Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Caveman & The Bishops
No, this isn't a "bash the bishops" post, for once

We've lost a little under 3,000 Americans killed in combat in Iraq. Since September 11, 2001, we've lost 45,625 Americans in a much different war... in a war we're losing. It's being reported that illegal aliens murder 12 Americans every day, and 13 Americans every day are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers.

The number of Americans killed in Iraq multiplied by 15 since September 11th.

Eight American children are victims of sexual abuse by illegal aliens every day – a total of 2,920 annually. Rape, sodomization, sexual torture. Eight per day. And we do less than nothing.

Am I blaming ALL illegal aliens? Of course not. What I am saying, however, is that the above mentioned statistics are yet more bitter fruits that has fallen from the Tree of Political Correctness.

I've had the bad manners to point out the obvious, specifically, that being an illegal alien is a mortal sin.

I've also been equally politically correct to illustrate that those who break our nation's laws... any nation's laws... are in direct contradiction to the official teaching of The Church.

Now with all that said, the bishops of the Carolinas and Georgia have written a letter to Congress asking for Immigration Reform. I couldn't agree with them more. Unfortunately, we happen to define "reform" much differently. Unlike the bishops, I don't look upon illegal aliens "as scapegoats of the economic and political troubles in our nation".

Their mere presence in this nation as illegal aliens (emphasis on illegal) makes them just another demographic in the vast panorama of lawbreakers that live in this country. What's so hard to understand? They broke the laws of this nation, the laws of The Church, a couple of Commandments... and somehow, those who are desirous of only legal immigration are painted as the bad guys?

My bishop, His Excellency Michael Burbidge, seems like a good man. As I've stated on this blog in the past, I'm cautiously optimistic about him. Even though I disagree with him in this specific case, I'm sure his heart's in the right place. I just think that he and the rest of the signatories are one-sided in their thinking.

But as I was saying... the Great American Dream, for that matter, the whole basis of Catholicism, was never based on lying, cheating and stealing. Giving in to 12-20 million gate crashers is.

One good thing I'll say about this letter --- at least they didn't try to pass this off as official Church Teaching nor did they give the impression that ALL Catholics must agree with their opinion.

Now that's refreshing.
The Mice That Roared
And don't forget about the dozens of "missing" Russian suitcase nukes

There's a brand new book out entitled "Wild Fire". It debuted at No. 2 on the Times bestseller list, No. 1 at the Wall Street Journal and No. 1 at Publishers Weekly.

The author, Nelson DeMille, is advocating what I've been saying for years. How many times have I said that this really is a fight for the existence of Christendom? Unfortunately, The West simply won't "get it" until there are mushroom clouds over NY, Washington, London, Sydney, or Rome. And don't kid yourself... the bad guys would absolutely love to make that happen.

But anyhow, here's a bit of a write up in the Philadelphia Enquirer;

"It sounds radical, but what we're trying to do is keep Washington, D.C., and midtown Manhattan from being nuked. We're not trying to obliterate another part of world because we don't like them. But we have between 10-20,000 nuclear weapons, we're the most powerful nation on the planet, and, in the history of mankind, and we're being bogged down by guys with AK-47s and plastic explosives. We've got to rattle nuclear sabers. Not because we're bad guys, but because we're good guys".

If there were to be a nuclear strike against an American city, it (Wild Fire) would prompt an automatic response. The weapons once trained on the USSR would thunder down on the Arab world.

"Wild Fire is a pro-active response. It is a gun to the heads of Islamic countries - a gun that will go off if they fail to keep their terrorist friends from going nuclear," DeMille writes.

"This is a great deterrent because nobody wants to end the world as we know it," he told me.

"In 'Wild Fire,' I pose that we have something very similar to MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Meaning, that if a nuclear bomb went off in America, the presumption of guilt against Islamic terrorists would be very strong; we wouldn't need the proof, we'd never have the proof.

"We would automatically launch against the nation of Islam, specifically against the cities of Mecca and Medina, and other places like Damascus where we don't care for the government, and this would be a deterrent against a nuclear bomb going off in America."

A few point's where I disagree with DeMille ~

1. Don't make Mecca and Medina the primary targets. Damascus and Teheran will do nicely, thank you. If they don't get the message after that, the moslems most certainly can make their Haj to the world's largest glow-in-the-dark hole in the ground.

2. There is no "end of the world" scenario. What there will be is the deaths of millions who already advocate they WE convert to islam or die. This really is "us vs. them". They don't want our religion... they don't want our lifestyle... they don't want democracy. They want only one thing --- either we convert, or they kill us. Yes, it really is that simple. If you don't believe me, have your mom or your spouse or your daughter spend a few minutes with these fine fellows. Anyone remember the video of Nick Berg getting his head carved off?

Much like the Kamikazes in WWII, there was no "talking to" or "opening dialogue" with them. Our fathers and grand-fathers knew the score --- "the Kamikazes are trying to kill us. Before they do, we'll kill them."

We better start fighting this war like we intend to win it. If not, start weaving your prayer rug.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Animal Rights" Cowards Strike Again
I love animals... they're delicious

Schumacher Furs has been in business for 112 years in Portland, but no longer. A group calling themselves In Defense of Animals, has managed to force the Portland, Oregon furrier out of business.

I've posted about these kinds of punks in the past. And you know, if these "animal rights" maggots want to really impress me, don't go after this kind of person for wearing fur or leather...

Go after this kind instead. Think they will? Neither do I.

Annual Christ in Christmas Campaign
A Little Advent Proselytizing

Have you purchased stamps for mailing your Christmas cards yet (hopefully ones with a religious theme)? When you buy stamps, be sure you don't just ask for Christmas stamps. Nope. You want to ask nice and loud so everyone nearby can hear you that you want the "Blessed Virgin and Baby Jesus" stamps!

Besides reminding everyone the reason for the season, an added bonus is trying to catch the reaction of anyone close. Some people will give you a dirty look, others will actually squirm, and some even share a nice, affirming smile.

Your next mission is during shopping trips, especially at the super-secular stores that won't let their employees wish you a Merry Christmas. After you pay the tab, be sure to wish the sales person a cheerful "Merry Christmas!" They will usually feel obliged to respond, or they may beat you and say it first, but you'll get the occasional "Seasons Greetings." In your warmest Christian smile, you inquire, "And what season would that be?" They hem, haw, and tap dance, but usually answer truthfully, "Well, ummm, Christmas." To which you respond again, "Merry Christmas to you, too!"

If you have other "Keep Christ in Christmas" ideas, let's hear about them. One I'm waiting to see is for someone with one of those life-size Navity scenes on their front lawn to put a 4'x8' sign next to it that says "Thank God Mary was pro-life."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who Knows If You've Been Naughty Or Nice?

Okay, sports fans... here is the listing of the companies that are CHRISTmas friendly... and those who ain't.

And just to show how hip I am with this being the Winter Solstice-Kwanzaa-Hanukkah-Christmas season, and all... I give to you --

The 12 Days of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas

~On the first day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undetermined gender gave to me, a Snoop-Doggy double CD.

~On the second day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undetermined gender gave to me, two nebbish moms.

~On the third day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undetermined gender gave to me, three Wiccans.

~On the fourth day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undetermined gender gave to me, four malt liquors.

~On the fifth day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undetermined gender gave to me, five oy veys!

~On the sixth day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undetermined gender gave to me, six empty churches.

~On the seventh day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undetermined gender gave to me, seven moyles snipping.

