Tuesday, October 31, 2006

American Troops Terrorize Iraqi Children In The Dead Of Night
WARNING!! Graphic images of American atrocities

Hat Tip to USMC9971 over at Luminarium

Don't say I didn't warn you.
This stuff is truly disturbing.
John Kerry Insults American Troops
Of course, this is a GOP smear job... yeah, right

Never mind the fact that all Commissioned Officers are college graduates. Never mind the fact that this is the most technologically advanced military in the history of mankind. Never mind the fact that this military is the best educated and flat out smartest ever... Kerry makes it very clear that those who join the US Armed Forces are somehow lacking in the intelligence department.

By the way, how in the hell does one "make an effort to be smart"? Either you are or you aren't.

Clearly... Kerry aren't.

This Holloween I Dressed Up As
You knew this was coming....

The Golden Dome of Notre Dame
I Always Thought Bill Maher Was A Pompous Jackass
Now I'm sure of it

In what can only be described as a cry (no, make that "scream") for attention from an obviously socially retarded has-been suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome,
Bill Maher dressed up this Holloween as the late Steve Irwin (may God rest his soul) at the moment of his death.

Hey Maher, I'm sure your costume got big laughs from the 9-13 year old demographic.

On second thought, that was unfair of me to insult the 9-13 year olds like that. I'm sure even they found Maher to be tasteless and immature.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I Stand Accused
And plead guilty as charged... sort of
Idea stolen from Gillibrand at
Catholic Conservation

Because I'm a proponent of the Tridentine Mass and everything associated with it, I've often been accused of wanting to drag the Church back to the Middle Ages.

Well, let's just take a gander at exactly what I want to 'drag' us back to, and what we've had shoved down our throats for 40+ years...

Present Day Dominican Sister of Nashville
Present Day Sister Mary Steriod of Germany

Present Day CYO

Present Day LifeTeen

Present Day Traditional Chapel
Present Day Novus Ordo Church In Vienna

Present Day Traditional Priests
Present Day "WomenPriests"

Present Day Tridentine Mass
Present Day Novus Ordo Mass In Austria

Present Day Traditional Priest Being Ordained
Present Day Priest (killed in prison) Led Away In Handcuffs For Raping Over 80 Little Boys

The Middle Ages sure are looking better all the time.

You Better Take A Look In The Mirror
Huguenots In Catholic clothing
Hat Tip to Benny16SurfRider

Cardinal Arinze just took the French clerics to the woodshed and gave them one helluva good strapping.

While many within the Eldest Daughter of The Church have been very public in decrying the possible freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass, Cardinal Arinze fired off a broadside with the following;

Speaking at the Catholic Institute of Paris, Cardinal Francis Arinze decried the "banalization, desacralization, and secularization of the liturgy." He rebuked priests who take an "overtly egocentric" approach to the liturgy, violating the norms of the Church. And he also criticized priests whose "false humility" leads them to "share their role with the laity."

Along the lines of bishops that tell the Pope to go to hell, remember that The Holy Father put the word out that laity is no longer suppose to purify the Sacred Vessels? Looks as if good old Bishop Todd "Kneeling Is A Mortal Sin" Brown just openly challenged the pope.

Swing on over to Anathema-Sit for the lowdown.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Week-End Update
Another wild and wacky week-end

Angry Britishers
At least they aren't cutting peoples heads off

Beauty and the Beast
Or would that be "Beauty and the Geek?

Money Well Spent
USCCB loses even more credibility

Notre Dame - Navy
More than just a game

Money Well Spent, Part II
Whose CRAAAAAAAZY bishops!

The latest from Britain, Old Spice

Delusion, Australian Style
"The house collapsing around me is really quite comfortable"
The Shape Of Things To Come?
Decades away or mere years?
WARNING! Graphic images and VERY harsh language. Not for the kiddies.

The Brits are already there. The Aussies are well on their way. The French have all but surrendered. How much longer before it's like this in America?

This British video is fairly amateurish, and obviously has Americans assisting in it's production. It's also is aimed at the 16-30 demograph in the UK. One thing I will say, it certainly illustrates the frustration and anger of many of the British youth over the Islamization of their nation.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sheesh, Did I Get The Better Of The Deal, Or What!?
Yeah... I'd say I was the one who made out like a bandit

I found this neat little computer face recognition/celebrity-look-a-like thingamagiggy from Tracy over at Catholic Knitwit via Carolina Cannonball at The Crescat.

I always knew my darling wife was a hottie

I, however, am either a Washington power broker...
or the winner of the Geek Of The Week Award

If I have the 'nads to put those dorks up who supposedly look like me, I fully expect to see the rest of you Bloglodytes put your little Celeb-Look-A-Like graphic up!
More $$$ That Could Go To Saving Souls
Instead is earmarked to make the bishops sleep better at night
WARNING! Harsh language alert!

The *JIFC&CJS (better known as the USCCB) is at it again. This time, they want to piss away $335,000 to "research the causes of sexual abuse by clergy". You gotta be shittin' me. This is, without a doubt, one of the stupidest damn things I have ever heard of.

To the idiots at the USCCB who penned a document that is the ultimate example of hypocrisy incarnate, officially known as the "Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People", I tell ya what guys... I'll do it for one tenth of the cost. Just send me a check for $33,500, and I'll have it broken down in simple terms that even you dip-shits can understand.

To sweeten the pot, I'll go ahead and post right here and now the "causes of sexual abuse by clergy".

1. You dumb-asses allowed a throng of flaming faggots into the seminary. You knew they were unqualified, but you let 'em in anyway. You bishops caused this to happen.

2. You friggin' morons ordained a gaggle of gaggers into the priesthood. You knew they were suspect, but you ordained 'em in anyway. You bishops caused this to happen.

3. You damn imbeciles assigned all these Swisher Sweets to various parishes and schools, where they swooped down on little boys like a pack of wolves on a flock of lambs. You knew they were a threat, but you assigned 'em in anyway. You bishops caused this to happen.

4. You evil bastards protected rapist "priests". Even those who didn't have rapist "priests" in their diocese... you all knew what was going on. It's been an open secret for years. With very few exceptions, the "innocent" bishops purposefully kept their mouths shut to protect the Good Old Boys Club. Before shit hit the fan, none of you had the balls to take a stand. You bishops caused this to happen.

So as you can clearly see, the "causes of sexual abuse by clergy" is quite simply... you, my dear bishops.

Now that I've just saved you $301,500, you can divide my check equally between the FSSP, the SSPX, and the Dominican Sisters of Nashville. Please designate them as anonymous gifts.

I've done my part, now it's time for you to do yours. You're honor bound to send those checks out. But then again... "honor bound" and USCCB don't quite go together well.

I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for those checks to be written, huh?

*Judas Isacriot Fan Club & Circle Jerk Society
The Notre Dame - Navy Game
Not just another football game

To many, the annual University of Notre Dame - US Naval Academy football game is just that... just another football game.

But it's more correctly about respect for a life-long friend and never forgetting a great favor from many, many years ago.

