Thursday, November 16, 2006

Abortion and Amnesty
Why Pro-lifers Should Reject Amnesty for Illegals

It appears that some Missouri Republicans have figured out that one reason why America "needs" millions of illegal workers is because we have killed 45 million of what would have been future workers in last 30 plus years.

Whatever the merits of this assertion, what I find more interesting is another heretofore unnoticed connection between the two issues.

Simply put, amnesty for illegals + guestworker program = more abortions.

I'm not talking here about the fact that El Presidente's support for amnesty helped put the Abortion Party in charge of the Senate for at least the next two years, potentially ensuring that Roe v. Wade will continue to be the law of the land for generations to come.

Though that certainly would seem to be the case.

The more lasting connection between the two issues that I see is based on the following:

1) Despite the best intentions of Bush, Rove & Co., the GOP will never receive a majority of the votes of the "new Americans" brought to us courtesy of guestworker and amnesty. And we are talking about truly massive numbers here folks, in the tens of millions over the next few decades.

2) The consequence of #1 is that Republicans will become a permanent minority party, thus dooming any possibility of pro-life political success. The same goes for all of the other issues that social conservatives hold dear, including the defense of marriage.

In short, the pro-life party is committing longterm political suicide by radically reshaping the electorate in a way that will ensure defeat for generations to come.

Or is there something wrong with my logic here?

I sure hope so.


Blogger Dad29 said...

I've been told at least a million times that "the Hispanic vote will go to the Pubbies based on family values, religious training, etc., etc.,yada."

Then we learn that the Pubbies got 38% of the Hispanic vote in '04, but only 30% in '06.

Interesting--most of the Pubbies that DID win were anti-amnesty.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Gaufridus said...

"Or is there something wrong with my logic here?"

First and foremost, your premises are flawed. The Republican Party is not -- I say again: NOT -- culturally conservative. I.e., it is not any more the "pro-life party" than I am a Martian. The Republican Party is dominated by what are called "neo-Conservatives" who are (and I am generalising) not Christian (even in the loosest possible sense), have divided loyalties, and have no other concern except for "the economy". So long as they can make a profit -- i.e., so long as "business is good" (for them) -- they could give a flying f--- less about America, Americans (by which I mean natural born and lawfully-immigrated Americans), the Christian faith, or what could be called "traditional American culture".

The moment you accept these observations as factual, everything else will come sharply into focus and you will begin to understand why things are so far gone in the West (generally), and in the U.S. (specifically).

11:06 AM  

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