Friday, October 27, 2006

And The Emperor Still Thinks He Has The Grandest Clothes In All The Land
The Art of Self-Delusion, Australian style

Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby is simply amazing. Here's what's up in The Land of Oz....

Australian author Michael Gilchrist's new book, Lost! argues that much of the Church in Australia is already lost, in the sense that at least 85 percent of Catholics are unchurched, according to the 2001 National Church Life Survey and Mass count figures.

Also, statistics on the belief and practice of Catholic school students indicate a low and declining knowledge or acceptance of Church teachings. Many of those who still practise the faith are like "lost sheep" since they are confused or uninformed about the doctrines and disciplines of the Church and lack clear guidance from their bishops and priests.

Some members of the larger religious orders are also lost, having become attracted to New Age, neo-pagan spiritualities.

The book explores other senses in which Australian Catholics are lost. Given the downward trend in belief and practice shown by all the statistics, it is clear that if nothing effective is done soon the Church in Australia will be lost, aside from a few faithful remnants.

"The time for denial, compromise, half-measures, diplomacy, distractions and pious hope is over. If the Church in Australia is to have any long term future with its integrity intact, bishops have to give maximim support to orthodoxy everywhere in practical ways without fear or favour ... The 'signs of the times' today call for consolidation of a Catholic identity and sifting the wheat from the chaff. This will require particularly strong leadership."

Ahhh... but don't look to Archbishop Bathersby for anything even resembling strong leadership. You see, Queensland is the lowest in the nation in vocations. But the good Archbishop says he has "no desire to return to a golden past noted for seminarian numbers but also for sinfulness." Interesting.

Abp. Bathersby went on to crow, "I have no desire for candidates to priesthood who wish to take the Church back to a past certainly noted for its numbers, but sadly uncovered in more recent times its sinfulness, whose burden the Church will carry with difficulty into the future."

What the hell is Abp. Bathersby talking about? Has anyone pointed out that the vast majority of kiddie-rapists "priests" were ordained post-Vatican II? They must be those "Fruits of Vatican II" that I keep hearing about. But I must admit, I do admire the way Abp. Bathersby words it in such a fashion as to give the impression that there was "something wrong, even sinful" about the Pre-V2 Church. Amazing.

But the best from the Archbishop was held for last. Try not to laugh...

"If Michael Gilchrist wants to return to a so-called golden past with all its many weaknesses so be it. I don't".


Anonymous Daniel A. said...

I saw a bishop in Queensland give a homily about the history of chairs...the week after, he gave a homily that began with the phrase "this is a building brick" while holding up a brick. I can't imagine that kind of thing inspires a young man to give his life in service to the Church.

2:49 AM  
Anonymous INDOLENT SERVER said...

Everyone just about ignores everything 'Catholic' coming out of Queensland at the moment. Maybe Sydney should launch a full-scale offensive... and Brisbane will find plenty of mutineers in it's ranks.

8:03 AM  

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