Sunday, April 30, 2006

Military Recruiting Commercials
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Even though I'm a retired Master Sergeant of Marines, I promise to retain my objectivity.

With that said, on with the show...

Has anyone else noticed that the Navy and Army have many of their commercials essentially saying "if you join the Navy/Army, you'll be a SEAL/Ranger or Special Forces soldier"? I'd be willing to bet that whatever pin-heads who authorized those commercials hasn't spent one day in a SEAL/Ranger/SF unit. SEAL and Ranger/SF training is TOUGH. The majority (60%-70%) who meet the requirements don't even make it through the training courses.

The Navy and the Army are tied for 2d for the most distorted recruiting commercials. Without a doubt, the Air Force wins this competition. Yeah... I'm a snowboarder that doesn't get lost, so that makes me qualified to be a B-1 bomber pilot. Sure. And my personal favorite is the one where there's some chick who excels at loading groceries into her car's trunk (or some other mundane task) and the next thing we know, she's a "Payload Mission Specialist" on the Space Shuttle. In the immortal words of Doctor Evil, "Riiiiiight".

The winner of the Most Consistent is The Marines. Even though I do find the Marine Corps recruiting commercial about the dude climbing the pinnacle, and the one about a heart of steel forged deep within the earth, pretty hokie, they do say that The Corps has always said; "If you can make it and have what it takes, we promise you one thing, the pride of being a United States Marine, period". A message to the USMC Recruiting Command, get rid of all the Sword and Sorcerer crap. It's silly. Stick with the basics.

The winner of the Most Truthful is the one from the Army Reserve. You know, the one with them running through the hometown neighborhood street. The message is straightforward and simple... Everything around you, you love. Everything around you is worth fighting for. Everything around you is the exact reason as to why you need to join up. After years of listening to "join up and get a zillion dollars for college", it's good to see the Army Reserve focus on good old fashioned patriotism. Good for you, Army Reserve.
Tom Hanks Is The Anti-Christ
...and the Caveman has the proof!

First Tom Hanks had us all believing that he was just about the cuddliest thing that ever walked the face earth. Kind of a cross between Santa Claus and Jimmy Stewart.

First there was the marshmallow filled sit-com Bosom Buddies. That was soon followed by a string of movies like Splash and Big. He was just so darn cute, you wanted to pinch his cheeks clean off of his face.

Then he became oh, so noble in Apollo 13, The Green Mile, and Saving Private Ryan. If there was ever an Angel of Light... it was Hanks. Hey, we ALL loved him!

Then he started to get dark. First came those damned creepy-assed Polar Express characters. Now we have to endure the Vast Ignorant Multitude swallowing The Da Vinci Code hook, line and sinker.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, we now get to look forward to the cruelest twist when Hanks spews forth to the world the film version of Mama Mia!, the Broadway hit musical inspired by ABBA's disco-pop hits of the 70's and 80's.

Have you no shame, Tom Hanks? For the sake of your immortal soul; stop, recant, convert.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Photo Caption Contest!!
1st place ~ a warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside

Hat Tip to Gillibrand at Catholic Church Conservation

Those whacky and wild party animals at the Hell-I'm-Not-Quite-Sure-If-They-Really-Are-Catholic Diocese of Linz, Austria, have given us all a hearty "Welcome to a Modern Lent".

Well, this pic does anything but remind of Lent. The good folks at the Hell-I'm-Not-Quite-Sure-If-They-Really-Are-Catholic Diocese of Linz simply MUST have put up the wrong photo. I'll bet it's really a photo that's suppose to have one of the following captions;

1. Much To Her Chagrin, Gretel Discovers What The Real Meaning Is To The Cook Book "How To Serve Man".

2. Heidi Thinks To Herself "Damn It All, This Is The Last Time I Go To To Find A Dude.

3. ...And The #1 Pick-Up Line For Earth Chicks; "Hey Baby, Remember How Big E.T.'s Hands Were?"

Anyone else have any?
The Voice Of Our Lady Of Akita Gets Louder And Louder Every Day
Why don't the priests tell us about Akita AT ALL?

This is a very disturbing story. If talk of murder, satanism, ritual torture, bestial rape, human sacrifice, and warnings from The Holy Mother bother you, I suggest you skip this story.

