Friday, July 14, 2006

Canada Still Has What It Takes
In the finest tradition of Flanders, Dieppe, Normandy, Korea

Canadian steel still cuts... no matter what the Canadian liberals say or do.

The most intense fighting Canadian troops have been part of since the civil wars in Cyprus or the Korean War involved virtually the entire 1st Battalion Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry and the big guns of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, as well as U.S. fighter jets, attack helicopters and armed airborne drones.

The Battle of Zharei/Panjwei tailed off at dusk in the village of Pashmol on Monday with at least 20 Taliban dead, 20 seriously wounded and six captured, according to Gen. Ahmad (who goes by one name only) of the Afghan Army.

"This was by far the biggest engagement since we got here. The intensity level was dialled up to 11 for a while," said Maj. Nick Grimshaw, commander of Bravo Company, which spent about 15 hours fighting its way out of an ambush early Saturday and had further gun battles with Taliban insurgents on Sunday.

I'll take one Patrician over a thousand of those gutless maggot liberals who disgrace the memory of everything that brave Canadians have fought for for many a decade.

From this beat-up, old retired Master Sergeant of American Marines, all I can say is Thank you, Canada. Thank you, Canada's Warriors.

Up The Pats!


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And a welcome to all readers who have found the Caveman's lair and my own post praising his. In strong language.


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