Saturday, November 11, 2006

Keep Your Friends Close
And the National Catholic Distorter even closer

Well, it looks as if the Communist sympathizers at the National Catholic Reporter are yet again throwing their annual hissy fit down Fort Benning way.

For those of you who may not know, all the Liberation Theology (a melding of Communism and Catholicism... yeah, right) freaks come out of the woodwork just about this time every year and descend like locusts on the Army's Fort Benning in Georgia to screech for the government to shut down something called The School of the Americas.

The SOA is an advanced training site run by the US Army for officers of almost every Latin American nation. That sounds like a good thing, huh? But don't tell that to the Hammer and Sickle bunch who just happen to be organized to a large degree by "Catholic" clerics, religious and laity.

To borrow from an article on the SOA website (originally printed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution);

As the protest movement to close the U.S. Army School of the Americas at Fort Benning prepares its followers for their annual demonstration at the base Saturday, organizers and participants should reflect on the many people in the military who are dedicated human rights advocates.

The terrible slaughter in November 1989 of six Jesuit priests and their servants by members of the armed forces of El Salvador is the touchstone for the protest movement. Yet it was a U.S. Army major, Eric Buckland, who exposed the truth about the massacre, after he learned about it from contacts in the Salvadoran military.

Yep, a veritable handful of renegade El Salvadorian officers whacked a bunch of Liberation Theology types almost 20 years ago. So because of that, the entire SOA should be shut-down.

Whoa... back the truck up. I don't seem to recall two thirds of the US Army officer corps rushing to defend and protect this unbelievably small number of renegades in El Salvador. Do you?

Too bad 60% of the American bishops can't say that when they defended and protected an unbelievably small number of kiddie-rapist "priests".

But anyhow, I couldn't help but laugh as I read NCR's page titled In Solidarity at the School of the Americas. I read of such wonderful things as;

1. "An essay by John Dear, S.J." Not Father John Dear, or Rev. John Dear... just plain old John. Gee, what a regular guy.

2. A blog entry titled "It is my duty to make sure Salvadoran children can laugh". Show 'em your blog entry. That'll keep 'em in stitches.

3. Another blog entry titled "I joined for ice cream, but stayed for justice". Honestly, how am I suppose to take that seriously? "I joined for ice cream..." Sheesh.

You know, I wonder how much time and effort these 60's rejects put into holding their bishops and priests accountable for such small oversights in judgment.... like the already mentioned protection of kiddie-rapists, and coddling baby-butcher Democrat "Catholic" politicians?

Should I really bother even guessing a number? Nahhh...


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