Saturday, July 15, 2006

That Whacky ACLU Is At It Again
What tomfoolery are they up to now?

The American Civil Liberties Union has asked officials in a Detroit suburb to reject a proposal that would require businesses with foreign language signs to add English translations.

"We write to strongly urge you to abandon the measure as unconstitutional, anti-immigrant and unnecessary," the ACLU wrote to the city Thursday in a letter that was also signed by officials with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Michigan and Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development Inc.

In May, Sterling Heights, Mich., Councilwoman Barbara Ziarko asked the city's attorney to prepare an ordinance requiring businesses with foreign language signs to have identifiers such as "bakery" included, the Detroit News reports.

Fire Chief John Childs supported the move, arguing that people passing by the site of a fire or other emergency could inform dispatchers about the location more easily if they could read the signs.
Gee, imagine that.

Yet again, the ACLU strives to prove that being a dumb-ass is a constitutional right.


Blogger Amy said...

So signs (and ballots, and automated phone systems) need to be in foreign languages in addition to English...

But signs in foreign languages, in AMERICA, don't have to be in English?

The ACLU is the dumbest, most vile, and most dangerous political organization out there. Their hypocrisy is larger than the Sahara.

And weren't they all up in arms about the guy in Philadelphia who asked customers to order in English? You know, the common language of this nation?


7:49 AM  

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