Sunday, October 22, 2006

Week-End Update
I'm the Catholic Caveman, and you're not

You're Taxing My Patience!
Who says we don't live in a Socialist country?

Tip-Toeing To Mary
Even this one made the ol' Caveman say "awwwww, aint that cute!"

Former Altar Boy SPEAKS!
Now if we can just figure out where PreVatII and Cletus are!

Say Hello To My Lil' Friend!
Father Gonzales joins the gang!

Jesus bar-Joseph
The world's first great Social Worker

What Will Those Wild & Whacky Moslems Think Up Next?
This one's a doozy. I'm not smart enough to make this kinda stuff up

Strange Things Are Afoot In Long Island, Part II
REALLY strange! (Part II)

Strange Things Are Afoot In Long Island
Really strange! (Part I)


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