You see, the Navy saved Notre Dame from being shut-down forever.

During World War II, most young men were off to fight for their nation rather than enroll in institutes of higher learning. Times were tough for colleges. Even tougher for private colleges.

The student population at Notre Dame was quickly dwindling down to nothing. In a move to save the school, the University President offered Notre Dame to the Navy as, in essence, a second Naval Academy.

Roughly 70 percent of the Notre Dame student body during that period was also in the United States Navy. Without the intervention, it is possible that lack of funds would have permanently stunted the university, if not closing her doors forever. Since that period, Notre Dame has never forgotten the Navy's assistance.

The Naval Service and Notre Dame became so entwined, that by 1943, the Notre Dame Football Roster listed the “military status” of each player.
USN ........ 12
Civilian ...... 4
17-yr old ... 9
USMC ...... 14

Since then, many in the NCAA have been calling for the Naval Academy to be dropped from top tier Division I status, and be dropped to Division II, or even less. But as long as Navy is consistently on the schedule of top rated teams (like Notre Dame), Navy will remain in Div I.

And Notre Dame has made it abundantly clear throughout the years that Navy will always be on the Fightin' Irish schedule.

Just an example of the ties between the Naval Services and Notre Dame;
1. Notre Dame maintains the largest scholarship Navy ROTC unit in the country.
2. Since World War II, the only commissioning source to produce more Navy and Marine Corps Officers than the University of Notre Dame is the United States Naval Academy.

Click here for an example of the end product of Notre Dame's Naval ROTC Program (Marine Corps Option).

For everything else.... there's indictments

  • #2 lead pencil - 10 cents
  • Assignment notebook - $2.65
  • One boys and one girls Catholic school uniform -$75.00
  • Tuition for Catholic elementary school in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles - $2,100.00
  • Free tuition for a year for 4,726 Catholic elementary school students - $10,000,000.00
  • Actually throwing these rapist "priests" and those that protected them into the prison General Population - Priceless

Friday, October 27, 2006

How Do I Dislike Thee...
Let me count the ways

Would someone please tell this skank that just because she has a penchant for jellied eels, knocked back a Bass Ale or two last night, legally kidnapped a kid from a member nation of the British Commonwealth, and had unprotected group sex with fifteen or so soccer hooligans... that doesn't mean she automatically rates a British accent.

Save the British accent for those who are actually British.

(Short Version)

(Long Version)
And The Emperor Still Thinks He Has The Grandest Clothes In All The Land
The Art of Self-Delusion, Australian style

Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby is simply amazing. Here's what's up in The Land of Oz....

Australian author Michael Gilchrist's new book, Lost! argues that much of the Church in Australia is already lost, in the sense that at least 85 percent of Catholics are unchurched, according to the 2001 National Church Life Survey and Mass count figures.

Also, statistics on the belief and practice of Catholic school students indicate a low and declining knowledge or acceptance of Church teachings. Many of those who still practise the faith are like "lost sheep" since they are confused or uninformed about the doctrines and disciplines of the Church and lack clear guidance from their bishops and priests.

Some members of the larger religious orders are also lost, having become attracted to New Age, neo-pagan spiritualities.

The book explores other senses in which Australian Catholics are lost. Given the downward trend in belief and practice shown by all the statistics, it is clear that if nothing effective is done soon the Church in Australia will be lost, aside from a few faithful remnants.

"The time for denial, compromise, half-measures, diplomacy, distractions and pious hope is over. If the Church in Australia is to have any long term future with its integrity intact, bishops have to give maximim support to orthodoxy everywhere in practical ways without fear or favour ... The 'signs of the times' today call for consolidation of a Catholic identity and sifting the wheat from the chaff. This will require particularly strong leadership."

Ahhh... but don't look to Archbishop Bathersby for anything even resembling strong leadership. You see, Queensland is the lowest in the nation in vocations. But the good Archbishop says he has "no desire to return to a golden past noted for seminarian numbers but also for sinfulness." Interesting.

Abp. Bathersby went on to crow, "I have no desire for candidates to priesthood who wish to take the Church back to a past certainly noted for its numbers, but sadly uncovered in more recent times its sinfulness, whose burden the Church will carry with difficulty into the future."

What the hell is Abp. Bathersby talking about? Has anyone pointed out that the vast majority of kiddie-rapists "priests" were ordained post-Vatican II? They must be those "Fruits of Vatican II" that I keep hearing about. But I must admit, I do admire the way Abp. Bathersby words it in such a fashion as to give the impression that there was "something wrong, even sinful" about the Pre-V2 Church. Amazing.

But the best from the Archbishop was held for last. Try not to laugh...

"If Michael Gilchrist wants to return to a so-called golden past with all its many weaknesses so be it. I don't".

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Sexsomniacs" Puzzle Medical Researchers
I'm not puzzled, I'm pissed!
WARNING! Harsh language alert!

Researchers are struggling to understand a rare medical condition where sufferers unknowingly demand, or actually have, sex while asleep, New Scientist magazine reported on Wednesday.

Research into sexsomnia -- making sexual advances toward another person while asleep -- has been hampered as sufferers are so embarrassed by the problem they tend not to own up to it, while doctors do not ask about it.

Hell, I'm not embarrased... I'll talk about it! This whole thing really pisses me off! I have a tough enough time gettin' any sex while I'm awake, and these bastards are gettin' some while they're asleep!!??

This really pisses me off to no end!

Oh, by the way... did I mention this really pisses me off? *sigh* I'm so pissed off right now I can't even think straight, I'm so pissed!!
Say Hello To My Lil' Friend
A. Long over at Verbum

There's a new kid on the block, and he's just opened a brand spankin' new blog, Verbum. Swing on over and say hi to A.L.

Hey, we all remember what it was like when we first opened shop, and A.L. certainly has put bucoup time into his new enterprise. It's impressive, to say the least.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bush, Blair Proclaim Homosexual "Love"
We always knew they were close

Perhaps, a little too close.

Catholics Respond To The Michael J. Fox Lies
Or is that more correctly "Michael J. Frankenstein"?

And a little added bonus for all my good goombas out there!
The Smudge Of Satan
Shouldn't that be "The Smoke of Satan"?

Not in this case. The Prot-Wannabes at the supposed "Catholic" Diocese of Gaylord in Michigan have taken it upon themselves to incorporate pagan ceremonies into a purported Catholic Mass.

A committee has been planning the special liturgy that, in accordance with the General Instructions of the Roman Missal and provisions of Vatican II, will include some elements of Native American culture. In addition to some of the music and readings using Native American language, one of the customs planned is "smudging."

Ahhh.... of course, Vatican II had to be brought up. Oh by the way, this section of V2 isn't binding upon pain of sin. It isn't dogma. It is nothing more than a suggestion. But don't let the ecumaniacs try to tell you differently.

Anyhow, see what the actual documents themselves say. Scroll down to the section entitled "D - Norms for adapting the Liturgy to the culture and traditions of peoples ", and you will clearly realize that Rome was never contacted for "authorization" for this abomination. You will also read that this portion of V2 states that any inculturation mustn't be bound up with superstition and error. And guess what? It is!