~On the eighth day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undeterminded gender gave to me, eight satan tattoos.

~On the ninth day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undeterminded gender gave to me, nine Soul Train dancers.

~On the tenth day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undeterminded gender gave to me, ten poncho ladies.

~On the eleventh day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undeterminded gender gave to me, eleven Christ-less crèches.

~On the twelfth day of SolstiKwanzUkkahMas, my significant other
of undeterminded gender gave to me, twelve packs of Newport's.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Why're You So Rough On 'Em, Caveman?
You wanted to know, so I'll tell

Many have been asking me over the past few months as to why I'm so tough on the USCCB. OK, fair enough.

As I've pointed out in the past, in 2002 report, the Dallas Morning News has a bishop by bishop break-down of who knew of (and did nothing) or protected pedophliac or pederast "priests".

Guess what... most Catholic bishops in the United States did exactly that.

And yes, I fully acknowledge that it was a very small minority of priests that engaged in this scandalous and perverted behavior, but folks... it was a majority of our bishops that not only allowed this to happen, in many cases, they allowed it to flourish.

It's to those individuals who I hold accountable for turning the words "Catholic Priest" into a punch line.
How I Spent My Thanksgiving Afternoon
Tryptophan strikes again

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mission Statements, Vision Statements, Statements For The Sake of The Statement
Sounds more like a bunch of social workers

I recently read somewhere that the Catholic Church is drowning in syrup. I also read somewhere that the definition of Political Correctness is the ability to pick up a turd by the clean end (where did I read that again?).

So I decided to choose three different parishes at random to see what words of wisdom they might have on their homepage that might catch my gimlet eye.

The first is the parish closest to where I live. The second is the old home parish of a friend of mine. The last is the home parish of the Catholic school I attended as a child.

What general feeling/impression did you get as you read some of their well thought through comments?

Immaculate Conception, Wilmington, NC We live Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Gospel, by celebrating the Eucharist, by nourishing our faith and by loving and serving all God's people.

St. Mary's, East Islip, LINY Centered in the Word of God and the gift of Jesus in our midst... a welcoming community which proclaims through word and action the dignity of every person.

St. Charles Borromeo, San Diego, CA Our mission is to provide a place of welcome and refreshment to all who cross our threshold, a sense of family belonging for those who remain, and the challenge of discipleship to all who believe in the saving power of Christ.

OK, you've all had a chance to read an example of their pearls of wisdom. Here's the impression I got.
1. I'm not sure who gets top billing.... God, or the "community'.
2. They're big on "luv". Hmmm... interesting title for an encyclical ~ Deus Luv Est.
3. I'm confused. When God is mentioned, is He God our Lord and Master, or God My Big Buddy in the Sky?
4. Shouldn't the Salvation of Souls be mentioned someplace?

I equate this "mission statement" drivel to the outlandish homosexual drag queens that come out of the woodwork every so often. They're so over the top in their garishness, no thinking individual could ever confuse their antics with anything even remotely resembling real femininity.

And "faith communities" like the above mentioned are so over the top in their being neck-deep in sickening sweet sentimentality, no thinking Catholic could ever take their saccharine-laced faux-theology serious. If anyone ever went to Mass there, they'd be diabetic before you could say "culturally aware".
Random Thought
On a Sunday Afternoon

I wonder if any Kamikaze pilots ever called in sick?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Meatless Friday A Thing Of The Past?
Hat Tip to Former Altar Boy

With the exception of a handful of us right-wing reactionary cranks, abstaining from meat on Fridays is a thing that belongs to the BVT Era (Before Vatican Two).

For those of us here in the year 44 SVT (Since Vatican Two) who think that there's no longer a Church decree that demands an obligatory sacrifice... well, guess again.

Chalk it up to the "Spirit of Vatican II" hippies that have been screwing up Holy Mother The Church for over 40 years now. If you want to know what the official Church teaching is, check out Paenitemini.

The Church did change the requirement that all must abstain from meat (in reference to Christ 'giving up the flesh' on a Friday, and we should as well), and made it optional. But there is still a mandatory decree that we all offer up some sort of sacrifice. It was suggested that fasting and abstinence may be replaced with prayer and works of charity. Funny, I don't remember Father Limpwrist ever mentioning that.

Personally, I abstain on Fridays. It's not easy... I want something dead on my plate. But then again, if sacrifice was easy, then it wouldn't be a sacrifice, right?

Someone should tell that to Father Skippy Handwringer and Sister Mary Liberated. But then again, they're still pushing for a sacrifice-free Catholicism-Lite. You know... all the flavor, none of the Graces.
OF COURSE They Were Stoners!
How else could you explain the way they acted?

From The Theater (Of The Absurd) District In New York
It's up to you, New Dork, New Dork

For those who get queasy at the mere thought of a a rousing game of Below-The-Belt Mr. Potato Head... good news! The city of New York is proposing changes in the law so you can change the sex on your birth certificates without the hassle of actually having a sex change operation.

That's right, my lil' Lego lovin' buddies... no more of those messy schlongedectomies or quick trips to Home Depot for an industrial sized tub o' spackle and a staple gun for that brand spankin' new set of hydraulics. All you have to do is say you are (insert noun here), and viola... you is it!

OK, New York City... you asked for it.

Fem Speluncae Catholicus

This post was proudly brought to you by the good folks at ~

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Not-So-Endangered White RINO*
*Republican In Name Only

WARNING! Harsh language alert!
Everything to everyone. The GOP's answer to Jimmy Carter, ladies and gentlemen... John McCain.

Part-time psychologist, arm-chair theologian, and full-time bullshitter, McCain recently stated on ABC news that he doesn't believe homosexuality is a "defect" or a "sin". McCain said that while he was not in favor of civil unions, he did support some legal recognition for same-sex couples. As far as homosexual marriage is concerned, McCain said "I do not believe gay marriage should be legal."

What? If there is nothing sinful or defective about homosexuality, then why not let them marry? Simple, McCain is trying his damnedest to be everything to everyone. Remember, he's the same guy who named his whose campaign bus in the 2000 Presidential campaign the Straight Talk Express.

Sen. McCain has been criticized by pro-life advocates for an inconsistent approach to life issues. Despite having said in 1999 that he would not support overturning Roe v. Wade since it would result in a return to dangerous back street operations for women, in his interview with ABC on Sunday McCain said he would support returning the abortion debate to the states.

Everything to everyone.

Another example of McCain's hypocrisy during the 2000 campaign, he called the Confederate flag "offensive" and "a symbol of racism and slavery," though he said he could see the other side of the issue as well. Later he waffled clumsily back to the more conservative view, saying: "Some view it as a symbol of slavery. Others view it as a symbol of heritage. Personally, I see the battle flag as a symbol of heritage."

What? Hey, Mr. Straight Talk Express, how about finding a position and sticking to it?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post
In true Caveman style

This just in from The White House...

"Be it known to all here, that I, George W. Bush, President of the United States, do hereby grant amnesty to this turkey, known by the name of 'Fryer'."
Then the President quietly and quickly mumbled the following add-on, hoping no one would notice;

"And I also grant amnesty to the 12-20 million illegal aliens in the United States, including this hot lil' senorita mas fina. Don't laugh so loud, babygirl... maybe no one'll notice."
This Just In -- The Lord God To Expand The Size Of Hell
More room needed for the Liberal Party of Canada

WARNING! Adults only should read this post.
The Liberal Party of Canada is proposing lowering the age of consent for anal intercourse to 14.

