

The socialist government revealed plans last week to include teaching about the homosexual lifestyle in the schools, emphasizing the normalcy of homosexual relationships. The general secretary for education, Alejandro Tiana, said the move was necessary because “children need to learn there are various types of families.”

And this tid-bit of objectivity from those fine fellows running the show in the halls of government throughout Europe.

Between 1994 and 2004, various European institutions have condemned the Holy See on 29 occasions for supposed violations of human rights, while Cuba has been condemned only 25 times and China just 15.

And we have all sorts of stories coming out of Europe where this Polish Cardinal, or that Spanish Archbishop is making all sorts of grand pronouncements about how Catholicism is the Soul of Europe, etc, etc.

But instead of going back to the tried and true practices of Catholicism that made Europe great in the first place, just about everyone wants to retain the status quo... and by that, I mean the watered down, Protestant inspired, insipid Novus Ordo.

Want to see a re-conversion of Europe? Simple... offer the people real Catholicism. Not a rehashing of that garbage that luther foisted upon the world.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Typical Liberal Mindset
"It's not my fault!!"

This morning I was watching the news, and a young lady was being interviewed over the telephone. Ahhh... but this particular young lady was an American university student currently matriculating in Beirut.

When asked about her plans for getting out of the country, she launched into an attack of (in her words) "this administration" for failing to get her out in a time frame that she saw fit.

OK, I want to make sure I understand this correctly...

1. This gal made a conscience choice to further her studies outside of the United States. OK, fair enough.

2. This gal also made a conscience choice to go to college in, of all places... Beirut, Lebanon. Not exactly a bright move.

3. Said gal decides to stay in Lebanon the entire time that the proverbial fecal matter has struck the oscillating cooling mechanism. The writing was on the wall a week ago! How stupid do you have to be to stay there?

4. And when it's WAAAAAY too late to boogie outta Dodge, somehow it's all George Bush's fault for not getting her dumb-ass out? Stupid Liberals.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why Was The Oath Against Modernism Done Away With?
...and should it be brought back?

Not that long ago, every single Catholic priest on the face of the earth was required to take The Oath Against Modernism. But what the heck is Modernism anyway?

Essentially, Modernism believes that everything, old, traditional, orthodox, and conservative is useless and should be done away with.

The Modernists themselves say "Our religious attitude is ruled by the single wish to be one with Christians who live in harmony with the spirit of the age".

In the Encyclical "Pascendi", Pope St. Pius X says that modernism embraces every heresy. And that Modernism is the synthesis of all heresy. Powerful stuff, indeed.

The pre-Vatican II Church also adhered to the notion that "The avowed modernists form a fairly definite group of thinking men united in the common desire to adapt Catholicism to the intellectual, moral and social needs of today". Sheesh... that sounds like most Catholic priests present day. Maybe that's why The Church is in so much trouble.

Here's the Oath itself. Read it carefully. It's as hard hitting as a just about anything The Church can come up with.

One of the bitter fruits of "The Spirit of Vatican II" was that priests are no longer required to take the Oath. Wouldn't it be nice if all priests did? Think of the changes that would take place.

Then we would see a real Springtime of The Church.
That Whacky ACLU Is At It Again
What tomfoolery are they up to now?

The American Civil Liberties Union has asked officials in a Detroit suburb to reject a proposal that would require businesses with foreign language signs to add English translations.

"We write to strongly urge you to abandon the measure as unconstitutional, anti-immigrant and unnecessary," the ACLU wrote to the city Thursday in a letter that was also signed by officials with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Michigan and Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development Inc.

In May, Sterling Heights, Mich., Councilwoman Barbara Ziarko asked the city's attorney to prepare an ordinance requiring businesses with foreign language signs to have identifiers such as "bakery" included, the Detroit News reports.

Fire Chief John Childs supported the move, arguing that people passing by the site of a fire or other emergency could inform dispatchers about the location more easily if they could read the signs.
Gee, imagine that.

Yet again, the ACLU strives to prove that being a dumb-ass is a constitutional right.

Why I'm Against The So-Called
"Luminous Mysteries"
There's a time and place for everything

I know, I know... Pope John Paul authorized the use of this "new" Mystery. And I still don't like it. Here's why;

The main reason - It was The Holy Mother that gave the Rosary to us, right? And that belief has been supported by The Church for almost 800 years.

The secondary reason - The "Luminous Mysteries" were NOT given to us by The Holy Mother, but by a man.

The "Luminous Mysteries" certainly are beautiful meditations, but they simply have no place in the Rosary. If Christ wanted His mother to give us an addendum to The Holy Rosary, He would have sent her. But He didn't. Yes, it really is as simple as that.