More from the Diocese of Gaylord website;

Smudging is the burning of herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath which is used to purify people, spaces, or objects. The principle herbs used are sage, sweet grass, lavender and cedar. As the assembly enters the sanctuary, they will pass through the fragrant incense, thus bringing themselves into physical, spiritual and emotional balance. In addition, during the Introductory Rites, the liturgical spaces of the church will be smudged in an Ojibwa ceremony. Native American men will be doing the smudging while the priest blesses with Holy Water.

Why in the hell do we need "smudging" and "cleansing smoke" to purify a Catholic church? And since when do Catholics need to pass through such to reach "physical, spiritual and emotional balance"?

The last sentence there especially concerns me. Are these "Native American men" just some schmucks they grabbed off the street? Or are they possibly pagan nativist shamans? I think the latter. Even more troubling... the mysterious "Native American men" will simultaneously be joined by an alleged Catholic priest sprinkling Holy Water. This smacks of a pagan ritual being equal to the Catholic practice of blessing with Holy Water.

And to add insult to injury, the good folks up Michigan way added to their little news blurb "Since the expeditions of the 17th century that brought Jesuit missionaries Raymbault, Jogues, Menard, and eventually Father Jacques Marquette to the United States..."

Notice they didn't even refer to St. Isaac Jogues as "Saint"? Anyhow, seeing they invoked the name of St. Isaac Jogues, I'd like to invite everyone to read the absolutely first rate posting by Campidoctoris de Anathematis over at Anathema Sit concerning said Saintly individual and his first hand knowledge of "Native American culture". Here's a taste;

[His] fingers were chewed off by women. He was tortured and beaten near to death. And that was the first time he was a prisoner. The second brought worse and brought his ultimate beheading.

If you thought that was bad, read what they did to St. John de Brebeuf;

Scalp removed, his flesh cut off, cooked, and eaten in front of him. Red hot hatchets put under his armpits. A necklace of redhot hatchets put around his neck. His nose was cut off, and his lips ripped off because he wouldn't stop preaching the Gospel. A belt of bark soaked with pitch put around his waste and set on fire cooking his body. Three times he had boiling water poured over his body in derision of Baptism - mocked all the while. In the midst of all this he endured like a statue, to the amazement of even his torturers. He continued to encourage the other Christians, men and women who had converted, as the horror continued. Eventually they cut off his feet, gouged out his eyes and put red hot coals in the sockets. Finally they cut his chest open while he was alive, ripped his heart out and ate it.

I wonder if the folks at Gaylord plan on "keeping alive" any of the same Indian traditions that Sts. Isaac and John were treated to? Just a thought.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Say Hello To My Lil' Friend!
Sister Mary Martha

At the risk of committing the sin of pride, I always thought I did a pretty good job of painting a mental picture.... until I read "Ask Sister Mary Martha".

Laugh out loud FUNNY!

Just a small example... she describes the local Catholic Charities store as such; "it's like the Salvation Army store, but closer to salvation."

And on her profile, she states that her interests are the following;

dusting pews
scrubbing floors on hands and knees
hours of comtemplative prayer
terrorizing children

And make sure you read her posting concerning her outing to the fabric store. I'm still laughing over that one!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Finishing Up Where martin luther Left Off
If it waddles like a Protestant, quacks like a Protestant... you know the rest

Lately I've pretty much gone off like a firecracker concerning those within The Church who are trying to destroyer Her.

For the past few years, I've been noticing subtle changes between the traditional Douay-Rheims Bible, and the Protestant wannabe "Catholic" NAB.

Here's a couple of examples;

Traditional Catholic Douay-Rheims - Luke 1:30 And the angel said to her: Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God.
Protestant New International Version - Luke 1: But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God.
Novus Ordo New American Bible - Luke 1:30 Then the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God."

Grace and favor are two entirely different things. Any 7th Grader who actually paid attention in Religion Class knows that.

Here's another...
Traditional Catholic Douay-Rheims - Luke 1:46 And Mary said: My soul doth magnify the Lord.
Protestant New International Version - Luke 1:46 And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord"
Novus Ordo New American Bible - Luke 1:46 And Mary said: "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord"

Any of us can posses a soul that "proclaims the greatness" or "glorifies" the Lord. But to actually magnify? That's a quantum leap.

Like I said, these are just two examples that came to mind quickly. I'm sure the readers of this blog can flood me with even more examples.

And if changing the words to further Protestantize Catholicism aren't enough, just rip out whole passages like the Irish bishops did.

Sections of the New Testament should not be used for Mass readings because they give "an undesirably negative impression regarding women,'' said two Irish bishops' commissions.

The document identifies seven New Testament readings which it said "would be better omitted from the new lectionary currently in preparation'' in Rome.

The readings are Colossians 3:18; 1 Peter 3:1-6; Titus 2:4-5; Ephesians 5:22-24; 1 Corinthians 11:3-16; 1 Corinthians 14:33-35 and 1 Timothy 2:11-15. The first four of these texts are in the current lectionary.

"The document adds that if the identified scriptural passages are quoted, in any context, they should be suitably commented on in the light of contemporary church teaching."

Ahhhh... "contemporary" church teaching. That's code for "since Vatican II".

How silly of us all... Holy Mother the Church has had it all wrong for 2,000 years. I get it now.

And the Americans are just as guilty;

In the U.S. Lectionary, which has been in use since Advent 1998, the bishops provided short forms of the readings from Colossians and Ephesians that “omit verses which were reported to have caused widespread misunderstandings when proclaimed in some parishes,” said the Rev. James Moroney, executive director of the U.S. bishops’ Secretariat for the Liturgy.

With Catholics like this, who needs Protestants?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Week-End Update
I'm the Catholic Caveman, and you're not

You're Taxing My Patience!
Who says we don't live in a Socialist country?

Tip-Toeing To Mary
Even this one made the ol' Caveman say "awwwww, aint that cute!"

Former Altar Boy SPEAKS!
Now if we can just figure out where PreVatII and Cletus are!

Say Hello To My Lil' Friend!
Father Gonzales joins the gang!

Jesus bar-Joseph
The world's first great Social Worker

What Will Those Wild & Whacky Moslems Think Up Next?
This one's a doozy. I'm not smart enough to make this kinda stuff up

Strange Things Are Afoot In Long Island, Part II
REALLY strange! (Part II)

Strange Things Are Afoot In Long Island
Really strange! (Part I)
(If you drive a car car) I'll tax the street
(If you try to sit sit) I'll tax your seat
(If you get too cold cold) I'll tax the heat
(If you take a walk walk) I'll tax your feet

"Taxman" by George Harrison

NOTE: Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our nation was the most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world, and mom was able to stay home to raise the kids.

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Interest Expense
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service Charge Taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage taxes
Sales Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax State
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax {FUSF}
Telephone Federal, State And Local Surcharge Taxes
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring And Non-Recurring Charges Tax
Telephone State And Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

Only in America will you be rewarded for being lazy and incompetent, and punished for being hard-working and successful.

