Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our All Around Bad Asses Of The Day
The Cowcaddens 10

Ten Scottish firefighters face disciplinary action for refusing to attend a pro-sodomy group hug in Glasgow. For such, the Cowcaddens 10 have been designated as our Catholic Cavemen All Around Bad Asses Of The Day.

The men were told to attend the June 24 event in uniform and hand out leaflets on fire safety.

The Herald reported that some refused on grounds of conscience, while others were “embarrassed” to attend the event in uniform. Their superior officers reported the men for disobeying orders, said BBC News.

Scottish National Party MSP Fergus Ewing said disciplinary action against the men would be “unbelievable.”

“Firefighters are entitled to their private views. Since when was handing out leaflets at a gay event considered a firefighter’s core duty?”

I know the REAL reason as to why the Cowcaddens 10 refused to attend. They knew damn good and well that they were saving lives by not getting rump rangers and bull dykes interested in a possible career in firefighting.

You heard me right...

The Cowcaddens 10 knew that if any of the Butt Pirates and/or Butt Pirate Ladies Auxiliary had joined up, they would have never gotten the fire hoses to function properly, and subsequently, lives would have been lost in a fire.

You see, when one couples the lengths of fire hose together, it's always a "male-to-female" connection. And by their very nature, the queers and dykes would out of force of habit, constantly attempted to couple the hoses male to male, and female to female. Lives would have been lost. Tragedy.... utter tragedy.

Soooo, for saving the lives of unknown hundreds (but mostly for having the spheres to stand up for themselves), it's with pleasure that the Cowcaddens 10 are so designated as the Catholic Cavemen All Around Bad Asses Of The Day.


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