Policy no. 45 reads: "WHEREAS the current law discriminates against unmarried same-sex couples by not permitting unmarried persons under 18 to legally engage in consensual anal intercourse; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Federal Government of Canada to bring the age of consent for anal intercourse in equal pairing with other forms of sexual activity." The age of sexual consent for heterosexual intercourse in Canada is 14.

Oh, and they also want to decriminalize prostitution and the usage of both herion and marijuana.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Boston Archdiocese To Pope - Go To Hell
When will Rome bring the hammer down?
WARNING! Harsh language alert!

First, Catholic Charities of Boston arraigned adoptions for sodomite "couples". Rome told 'em to knock it off, and CC of B threw a hissy fit and stopped all adoptions. Fine.

Then they created more controversy when they honored the homo and baby butchery-loving mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino with a fundraising dinner. Never enough money for homo-civil union ceremonies and slicing and dicing little kids, huh?

Now they went and placed a quarter-page ad in a homosexual newspaper promoting a pre-Christmas open house at a Boston community center.

Let's be honest, sports fans... nothing, and I mean nothing happens in the Boston Archdiocese without Sean Cardinal O'Malley's approval and/or consent. What makes anyone with an iota of common sense think this latest episode is any different?

Enough of this bullshit... it's time to shut down the Archdiocese of Boston.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"37 Percent of U.S. Births Out of Wedlock"
...and the Caveman points out the obvious

Almost one out of every four children are born illegitimate. That's right... I said illegitimate. Pardon me for considering Holy Matrimony a Sacrament, and children being the primary fruit of that Sacrament.

But anyhow, I'd like to point out how this bastard child (pun intended) of the so-called Women's Liberation Movement has affected how women (and marriage in general) are looked upon in everyday speech in the good ol' U.S. of A.

1. Say good-bye to "my wife" or "my girl" or even "my sweetie". It's bitch. Ergo, it's acceptable to smack my bitch up when she gets unruly.

2. For those who have even less respect for women than I gave in the first example, there's always the equally acceptable 'ho, bastardized English for whore.

3. And my all time fav; My baby's momma.

Why any self-respecting lady would take any of this crap for even one second is simply beyond me.

Steady, Caveman... you used the phrase "self-respecting". Silly Caveman, why should I have even the slightest expectation that ladies demand that they be treated like... well... ladies, or demand respect be paid to their womanhood?

After all, since the 60's, American women have been force-fed a steady diet of "equality" which in reality, means "abandon your femininity".

It's Politically Incorrect for me to hold a door open for a lady; stand when a lady comes to the table; say "ma'am"; help a lady carry her groceries; marry her before I impregnate her, defend the honor of; basically place women in general up on a pedestal, etc.

Years ago when I was just a wee Caveboy, I asked my very ladylike Cavemom if she believed that women should be "equal" to men. She gave a response that I'll never forget... "Of course not! Why should I step down?"
Normalizing Pedophilia Continues: UK Police Chief Says 13-Year-Old in Porn Not Child Porn
And this is from the guy who's suppose to protect children?

LONDON, November 20, 2006 ( - Terry Grange, the leading officer on child protection of the UK's Association of Chief Police Officers' has ignited controversy by commenting in an interview with The Sunday Times that pornography featuring children at 13 years of age should not be considered child porn. Grange also said that the term "pedophiles" should only apply to adults who have sex with 12 and under.

This is an exceptionally disturbing news story from Life Site News. They also give information on the following;

The 'Charity, Freedom and Diversity' (NVD) party of the Netherlands formed last Spring introduced itself to Dutch politics as a champion of children's rights. In a press release, the NVD's spokesman and co-founder, Ad van den Berg said among their goals is lowering the age of consent for sexual activity from 16 to 12 and eventually eliminating it completely. (see coverage: ) reported in June on a poll which found 11% of Canadians did not consider pedophilia immoral. ( )

Also in 2004, Glasgow University awarded a student a doctoral degree for his thesis defending pedophilia.

Monday, November 20, 2006

You Callin' Me A Papist?
I don't see anybody else here... you must be callin' me a Papist

A seminar organised by the Catholic pro-life movement Respekt at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden on Tuesday, was relocated at the very last moment following protests from doctors at the hospital.

Dr. Bengt Hamark, on staff at the hospital commented to the local paper Göteborgs-Posten: - "Shame on my hospital for opening its doors to a papist anti-abortion organisation."

Could anyone even imagine someone in Politically Correct Sweden saying something evenly remotely insulting to the moslems?

That's right, the same Sweden that has some of the most ridiculous "Hate-Speech" laws on the face of the earth.


Bjorn Bjorkqvist was convicted and sentenced to two months in prison for writing, "I don't think I am alone in feeling sick when reading about how Swedish girls are raped by immigrant hordes".

Also, a man living in the Bunkeflo neighborhood of Malmo sent an e-mail message to public officials saying he believed most Arabs were criminals, and that he opposed subsidies for them to move into his neighborhood. "Bunkeflo," he wrote, "was one of the last few refuges in Malmo where you could go out and not see Arabs loitering all around you."

This man managed to avoid prison, but had to pay a fine of 10 percent of his pre-tax income. Given Sweden's high taxation rate, this represented a figure of close to 20 percent of his actual income.

Face it, if you say anything against Catholicism in Sweden... no problem. Say anything against the immigrant hordes, and it's "don't drop the shawarma in the shower" time.
Barbarians At The Gate?
No.... barbarians at the Sacristy
Hat Tip to Gillibrand over at Catholic Church Conservation

Between the neo-pagans in Austria passing themselves off as Catholics, complete with a broken branch that I guess is suppose to be a crucifix... and the Animal Sacrifice Mass, I for one am eagerly awaiting for the schism to actually happen.

Goodbye, good riddance, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Drugs Are Wearing Off
Quick... double the Prozac

In a bad Grimms Fairy Tale come true, the evil troll that lives under the bridge has kidnapped Princess Katie and forced her to marry him.

Here's an obviously scared to death Katie Holmes looking helplessly out a window of the Italian castle where she's about to marry The Evil One. And a Scientology minder's within arms reach, of course.

If I tie a buncha bed sheets together, I could....
Makes Perfect Sense To Me
Whoever said it

The below listed quotes are often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, but some state that they aren't direct quotes from our 16th President.

But like the title of this post says... they all make perfectly good sense to me. Did anyone else notice they are the exact opposite of what the Democratic Party stands for?

1. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

2. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

3. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.

4. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

5. You cannot lift the wage-earner by pulling down the wage-payer.

6. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.

7. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

8. You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money.

9. You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative.

10. You cannot really help men by having the government tax them to do for them what they can and should do for themselves.
Gay + Minority = "New" Democratic Party
One in the same?

Howard "ARRRRRGH" Dean is at it again. Now he's lumping ethnic minorities together with homosexuals.

As someone who is technically mixed race, I sure as hell don't need an idiot like Screamer Dean insinuating that my Pacific Islander heritage somehow equates to individuals whose sexual inclination is defined by Holy Mother The Church as morally disordered, and when they act upon it, it's intrinsically evil.

But what would we expect from Democrats?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tagged by Tracy over at Catholic Knitwit

1) Go to Wikipedia

2) In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year.

3) List three events that happened on your birthday

4) List two important birthdays and one death

5) One holiday or observance (if any)


1) Three events:
- 1798 - United Irishmen and French forces clash with the British army in the Battle of Castlebar, part of the Irish Rebellion of 1798.
- 1961 - Union forces attack Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
- 1869 - Anglo-Zanzibar War: the shortest war in world history (9:02 to 9:40).