Father Gerald Robinson is on trial for the murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl.

The verdict could be weeks or even months away. But I will say this... the prosecutions evidence certainly does seem rather damning. And only time and God will tell us if Fr. Robinson is guilty. As horrific as the slaying of Sister Margaret Ann is, could it be just the tip of the iceberg?

And yet again, the messages from The Holy Mother as given to Sister Agnes Sasagawa in Akita, Japan in 1973 came to mind as soon as I read this news story. Here's some of what Our Lord sent His mother to warn us of;

"The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church... The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

Oh, by the way... Akita is a fully Church approved apparition. Funny how none of our priests ever bring it up, though.

Just something to think about.
Keith Richards Incoherent After Fall From Tree
But isn't he always incoherent?

Interesting bit of news from Fiji. While on vacation, the human beef-jerky, Keith Richards, aka; The Man With No Liver, fell out of a tree and conked himself on the noggin.

The lead git-picker for the Rolling Stones was quoted as saying "Infish-ab couldn'tba if'n he woulda just asked me pawaaa, fu' God's sake! Bwaa ha ha ha ha!!!" *hack hack cough HUUURGH ack ack ack*

Is it just me... or isn't that the very same quote he gave to Spin magazine back in 1997?
Say Hello To My Lil' Friends!
New to the lair

I've been slack in posting the new Bloglodytes who have drug fresh kill into the lair and shared raw meat with the Cavemen. If you haven't done so already, swing on by these fine Catholic blogs.

Cletus Huckleberry. Not to be confused with Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel of Simpsons fame, but he IS the self-proclaimed official blog of right-thinking Catholics in Northeast Florida. Good enough for me!

Some Have Hats ...and some have loin cloths. But that begs the question, does a dead muskrat on my head qualify as a hat? Hmmm....

50 Days After. Not to be confused with 10 Years After or 28 Days Later. Quite the enigmatic title, but an excellent blog nonetheless!

Ramblings of a GOP Soccer Mom. But Mom, why force your kids to play European Kick-Ball? No Baseball where ya live? Or may I suggest the Cavemens fav sport... bonking liberals over the head with a really big club?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Do U.S. Bishops Ever Read Vatican Letters?
Position of the body affects spirituality

In 1989, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith sent out “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on Some Aspects of Christian Meditation.” The letter focused on various Eastern spiritual practices, including Yoga. The letters says bodily considerations, such as Yoga’s various pretzel configurations can have an impact in spirituality.

What? You mean even the Vatican recognizes human spirituality can be affected by the position of our body? Naaah, can’t be. Surely our bishops would have told us!

The letter says, “Human experience shows that the ‘position and demeanor of the body’ also have their influence on the recollection and dispositions of the spirit. This is a fact to which some eastern and western Christian writers have directed their attention.”

Having been alerted to this phenomenon by the Vatican, do you think there is any connection to the movement of the last decade by certain members of the USCCB, a la Mahoney, Brown, and friends, to ban kneeling after Communion, to insist on the congregation standing after the Sanctus, or to demand that the Holy Eucharist not be received while kneeling?

Curious Catholics want to know.
'American Hiroshima'
Maybe if we protected our borders...

The only journalist to interview Usama bin-Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the wake of Sept. 11, Hamid Mir predicts that an "American Hiroshima" will occur as soon as the U.S. launches an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. "Al-Qaida and Iran," he says, "have a long, secret relationship."

Mir also states that Sharif al-Masri, an Egyptian national with ties to al-Zawahiri who was arrested in Pakistan in November 2000, said that al-Qaida had made arrangements to smuggle nuclear weapons and supplies to Mexico. From Mexico, he said, the weapons were to be transported across the border and into the United States with the help of a Latino street gang.

This is an interesting article. I just hope that Hamid Mir is wrong, but I doubt it.
Why Being An Illegal Alien Is A Mortal Sin
This isn't exactly deep theological stuff here

Anyone remember the 10 CommandCount me in!!!-- ments? OK, I see a buncha hands being raised... good. Now, how many of you remember what constitutes mortal sin? Ohhhh, even more hands up, great! For those who forget, the conditions are as follows;

1- the matter itself is serious or grave
2- sufficient reflection
3- full consent of the will

Alrighty then... now I'm gonna focus on the 7th and 8th Commandment.