I for one say that it's time to bring all these silly novelties to an end.
Slowly..... Slowly
"Liturgical discipline needed, Vatican official says"

It's been said that things move glacially slow in Catholicism. But by Church standards, this is moving at lighting speed.

I've posted before that the #2 man at the Congregation for Divine Worship is a "Friend of Tradition".

"I agree 200% with you that there really is a problem in the Church with the liturgy and the priesthood, and both go together. We must work on this, and there is no doubt that the Pope has to set free the true Catholic Mass for everyone—I am going now to Rome where I will have my private chapel. I have just taken care to get a Missal of St. Pius V to celebrate Mass as it should be." ~ Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith , the new Secretary for the Congregation for Divine Worship, to Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX, 2001.

I'll readily admit that I got caught up in the anticipation and excitement a few months back concerning the freeing of the Latin Mass. I won't get snakebit again. But I will say this; things are getting..... interesting, shall we say?

Here is an excellent posting concerning Archbishop Ranjith and his attitude towards the Traditional Latin Mass.
Another Excellent Letter To The Editor
H/T to the Yankee Clipper

EDITOR: One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry after reading the reactions of Jesuit Thomas Reese and local professional Catholic Paul Wilkes to news the U.S. Catholic bishops have accepted the "new" English translations of the Novus Ordo mass.

Reese claims there will be "chaos" among the faithful, and Wilkes opines that "…the very melody of Catholicism's rich liturgy, voiced in our native vernacular …" will be destroyed by this return to wording that nourished centuries of vibrant spiritual growth for Roman Catholics. Wilkes ignores the fact that in the 40 years since the "New Order" vernacular mass was adopted, we have experienced what Pope Paul VI described as a veritable "self-destruction" of the faith for millions of Catholics.

Mass attendance has declined. Only 30 percent of American Catholics now believe in church teaching on the Holy Eucharist. We have endured clown masses, balloon masses, rock masses, applause, masses with dancing girls and masses that have become more entertainment than worship, presided over by priests who embellish the worship service with jokes.

There is an ancient Catholic axiom, lex orandi lex credendi - (which translates roughly to) "the way we pray shows what we believe."

Perhaps the "authoritarian" theologians in Rome are returning (finally) to prayer and a God-centered worship that will revive Roman Catholicism and true Church unity, Deo gratias!

Charles A. Connell


Friday, July 14, 2006

Canada Still Has What It Takes
In the finest tradition of Flanders, Dieppe, Normandy, Korea

Canadian steel still cuts... no matter what the Canadian liberals say or do.

The most intense fighting Canadian troops have been part of since the civil wars in Cyprus or the Korean War involved virtually the entire 1st Battalion Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry and the big guns of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, as well as U.S. fighter jets, attack helicopters and armed airborne drones.

The Battle of Zharei/Panjwei tailed off at dusk in the village of Pashmol on Monday with at least 20 Taliban dead, 20 seriously wounded and six captured, according to Gen. Ahmad (who goes by one name only) of the Afghan Army.

"This was by far the biggest engagement since we got here. The intensity level was dialled up to 11 for a while," said Maj. Nick Grimshaw, commander of Bravo Company, which spent about 15 hours fighting its way out of an ambush early Saturday and had further gun battles with Taliban insurgents on Sunday.

I'll take one Patrician over a thousand of those gutless maggot liberals who disgrace the memory of everything that brave Canadians have fought for for many a decade.

From this beat-up, old retired Master Sergeant of American Marines, all I can say is Thank you, Canada. Thank you, Canada's Warriors.

Up The Pats!

"White Catholics May Hold Key For Democrats "
...Oh, now that's just great

White Catholics will decide the upcoming US elections, according to William Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and former domestic policy adviser to President Clinton.

Oh, now that's just great. Most "White Catholics" don't even go to Mass. Most "White Catholics" don't believe in The Real Presence. Most "White Catholics" don't even know that there was 2,000 years of Catholicism before the great and wonderful changes brought on by Vatican II.

Most "White Catholics" have no problem with divorce or womyn priestesses. Most "White Catholics" see no problem whatsoever with effeminate little fairies for priests. Most "White Catholics" agree with butchering unborn children "under certain circumstances".

With stellar examples of leadership from the likes of Law, Mahoney, Weakland, Gossman, etc, etc, ad nauseum, the Democrats are ensured of victory.
The Shape Of Things To Come?
Very different from not that long ago

Interesting story out of The Philippines.

A 68-year-old grandmother joins Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Victories because the St. Pius X society's teachings are "clear cut" and more "helpful" than catechesis in her home parish. She finds the "holy" ambience conducive to reflection. She does not understand Latin, but can follow the liturgy because translations are provided in books.

A teenage high school student too came for the ambience. "I watch TV to be entertained, but come to a quiet church to pray," he said.

