Monday, October 30, 2006

You Better Take A Look In The Mirror
Huguenots In Catholic clothing
Hat Tip to Benny16SurfRider

Cardinal Arinze just took the French clerics to the woodshed and gave them one helluva good strapping.

While many within the Eldest Daughter of The Church have been very public in decrying the possible freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass, Cardinal Arinze fired off a broadside with the following;

Speaking at the Catholic Institute of Paris, Cardinal Francis Arinze decried the "banalization, desacralization, and secularization of the liturgy." He rebuked priests who take an "overtly egocentric" approach to the liturgy, violating the norms of the Church. And he also criticized priests whose "false humility" leads them to "share their role with the laity."

Along the lines of bishops that tell the Pope to go to hell, remember that The Holy Father put the word out that laity is no longer suppose to purify the Sacred Vessels? Looks as if good old Bishop Todd "Kneeling Is A Mortal Sin" Brown just openly challenged the pope.

Swing on over to Anathema-Sit for the lowdown.


Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

And what, pray tell, can we expect the Holy Pontiff, the heir to the chief of the Apostles, to do about it?

I can never understand the Vatican's snail pace is dishing out discipline. I can't believe the laity aren't scandalized by the Holy See's failure to crack the whip. The result is just further disobedience ("But if Bishop/Father So-in-so gets away with doing X, why can't I do Y?").

2:23 AM  

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