7. Thou shalt not steal. Few will doubt that at least a slim majority of illegals are paid under the table. Hence, no federal tax, no state tax, no FICA... nuttin'. Isn't purposeful tax evasion considered stealing? Sure is.

Should I even bring up job stealing? And don't give me that garbage that 'the illegals are doing the jobs that Americans won't do'. Someone did those jobs before the 12 million strong silent invasion took place, right? And there are plenty of high paying jobs that are being stolen by illegals; plumbers, electricians, framers, etc. And yes, those that knowingly hired illegals and subsequently fired hardworking American citizens are just as wrong.

8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. The Church has always taught that lying falls under the 8th Commandment. Ummm, being in this county, any country, illegally is lying, right? No amount of liberal verbal gymnastics can get around this simple, irrefutable fact.

Now with all that said, let's look again at the conditions that constitute mortal sin.

1. Breaking the immigration and taxation laws of this country pretty much constitute grave, wouldn't you say?

2. I doubt if many of the illegals were just taking a lovely stroll along the border one day and on a lark, decided to jump the fence. I also doubt that many of the illegals jumped the fence on a dare after a rough night of drinking at the Frat House.

3. I also seriously doubt if even a large minority of the illegals were forced to come here. It's a pretty safe bet that the overwhelming majority gave their full consent to illegally enter this nation.

OK, I'm ready for all the comments telling me what a racist I am. BRING IT ON, BABY!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Get Ready For The Anti-Semitism Charges
At least he isn't an anti-dentite

Another reason I like Pope Benedict... he actually says things that resemble Catholic teaching.

A few years back when the USCCB stated that "campaigns that target Jews for conversion to Christianity are no longer theologically acceptable in the Catholic Church".

Now along comes Il Papa and actually calls for the conversion of the Jews. Specifically; "...a summons to all Israel to conversion and to allow themselves to be reunited in a new covenant, full and perfect accomplishment of the old."

How refreshing.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Tale Of Two Headlines
There they were, hiding in plain sight

I went to the Catholic World News site and two stories literally jumped off the monitor at me.

The first one was concerning the modern day Judas, "Father" Iggy O'Donovan, as he defended his decision to "concelebrate" Mass with a heretical Church of Ireland minister.

The second one concerns the Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Fellay, asking that The Holy Father "re-examine the Vatican II teachings".

First things first... the 'concelebration' in Ireland simply wasn't illicit (as CWS stated). It was invalid. It's simply impossible for someone who denies transubstantiation to transubstantiate (concelebrate). Sheesh... this really isn't that hard to figure out. Think about it, can someone who denies Sacramental Confession, validly hear your Confession? Of course not. Denying Sacramental Confession is a heresy. Just like denying transubstantiation.

Now we come to the statement of Bishop Fellay. There is nothing wrong with asking to re-examine the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Especially in light that precious little from V2 is dogma (just the Dogmatic Constitution of The Church, that's it). Everything else within V2 is wide open for debate, discussion, even nullification.

And you don't have to be a Traditional Catholic to realize that... every Catholic should know this. But for almost 40 years, we have had the 'Spirit of Vatican II' shoved down our throats as if it was binding upon pain of sin. And it just ain't so.

Here's the bottom line; Bishop Fellay defends centuries upon centuries of Catholic teaching, whereas "Father Iggy" and his ilk reject centuries upon centuries of Catholic teaching.

A smaller, purer Catholicism? Works for me.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

'Tangible Proof' Al-Qaida Deploying Nukes? mean the 'missing' 20 Russian nuke-packs?

Looks as if the 'experts' are going to announce what I've been saying for years. Al-Qaida has nukes and plans on lighting 'em off in the United States.

Even before 9-11, there were reports of 'unaccounted for' Russian nukes and that a little known thug by the name of Usama bin-Laden had them.

Prior to 9-11, anyone who said that one of the biggest reasons that America hadn't been hit by a massive terrorist attack was because of that rather large pond known as the Atlantic Ocean, and it was only a matter of time before we got the crap kicked out of us, was promptly labeled an alarmist and a fear-monger. (Guilty as charged)

What a wake-up call we all got on that particular Monday morning, huh?