Work hard, millions who get government hand-outs are depending on you.
Luke, 18:17
Even a Caveman's gotta have a heart

Heretical Churches Losing Members
A CNN (Caveman News Network) Report

News Item: Mainline Protestant denominations have steadily declined in membership for four decades in the U.S. Let’s look at just two.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) says its membership dropped 1.6% in 2005, to 4.85 million. Over the past 15 years, the baptized membership of the denomination has fallen by about 390,000, with half of that decline occurring between 2002 and 2005.

As of 2000, real losses of the United Methodist Church, adjusted for the increase in the general population, are 6,435,331 members or 43.6%!!

News Item: Some denominations that ordain women are seeing the percentages balloon, Religion News Service says. The Episcopal Church went from 8 percent priestesses in 1986 to 30 percent in 2006, while the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America rose to 15 percent (1995) to 24 percent (2006). Other increases include the Presbyterian Church (USA) and United Methodists.

Hmmmm....does any seem to notice a connection here? No wonder the feminists, libs, and Roman Protestants that want to destroy the Church are so anxiously pushing for priestesses.

Sorry, gals. "Male and female He created them." Jesus was a man. When the celebrant is at the altar or in the confessional, he is acting in persona Christi. You can play dress up all you want, but you will never be a man or a priest. His mother understood this, why can't you?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Say Hello To My Lil' Friend!
Fifty Sophomoric Summers

Swing on over and visit Pater LWG's blog. 1st rate, indeed! Hard hitting, incisive, unafraid to speak the truth, orthodox in his Catholicism and wickedly funny, to boot!
The Bar of Catholicism
A Thousand Small Chops Cuts Down The Greatest Tree
The further de-divinitization of Christ

Few argue that upwards of 70% of practicing Catholics in America look upon The Eucharist as merely a "symbolic reminder" of Jesus. Is it any wonder? The purposeful dumbing-down of Catholics has been happening for decades now.

It wasn't with a flash of lighting that all of a sudden most Catholics in America abandoned almost 2,000 years of Church teaching. No, nothing that grandiose.

It was the small things... the subtle things. The proverbial "bar" has been lowered so far, that it's now indistinguishable from a sewer pipe.

Let's do a rough chronology, shall we?

1. First came Holy Communion received standing. Why kneel? The Eucharist is just Christ physically present. Do big deal.
2. Eucharistic Ministers. One of the greatest moves to destroy the Sacramental Priesthood if there ever was one.
3. Then came the Tabernacle no longer centered in our churches. Uh-oh... I thought Catholicism was a "Christ Centered Church". Too bad Jesus isn't actually centered in most of our churches, huh? Are we seeing a pattern yet?
4. Soon followed by Holy Communion received standing and now with the added degradation of in the hand. Hey, why present yourself to Jesus on your knees in reverence. A handshake will suffice. If that really is Jesus.
5. Bowing instead of genuflecting to the Tabernacle. Hey, why genuflect to a symbol?
6. Kneeling during the Consecration is a mortal sin. Why interrupt the play with people kneeling?

And now comes the latest nail in the coffin of Catholicism... whenever referring to Jesus in the third person (grammatically), the fad is to no longer capitalize the first letter. You know, Jesus is no longer spelled out as He.... it's he instead.

I remember always being taught that whenever we refer to The Blessed Trinity (or any Divine Personage of such) in the 3d person, to always capitalize the first letter. Don't you?

I know that by itself, it sure seems a small thing to many. But to me, this is just another case of instead of us rising up to Jesus, the powers to be are dragging Him down to us.
But Not During Ramadan!
...and no listening to the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album, either!

Hey, I'm not smart enough to make this stuff up.

It's official. The head religious honcho of Iran has banned solo sword fighting, for now that is.

That's right, during the moslem month of Ramalamadingdong, there will be no spanking the monkey, beating the prayer rug, whittling the widdle wahabist, setting off your IED, pumping for oil, wrapping the turban extra tight, jerking the jihadist, polishing the prophet, night flight discharges, etc.

I think he's serious.
Strange Things Are Afoot On Long Island,
Part II
I'm sure Pope St Pius X would be proud
Hat Tip to my wayward Southern-Yankee buddy

Auxiliary Bishop Paul Walsh blesses water that is poured into a baptismal font by Elaine Hallisey, left, pastoral associate, and Patti Hingerton, baptism committee chair, during a Mass dedicating the newly renovated St. Pius X Church, Plainview, Oct. 15. Also pictured are Msgr. Domenick Graziadio, pastor, and altar server Michele Mascolo.

If the estrogen was any thicker, I think the good bishop and monsignor will start lactating any second now.

Is it just me, or is that crucifix especially ugly? Seriously.... did an emotionally disturbed individual design it?

Strange Things Are Afoot On Long Island
...and the Akita warnings grow ever louder
Hat Tip to my wayward Southern-Yankee buddy

Does anyone else remember reading in The Holy Bible when Jesus said something along the lines ot "no man will come to the Father except through Me"? Sure we do. In a nutshell, that's the entire basis for Christianity.

Well, don't tell that to the alleged Catholics at the Diocese of Rockville Centre on Long Island.

Get ready for this... members of the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (they're at it again. What a shocker, huh?) and representatives of the World Sikh Council included evenings of prayer and community meals at a Sikh house of worship in Glen Cove, prayer and discussions at Immaculate Conception Seminary here, and lunch with Bishop William Murphy.

Well isn't that ecumenical. But I have a silly question.... were any of those prayers directed at God? And I don't mean watered-down, ecumaniac, "I'm-OK-You're-OK" bastardized version of God. Call me old fashioned, but when I think "God", I kinda automatically think Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Don't you?

How many folks out there would like to bet paychecks that the good folks from the JIFC&CJS had no intention of converting our turbaned friends? While we're at it, who would like to wager that the same Roman Collared wolves in sheeps clothing were praying to the Sikhs "god of their understanding".

Does any of this ring a bell?

"The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres [other priests]...churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

And it just gets better --

"It was a joy being with you today," Bishop Murphy told the Sikh delegates following lunch on Oct. 6 at the seminary. "The dialogue has to grow," as both the nation and Long Island become more ethnically and religiously diverse, "and I think we are all going to learn from it."

What did The Holy Mother say about "accepting compromises"? I can't speak for Bishop Murphy, but this simple Catholic refuses to "learn" a damn thing from anyone who purposeful turns his back on Jesus. Like I said... call me old fashioned.

But my favorite passage from this article is this; (Keep in mind, this quote is directly from a so-called Catholic diocesan newspaper.)

"We practice a specific way to God," Butalia noted, but respect all other legitimate paths to God. Their beliefs stem from the teachings of the 10 Gurus (teachers who speak for God) beginning with their founder, Guru Nanak.

"All other legitimate paths to God"? Oddly enough, no one at this purported "Catholic" publication refuted or even clarified this heathen's statement. For some weird reason, the phrase "accepting compromises" keeps coming to mind.

By the way, much of this took place at Immaculate Conception Seminary. As we use to say in the Marine Corps, "garbage in, garbage out".

