Monday, July 24, 2006

Breaking news....

Forget about Lebanon. Put Iraq off to the side. Afghanistan can wait.

This just in from Los Angeles;

18 year old Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, Miss Puerto Rico, was just crowned Miss Universe 2006.

From what I understand, she completely screwed up the interview portion. Many considered her out of the running. From what I was told, here interview went something like this;

Host - Carlos Ponce: What is it you want more than anything?

Rivera Mendoza: Ju kno' wa' I wan' more dan anyting, man? Lemme tell ju wa I wan', man... Whirl piss.

*gasps from audience, stunned look from Ponce*

Ponce: P-Pardon me? You want what??!!

Rivera Mendoza: Why ju look at me like dat?! Ju so stoooooopid! Ju hear me right! Whirl piss. Eferbody luff each udder. Ju kno' wa' I mean... no more war an' chit like dat! WHIRL PISS!! ¡No puedo creer el que el pinche pendejo me pidió!

Golly gee, I wonder how Rivera Mendoza won.

Oh... yeah, that's right. This is why she won.


Blogger Brian Michael Page said...

Maybe she meant "World peace" in her own little lingo? Ah doh no - ax her. LOL


7:15 AM  
Blogger tucsontrad said...

I'm going to say that when I was in High School, we never, and I mean never, had 18 year old girls look anything like this!

8:25 AM  

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