2) Two Important Birthdays/One Death:
Birth: 1637 - Charles Calvert, 3d Baron Baltimore, Governor of the Province of Maryland
Birth: 1952 - Paul "Pee-Wee Herman" Reubens, American actor
Death: 1990 - Stevie Ray Vaughan, American guitarist.

3) One Holiday or Observance:
- Catholic Feast Day of St. Monica of Hippo

I tag my fellow contributors, as well as Jay, Paul, Mac, and JimBob.
This Is HUGE News!
Please read this post

The news is hot off the presses from Rome.

The Vatican has ruled that the phrase pro multis should be rendered as "for many" in all new English-language translations of the Eucharistic Prayer.

I'd guess that to many, this is really no big deal. But folks... this is huge.

Below is a section of a post I did about a year ago concerning Creeping Protestantism into Catholicism.

Even if you think the Vatican's pronouncement of "pro multis" is not really that important, please read this. If you actually BELIEVE the words that Christ spoke... please read this. If you actually BELIEVE in The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist... please read this.

Luther... deleted both "mysterium Fidei ("the mystery of faith") and "pro multis" ("for the many") and replaced it with "for all". Sound familiar?

This last one is very important. Remember, for Catholics, it's always been "pro multis" ("for the many"). Jesus never said "for all". The Holy Bible never said "for all". The Catholic Mass never said "for all"... until Vatican II that is. The change to "for the many" is flat out dangerous. Here's why... it denies Jesus at sooooo many levels.

Think about what St. Paul said in Hebrews 9:28: "Christ was offered once to exhaust the sins of many". How about what Our Lord said to St. John: "I pray for them; I pray not for the world, but for them whom the hast given me, because they are thine" (Jn 17:9). Bottom line; if Jesus wanted to say "and it is shed for all", then by golly... He would have said it, but He didn't! Not a good idea to second guess Christ.

Many of us are familiar with the Heresy of Universalism (everyone's going to Heaven. It doesn't really matter what you believe, as long as you believe). "For all" flirts awfully close to Universalism.

A friend of mine back home (who attends the New Mass only) in California took his family to the The Passion of The Christ when it first came out. He called me when they got home and he told me that something happened that made him start seeing things from my perspective. He told me that during the Last Supper scene when Jesus said "This is shed for you and the many...", one of his young daughters leaned over to him and whispered "Dad, Jesus said it wrong". Needless to say, that upset him greatly... and it got him to thinking.

There's an old Latin saying ~ "lex orandi, lex credendi" (as you pray, you will believe). One cannot imitate Protestantism indefinitely without becoming Protestant. Remember, if it waddles like a Protestant, lays eggs like a Protestant, quacks like a Protestant... well, I'm sure you get my point.
Dissension In The Ranks

First the French wet their pants over the possibility of the Tridentine Mass being freed. Now it's the Germans turn.

Commenting on the recent Ad Limina visit of the German bishops to Rome, Wuerzburger Bishop Friedhelm Hofmann stated "we don't want a two-rite church".

For the original article in German, click here. Or you can go here for a half-way decent translation (Babel Fish).

Keep in mind that is was specifically the German hierarchy that Pope Benedict corrected for giving greater importance to the Salvation of Society rather than the Salvation of Souls.

From Sept, 2006;

Benedict gently rebuked the German church for putting social service projects and technical assistance to the poor ahead of spreading the Christian message. African bishops, he said, told him all doors were op
en to them in Germany when they wanted to talk about aid projects, but added they were greeted with reservations when it came to evangelization.

“Clearly, some people have the idea that social projects should be urgently undertaken, while anything dealing with God or even the Catholic faith is of limited and lesser importance,” Benedict said.

Folks, the formal schism is right around the corner. Be ready for it.

The John Edwards Secret Wish List
Now that he's back in the news

Recently uncovered by the crack Cavemen investigative news team, the following was found secreted away between a Tiger Beat magazine and a Mystery Date game ---

1. Just like Samantha and Jake Ryan, I want to sit on top of the dining room table with my birthday cake... but with that dreeeamy John Kerry!

2. To shut down Wal-Mart. But not until I can score a really bitchin' cool PlayStation3.

3. That momma and daddy never find out that I let that dreeeamy John Kerry get to 2d Base.

4. Hairspray.... more hairspray.

5. That the ever-so-dreeeamy John Kerry will ask me to the prom.

6. Ambulances.... more ambulances.

7. When will that dreeeamy John Kerry call? It's been four days now! I'll bet that bastard told all his friends we went all the way!! *quietly sobbing with head buried into pillow*

Friday, November 17, 2006

...Just Because I Like The Songs
Sometimes you just gotta lighten things up

As I sat here tonight and was bangin' away at the keyboard, I was playing one of my CD's of my favorite downloaded music, and I had God Only Knows, by Brian Wilson with The Corrs, and I'm A Man by Chicago playing one right after the other.

On a lark, I decided to go to and see if they had either. Lo and behold... they had both!

Brian Wilson and The Corrs live in London.
Brian Wilson's a musical genius... and besides, those lovely Irish Corrs sisters aren't exactly hard to look at.

Chicago live on British TV (Beat Club)
In my opinion, this is one of the greatest songs ever recorded in the history of Rock and Roll. Terry Kath never got the recognition he deserved at one of the great Rock guitarists. Unfortunately, after he passed away Chicago became just another sickening-sweet pop group. Ahhh.... but in the old days, they still rocked!
All The Richer For Nancy
Before and after make-up (right)

As the Democrats get all orgasmic over the first woman ever to be Speaker of the House, I'd like to point out to my out-of-breath friends on the other side of the aisle, that Madame Pelosi also has the distinction of being the richest ever Speaker of the House.

Her fortune is estimated to be somewhere between $25 million and $92 million, but many agree that a specific dollar amount is somewhere around $55 mil.

Golly gee, I thought all fat-cats were Republicans. Keep that in mind next time you hear her whine about the plight of the Working Class.

Nancy Pelosi wouldn't know the Working Class if we all lined up and bit her dead on the ass.
Brave New Democrats
What do they really mean?

Terrorism is no longer terrorism, it's a mere "nuisance".
The War in Iraq is no longer a war, it's now classified as a "situation".
Running away now called "redeployment".

With all that said, there's no doubt in my military mind that the Democrats have now pressured the DoD to re-classify sodomy from a mental illness to a "circumstance".

I get it now... illegal aliens are "undocumented workers", and butchering unborn children is "freedom of choice".

To prepare for all the other changes in the English language, I suggest we all read some Orwell.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Recruiting in a Democratic Administration
Scrap the jackass symbol, use a chicken

Kennedys Gone Wild
They're at it again

These Kennedy boys were out on a for a beach-run up in Hyannisport.

They just happen to come across some little French hottie by the name of Sophie, and from there, the Kennedy genes kicked in. Sophie was attacked. She was held down against her will and suffered cuts and bruises. As usual, Kennedy's friends stood there and watched.

It took one of Sophie's friends to smack Kennedy on the head to get him off her. $400 in stitches later...

The bad news; Sophie's traumatized (perhaps forever).

The good news; the Kennedy in question is in custody (for now).

Now comes the real question... will this Kennedy be punished to the fullest extent of the law? Or will the Kennedy legal machine get this son-of-a-bitch set free? That's normally what happens when a Kennedy breaks the law.