Thursday, October 19, 2006

And The Roaches Went Running
And are exposed for the frauds they really are

Guys the likes of Boethius over at Fumare, and Jay from Pro Ecclesia, brought the USCCB promoting the heretics at Call To Action to the light of day.

Amazingly enough, someone at the USCCB pulled the notice about CTA from their website posthaste once someone flipped the lights on. What a shocker, huh?

Along those same lines, we have a posting that simply has to be seen to be believed. Mucho time and effort went into this, and as Catholics, we need to read this.

New Catholic at Rorate Caeli, with pictures provided by Gillibrand from Catholic Church Conservation, not only turn the lights on to frighten away the roaches, they kick in the million candlepower flood lights on 'em.

Roman Protestant bishops open up with their first salvos against the possible freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass. Ladies and gentlemen... let the schism begin.

By the way, New Catholic quoted the present day Bishop of Metz saying some rather disparaging things towards the Tridentine Mass.

Well, Mrs. Caveman is the great (x41) grand-daughter of St Arnulf, Bishop of Metz. Mrs. Caveman tells me that the present bishop of Metz needs to hear a few sermons on what it takes to be a good Catholic from our parish priest out here in the boondocks of North Carolina.

Young Father XXXXX sure could teach him a thing or two.
You Can Tell A Lot About A Person
By Their Friends
...and more importantly, their enemies

I've read about Britain's Communities Secretary, Ruth Kelly in the past. Simply because she irritates sexual deviants and terrorist sympathizers is enough to make me like her.

But now all three communities; the lisping frilly-laced randy dandy homosexuals, the rugged face of a cowboy but National Park of an ass lesbians, and finally... the "yes, we know that members of our community blew up buses and killed innocent men, women and children... but can you blame them?" moslems are all uber-pissed at Madame Kelly.

It turns out that Ruth isn't sufficiently kissing their collective asses and pandering to their vile and flat-out disturbing agendas. Oh... and to make matters worse, Ruth Kelly is a member of *GASP!!* Opus Dei!

By the way, did I mention that I really like Ruth Kelly?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is That Burning Gas I Smell?
"Danger close... I say again, DANGER CLOSE!"

The two 500 pound canisters of flaming napalm incarnate, better known to the rest of us as Campidoctoris de Anathematis over at Anathema Sit just lit the whole damn valley on fire with this one.

Like it's title says, "If you're a Catholic man read this post!"

Do yourself a favor, swing over to their blog and check out this gem.
Is Your Kid A Hyper-Active Spazz?
If so, the Caveman has the remedy
WARNING! Harsh language alert! I'm in a foul mood.

If I gotta see one more commercial for ADD or ADHD or ADBFD or whatever the hell that made-up disease is called, I'm going to projectile vomit day-glo.

Enough of the Kiddie-Cocaine. And let's be honest, sure there are some kids that need this stuff... but for the most part it comes down to sorry, lazy-ass parents that look to the television and riddaline to raise/control their kids.

With that said, listen up Pilgrims... if your kid is simply nothing more than a spoiled brat and is wound up tighter than a Chinese wristwatch, here's what ya do;

1. Say "no". This will only work if you're consistent. This works the vast majority of the time.

2. If said spazz/brat attack persists, a single sharp open handed smack on the back of the head followed with a rather loud "what the hell's the matter with you!? I SAID NO!" This usually clears up the small percentage that didn't heed Step 1.

3. If steps 1 and 2 failed... accept it. You screwed up by actually listening to all those self-proclaimed "experts", huggy-touchy morons who've totally screwed up an entire generation. About the only hope that poor kid has is if you ship his ass off to Military School. May I suggest the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Dream Of Jeannie
No... not that Jeannie. No such luck

Moslem snake oil salesman, Sheik Munir 'Arab, or Sheik Yerbootie, or whatever the hell his name is, claims to have exorcised a Jinn (better known in the West as a Genie) from a 14 year old girl. For those of you who didn't know, those wild and whacky moslems believe that besides the Race of Angels and the Race of Men, God also created the Race of Genies... seriously.

But anyhow, what makes this story truly disturbing is that this particular Jinn used said young girl not only as his personal dirty clothes hamper, but also as some sort of evil tele-type machine from The Great Beyond.

I guess we should just look upon this as a full-body flossing with the added bonus of Fortune Cookie messages. Ya think?

You've got to see this to believe it.

Click here for the transcript.
If You Lay With Dogs, Don't Be Surprized If You Get Fleas
They're at it again!

Remember when Pope John Paul II stated that it was a theological impossibility for women to be ordained? Anyone recall that it was also said that "the discussion is over... the book is closed"? If I recall correctly, Catholics (especially clerics) aren't even suppose to officially discuss the possibility (in a positive light) of the ordination of women.

I think what Pope John Paul wrote was a lil' something like this; “Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance…I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful."

Yeah... we all remember that.

Does anybody else remember more than a handful of passages in The Holy Bible referring to sodomy as one of the sins that "cries to heaven for vengeance"? Or it also being referred to as an "abomination"?

Yeah... we all remember that.

Well, good ol' Boethius over at Fumare has a posting that seemingly has slipped in under the radar.

It turns out that the USCCB has Call To Action on their official calendar. We all remember Call To Action, don't we? They're the same ones who claim to be Catholics, yet still clamor for women and homosexual priests. And the JIFC&CJS embraces them.

Think about this, folks. And organization that has essentially told The Catholic Church to go to hell, is being added to the calender of events by our so-called "leaders". Does anyone else find this just a little more than just slightly disturbing?

With "leaders" like these, who needs heretics?

...and the Faithful still wonder why the silence from Rome. The American bishops proved they could crap all over Pope John Paul and get away with it. Now they're throwing down the gauntlet with Pope Benedict.

Our Lady of Akita, pray for us.

Monday, October 16, 2006

How Tradition-Hating Bishops Will Get Around The Motu Proprio
Don't say I didn't warn you

As we all are well aware, the rumors concerning the freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass are flying around faster that settlement checks from the various members of the USCCB.

If and when said motu proprio is ever made public, count on a fight the likes none of us have ever seen before.

Face it, many of the members of the USCCB are professional Modernists at worst.... uber-liberal Anglicans at best. As far as they're concerned, there simply was no Catholic Church before 1962. How sad that they fail to realize that the Second Vatican Council was simply a council, and not the council that they so desperately want it to be.

Didn't you get the memo? 33 to 1962 are more correctly known as "The Lost Years". They despise the very Church that made them bishops.

But anyhow, back to my main point. I'd be willing to bet that if and when a universal indult is granted, and supposedly "any priest can celebrate the TLM without permission from his bishop" is the meat and potatoes of the deal, there will be some sort of provision that will give any given bishop some type of loop-hole to suppress the Tridentine Mass.

It may be as innocent as a bishop saying something along the lines of "I will grant permission to participate in the universal indult as long as the individual priests can display to my satisfaction a correct understanding of the rubrics of the Mass of Pius V and a proficiency in Latin."

