Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Different Look On The Irish Bog Psalms
The signs are everywhere

Hat Tip to Jay

By now, we've all heard of the 1,000 year old Book of Psalms recently found in Ireland.

According to the news reports, the book was unearthed with it opened to the 83d Psalm. That particular psalm was a prayer to God asking His protection against those who would destroy His Church.

Actually, that's the 82 Psalm of the Latin Vulgate Bible. The good folks in Ireland are obviously using the heavily Protestant influenced modern day St. Joseph's.

Here is the original Latin;
82:5 Dixerunt: Venite, et disperdamus eos de gente, et non memoretur nomen Israƫl ultra.

And here is the traditional Douay-Rheims Bible translation;
82:5. They have said: Come and let us destroy them, so that they be not a nation: and let the name of Israel be remembered no more.

What is this "Israel" the psalmist speaks of? A geographical entity or political state in the Year of Our Lord 2006? I think not.

I remember reading what Pope Pius XI said in 1938: "Through Christ and in Christ, we are spiritual descendants of Abraham."

Ladies and gentlemen, the Israel that the psalmist wrote about is US!

Gee, are there any heavily armed folks running around present day that have every desire in the world to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth?


Blogger Petrus Radii said...

Actually, the Vulgate Psalm 83 is number 84 for the Protestants and Jews and Novus Ordo Catholics. "Quam dilecta tabernacula tua, Domine virtutum!" "How beloved are Thy tabernacles, O Lord of powers (hosts)!" It is a Psalm describing the delight of the Psalmist in dwelling in the house of the Lord. As such, it was adopted by the Church as applying to the joy of the priest in offering Holy Mass. It also refers to the coming of the Lord: "Videbitur Deus deorum in Sion." "The God of gods shall be seen (appear) in Sion."

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