Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Shape Of Things To Come?
Decades away or mere years?
WARNING! Graphic images and VERY harsh language. Not for the kiddies.

The Brits are already there. The Aussies are well on their way. The French have all but surrendered. How much longer before it's like this in America?

This British video is fairly amateurish, and obviously has Americans assisting in it's production. It's also is aimed at the 16-30 demograph in the UK. One thing I will say, it certainly illustrates the frustration and anger of many of the British youth over the Islamization of their nation.


Blogger Paulinus said...

You may not be aware of the nuances of British politics but you should know that the BNP is a racialist party who are jumping with glee on our current troubles with Islam.

The Church has always stood against racialism (cf Pius XII in an address in Paris before his elevation to the papcy)

I am no tree-hugging liberal, but I would caution you against any material which exhorts votes for a racialist party. They are a pretty nasty bunch.

4:25 PM  

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