And of course, the bishop will pepper his pronouncement with flowery language about how he "desires to protect the integrity and dignity of the Traditional Latin Mass", etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

And no one will ever meet the bishop's satisfaction. Ever. Even Pope St. Pius V would fail.

Now the Traddies may get a bone thrown to them every now and then, but for the most part, this is going to be nothing more than 1988's Ecclesia Dei, Part II. Mark my words.

With that said, let me say this -- Dear Lord, I hope I'm wrong.
Anti-Catholic "Catholic" At Supposedly Catholic Catholic University Of America
I don't think there are more than a handful of REAL Catholics at CUA

That's right sports fans... the alleged Catholic University of America is throwing it's doors open to pro-conditional abortion, pro-sodomite, Socialist, alleged Catholic but in reality an all around anti-Catholic, Democratic candidate for Senate, Bob Casey, Jr.

And just how in God's Name does someone who is so obviously hostile to just about everything that The Catholic Church believes and stands for get the red carpet treatment at CUA?

Simple, all the Frauds & Broads (priests and nuns) at CUA have to do is claim that Casey is a proponent of "Social Justice" issues... end of story.

Never mind the fact that some of his strongest stances are on issues that are down right satanic, as long as Casey does the following, he'll be considered visiting royalty at CUA;

a. Weeps for the poor serial killers.
b. Wrings his hands over the sad plight of tomato pickers in Florida.
c. Beats his breast because of the decline of the Double Left Winged White Swallow (is that a bird or a fag bar?)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Week-End Round Up
Idea stolen from the crew at Christus Vincit

Sunday 15 Oct.
Gratifying And Scary At The Same Time
Our Lady of Akita, Pray For Us

Saturday 14 Oct.
The Hijacking Of A Saint
...before she's even Canonized

The Wisdom Of Mrs. Caveman
Or am I just overlooking the seasonal obviousness?

Friday 13 Oct.
Murderous Scum - 10
Victims - 0

And wait 'till you get the straight scoop on the "caring" bishops

Welcome To North Carolina, Mexico's Newest Colony
¡Vicente Fox Para El Abogado De Districto!
Gratifying And Scary At The Same Time
Our Lady of Akita, Pray For Us

Every so often, I get a message in the ComBox that takes a life of its own. This is one of them.

Not long ago, I did a post concerning the possible freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass. From a priest who (for obvious reason) would like to remain anonymous;

Caveman, and Former Altar Boy:
Your comments are perfect. There is hope this time, and I expect a positive outcome from this "speculation".

I envision the modernists at my parish--liturgy (sic) committee, feminists, poorly catechized, etc--at my door armed with clubs, torches, pitchforks ready to kill the traditional monster within me.

I will be armed with the Word of God contained within the TLM Missal, and the prayers of like-minded Catholics around the world!

Guess who's going to win this battle? ... The spiritual battle wages on ... And Jesus Christ and HIS Church is the Victor!

As you can see, on the left side of this blog I've posted Our Lady of Akita, Ora Pro Nobis (Pray For Us). One of the Holy Mother's messages immediatly came to mind when I read this priest's ComBox post.

Oct 13, 1973 -

"The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres [other priests]...churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

How many other good priests out there are also suffering a spiritual martyrdom? Pray for these brave men. They're fighting a type of warfare that most of us will never know.

St Michael, arm them with your sword and shield
Holy Mother, place your mantle around them
Lord Jesus, save them

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Wisdom Of Mrs. Caveman
Or am I just overlooking the seasonal obviousness?

I awoke early this chilly October morn'. And what greeted me as I opened the 'fridge? Yep... leftover homemade cinnamon crumb apple pie. Quicker than you could say "damn the calorie count", I sucked the remnants down my literal and figurative pie-hole.

A little bit later, the House Sergeant Major tooled through the kitchen. She saw the disposable pie tin shoved in the garbage can. In a look that only Southern women can give, she slowly looked up and said "now I just know you're going to the grocery store and get another pie.... right? And while you're at it, get a pun'kin pie, too." Note: as I've posted before, her ever so slight Southern accent gets heavier and thicker the more emotional she gets.

So anyhow, I throw back at my wife "but we haven't bought pie for months and months! Why should I have to go to the store and buy pie now!?" As soon as the words escaped my yap, I knew that was a really, really stupid thing to say.

The Old Girl just looked at me as if all my brains had just fallen out of my head. She put that scrunched-up look on her face like even she herself couldn't believe how stupid I was.

She squared her shoulders towards me and slightly bent her knees (like she was going to jump at me and shove my gray matter back in my noggin). Then she threw a crooked left arm towards the kitchen window, palm up and fingers spread... I'm not sure if it was a pointing gesture or if she was getting ready to slap some sense into me (Southern gals do that a lot).

Then came the words thick as 90 weight grease --- "BUT IT'S PIE WEATHUH!!"

How do I argue against that rationale? Oh... and I went to the store and bought the pies.
The Hijacking Of A Saint
...before she's even Canonized

As many of us already know, Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin is about to be Canonized a Saint. Just a quick run-down of what is making this particular Canonization just a wee bit out of the ordinary.

Blessed Mother Theodore was a missionary in the wilds of Indiana in the early 1800's. The local bishop invited the Sisters of Providence to establish missions, schools, orphanages, etc within his diocese. But then the bishop stepped way over the line. He sought to exert his total control over her and her Sisters, even to the point of violating the rule of their Order.

But Mother Theodore would have none of that. Bishop Celestin de la Hailandiere dismissed Mother Theodore from her vows, threatened her with excommunication and banished her for a time.

Mother Theodore always acted with respect but firmness when she had to act against his wishes. Oddly enough, Bishop de la Hailandiere was forced to submit his resignation to Rome because of additional conflicts in the diocese. Rome accepted the resignation and appointed a successor who supported Mother Theodore and her sisters in their mission. Amazing, huh?

That sure sounds an awful lot like St. Athanasuis. And possibly even Archbishop Lefevbre one day.

But now we get to the Theater of the Absurd. The Fasci-Femms are in the attack mode. Liberals within The Church are trying to paint Blessed Mother Theodore as some sort of 1830's version of our present day Poncho Ladies.

We're treated to such quotes as this gem from Sister Marcia Speth; "The bishop here in Vincennes was impossible to work with, yet she always kept her faith. She held on to it. In that way, she witnesses to us how to be today in an imperfect, flawed, sinful church." Oh, and does anyone recall a "Saint Marcia"? And no, Macia Brady doesn't count. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

Umm... hey Sis', Holy Mother The Church is perfect. She's flawless. It's simply impossible for The Church to be sinful. Those within The Church can be sinful, but The Church Herself? Never. Silly me, I kinda figured a nun would know that. But like I said... silly me.

And then we (of course) have the requisite quote from Father(?) Richard "Coat & Tie" McBrien, Head Wolf at the Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame; "I dare say that Mother Guerin, as a soon-to-be-canonized saint, will achieve an elevated status that will forever elude the bishop who dismissed her."

