Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Our All Around Bad Ass Of The Day
Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D.

It's not every day that the glaring use of common sense aids and abets in making a jackass to look exactly like a jackass. But Father Pacholczyk did just that.

Here's just a taste;

Recently I was asked to speak in Virginia at legislative hearings about embryonic stem cell research. After I gave my testimony, one of the senators asked a pointed question. "Father Tad, by arguing against embryonic stem cell research, don't you see how you are trying to impose your beliefs on others, and shouldn't we as elected lawmakers avoid imposing a narrow religious view on the rest of society?" The senator's question was an example of the fuzzy thinking that has become commonplace in recent years within many state legislatures and among many lawmakers.

Two major errors were incorporated into the senator's question. First, the senator failed to recognize the fact that law is fundamentally about imposing somebody's views on somebody else. Imposition is the name of the game. It is the very nature of law to impose particular views on people who don't want to have those views imposed on them. Car thieves don't want laws imposed on them which prohibit stealing. Drug dealers don't want laws imposed on them which make it illegal to sell drugs. Yet our lawmakers are elected precisely to craft and impose such laws all the time. So the question is not whether we will impose something on somebody. The question is instead whether whatever is going to be imposed by the force of law is reasonable, just, and good for society and its members.

The second logical mistake the senator made was to suppose that because religion happens to hold a particular viewpoint, that implies that such a viewpoint should never be considered by lawmakers or enacted into law. Religion teaches very clearly that stealing is immoral. Would it follow that if I support laws against stealing, I am imposing my narrow religious viewpoint on society? Clearly not. Rather, the subject of stealing is so important to the order of society that religion also feels compelled to speak about it. Religion teaches many things that can be understood as true by people who aren't religious at all. Atheists can understand just as well as Catholics how stealing is wrong, and most atheists are just as angry as their Catholic neighbors when their house is broken into and robbed.

The rest of Fr. Pacholczyk's article is stunning in it's obvious use of common sense. I particularly like what he said about Bald Eagles. Believe me, you'll enjoy this article. Take a few minutes to read it. You won't be sorry.

Padre, for turning the tables on the Dark Forces of Political Correctness, The Catholic Cavemen proudly hail you as our All Around Bad Ass Of The Day.


Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

As predicted, the linked article was well worth reading. Let's hear it for the Polack priest, a Son of Jan Sobieski! With an intellect and balls like his, someone should get him a TV program, a la Bsp. Sheen, so a larger audience can be exposed to smart (and orthodox) Catholic teaching and thinking.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Nicholas Jagneaux said...

I heard Fr. Tad on Catholic Answers LIVE recently. He's great. Fridays are always reserved for pro-life programs, so he's likely to be on again.

When he was on the radio program, he used the bald eagle analogy. Absolutely great stuff.

Cajun Nick

8:23 AM  

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