Well, I for one believe that al-Qaida already has nukes here. Hey, a nuke-pack only weighs 51 pounds and they have an approximately .020 kT yield (that's 400,000 pounds of TNT to you and me). I could tote a nuke-pack around all day, and I'm old and broken down.

Should I even bring up the 800 pound W-88 warhead? It has a yield of 475 kT (kilotons). That's 475,000 tons of TNT. And that translates to 950,000,000 pounds of TNT. An 800 lb. warhead equals almost a billion pounds of TNT. Hell, all you need is a good size U-Haul truck to lug that thing from coast to coast.

And people wonder why I'm pissed that we haven't:

1. Fought the War On Terrorism with enough ferocity. (Time to take off the White Cowboy Hat and start kickin' LOTS of ass)

2. Haven't done a damn thing about protecting our borders. (We're at war, right? Why don't we act like it?)

Maybe when we have a few dozen mushroom clouds over out nation, then people will start to get the hint.
Where's Genaralissimo Francisco Franco When You Need Him?
So many dumb-asses, so few bullets

Spanish Socialists have called for "Human Rights" for apes. That's right... human rights for apes. How sad that unborn human babies don't rate human rights in once Catholic Spain... but apes just might.

Archbishop Fernando Sebastian of Pamplona said such attempts to be “progressive” were “ridiculous”... the Archbishop also criticized the government for “not granting the rights of persons to the unborn” and instead “giving them to monkeys.” “This society is either ridiculous or disjointed,” he said.

One bit of advice to the good Archbishop... perhaps a few writs of excommunication may be in order? First the abortion debacle, then the "homosexual rights" laws run riot. Now this.

Maybe, just maybe, excommunications still have some stigma still attached them in Spain. God knows many deserve them.

Monday, April 24, 2006

News and Commentary
From the Caveman News Network

News Item: (ROME) Following a Mass in St. Peter's Basilica in honor of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), who are marking several anniversaries surrounding the founders of the order, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, and Blessed Peter Faber, Pope Benedict praised the Jesuits for their role in dialoguing with "modern culture" but reminded them of their vow of obedience to the pontiff.

Comment: Are you familiar with the saying, “as easy as herding cats?”
Those Whacky Episcopalians
Episcopal church to debate reparations for slavery

That's right. The very same Episcopalians who claim they're pro-abortion because they're pro-God.... yeah, right.

Psssst... hey Episcopalians, want to know what REAL reparations are all about?

St. (Mother) Katherine Drexel

St. Peter Claver

And in case you still don't get it, here's the ultimate in reparations.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Confused About The Da Vinci Code?
Ask a REAL Code Breaker. I did!

Being a retired Marine, I still have the opportunity to get information from fellow Marines, both past and present. I contacted the world famous Marine Corps Navajo Code Talkers of WWII fame and asked if they could help me out on the Da Vinci Code.

Keep in mind that many Navajo words don't translate directly into English. For example, the Marine Code Talkers would translate;

"America" as "our mother"
"Fighter plane" as "hummingbird"
"Submarine" as "iron fish"
"Tank destroyer" as "tortoise killer"

With that said;

"Ron Howard" is "red forest on mountain top swirling down shower drain"
"Ron Brown" is "dung heap with heap fat wallet"
"Tom Hanks" is "insincere phony shit-filled son of a bitch"

And just because I was wondering what "Archbishop Weakland" would translate to, I'm told it's "dances with boys"

(Hey, this is what I was told. If you have a problem with these translations, take it up with the Navajos)
Presider Martini, S.J., Praises "Legal Abortion"
Yeah, he's a Jesuit. Big shocker, huh?

Here's the latest on what supposed 'Cardinal' Martini is saying concerning legal abortion;

"The Cardinal refers to legal abortion as "positive" so far as it has "contributed to reducing and eliminating illegal abortions".

Enough, enough, ENOUGH! The Papacy has done it before... the Papacy can do it again. I'll come out and say it...

It's time to suppress the Jesuits world-wide.
Guess Who's Mad As Hell?
Hint: he isn't going to take it anymore

Good goomba to all, Fidei Defensor is just a tad bit to the agitated side. Why, you ask? He's rather PO'd at the amount of 'flock stealing' by Protestant missionaries in predominantly Catholic countries.