St. Pius X Father Thomas Onoda from Japan has served in Quezon City since he arrived in the country in 1993. He told UCA News earlier that his group started in the Philippines with some 20 followers and "quickly" grew. He recalled that the first missioners stayed with a local family and said Mass in Latin in a converted garage. The priests later rented a house, set up a chapel and began catechetical work in a Quezon City slum.

Today, more than 800 people attend two Sunday Masses and about 50 join the daily liturgies, Father Onoda estimated. The society also maintains a priory in Quezon City.

Now here's something that caught my eye;

Father Onoda said Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao, whose diocese covers part of Quezon City, is "friendly" to his group, based in the diocese, unlike when the late Cardinal Jaime Sin headed Manila archdiocese.

Just something to think about...
"Disordered Lifestyles" are a Threat to Humanity and World Peace says Vatican
It's about time...

In some of the strongest language concerning homosexual lifestyles heard from the Vatican in years, the communiqué reads: "Propaganda and the growing acceptance of disordered lifestyles contrary to human dignity are weakening the hearts and minds of people to the point of extinguishing the desire for ordered and peaceful coexistence. All this represents a threat to humanity, because peace is in danger when human dignity is not respected and when social coexistence does nor seek the common good."

Now here's the $64 Question... will Pope Benedict crack heads over clerics who blow him off... or will he be "John Paul-ed"?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What Kinda Training You Boys Doin'?

Is it humanly possible to make what's easy even easier?

The Army has slashed the rate at which young soldiers wash out, allowing it to keep more of the recruits it has struggled to find.

That's due largely to changes in how the Army treats enlistees. Gone are the days when trainees run 'til they drop. Soldiers who need counseling get extra attention, not a screaming drill sergeant.

James Martin, an expert on military culture at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, said the changes make sense but stressed that the Army needs to guard against graduating substandard soldiers.

"Will you have people causing you problems later on?" Martin said. "That would occur if you lowered that standard at the end of training period."

Gee, ya think? But being prejudiced towards my beloved Corps, I give you the following;

Various Things Marines Have Said And What Has Been Said Of Us By Others

"My only answer as to why the Marines get the toughest jobs is because the average Leatherneck is a much better fighter. He has far more guts, courage, and better officers... These boys out here have a pride in the Marine Corps and will fight to the end no matter what the cost." - 2nd Lt. Richard C. Kennard, Peleliu, World War II. 1943

"Our Country won't go on forever, if we stay as soft as we are now. There won't be any America - because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race." -Lieutenant General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller. 1955

"They're on our right, they're on our left, they're in front of us, they're behind us; they can't get away from us this time." - Chesty Puller, USMC, Chosin Reservoir, Korean War. 1951

When an Army captain asked him for the direction of the line of retreat, Col Puller called his artillerymen, gave them the Army position, and ordered: "If they start to pull back from that line, even one foot, I want you to open fire on them." Turning to the captain, he replied "Does that answer your question? We're here to fight." At Koto-ri in Korea - Chesty Puller at Koto-ri in Korea. 1951

"Retreat, hell! We just GOT here!!" - Capt Lloyd Williams at the Battle of Belleau Wood when ordered to fall back by the US Army. 1917

"The American Marines are terribly reckless fellows... they would make very good storm troopers." - Unidentified German officer at Belleau Wood. 1917

Marines know how to use their bayonets. Army bayonets may as well be paper-weights. [Navy Times; November 1994]

"Do not attack the First Marine Division. Leave the yellowlegs alone. Strike the American Army instead." - Orders given to Communist troops in the Korean War; shortly afterward, the Marines were ordered to not wear their khaki leggings to keep the enemy from immediately fleeing

"You cannot exaggerate about the Marines. They are convinced to the point of arrogance, that they are the most ferocious fighters on earth- and the amusing thing about it is... they are." - Father Kevin Keaney, 1st MarDiv Chaplain, Korean War. 1953

"Why the hell can't the Army do it if the Marines can; they are all the same kind of men... why can't the Army be like the Marines?" -Commander in Chief, AEF, General John Pershing, U.S. Army. 1917

We have two companies of Marines running rampant all over the northern half of this island, and three Army regiments pinned down in the southwestern corner, doing nothing. What the hell is going on!? - Gen. John W. Vessey Jr., USA, Chairman of the the Joint Chiefs of Staff; during the assault on Grenada, 1983

The Corps, which has never lost sight that its primary mission is to fight, remains superbly trained and disciplined -- true to its time-honored slogan "We don't promise a rose garden." When, under Clinton, the Army lowered its standards to Boy Scout summer-camp level in order to increase enlistment, the Corps responded by making boot training longer and tougher -Col David Hackworth, US Army. 1997

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they've made a difference to this world. The Marines don't have that problem."-Ronald Reagan

"There are only two kinds of people that completely understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion." -Unknown-

And Probably The Best Testimonial For The Corps....
The following is an excerpt from an email home from an Air Force ordnance demolition unit team member describing his first night at Kandahar airport:

"One of the perimeter positions only a hundred yards or so to our left took some incoming fire and we all went to general quarters, taking defensive fighting positions in our bivouac in case they penetrated to our position. The Marines quickly repelled the attack. It will not bother me should I live my entire life without having to kill a man but I have to say I'm glad to be surrounded by a thousand 19 year-old Marines who can't wait to. They will be leaving in a few weeks and turning over the base to the Army. I will miss them.

