Saturday, July 29, 2006

Austrailian Girls Got It Right
Everything old is new again...

Katey Barrett, 27, is one of many women who has moved from country New South Wales to the city because of the lack of career options in her home town. But she's found the bright lights of the city is not the place where she's going to find her country man to settle down with.

She contacted The Saturday Daily Telegraph last week following our report on the shortage of women in rural areas. It was one of many letters we received from city women who also wanted to find a nice country man because they believed they were more genuine.

"City boys are not what I'm after. They are fast talking, money orientated, and that's not for me," Ms Barrett said.

Fiona Thomas, founder of the dating website Rural Romeos, said Ms Barrett was part of a growing trend. "They (city men) don't want to marry and settle down and have kids and live happily ever after."

Sheesh... what a concept. Women who want to settle down with men who act like.... well, MEN!

What'll they think of next?


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