Thursday, October 19, 2006

And The Roaches Went Running
And are exposed for the frauds they really are

Guys the likes of Boethius over at Fumare, and Jay from Pro Ecclesia, brought the USCCB promoting the heretics at Call To Action to the light of day.

Amazingly enough, someone at the USCCB pulled the notice about CTA from their website posthaste once someone flipped the lights on. What a shocker, huh?

Along those same lines, we have a posting that simply has to be seen to be believed. Mucho time and effort went into this, and as Catholics, we need to read this.

New Catholic at Rorate Caeli, with pictures provided by Gillibrand from Catholic Church Conservation, not only turn the lights on to frighten away the roaches, they kick in the million candlepower flood lights on 'em.

Roman Protestant bishops open up with their first salvos against the possible freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass. Ladies and gentlemen... let the schism begin.

By the way, New Catholic quoted the present day Bishop of Metz saying some rather disparaging things towards the Tridentine Mass.

Well, Mrs. Caveman is the great (x41) grand-daughter of St Arnulf, Bishop of Metz. Mrs. Caveman tells me that the present bishop of Metz needs to hear a few sermons on what it takes to be a good Catholic from our parish priest out here in the boondocks of North Carolina.

Young Father XXXXX sure could teach him a thing or two.


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