Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who Said This?
You'll never guess

Today, in a multicultural and multireligious world, many are tempted to say: “It is better for peace in the world among religions and cultures that one not speak too much about the specifics of Christianity, about Jesus, the Church, the sacraments. Let us be satisfied with the things that can be held more or less in common...” But it’s not true. At this very moment – at a moment of a great abuse in the name of God – we need the God who triumphed upon the cross, who wins not by violence, but by his love. At this very moment, we need the face of Christ, in order to know the true face of God and thus to bring reconciliation and light to this world.

Was it;

Bishop Fellay of the SSPX?

Some other SSPX crank?

Some "Catholic Fundamentalist" who rejects The Spirit of Vatican II?

Any one of the three Catholic Cavemen?

Some religious right-winger who has no life, so he spends his whole life blogging?

Give up?

OK, here you go....

It was His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI three days ago.


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