Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kennedys Gone Wild
They're at it again

These Kennedy boys were out on a for a beach-run up in Hyannisport.

They just happen to come across some little French hottie by the name of Sophie, and from there, the Kennedy genes kicked in. Sophie was attacked. She was held down against her will and suffered cuts and bruises. As usual, Kennedy's friends stood there and watched.

It took one of Sophie's friends to smack Kennedy on the head to get him off her. $400 in stitches later...

The bad news; Sophie's traumatized (perhaps forever).

The good news; the Kennedy in question is in custody (for now).

Now comes the real question... will this Kennedy be punished to the fullest extent of the law? Or will the Kennedy legal machine get this son-of-a-bitch set free? That's normally what happens when a Kennedy breaks the law.

This Caveman isn't taking it anymore. I'm calling for this animal to be gassed. That's right, I said gassed. You know... put down. Or at least have his doo-dads cut off.

Oh, did I mention that the Kennedy in question is Joe Kennedy’s Irish terrier "Knockout"? The Kennedys, they're all the same, huh?

Hmmm.... now that I think about it. Kennedys --- doo-dads cut off. Hmmm.... That might be doing the world a favor.


Blogger IR said...

RE: removing kennedy doo-Dads--Microsurgery is expensive

6:09 PM  

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