Ummm... Dickie, how do you know if Bishop de la Hailandiere is in hell? The Church has always taught that every single soul in Heaven is already a Saint. It's a safe bet that, despite his flaws, Bishop de la Hailandiere died in the State of Grace. Silly me, I kinda figured that the head of the Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame would know that. But like I said... silly me.

And I've saved the best for last...

Samantha Dumm, a 19-year-old sophomore from Morgantown, Indiana, who is traveling with other students to the Vatican for Sunday's canonization. "She wants us to be strong women, stand up for ourselves and make our own way in life," Dumm said.

Madame Dumm, says who? Those neo-pagans who pass themselves off as Catholic nuns where you attend college? Allow me to square you away, sweetie. Here is what you should have said; "She wants us to be strong Catholics, stand up for our Church and make God our way in life." Did anyone else notice how "me" oriented Dumm's statement is? Kinda like the Mass of Paul VI, huh?

Sheesh. A nun, a priest and a student at a supposed Catholic college. And none of them have the faintest idea of even the basics of Catholicism.

But you know what, sports fans? When it comes down to the bottom line for Blessed Mother Theodore, it all comes down to this --

Obedience? Yes.
Obedience to error? Never.

And how nice would it be if Rome would have most American bishops follow the same career path as Bishop de la Hailandiere? (see below post)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Murderous Scum - 10
Victims - 0
And wait 'till you get the straight scoop on the "caring" bishops

Ten bishops signed an open letter to the governor [of Florida] asking that he commute the death sentences of Arthur Rutherford and Danny Rolling.

The letter was signed by Bishops John Nevins, John Ricard, Robert Lynch, Victor Galeone, Gerald Barbarito and Thomas Wenski; Coadjutor Bishop Frank Dewane, Auxiliary Bishop Felipe Estevez and Auxiliary Bishop John G. Noonan.

Arthur Rutherford murdered 63 year old Stella Salamon, who hired him as a part-time handyman. Her kindness was repaid when Rutherford robbed, beat, strangled, and eventually drowned her to death in her own bathtub.

Danny Rolling (better known as "The Gainsville Ripper") killed and mutilated five women. Rolling enjoyed displaying the mutilated bodies in such a fashion as to gain maximum shock effect, such as on his first victim, he had separated her head and nipples from her body and had positioned them next to her on the bed.

These are the individuals these bishops weep for. Oddly enough, not too much said for the victims. But in all fairness, that's the trend.

And this little story just gets better and better. Take a gander at the history of 5 of 10 of the signing bishops.

Bishop Robert Lynch $100,000 paid out in "severance pay" to a former diocesan spokesman, Bill Urbanski, who was also given lavish gifts by the bishop himself - stereos, cameras, upscale clothes. But he began to feel increasingly uncomfortable when Bishop Lynch would touch and massage him, or would walk around naked in their hotel room during trips. Need I go further?

Bishop Gerald Barbarito repeatedly has pledged to remove from the ministry any priests found to have abused a child and to help abuse victims in any way the church can, but he has seen no need to publicly name accused priests. I guess the "healing process" only goes so far.

Auxiliary Bishop Felipe Estevez. Less than a month before the Miami Archdiocese ordained Bishop Felipe Estevez, it spent $425,000 settling a lawsuit that accused him of standing by as three girls were molested in his church. Estevez knew about the abuse at the time it occurred, according to the suit, but it was not until a decade later that he assured the parents he would contact archdiocese officials about the problem. Then, in 2000, the court documents say, Estevez read the parents a letter saying the statute of limitations had passed and that there was nothing the parents could do. I wonder who's picture is in the dictionary next to the word "scumbag"?

Bishop John Nevins ignored warnings concerning a rapist-priest. No action was taken by this bishop until lawyers got involved. $500,000 later... What a guy.

Bishop John Ricard. In a 2003 letter, Ricard apologized to diocese members for failing to respond promptly to complaints of child abuse by priests. $30,000 later...

Who the hell are these guys to try to tell any of us about morality and decency?
Welcome To North Carolina, Mexico's Newest Colony
¡Vicente Fox Para El Abogado De Districto!

My adopted state of North Carolina is an absolute magnet for illegal aliens. Sorry, I refuse to call them "undocumented workers", they broke this nations immigration laws to come here, that makes 'em "illegal" in my book.

But anyhow, almost half a million illegals later, and none of these idiots that pass for public servants in this state have done a damn thing of substance about it. In fact, I get the distinct impression that they WANT as many illegals as humanly possible here.

Well, if this is what these traitors what, that's what they get. I plan on voting for mi bueno amigo, Vicente, in the upcoming election.

And while I'm at least being honest and casting my ballot for Vicente for D.A., I might as well vote for him to be the Sheriff and Mayor and State Senator and State Assemblyman and Governor and State Attorney General... did I leave any out?

Well, guess I did. Add, Congressman, Senator, Vice-President, and President to the list. None of them have done a damn thing, either.

Any chance that Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio would ever consider moving to North Carolina?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rescue Saint Francis!
Serendipity strikes again

First I run across Hammerbrecher's hilarious "motivational poster", then I bump head-on into Roman Sacristan's essay about St Francis NOT being some medieval version of some unwashed, Grateful Dead followin', tie-dye wearin', dope smokin', LSD droppin' hippy puke on his way to pour blood on the doorway at the local catapult factory.

I find it amazing how many young people there are out there "discovering" traditional Catholicism.
Freeing Of The Latin Mass?
Curb your enthusiasm

The Catholic blogosphere has literally been on fire with this news. This news report, that news report. Things sure do look promising, but then again, we all got snake-bit a little less than a year ago.

As promising as the initial reports are (and their very promising!)... I'm going to try my best and keep my enthusiasm in check until Il Papa hisself comes out with the official word. ("Il Papa hisself", interesting combination of Italian and Southern, wouldn't you say? Stop it, Caveman... you're just being silly now.)

Anyhow, a couple of things I have been pondering (I ponder a lot lately);

1. If and when the TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) is freed, is it really because of what the American papers say? Specifically, to placate the "ultraconservatives" (read: SSPX)?

I for one, believe that speculation is unbelievably shortsighted. Why would The Holy Father make such a move to keep an incredibly small demographic happy, and in turn, alienate a huge percentage of the Church's so-called "leadership"? Face it, most clerics in Western Europe and North America are openly hostile to the TLM. What makes anyone think that a universal indult will make them change their minds?

If and when the TLM is freed, I believe the real reason is this; to use my simplistic NASCAR analogy, if the new race car you're using isn't winning any races, it's time to go back to the old one that was. Yes, it really is that simple. Let's be honest... the New Mass has been an utter disaster.

Mark my words... if and when the TLM is freed, we'll see a fight (no pun intended) of Biblical proportions.

2. If and when the TLM is freed, how soon will the Roman Protestants, such as Mahoney, Weakland, Brown, Gumbleton, etc, Cross The Thames?

What the hell... why not? These individuals have been nothing more than ultra-liberal Anglicans for decades anyhow. Might as well make it official. And good riddance.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time Travel Meme
Tagged by my goomba, Carlton at Upper Canada Catholic

This one was actually a difficult one for me. I tag anyone and everyone who would like to take it. It's not as easy as it seems!