In all fairness, can you blame the Protestants? Don't get me wrong, I'm just as disgusted over this as FD, but hey... Catholicism has brought this on itself.

Here's one example, Sean Cardinal O'Malley of Boston recently stated "the need for greater consistency of Catholic institutions with Church teachings". Noooo..... really? This is newsworthy? A Prince of the Church actually makes headlines when he says that Catholic organizations need to actually adhere to Church Teachings?

Am I the only one who sees how absolutely and totally absurd this is? It's bad enough when Cardinal O'Malley shows the world how impotent he is, but then we have this to deal with;

The former Cardinal of Milan, Carlo Cardinal Martini, says that “ovocites at the state of two pronucleus.” According to him and Professor Marino, at this stage following fecundation, “no singular and definit sign of human life appears, it’s not an embryo yet and therefore it can be manipulated with no formal moral objection”. "Manipulated"? In other words... aborted. Oh, and before I forget, "Cardinal" Martini also is in favor of birth control (under certain conditions) and ordaining women. Sheesh.... And this guy was seriously considered for pope?

Anyhow, since Catholicism is ceasing to be a religion of moral absolutes and has slowly starting to mutate into a philosophy of moral subjectivity, we're going to continue to lose faithful by the truckload. Get use to it.

'Nuff said.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Cruise, Kerry, and Kennedy
Modern Apostates and/or Heretics

'Nuther Hat Tip to Fr. Tom Eteneuer

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are former Catholics who have totally abandoned their Catholic faith, upbringing and education by joining Scientology which is hardly more than a weird New Age cult. And needless to say, the Cruises do not plan to baptize their baby.

Although the term apostasy is not used much these days, Catholics who "convert" to Scientology are prime candidates for the label. Case in point, the Cruises shed their Christian faith and replaced it with Dianetics, and as Tom's pseudo-evangelistic interviews with Parade magazine, The Today Show, Oprah and others has made clear, not a vestige of the old time religion remains. The Catholic Catechism defines apostasy as "the total repudiation of the Christian faith" and with it heresy as "the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith" (n. 2089). Yes, the Cruises fit the bill.

However, Cruise and Holmes are not unique in their repudiation of the Catholic Faith. Political apostates like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry repudiate the faith daily while pretending to embrace it.

Faithful Catholics have to relentlessly expose apostasy, heresy and any other compromises of our faith to the younger generations so that the inordinate influence of the high profile apostates doesn’t hasten the death of faith in kids—or worse—the death of their souls.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why I'm No Longer A Raiders Fan
...and have given up on the entire NFL

When I was a kid back in the 70's, if you would have cut me, I would have bled Silver & Black. Then came that dark day when I found out that my beloved Raiders were leaving the city of Oakland... the gritty working man's Oakland, the Hell's Angels Oakland, the Black Panthers Oakland, the 'mess with me and I'll rip your heart out and show it to you before you die' Oakland... and moving to the sorry-assed, phony-assed, home to the scum of the earth dodgers, city of Los Angeles.

The icing on the cake was when two Raiders (Howie Long and Marcus Allen) posed for the cover of GQ magazine. That was the death knell for any hope of the Raiders ever really being the Raiders of old. Hell... REAL Raiders have their pictures on mug shots, not the cover of GQ. It's been downhill ever since. Even though they moved back to Oakland, they're really nothing more than just another generic NFL team.

But is it just the Raiders that have it wrong? No... the entire NFL has become sissified. Don't get me wrong, the athletes are still world class. It's the NFL that has things screwed up. Think about it, a 15 yard penalty for "taunting"? George Atkinson and Jack Tatum glaring at (and probably spitting and stepping on) some recently leveled and undoubtedly profusely bleeding Wide Receiver who dared venture into their Secondary. Those two would have been banned for life. But back then it was good, old fashioned smashmouth football.

And what's with this garbage about no nailing the QB if he's beyond the line of scrimmage if he slides? Ahhh... for the days of Stork Hendricks, John Matuzak, or Lyle Alzado bearing down on one of the League's Golden Boys. You know, RB's and WR's don't have the protection of the slide rule... what the hell makes the Golden Boys so special?