This Caveman isn't taking it anymore. I'm calling for this animal to be gassed. That's right, I said gassed. You know... put down. Or at least have his doo-dads cut off.

Oh, did I mention that the Kennedy in question is Joe Kennedy’s Irish terrier "Knockout"? The Kennedys, they're all the same, huh?

Hmmm.... now that I think about it. Kennedys --- doo-dads cut off. Hmmm.... That might be doing the world a favor.
Abortion and Amnesty
Why Pro-lifers Should Reject Amnesty for Illegals

It appears that some Missouri Republicans have figured out that one reason why America "needs" millions of illegal workers is because we have killed 45 million of what would have been future workers in last 30 plus years.

Whatever the merits of this assertion, what I find more interesting is another heretofore unnoticed connection between the two issues.

Simply put, amnesty for illegals + guestworker program = more abortions.

I'm not talking here about the fact that El Presidente's support for amnesty helped put the Abortion Party in charge of the Senate for at least the next two years, potentially ensuring that Roe v. Wade will continue to be the law of the land for generations to come.

Though that certainly would seem to be the case.

The more lasting connection between the two issues that I see is based on the following:

1) Despite the best intentions of Bush, Rove & Co., the GOP will never receive a majority of the votes of the "new Americans" brought to us courtesy of guestworker and amnesty. And we are talking about truly massive numbers here folks, in the tens of millions over the next few decades.

2) The consequence of #1 is that Republicans will become a permanent minority party, thus dooming any possibility of pro-life political success. The same goes for all of the other issues that social conservatives hold dear, including the defense of marriage.

In short, the pro-life party is committing longterm political suicide by radically reshaping the electorate in a way that will ensure defeat for generations to come.

Or is there something wrong with my logic here?

I sure hope so.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another Amazing Revelation From The Hierarchy
And grass is green, and the sky is blue. Nooooo... really?

The American bishops just voted to figure out if "serious sin should bar someone from receiving Holy Communion".

I'm not making this up. They really had to vote on this to see if this 2,000 year old Catholic truism still holds true. And being the Politically Correct bunch they are, they even made a special point of stating that they are "Emphasizing that they were addressing all Catholics, and not just politicians or any other group" according to the Catholic News Service.

Hmmm... "not just politicians or any other group". You mean the entire Democratic Party? But then again, I wonder how many of our esteemed bishops are registered Democrats. Anyone care to lay a bet on my worst fears being true?

But anyhow, I'm not shocked anymore. Just disgusted.

But every dark cloud has it's silver lining, right? At least this was discussed in public, right? Amazingly, it passed. Not so fast, sports fans. This silver lining has a helluva dark cloud.

Get ready for this.... the vote was 210-24.

Ladies and gentlemen, that means that a little more than 12% of Catholic bishops in the United States of America believe that it's permissible to knowingly have mortal sin on your soul AND STILL receive Holy Communion.

Folks, that's better than one out of every ten. I sure would like to know who the traitors to Christ are.
Modernists Pick Favorite Mass Music
This is where the Prots have us beat
Hat tip to Karl Keating

Most Catholics aren't satisfied with the music at Mass and have little or no say in the matter. What you hear at Mass is decided not usually by the celebrant (“presider”) but by the parish's the-Church-began-in-1969, Kumbaya, God-is-in-the-community music committee. Larger or more affluent parishes have professional musicians heading their programs, many of whom belong to the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. That group's members were asked to name their favorite songs. Break out the barf bags, cuz you won’t believe how bad it is, but here they are:

1. On Eagle's Wings
2. Here I Am, Lord
3. Be Not Afraid
4. You Are Mine
5. How Great Thou Art
6. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
7. Amazing Grace
8. All Are Welcome
9. Prayer of St. Francis
10. Ave Maria

Golly, one song in Latin made their hit parade, squeaking in at Number 10. I don’t have any complaints about 5 or 6 either, but I can’t wait until Prevat2 sees the list. Just the mention of #1 is enough to get him riled and humming a few bars will get him foaming at the mouth.

I couldn’t remember it (maybe someone can help) to provide a link, but there’s a blog out there dedicated to the elimination of all hymns by the “St. Louis Jesuits.” Amen!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This We Believe (Not)
Catholic doctine according to the Media

If you listen to the media and certain prominent church officials these days, you are bound to come away with some rather surprising impressions about what the Catholic Church teaches on various matters of public interest.

Catholics who get their doctrine from the media have "learned," for example, that Catholicism is categorically in favor of big, socialistic government welfare programs and now the lawlessness of open borders fanaticism.

The media's Catholic catechism also condemns capital punishment without exception and insists upon the most mindless and gutless form of "peace at any price" pacifism.

The problem with all of the above is that not a lick of it is true, as the Caveman has amply demonstrated on this page so many times that one marvels at his heroic patience in the face of having to repeat himself over and freaking over again every time this BS comes up.

I don't have the Caveman's patience. I want these pretenders to get their own religion and quit trying to hijack the only one that happens to be true.

Go peddle your left-wing claptrap in the Episcopal Church! As they like to say, "the Episcopal Church welcomes you."

Is it any wonder that so many so-called Catholics, who get their doctrine from the media catechism, are inclined to vote for pro-abortion politicians who are "better" when it comes to "Catholic" teachings on immigration, criminal justice, war and welfare?

Not As Lean, Not As Mean...
But still a Marine

What a difference 22 years makes, huh? Mrs Caveman found an old newspaper clipping when I was a hard chargin' young Drill Instructor.

Time has not been good to me.

Chewin' Ass

Expanding Ass
Saint Elton, Prey On Us
The Patroness of meeting in Johns

Hold onto your hats, sportsfans... the alleged Catholic parish of Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco recently was an active participant in the recent Gay Pride Parade. Below is only one of many photos they proudly display to the world.

Click here for their parish bulletin. Be prepared to be shocked.

I wonder if they're singing Sphincter Man

Does anyone honestly think that any disciplinary action will happen? Don't hold your breath.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Lady Elton Mad At Religion
So what?
WARNING!!! This is REALLY crude. If you find bathroom humor to be insulting, don't read this post.

Well, well, well... Sir Prancelot, better known to the rest of us mere mortals as Elton John, wants religion banned completely.

I couldn't help myself. So without further adieu... I give to you -

An Ode To Elton
(to the tune of Rocket Man)

He packed my chute last night - real tight
Rearward power, loose B.M.
And I'm gonna be wearing my Depends by then
I crap my pants so much, but it's all right
Hope I don't contract AIDS
Now that would really bite

And I think I'm gonna blame the Pope in Rome
For teaching men ought not duel bone to bone
Do colonoscopies really make me groan?

Oh no, no, no, I'm a Sphincter Man
Sphincter Man, reaming out his bomb bay doors, they're blown

Gay ain't the kind of life if you want kids
It seems we've hit a glitch
And the fun to make you my lil' prison bitch
This sudden weight loss, I don't understand
My bunghole bleeds, I'm feeling weak

A Sphincter Man, a Sphincter Man
I'm a Sphincter Man...
I'm Officially Getting My Hopes High
First the French bishops, now this...

Can you say "paving the way"? OK gang, here's the headline; "Cardinal Arinze Encourages More Latin Liturgies".

Latin "suits a Church that is universal. It has a stability modern languages don't have," he said. The Cardinal also said it’s no small matter for priests or bishops from around the world to be able to speak to each other in a universal language and lauded the possibility that "a million students" gathered for World Youth Day every few years could "say parts of the Mass in Latin."
He suggested that larger parishes offer Mass in Latin at least once a week and that smaller, rural parishes offer it at least once a month. Homilies, he said, should always be in the vernacular.

