Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Heavenly messengers of another sort
Guarding us with an occasional slap on the head

When I was a kid, whenever something bad happened to us kids after any of us did something wrong or mischievious, our mother would say, "That was your Guardian Angel punishing you."

Let's say you just gave your brother a punch in the arm as you walked past, then, within a matter of seconds, you stubbed your toe or bumped your head, Mom would say, "That was your Guardian Angel punishing you," letting us know we were always being watched and our Heavenly Bodyguard was also there to keep us straighened out.

Well, watching the election results from Pennsylvania, that reminder seemed to be in effect.

Recall in the 2004 senatorial primary, there was a tight race between incumbent Arlen Specter, the pro-abortion candidate, and pro-life candidate Pat Toomey. Pennsylvania's other senator, Rick Santorum, a pro-life Catholic may not have "sold his soul to the devil" but he traded his principles for party loyalty and endorsed the pro-abortion candidate. Specter went on to win a squeaker with 50.82% of the vote.

I have no idea how much support Santorum got in return this year from Specter, but tonight Santorum was voted out of office by another Catholic, Bob Casey, Jr.

Well, sorry, Rick, that was your Guardian Angel punishing you.


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