And remember whenever a fight broke out, the cameras immediately zoomed in? No more. Now they show much more important happenings. Like the one of the Zebras scratching his doo-dads. Heaven forbid we, the viewing audience, actually see some violence whilst watching a football game.

Ok, now that I've vented, excuse my while I try to figure out the rules to Rugby and Australian Rules Football. I may not understand it... but I know I like it.
U.S. Supreme Court Tells Mahoney “No”
Roger the Dodger Can’t Conceal Pervert Records

On Easter Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal sought by Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney. For four years, and at untold hundreds of thousands of dollars of Church money, Mahoney has fought a subpoena from a Los Angeles grand jury to turn over personnel records on two defrocked priests accused of molesting minors.

Mahoney’s argument that the records were protected under both the priest-penitent and psychotherapist-patient privileges had already been rejected by a California appellate court. It is claimed that Mahoney was one of the bishops who regularly engaged in musical parishes with priests he knew to be molesting children and generally kept the information secret from the new parish where they were sent.

Lawyers for victims of clergy sexual abuse say the ruling will help them obtain records to support their 560-plus civil lawsuits against the archdiocese. Additionally, archdiocesan lawyers will be precluded from raising the same defense in future criminal trials.

It all goes to show just how much Roger really cared about the victims. Rather than admitting fault and letting them get on with their lives with a monetary settlement for the childhood innocence that was stolen from them, he let the attorneys run up the bill for four years and sent a message to potential jurors to be equally unempathetic with their verdicts.
One Thing's For Sure, Someone's Going To Sued

Attorney Sharon Bourassa, who represents Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful, has released a statement claiming that;

"According to a group of priests who remain faithful to Rome, 90 percent of our priests in the Miami archdiocese are non-celibate gays who steal and who own luxury properties. They are known to the hierarchy, and they are bringing their agenda into all levels of the archdiocese... This 90 percent figure, according to these priests, is in the parishes, grammar schools, hospitals, nursing homes, the chancery, high schools and colleges. One priest told us if the non-celibate gays were removed, we would have only ten Catholic churches in union with Rome. What we see is not what is. The good priests who keep in contact with me say that 70 percent of the U.S. bishops are homosexual. Five of the South Florida bishops are homosexual."

Keep your eyes on this one. Brady has a proven track record of exposing scandals such as this. Now I'm just as much in favor of innocent until proven guilty as the next guy, but Brady has already retained a lawyer and released press statement. Pretty gutsy stuff.

If Brady's wrong, he and RCF will be ruined and discredited forever (and deservedly so). And Brady knows that.

But if Brady's RIGHT...? You fill in the blanks.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When All Else Fails... Turn To Randy Newman For Answers
Caveman foreign policy in lyrical form

Guy Haraldsson over at Throne And Altar poses an interesting question; what should we do about "The wackadoo [President of Iran] who wants to build nukes and push the West into a cataclysmic holy war"? If any of you would like to give your thoughts, swing on over to Guy's blog... it's the coolest!

Speaking only for myself, I say that we turn to the prophetic words of Randy Newman's "Political Science".

No one likes us
I don't know why
We may not be perfect
But heaven knows we try
But all around even our old friends put us down
Let's drop the big one and see what happens

We give them money
But are they grateful?
No, they're spiteful
And they're hateful
They don't respect us, so let's surprise them
We'll drop the big one and pulverize them

Now Asia's crowded
And Europe's too old
Africa's far too hot
And Canada's too cold
South America stole our name
Let's drop the big one
There'll be no one left to blame us

We'll save Australia
Don't wanna hurt no kangaroo
We'll build an All American amusement park there
They've got surfing, too!

