Saturday, November 18, 2006

This Is HUGE News!
Please read this post

The news is hot off the presses from Rome.

The Vatican has ruled that the phrase pro multis should be rendered as "for many" in all new English-language translations of the Eucharistic Prayer.

I'd guess that to many, this is really no big deal. But folks... this is huge.

Below is a section of a post I did about a year ago concerning Creeping Protestantism into Catholicism.

Even if you think the Vatican's pronouncement of "pro multis" is not really that important, please read this. If you actually BELIEVE the words that Christ spoke... please read this. If you actually BELIEVE in The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist... please read this.

Luther... deleted both "mysterium Fidei ("the mystery of faith") and "pro multis" ("for the many") and replaced it with "for all". Sound familiar?

This last one is very important. Remember, for Catholics, it's always been "pro multis" ("for the many"). Jesus never said "for all". The Holy Bible never said "for all". The Catholic Mass never said "for all"... until Vatican II that is. The change to "for the many" is flat out dangerous. Here's why... it denies Jesus at sooooo many levels.

Think about what St. Paul said in Hebrews 9:28: "Christ was offered once to exhaust the sins of many". How about what Our Lord said to St. John: "I pray for them; I pray not for the world, but for them whom the hast given me, because they are thine" (Jn 17:9). Bottom line; if Jesus wanted to say "and it is shed for all", then by golly... He would have said it, but He didn't! Not a good idea to second guess Christ.

Many of us are familiar with the Heresy of Universalism (everyone's going to Heaven. It doesn't really matter what you believe, as long as you believe). "For all" flirts awfully close to Universalism.

A friend of mine back home (who attends the New Mass only) in California took his family to the The Passion of The Christ when it first came out. He called me when they got home and he told me that something happened that made him start seeing things from my perspective. He told me that during the Last Supper scene when Jesus said "This is shed for you and the many...", one of his young daughters leaned over to him and whispered "Dad, Jesus said it wrong". Needless to say, that upset him greatly... and it got him to thinking.

There's an old Latin saying ~ "lex orandi, lex credendi" (as you pray, you will believe). One cannot imitate Protestantism indefinitely without becoming Protestant. Remember, if it waddles like a Protestant, lays eggs like a Protestant, quacks like a Protestant... well, I'm sure you get my point.


Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

God bless the Holy Father. He KNOWS his position REQUIRES him to LEAD. Sometime leadership means cracking the whip. May this, as well his putting a stop to unconsecrated hands cleaning Communion vessels, be the first of many more course corrections in the barque of Peter!

11:31 PM  
Blogger Alexander said...

Luther changed it to "for all" and removed "mysterium Fidei"? That's interesting stuff. Do you have a source for that (I may use it later)?

1:59 AM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

You can find that info on just about any search engine, but here is the first one I went to (as an example of how easy it is to find it)...

Another excellent source is;

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Mac McLernon said...

if it waddles like a Protestant, lays eggs like a Protestant, quacks like a Protestant...'s a liberal Catholic???


1:23 PM  
Blogger Angry Orthodox said...

you mean...Christ was wrong and Luther was right?!!!! These hippie iconoclsts actually believe this?

7:06 PM  
Blogger Don Schenk said...

But it's also a heresy called "Jansenism", condemned centuries before Vatican II, to say that Christ died for less than all men--less than all men will tke advantage of Christ's free gift, but it's still offered to all men.

So it might be better to translate "pro multis" as "for the many" rather than simply "for many".

12:09 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

"for many" or "for the many" is for the theologists to hammer out.

The one thing I'm dead sure of... "for all" is simply wrong.

4:01 PM  

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