Saturday, July 22, 2006

Boy Scouts To Be Evicted
Homosexuals tickled pink

WARNING! Harsh Language Alert. Yeah... I'm pissed off again. If harsh language offends you, I suggest you pass on this post.

I've posted in the past how the sodomites and their cronies in government are doing all they can to destroy the Boy Scouts of America.

Here is a post where those gutless maggot bastards in Berkeley, California did what they could to shut down the Sea Scouts because the Scouts don't allow faggots or atheists.

Never mind the fact that the Sea Scouts serve inner city kids for a whopping 7 bucks apiece for an entire year. It's more important to kiss the asses of queers then it is to help out poor kids. This shit really pisses me off.

Now I find out that the mayor is doing all he can to shit all over the scouts in The City of Brotherly Love. Boy, does that nickname have a whole new meaning.

Mayor Street will evict the Boy Scout's Cradle of Liberty Council from its city-owned Center City headquarters, or make the organization pay fair-market rent, unless it stops discriminating against gays.

The council serves 87,000 members in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties, and is the third-largest in the country.

"With an epidemic of gun violence taking the lives of Philadelphia's children every day," Cradle of Liberty Council spokesman Jeff Jubelirer said, "it is ironic the administration chose this time to destroy programming that services 40,000 children in the city."

Stacey L. Sobel, executive director of Philadelphia's Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, said members of her organization had worked with the city and the local Boy Scout Council during negotiations.

"This is a long-standing issue with the Boy Scouts," she said. "We're pleased that the city is taking action."

Just like in Berkeley, I wonder how many kids are going to have to suffer because of this politically correct bullshit.


Blogger Cerberus said...


The great city of Philadelphia drives me to drink...literally.

I didnt vote for Street both times but of course he won....maybe because hes black? Thats not the issue though....the issue is societys constant homo ass kissing agenda. I was never a Boy Scout but If I had kids I would want them to be one because of what the scounts teach and stand for. Last time I checked its a "private" organization and they can pretty much do whatver they want.

How many women are in the "Boy scouts"? How many men are in the "Girl Scouts?" Maybe we should cry wolf against the girls so they can let us in their cookie nazi organization. Mayor street and his afrocentric cronies would say thats silly...but so is bowing to homos and their agenda.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Dymphna said...

Lesbians have been in the girls scouts for a long time. If I had a daughter she wouldn't be a scout today.

10:31 AM  

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