Well, boom goes London
And boom Paree
More room for you
And more room for me

And every city the whole world round
Will just be another American town
Oh, how peaceful it'll be
We'll set everybody free
You'll have Japanese kimonos, baby
There'll be Italian shoes for me

They all hate us anyhow
So let's drop the big one now
Let's drop the big one now
Take Five Minutes And Read This
You won't regret it

Another casualty of the "Lavender Mafia"
By Matt C. Abbott
Apr 18, 2006

Mary Ann Kreitzer of Les Femmes and the Catholic Media Coalition sent out the following (slightly edited) e-letter regarding the resignation from the priesthood of Father John Nesbella:

When I read this article, I wept. Father Nesbella came to the abortion march in Washington, D.C., a few years ago. A friend of mine, Karen Torres, was near him in the crowd. He held a crucifix and prayed the rosary the entire time. Karen didn't know his name, but wrote a letter to The Arlington Herald, and the editor, Mike Flach, wrote an editorial on the ‘mystery priest’ seeking his identity. Flach wrote a subsequent article that identified the priest as Father Nesbella. Here's Karen's description of the day, taken from Flach's editorial:

Torres said at the center of the group (which included several Christendom College students) was a young priest who led the rosary while holding up a heavy wooden crucifix. The priest recited the Divine Mercy Chaplet and ‘faithfully, calmly and courageously’ recited all the prayers on a special pro-life handout.

‘I never learned (the priest’s) name,’ she said. ‘I would like to write to him and tell him how deeply impressed we were by his courage and calm as we all descended into hell together.’

Torres said the crowd in the street ‘went crazy’ at the sight of a crucifix and roman collar, coupled with the recitation of the rosary. ‘It was too much for them,’ she said. ‘Women naked from the waist up (except for NARAL stickers) came as close as possible to the priest to scream obscenities and block sight of the crucifix with their signs promoting sex-ed.

‘Young men skipping hand-in-hand stopped to ostentatiously give each other big sloppy openmouthed kisses. One enraged man began banging his sign hard against an oversized poster of a baby in the womb, attempting to topple it and possibly its holder,’ Torres said.

‘One man who appeared to be quite serious told us repeatedly that he worshipped Satan and was putting a curse on us. Over and over again we were told that Jesus hated us, God was pro-choice and we were bad Christians who were going to hell.

‘But the most hated and attacked target was the priest,’ Torres said. ‘For major portions of the march, we could not hear the rosary over the microphone, even though we were only five feet away. At the sight of the priest and his crucifix, people cursed, taunted and chanted slogans, but mostly they just screamed and shrieked incoherently. Between the decibel level and the hate, that sustained screaming was unnervingly like a tidal wave coming at you.’

Despite having the worst verbal abuse directed toward him, Torres said, the priest never lost his calm or prayerful focus. He exhibited ‘patient compassion’ in the face of unremitting hate.

‘In my 47 years I have never witnessed a better example of grace under pressure -- better known as courage -- and I would like to write and tell him so,’ Torres said.

What the pro-abortionists and homosexual activists couldn't do, drive this good priest out, the Lavendar Mafia running the chancery accomplished. This is the legacy of evil bishops like Joseph Adamec. Father Nesbella was being persecuted in Altoona because he dared to condemn homosexual behavior. The bishop reprimanded him for distributing literature about the diseased deathstyle of sodomy. Father Nesbella was another priest who could kiss being a pastor good-bye. Maybe you criticize him for giving up. I can't. How steadfast would any of us be in his situation? We need a diocese with a bishop who offers men like Father Nesbella sanctuary.

The persecution of good priests is an on-going scandal to the Church in the United States. If you aren't angry about it why not? If you give one red cent to bishops who persecute good priests, you are part of the problem! The only thing these bishops (and their homosexual priest underlings) love is money. They use it to build or renovate mansions with climate-controlled wine coolers, $5,000 beds, put in marble fireplaces. These men see the priesthood as a career where they are CEOs with bottomless expense accounts. Stop enabling them.

Give your money to the Missionaries of Charity, a contemplative order of sisters like the Poor Clares, crisis pregnancy centers, pro-life politicians, and ministries that directly serve the poor (preferably one you have direct involvement in and know doesn't misuse the funds). If you can't give to your parish without paying the diocesan assessment, then give in-kind donations like flowers, paying the phone or electric bill.

Write to the apostolic nuncio about this shameful situation in the United States. If things don't change we will find ourselves with a higher and higher percentage of homosexual clerics running what's left of our disintegrating Church in the U.S. As Father John Hardon, S.J., said so often, the Lord promised the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church. He never promised the Church would survive in a particular country or diocese.

Father Hardon predicted that entire dioceses would disappear in the U.S. He also said only a handful of bishops were entirely faithful (six) and only about 60 others were ‘mostly’ faithful. I would like to think the situation has improved since 2000, but with many bishops indicating they will continue to ordain homosexuals despite the new Vatican document, can anyone be very optimistic?