"The only tents the Marines use are one-man pup tents and they are everywhere. Each foxhole and DFP (defensive fighting position) around the camp is accompanied by two of these humble little tents. "I have a renewed respect for the Marines. They arrived a month ago, dug in, and have been living out of these ridiculously small, 5 x 5 tents ever since. No heat, no latrines, no showers, nothing but backpacks, weapons, helmets and flak vests, and lots of ammo. And they've been doing it every day. Four man teams at each position, two sleeping, two on watch. God bless them every one."

And "Liberal Christianity" Is Dying Exactly Why, Again?
Gee... I wonder if'n I can figger this one out

National Council of Churches Pres.: Jesus Never said Anything About Homosexuality or Abortion

Forget about traditional morality—Christianity should focus on eradicating poverty, protecting the environment and ending the war in Iraq, according to the general secretary of the National Council of Churches, Dr. Bob Edgar.

“Jesus never said one word about homosexuality, never said one word about civil marriage or abortion,” said Dr. Edgar to CBS News at a recent gathering of liberal Christian leaders in Washington.

The gathering was the latest effort by the “religious left” to gain back some of the political power the group enjoyed during the 60’s and early 70’s. 30 years ago liberal religious leaders used their political influence to lead demonstrations against social injustices such as civil rights abuses and the Vietnam War. Once those issues left the spotlight, liberal Christianity lost focus and faded to the background.

Hell, a blind man can see the problem here. They care more about the salvation of society instead of the salvation of souls.

All Around Bad Ass Of The Day
His Excellency, Bishop John Yanta

Remember when ALL Catholic bishops thought this way, instead of the remnant we have now?

Bishop John Yanta of the Catholic diocese of Amarillo, Texas, has published a pastoral letter on modesty in dress, especially at Sunday Mass, a subject that inevitably arouses strong reactions even in conservative circles.

Titled, “Modesty starts with purification of the heart,” Bishop Yanta’s letter calls choosing what to wear a “moral act.” Bishop Yanta writes, “we can help the devil in many ways including the way we dress.”

Referring to the “battle for purity,” required of the Christian life, Bishop Yanta writes, “When the community of believers comes together for the Eucharist (Mass) let no one be a distraction from Jesus or provide temptation (an occasion of sin) to another because of our manner of dress.”

The homily by Fr. Christopher Hathaway, cited by Bishop Yanta includes the admonition: “How many Catholics this Summer will attend Sunday Mass in tank tops, shorts, flip flops... in dress unbecoming of the Holy Sacrifice… Anyone who dresses like this at Sunday Mass does not know where they are; they have become spotted by the world.”

Bishop Yanta has a history of refusing to shrink from controversy for the sake of his flock, even to the point of being one of the tiny number of US bishops willing to enforce a Vatican instruction that pro-abortion Catholic politicians must be refused holy Communion until they have publicly repented their position.

"one of the tiny number of US bishops..." , now that's a damnable cryin' shame, ain't it?

Anyhow, Bishop Yanta has the doo-dads to stand up to the Dark Powers of Political Correctness. And for his moral courage to stand up to the laziness (in all it's forms) that has infected Holy Mother The Church, the cavemen do declare him our All Around Bad Ass Of The Day.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Do You Know How To Make The Illegal Alien Problem Go Away?
Simple... make the border go away

I've already posted concerning the United States of North America.

Now here is an interesting little tid-bit showing how we're getting that much closer to the North American Union. Click here to read the entire article. Here's a taste;

With virtually no mention in the mainstream media, Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez convened on June 15, the first meeting of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), an apparently extra-constitutional advisory group organized by the Department of Commerce (DOC) under the auspices of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

The press release noted that the NACC would meet annually “with security and prosperity Ministers and will engage with senior government officials on an ongoing basis.” The “SPP Ministers” were not identified. Moreover, the term “Ministers” was an unusual reference to the U.S. government, especially when the founding fathers had taken such pains to rid the U.S. of all terminology that could be reminiscent of monarchical systems such as the British royalty against whom the Revolutionary War was aimed.

See that piece of paper going down the toilet? It's called The Constitution. SAY BYE-BYE!