This in and of itself doesn't say a whole heckuva lot, but with current atmosphere with regards to the TLM as it is, I'd say there is cause for real hope. And keep in mind, Cardinal Arinze was directing this to Catholic parishes world-wide.

But I still have my snake-bite kit ready.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Do You Remember The Animaniacs? So Do I!
Do you remember 1969? I don't either!

The "Who's On Stage" bit is a comedy classic!

Has The Pope Punked-Out The French Bishops?
One thing's for sure... something's going on!

As I've come to expect, the crew over at Rorate Caeli have all the straight-scoop hot off the presses concerning the possible freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass.

A few days back, I posted a story where I asked the musical question if the pope had gotten punked-out by the French bishops. I may have spoken too soon. In what can only be in reference to the SSPX (and the Latin Mass in general), I think the French bishops just blinked.

Here is some of the statement of Cardinal Ricard, President of the French Episcopal Conference [emphasis mine];

Assembled in Lourdes for their Plenary Assembly, the bishops of France wish to express their communion with Pope Benedict XVI.

With him, they recognize the riches of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, fruit of the living Tradition of the Church.

With him, they wish to proceed with the reception of the various faithful of Christ attached to the liturgical forms previous to this Council.

With him, they share the desire for the reconciliation of the priests and lay faithful which have separated themselves from ecclesial communion after this Council.

How do you say "you win" in French?
Just A Random Thought
On a Sunday afternoon

If life in prison is so much worse than being executed, then why is everyone on death row trying so hard to get their sentenced changed?
Greatest Movie Line EVER
It was true then... it's still true now

Eight Years After Clinton Leaves DC
Hat Tip to Former Altar Boy

click on photo for larger image

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Keep Your Friends Close
And the National Catholic Distorter even closer

Well, it looks as if the Communist sympathizers at the National Catholic Reporter are yet again throwing their annual hissy fit down Fort Benning way.

For those of you who may not know, all the Liberation Theology (a melding of Communism and Catholicism... yeah, right) freaks come out of the woodwork just about this time every year and descend like locusts on the Army's Fort Benning in Georgia to screech for the government to shut down something called The School of the Americas.

The SOA is an advanced training site run by the US Army for officers of almost every Latin American nation. That sounds like a good thing, huh? But don't tell that to the Hammer and Sickle bunch who just happen to be organized to a large degree by "Catholic" clerics, religious and laity.

To borrow from an article on the SOA website (originally printed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution);

As the protest movement to close the U.S. Army School of the Americas at Fort Benning prepares its followers for their annual demonstration at the base Saturday, organizers and participants should reflect on the many people in the military who are dedicated human rights advocates.

The terrible slaughter in November 1989 of six Jesuit priests and their servants by members of the armed forces of El Salvador is the touchstone for the protest movement. Yet it was a U.S. Army major, Eric Buckland, who exposed the truth about the massacre, after he learned about it from contacts in the Salvadoran military.

Yep, a veritable handful of renegade El Salvadorian officers whacked a bunch of Liberation Theology types almost 20 years ago. So because of that, the entire SOA should be shut-down.

Whoa... back the truck up. I don't seem to recall two thirds of the US Army officer corps rushing to defend and protect this unbelievably small number of renegades in El Salvador. Do you?

Too bad 60% of the American bishops can't say that when they defended and protected an unbelievably small number of kiddie-rapist "priests".

But anyhow, I couldn't help but laugh as I read NCR's page titled In Solidarity at the School of the Americas. I read of such wonderful things as;

1. "An essay by John Dear, S.J." Not Father John Dear, or Rev. John Dear... just plain old John. Gee, what a regular guy.

2. A blog entry titled "It is my duty to make sure Salvadoran children can laugh". Show 'em your blog entry. That'll keep 'em in stitches.

3. Another blog entry titled "I joined for ice cream, but stayed for justice". Honestly, how am I suppose to take that seriously? "I joined for ice cream..." Sheesh.

You know, I wonder how much time and effort these 60's rejects put into holding their bishops and priests accountable for such small oversights in judgment.... like the already mentioned protection of kiddie-rapists, and coddling baby-butcher Democrat "Catholic" politicians?

Should I really bother even guessing a number? Nahhh...
News and Commentary
From CNN (Caveman News Network)

Minneapolis -- Keith Ellison, a 43-year-old Democrat, is the first moslem ever elected to Congress. He will represent Minneapolis and several close suburbs. Ellison converted from Catholicism to Islam.

And just another example of the great catechesis since Vatican II. Sure, some of you will say there were always those who fell away from the Faith or even rebelled against it as heretics, but how many do you know who became Christian- and Jew-hating moslems? But FAB, you reply, they're not all like that. Oh yeah? One of the tenants of their heathen sect is "Hate the infidel." I'm not about to believe they're as poorly trained moslems as they were Catholics.
Fisking Lennon
Whatever "Fisking" is

I love it whenever someone dissects a dirty hippie icon. Paulinus over at In Hoc Signo did just that. And in wonderful British fashion, I might add. Do youreself a favor and check out this posting.
Thank You To All Those Who Voted Democrat
Just say you love me!!

The Democrats love to win popularity contests. As long as people like them, that's all that matters. Hell, that's how they form their foreign policy, such as it is.

With that said, here are a couple of quotes coming in from overseas. Please read them slowly... read them carefully. I have a mini-quiz afterwards.

"The Democrats' victory in Tuesday's Congressional elections was a move in the right direction."
"The American people have taken a step in the right path to come out of their predicament..."

Who said these specific quotes?
a. Some liberal Hollywood types now living in the South of France? Nahhh... even though that's how the Hollywood elite feel.
b. That Fidel Castro wanna-be, terrorist supporting, Hugo Chavez? Nahhh... even though he's already praised the Democrats.
c. North Korea's Communist dictator, Kim Jong-il? Nahhh... even though he's undoubtedly tickled to death. Don't forget, he wanted Kerry in 2004.

Give up? It was the leader of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir.

Could any of us even fathom the notion of either the Democrats or the Republicans getting words of encouragement, praise, and congratulations from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War II, or from the Communist Soviet Union during the Cold War?

You know what folks... encouragement, praise, and congratulations is exactly what the Defeatocrats just got from the enemy. The same enemy that flew airliners into the World Trade Center. The same enemy that attacked the USS Cole. The same enemy that blew up the Marine Barracks in Lebanon. The same enemy that went after our embassies in East Africa. The same enemy that our boys are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yeah... that same enemy just thanked the American people for voting Democrat.

Sometimes the stupidity and gullibility of the American people truly amazes and astounds me.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mel To Play One Of The Great Saviors Of Christendom?
Give the English a break... kill some moslems for awhile this time

Before I go any further, I just want to know... if any of this is true, any chance that one of the direct descendants of King Jan Sobieski, actress Leelee Sobieski, can be in this flick?

That will have a major impact if I see this movie... over and over and over and over and over.

OK, all joking aside, the word coming out of Poland is that the film "Victory" will center on Polish King Jan Sobieski III and the massive ass-whoopin' his vastly outnumbered Catholic armies did on the moslem horde (all half million of 'em) during the Battle of Vienna. And this movie will star in the leading role and possibly be directed by Mel Gibson.