If an angel could take me back in time, what five things or occasions would I like to experience?

1. The Battle of Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.

2. Fall of Guam, December 10, 1941. To include seeing the Concentration Camp that my mother and her family were held in during WWII.

3. To meet my cousin, Father Jesus Duenas, who was murdered by the Japanese for not betraying American sailors who were hiding in the jungle.

4. November 1, 1979. The day I met my wife.

5. Witness Mt. 16: 16-19

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

But What Does It All MEAN!!??
...and other pressing questions pertaining to life

I recently posted a little graphic of the awards I received while serving in the Marine Corps. One of my good goombas e-mailed me asking what all that gobbelty-gook meant.

So here ya go, folks... reading top to bottom, left to right, senior to junior. And a short commentary from me explaining what the decoration was really presented for;

1. Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal - I did my job.
a. Star denoting 2d award - I did my job twice.

2. Navy Unit Commendation - We all did our job.

3. Navy Battle E - While assigned to Sea Duty, we all did our job.

4. Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal - "X" amount of years of undetected crime.
a. One large silver star - denoting many, many years of undetected crime.

5. National Defense Medal - Served during time of war. Be you are Gyreen gunslinger or Air Force cook... everyone got this Cracker Jacks prize.

6. Southwest Asia Service Medal - The Marine Corps equivalent of the "Led Zepplin World Tour '77" t-shirt. It proves I was there.
a. 3 small bronze stars - denote that I was there soooooo long, that I'm still pulling sand out of three different orifices.

7. Sea Service Deployment Ribbon - Same as #6, but without the really cool war stories.

8. Drill Instructor Ribbon - Another Cracker Jacks prize. I don't need some dumb-ass ribbon to remind me that I was a DI.

9. Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia) - The King of Saudi Arabia's little way of saying 'thanks for not letting the Iraqis kick the shit out of us'.

10. Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait) - The Emir of Kuwait's little way of saying 'thanks for not letting the Iraqis kick the shit out of us'.

So there you go, sports fans. As you can see, I'm no John Wayne by any stretch of the imagination. Most of those decorations are pure BS anyways. Hell, the only one I'm really proud of is the Good Conduct (6th award). Do any of you know how hard it is to do 20 years in The Corps and not get caught even once?

Hell, even John Wayne couldn't do that.

Monday, October 09, 2006

20 Year Old Marine PFC Put Up For The Congressional Medal Of Honor
But he's not 'mature' enough to buy a beer

Marine Lance Cpl. Erick Hodges, left, and Lance Cpl. Ryan Sunnerville, right, pose with Pfc. Christopher Adlesperger on Nov. 8, 2004. Two days later, in an attack in Fallouja, Adlesperger killed at least 11 insurgents. Hodges was killed and Sunnerville was wounded.

On Nov. 10, 2004, in 30 minutes of close combat, Marine PFC. Christopher Adlesperger, a soft-spoken, religious young man who loved poetry and art, attacked an enemy stronghold in Fallouja, Iraq, and killed at least 11 insurgents.

He killed them with his M-16 and with his grenade launcher. He killed them at such close range he could hear the blood gurgling in their mouths and noses.

He killed insurgents who were heavily armed and probably high on drugs (some had injected themselves with lidocaine, Novocain or adrenaline, allowing them to fight even after receiving mortal wounds, a spectacle the Marines called the "Night of the Living Dead.") — and who had just killed his close friend, Lance Cpl. Erick Hodges.

He protected two wounded squad members from attack and saved innumerable Marines.

When it was over, Adlesperger's face had been bloodied by shrapnel and he had bullet holes in the sleeve and collar of his uniform. He refused to be evacuated until Hodges' body was recovered.

Adlesperger, acting as the point man for the four-man fire team, had attempted to knock down a gate. Hodges moved forward and was immediately felled by a hail of bullets from inside, probably from a concealed opening in the masonry wall.

As they rushed the house, Navy corpsman Alonso Rogero was hit in the stomach and Lance Cpl. Ryan Sunnerville in the leg. Grainy, shaky film of the incident shows Sunnerville hopping on one leg, still firing his M-16. Marines and insurgents exchanged gunfire from no more than 20 feet. From inside the building, the insurgents also threw grenades.

The insurgents had hoped to spring what is called a Chechen ambush, named after the rebels who have fought Russian troops for years. The tactic is particularly successful when tanks cannot be used.

The strategy, Marines determined later, had been to wound Marines attempting to enter the building. When other Marines came to help them, an insurgent sniper down an alleyway would pick off corpsmen, radio operators and officers. And when enough Marines or vehicles were gathered, insurgents would fire rocket-propelled grenades.

Adlesperger fired at the insurgent machine-gun position as he ran toward Rogero and Sunnerville. He helped the two up the outside stairway to the roof. As insurgents tried to storm the stairway, Adlesperger killed them before they could reach the roof. Shrapnel ripped into his face.

From his rooftop position, he could see insurgents peppering Hodges' lifeless body with bullets, including two to his head. When one ran from the building to seize Hodges' weapon, Adlesperger killed him with a single shot.

Still, the machine-gun position inside the building had not been touched, and it was pinning down Marines gathering to assault the building from the front. With no time to consult officers, and with other Marine units engaged in firefights, Adlesperger was left to his own initiative.

Unable to penetrate the building with his M-16, Adlesperger shifted to the grenade launcher. Standing on the roof, he blew holes in the building and then rained down gunfire on the insurgents below him. They returned fire and then fled.

From his rooftop position, Adlesperger killed four insurgents who had fled into the courtyard, each with a shot to the head. By an Officer's estimate, Adlesperger killed a total of 11 insurgents. The actual number may be higher.

Marines from adjoining rooftops joined Adlesperger and began preparing the wounded for evacuation. Once that was done and Hodges' body was removed, the Marines pushed in one side of the building with an amphibious assault vehicle. Adlesperger insisted on being the first Marine to search the building to make sure all the insurgents were dead.

That night, a senior Marine went to Adlesperger to gather information for the official report. As Adlesperger spoke, he began to weep — not for the men he had killed, or even for the fact he had had to kill them, but for Hodges, a wisecracking Northern Californian who was on his second combat tour in Iraq and had turned 21 only the day before.

"He just kept saying, 'Hodges, Hodges, we had to get him out,' "

For his bravery, Adlesperger is among a handful of Marines who have been nominated for the Medal of Honor in Iraq. A nomination does not ensure that an award will be made. No Marine has been awarded the Medal of Honor for combat occurring since Vietnam.

The nation's highest recognition of bravery is reserved for those who have shown conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty. In fact, two-thirds of the Medals of Honor awarded to Marines since the beginning of World War II have been posthumous.

If an award is made to Adlesperger, his too will be posthumous.

A month after the firefight for which he has been nominated, Adlesperger led Marines in storming another building where insurgents were hiding. He was shot in the heart and died instantly.

Where do we find MEN such as these? I don't know about you, but I got pretty damn choked-up reading this.