Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Sexsomniacs" Puzzle Medical Researchers
I'm not puzzled, I'm pissed!
WARNING! Harsh language alert!

Researchers are struggling to understand a rare medical condition where sufferers unknowingly demand, or actually have, sex while asleep, New Scientist magazine reported on Wednesday.

Research into sexsomnia -- making sexual advances toward another person while asleep -- has been hampered as sufferers are so embarrassed by the problem they tend not to own up to it, while doctors do not ask about it.

Hell, I'm not embarrased... I'll talk about it! This whole thing really pisses me off! I have a tough enough time gettin' any sex while I'm awake, and these bastards are gettin' some while they're asleep!!??

This really pisses me off to no end!

Oh, by the way... did I mention this really pisses me off? *sigh* I'm so pissed off right now I can't even think straight, I'm so pissed!!


Blogger Dad29 said...

I'm so pissed off right now I can't even think straight, I'm so pissed!!

Take a nap and (perhaps) you'll wake up, roll over, and have a relaxing cigarette.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous DigiHairshirt said...

Um, Caveman, I actually have client who suffers from this. She used to wake up naked, and accuse her husband of raping her, while he would protest that no, she came on to him. It turns out, her Ambien was to blame . . .

No, you can't get a prescription for Mrs. Caveman . . . and why doe sthe Digispouse keep offering me a cocktail?

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Daniel A. said...

I've seen people take ambien (for the fun of it or something...) and procede to take off their clothes, walk as if the ground is sloped when it is not, argue with stuffed animals, etc. They don't remember a thing when they wake back up. It's really strange to see.

2:47 AM  

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