Friday, October 13, 2006

Murderous Scum - 10
Victims - 0
And wait 'till you get the straight scoop on the "caring" bishops

Ten bishops signed an open letter to the governor [of Florida] asking that he commute the death sentences of Arthur Rutherford and Danny Rolling.

The letter was signed by Bishops John Nevins, John Ricard, Robert Lynch, Victor Galeone, Gerald Barbarito and Thomas Wenski; Coadjutor Bishop Frank Dewane, Auxiliary Bishop Felipe Estevez and Auxiliary Bishop John G. Noonan.

Arthur Rutherford murdered 63 year old Stella Salamon, who hired him as a part-time handyman. Her kindness was repaid when Rutherford robbed, beat, strangled, and eventually drowned her to death in her own bathtub.

Danny Rolling (better known as "The Gainsville Ripper") killed and mutilated five women. Rolling enjoyed displaying the mutilated bodies in such a fashion as to gain maximum shock effect, such as on his first victim, he had separated her head and nipples from her body and had positioned them next to her on the bed.

These are the individuals these bishops weep for. Oddly enough, not too much said for the victims. But in all fairness, that's the trend.

And this little story just gets better and better. Take a gander at the history of 5 of 10 of the signing bishops.

Bishop Robert Lynch $100,000 paid out in "severance pay" to a former diocesan spokesman, Bill Urbanski, who was also given lavish gifts by the bishop himself - stereos, cameras, upscale clothes. But he began to feel increasingly uncomfortable when Bishop Lynch would touch and massage him, or would walk around naked in their hotel room during trips. Need I go further?

Bishop Gerald Barbarito repeatedly has pledged to remove from the ministry any priests found to have abused a child and to help abuse victims in any way the church can, but he has seen no need to publicly name accused priests. I guess the "healing process" only goes so far.

Auxiliary Bishop Felipe Estevez. Less than a month before the Miami Archdiocese ordained Bishop Felipe Estevez, it spent $425,000 settling a lawsuit that accused him of standing by as three girls were molested in his church. Estevez knew about the abuse at the time it occurred, according to the suit, but it was not until a decade later that he assured the parents he would contact archdiocese officials about the problem. Then, in 2000, the court documents say, Estevez read the parents a letter saying the statute of limitations had passed and that there was nothing the parents could do. I wonder who's picture is in the dictionary next to the word "scumbag"?

Bishop John Nevins ignored warnings concerning a rapist-priest. No action was taken by this bishop until lawyers got involved. $500,000 later... What a guy.

Bishop John Ricard. In a 2003 letter, Ricard apologized to diocese members for failing to respond promptly to complaints of child abuse by priests. $30,000 later...

Who the hell are these guys to try to tell any of us about morality and decency?


Blogger Jay Anderson said...

What's really sick about this is that Lynch wouldn't lift a finger to save Terri Schiavo.

And then spit on her grave by allowing her murderous husband to marry his paramour in a Catholic Church within his diocese.

9:20 PM  

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