Supposedly, this film is set for release 2007-2008 time frame. Get the specifics here, and here (a Polish entertainment and movie site. Believe me, you'll get the gist of it).

It's about time King Jan Sobieski got the recognition he deserves here in the West. If it wasn't for him (and others), we'd all be bowing to Mecca five times a day.
Now that the Libs are in Power
Not in your standard Webster's Dictionary

Political Correctness: A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous leftstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
Advocate Breaking The Law... cash and valuable prizes!

The USCCB is at it again. Some ridiculous thing called the Cardinal Bernardin New Leadership Award (a perfect example that "new" leadership is much different from "old" leadership) has just been awarded to a Colorado woman who they state is a "Immigration Reform Activist".
According the the USCCB website, the accolades for this gal include the following; Her understanding of Catholic social teaching has informed her position on immigration reform. “I am passionate about insuring that there is a way for undocumented people to become lawful residents and citizens,” she says. “There are 12 million-plus people living in the shadows. As Catholics, we have a responsibility to help them feel welcome and find their place.”Anyone mind if I inject the official teaching of The Catholic Church? #2241 - Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants' duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.Gee... in other words, the official teaching of The Church is that a sovereign nation actually CAN control their own borders?? And that the same sovereign nation actually CAN expect those who came to that nation legally to actually expected to obey the law??!! What a concept!

But anyhow, look at that quote from the award winner --
1. The very first sentence - "Her understanding of...". That's a hole of Relativism so big, I could drive a bus through it.

2. The second sentence - "...there is a way for undocumented people to become lawful residents and citizens." First off, their not 'undocumented people'. They're illegal aliens who are breaking the laws of both the United States of America and of The Catholic Church. Secondly, there most certainly is a way to become lawful residents and citizens. It's called obeying the law to begin with. Millions and millions and millions of LEGAL immigrants have done it for decades. It really is that simple.

3. The third sentence - "There are 12 million-plus people living in the shadows". That's normally where you live when you're a fugitive. What's so hard to understand about that?

4. The fourth sentence - "As Catholics, we have a responsibility to help them feel welcome and find their place". Of course we are... but does that include being an active partner in breaking the laws of this country and The Church? Oh, what the hell. Why not? The USCCB has been doing that for decades. Should I even bring up the hundreds of millions of dollars paid out by the bishops themselves for protecting kiddie-rapist "priests"?

Oh, and the award winner was nominated by the darling of the conservative Novus Ordo crowd, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput. Hey, I thought he was a Canon Law & Order kinda guy? Guess not.
This Just In....
Live from Quantico, Virginia

Literally moments ago, the Commander-In-Chief announced that Corporal Jason Dunham, USMC will be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor (posthumously) for personal gallantry against enemy forces in Iraq.

Where do we find men such as these?
231 years ago, today

Not to be outdone by my beloved Corps, the other branches of the Armed Forces have their very own specialized precision teams....

1. The Army Silent Wake Me Up When The Trucks Arrive... I'm Not Marching Anywhere Team.
2. The Air Force Silent You Mean We're Suppose To Call Officers "Sir"? Team
3. The Navy Silent At Least I'm Not A Deck Ape Team
4. The Coast Guard Silent Walking To Shore After Our Boat Sank Team
Why Do They Hate It So Much?
PLEASE read this post!

I know that the vast majority of you folks reading this post have never attended a Traditional Latin Mass. I also realize that for most of you, a TLM is quite a long drive away, if available at all. And for even more of you, the past few decades have been a diet of "everything before Vatican II is outdated, unenlightened, and down-right superstitious".

OK... with all that aside, the blogging team over at Rorate Caeli have done a first rate job posting info concerning the absolute melt-down by the French Bishops (and to a lesser extent, the Americans) concerning the possible freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass.

Just to give you an idea, here's a news article I found by just typing "Latin Mass American Bishops" on a search engine. I found a perfect example of what the American's clerics attitude is towards the TLM;

Rev. Michael Driscoll, pastor of St. Jude Catholic Church in Boca Raton and director of liturgy for the diocese. "I think to some people it's nostalgic. But some want to go back to the past. They're beating their heads against the wall"

Ladies and gentlemen... that's called "scorn and ridicule". But why?

Why, indeed. I've come to the conclusion that they either hate, or are afraid of the Latin Mass.

Now comes the time I have to ask you, the reader, to consider this...

What is it exactly that makes these individuals hate and/or be afraid of the Tridentine Mass? Could it be because by it's very nature, it rejects ecumenism? Could it be because by it's very nature, it rejects the heresy of Modernism? Could it be because by it's very nature, it rejects the heresy of Protestantism?

I think I know the reason why... it's waaaaaay too Catholic for 'em. And they reject Traditional Catholicism because they actually adhere to what? (see above paragraph for the obvious answer)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Signs Of The Times
...and they ain't good signs, either

You know, sometimes I just have to heave my chest in a mighty sigh at some of the really stupid things that happen in The Church.

As I'm cruising around one Catholic news portal I frequent, I see two particular stories one right after the other.

The first one concerns how the Holy Father himself had to remind Catholics that "mortal sin leads to damnation". You gotta be kidding me. We need the Pontiff of The Holy Catholic Church to tell us this? Are things really this bad? Where the hell have we gone wrong?

The second story is concerns that malignant dwarf, Tom Cruise, and his beloved, the proverbial cart before the horse, Kool-Aid Drinkin' Katie Holmes. Here's the kicker... certain unnamed sources* at the Vatican (THE VATICAN of all places!) are giving serious consideration for these two morons to have a Catholic wedding. Never mind the fact that Cruise is divorced, and that both have left The Church and embraced the heresy of Scientology. Are things really this bad? Where the hell have we gone wrong?

*even though I'm no big fan of unnamed sources, I do consider The Times of London to be a reputable paper.
There's A Word For Guys Like These...
They're called "Chicks"

Your landlord gets his back waxed, your lawyer has his eyebrows trimmed and your favorite politician indulges in a manicure on occasion. They just don’t talk about it.

Well-groomed men, step out of that closet. You’re welcome in any of the valley’s salons for treatments that range from facials to pedicures. The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole even offers a “Man-o-cure” for those hardworking hands.

“Manscaping” – the removal of male body hair – is only one component of a hip, put-together guy, says Ginger Root stylist Rob Hollis.

“Guys do manicures, facials,” Hollis said. “They’re getting color, not just for gray, but for a change. We’re definitely seeing more men in the salon, pulling them out of the barber shop and giving them more modern looks. Guys are getting waxing, separating the eyebrow. They’re definitely more well-groomed than they used to be.”

Mrs Caveman considers it a victory if I just keep from yankin' out my nosehairs and scratching my ass in public.
"Suicide Bomb Fears For Gay Pride March"
Seriously... that's really the headline

Confusion reigns in Jerusalem. With the big homo-extravaganza being planned for Friday... it looks as if things just may be postponed.

You see, the "We Put The 'Buttz' In Kibbutz" crowd is all in a lather that some nasty terrorist types who just may launch some type of suicide attacks at the assembled fairies.

Now here is where things get really weird --

The Israeli Security folks are having a tough time differentiating between actual cries for help during a terrorist attack, and queer pick-up lines.

Case in point;

1. They've penetrated our rear!
2. Is that a block of C-4 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
3. He's gonna blow!!

As I said in the beginning of this post... confusion reigns in Jerusalem.

