Sunday, November 05, 2006

Attack Of The Poncho-Ladies
What happens when crazy nuns reach their expiration date

Speaking of voting guides, the NCAN, which stands for National Coalition of American Nuns (I guess that could also stand for Non-Catholic Angry Neanderthalettes) just published their own voters guide.

I know this may come as a shocker to many... but Sister Mary Clunkyshoes and Sister Elizabeth Bulldyke have stopped shaving their backs long enough to pen a nice little guide that calls for promoting acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, “gay marriage”, and adoption of children by homosexual partners. The organization is also a strong proponent of women’s ordination and numerous leftist causes.

“We pledge ourselves to initiate, invite, and support deepening actions on behalf of social justice, particularly as these impact women, racial/ethnic minorities, and gay or lesbian persons.”

NCAN aims a parting shot at those bishops, priests and laity who supported the Church’s Canon Law that pro-abortion Catholic” politicians must be denied Communion. In bloc capitals, NCAN writes, “we insist that legislators and voters alike cast their votes in accordance with their consciences and deeply-held values without incurring sacramental penalties based on their voting records.”

And I wonder how many churches allowed these guides to be passed out? Even more importantly... will anything happen to the priests that allowed this garbage to be given to the faithful?

The answer is in the two following words; "hell" and "no".


Blogger Al said...

You asked: "will anything happen to the priests that allowed this garbage to be given to the faithful?"

For the most part I agree with your answer, in fact in some areas it would be a lot easier to get their "Highway to Hell" travel guide put out in the parish than the "Voters Guide for Serious Catholics".

However, there may be an exception to the rule, aka Bishop Morlino of Madison. Have you been following what is going on up there? Esp the warning he gave to the priests who might try & counter his message he sent out this past week.

5:50 AM  
Blogger Dymphna said...

This weekend was the national collection for retired nuns. I tore the envelope up. I only give to solid, faithful orders and don't want my dollars to go to the rouge nuns and poncho ladies.

1:58 PM  

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