By the way, am I the only one who sees the irony that the real Sodom & Gomorrah is just a short drive from Jerusalem?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Connect The Dots...
Oh, by the way, the Republicans deserved to get their butts kicked

I'll make this quick. Pope John Paul II was suppose to deliver a speech in 2005 that stated that Abortion, Divorce, Homosexual Unions "are evident signs of de-Christianization". He never did give that speech. Hmmm... I wonder why?

Could it have been because this would have been yet another example that the bishops (especially in Western Europe and North America) would have simply just ignored him... again? Who knows.

But one thing's for sure... the political party in the United States that's the standard bearer for Abortion, Divorce, and Homosexual Unions just won resounding victories in "Catholic" Massachusetts, "Catholic" Rhode Island, "Catholic" Pennsylvania, "Catholic" New Jersey, "Catholic" Ohio, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

And where were the Catholic bishops in these so-called "Catholic" states? As history will prove me right, they were holding fundraising dinners and inviting the very same proponents of Abortion, Divorce, and Homosexual Unions to be commencment speakers at "Catholic" colleges.

OK, just to make sure I have this right... Abortion, Divorce, Homosexual Unions "are evident signs of de-Christianization" and people who consider themselves to be faithful Catholics voted to put these guys in power. Right?

And the bishops sat on the sidelines and smiled.

Oh, and as far as the Republicans are concerned, hey guys... one bit of advice for the future; if you campaign as a conservative, if you advertise yourself as a conservative, if you get elected while you proudly proclaim you're a conservative... you damn well better govern as a conservative. Enough of the RepubliCrat garbage. That's another reason why you guys just got your asses kicked.
Heavenly messengers of another sort
Guarding us with an occasional slap on the head

When I was a kid, whenever something bad happened to us kids after any of us did something wrong or mischievious, our mother would say, "That was your Guardian Angel punishing you."

Let's say you just gave your brother a punch in the arm as you walked past, then, within a matter of seconds, you stubbed your toe or bumped your head, Mom would say, "That was your Guardian Angel punishing you," letting us know we were always being watched and our Heavenly Bodyguard was also there to keep us straighened out.

Well, watching the election results from Pennsylvania, that reminder seemed to be in effect.

Recall in the 2004 senatorial primary, there was a tight race between incumbent Arlen Specter, the pro-abortion candidate, and pro-life candidate Pat Toomey. Pennsylvania's other senator, Rick Santorum, a pro-life Catholic may not have "sold his soul to the devil" but he traded his principles for party loyalty and endorsed the pro-abortion candidate. Specter went on to win a squeaker with 50.82% of the vote.

I have no idea how much support Santorum got in return this year from Specter, but tonight Santorum was voted out of office by another Catholic, Bob Casey, Jr.

Well, sorry, Rick, that was your Guardian Angel punishing you.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Special Report!!
This just in...

With 72% of the precincts reporting in, The Caveman News Service is predicting that white trash royalty, Britney Spears, will be divorcing no talent husband-dancer-rapper-serial inseminator Kevin Federline.

The Queen of the Trailer Park is expected to continue her tenure of being the motivational inspiration of 13-year old girls everywhere to;

1. Be a huge disappointment to their families
2. Get pregnant
3. Marry an asshole
4. Try to out-skank Christine Aguilera
5. French kiss an even skankier Madonna
6. Do steps 4 and 5 on national TV
7. Be the first kid on her block to get an STD

Who says little girls can't dream?
Grasping At Straws, Vatican Style
I just shake my head in disbelief

Hold on to your hats, globetrotters! Renato Cardinal Martino, who happens to be the president of something called the Pontifical Council for Justice, Peace, Group Hugs and Butterfly Kisses, has just come out and stated that... try not to laugh... European tourism should spur evangelization.

Noooo.... don't actually have a Catholicism with any theological substance. Don't have a Catholicism with any sense of the sacred or reverence. Don't have a Catholicism with any moral absolutes. None of that overt Catholicism, if you please. Whatever you do, don't free the Latin Mass. Keep the Hootenanny Mass though. Let's not disrupt any of that "unity" I keep hearing of in the Novus Ordo.

But anyway, here's what you do instead.... contact your travel agent (or priest... whatever) and book a tour of all those swell grottoses and cathedralses and stuff. Cash in your Frequent Flyer Miles to get time off from Purgatory! Got a lifetime Euro-Rail Pass? Buddy, that bad boy's a straight shot to Salvation!

I don't know what's more ridiculous, that this Cardinal actually said it, or that this Cardinal is actually in a position of power and authority.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Has The Pope Been Punked-Out?
*Sigh* Well, at least I didn't let myself get TOO excited this time

To borrow from Winston Churchill, the supposed freeing of the Tridentine Mass is starting to look more and more like speculation wrapped in conjecture based on wishful thinking inside of rumor.

New Catholic over at Rorate Caeli has an excellent posting on the subject.

After the French bishops said in essence that a schism will happen if the Tridentine is freed (and the American bishops got queasy as well), we're getting much different music being played out of Rome.

Now we're hearing that all this talk of a world-wide indult is in reality, nothing more than "a suggestion by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos...". Well, isn't that swell?

And Cardinal Ricard, speaking to the French bishops states; The Pope assured him that "the work and reflection are still to be done" and that not even the nature of the document had yet been defined. That is, the commotion of the French bishops was due to no more than a project of the Colombian Cardinal, considered as too favorable to the integrists, and to premature reports by the press.

'The Pope assured him", huh? Wonderful.

Is this nothing more than the Roman Protestants in France having their one, last gasp before the freeing of the Tridentine? Could be...

In the meantime, I'll have my snake bite kit close at hand.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Attack Of The Poncho-Ladies
What happens when crazy nuns reach their expiration date

Speaking of voting guides, the NCAN, which stands for National Coalition of American Nuns (I guess that could also stand for Non-Catholic Angry Neanderthalettes) just published their own voters guide.

I know this may come as a shocker to many... but Sister Mary Clunkyshoes and Sister Elizabeth Bulldyke have stopped shaving their backs long enough to pen a nice little guide that calls for promoting acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, “gay marriage”, and adoption of children by homosexual partners. The organization is also a strong proponent of women’s ordination and numerous leftist causes.

“We pledge ourselves to initiate, invite, and support deepening actions on behalf of social justice, particularly as these impact women, racial/ethnic minorities, and gay or lesbian persons.”

NCAN aims a parting shot at those bishops, priests and laity who supported the Church’s Canon Law that pro-abortion Catholic” politicians must be denied Communion. In bloc capitals, NCAN writes, “we insist that legislators and voters alike cast their votes in accordance with their consciences and deeply-held values without incurring sacramental penalties based on their voting records.”

And I wonder how many churches allowed these guides to be passed out? Even more importantly... will anything happen to the priests that allowed this garbage to be given to the faithful?

The answer is in the two following words; "hell" and "no".
"I Just Wanna Go Pee!!"
Why do they make this so difficult?

Below are some of the posters stoking support for
gender-neutral bathrooms at the University of Alberta;

“Going to the washroom is often dangerous and stressful for transgendered, transsexual, intersexed, androgynous, and gender-ambiguous people.

“Would you like to have more gender-neutral, accessible, and single-stall washrooms at the U of A?”

The U’s OUTreach, a group supporting lesbian, gay, bi-sexuals and transgendered people, has been contacted by the person organizing the push for transgendered bathrooms.

What's the fixation Homos & Friends have with public restrooms? Is it because your average public toilet is actually a late-night Gay Rec Room? Or is it just because they consider the smell an aphrodisiac?