Fight like your life depends on it. Your spiritual life, and that of your children, may! Write to:

Most Rev. Archbishop Pietro Sambi

Apostolic Nuncio

3339 Massachusetts Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20008

Matt C. Abbott is a Catholic journalist and commentator. He is a columnist for and/or contributor to,, Catholic Online,, and He can be reached at
Should We *Take The Soup Or Converge With The Heretics?
Gutless so-called Catholics in Ireland

In a lose-lose situation, three supposed Catholic priests "concelebrated" Mass with a heresy spouting Anglican Church of Ireland minister.

Interesting... supposed Catholic priests raise an adherent of heresy to equality with the Catholic Priesthood. And yes, denying Transubstantiation is a heresy... denying Sacramental Confession is a heresy, etc, etc.

And to make matters worse the Primate of All Ireland, Archbishop Sean Brady, stated; "True ecumenism is best served by initiatives that are respectful of, and sensitive to, the traditions, ethos and discipline of all those involved." He would be seeking further details "about the exact circumstances of the events as reported".

Bullshit. True ecumenism is conversion, not convergence. And does the good Archbishop think we're all monumentally stupid? Does he really believe that a Mass involving 3 Catholic priests at a Catholic Augustinian priory, and NO ONE in authority knew about it? Next thing you know, he'll be telling us that no homosexuals are in his seminaries or parishes.

Now before all those "Progressive" (AKA Prot-wannabe) Catholics start getting all uber-pissed at me... consider the following;

1. During the Protestant Revolt, how many Catholic martyrs were literally ripped limb from limb by the Anglicans for such horrific crimes like having a priest in your home or going to Mass? Were their deaths for nothing? Sure seems so.

2. How many Catholics refused to *take the soup (and subsequently died a martyr's death) during The Great Hunger? Were their deaths for nothing? Sure seems so.

3. During The Irish War of Independence, how many priests and nuns were murdered (martyred) by the Black and Tans? Were their deaths for nothing? Sure seems so.

Any chance we can all pitch-in our nickels and dimes to save Pagan Babies... in Ireland?

*A phrase used during The Great Hunger (Potato Famine). The Anglican Church of Ireland offered free soup to starving Catholics ONLY if they converted. Hence... selling out is sometimes called "taking the soup".

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

But it's B.Y.O.P.

There's only one thing I can call this... Mission: Indigestible. Noted actor and angry dwarf, Tom Cruise, has vowed (I'm not making this up) to "eat his new baby's placenta". Cruise said he would sneak in straight after girlfriend Katie Holmes gives birth, saying he thought it would be "very nutritious".

Cruise is a devotee of the cult known as Scientology, which claims that 75 million years ago aliens came to earth and their spirits now infest our bodies.

That poor baby hasn't got a f*****g chance in hell.

Monday, April 17, 2006

What Ever Happened To...
Geddy Lee?

First he teamed up with two buddies to form 70's super group RUSH

Then he came out to play-yaaaay in the movies. Can you dig it?

As he grew older and mellower, he became a Country/Western singer. And a damn good one, at that.

Do yourself a favor... take the time to read this

From Dr. Blosser's Catholic Tradition, the Latin Mass Magazine interview with Dr. Alice von Hildebrand entitled "Present at the Demolition: A Philosopher Remembers and Reminds: An interview with Dr. Alice von Hildebrand"

Here's a taste --

TLM: Dr. von Hildebrand, at the time that Pope John XXIII summoned the Second Vatican Council, did you perceive a need for a reform within the Church?

AVH: Most of the insights about this come from my husband. He always said that the members of the Church, due to the effects of original sin and actual sin, are always in need of reform. The Church's teaching, however, is from God. Not one iota is to be changed or considered in need of reform.

TLM: I take it by your remarks about ecumenism that you don't agree with the current policy of "convergence" rather than "conversion"?

AVH: Let me relate an incident that caused my husband grief. It was 1946, just after the war. My husband was teaching at Fordham, and there appeared in one of his classes a Jewish student who had been a naval officer during the war. He would eventually tell my husband about a particularly stunning sunset in the Pacific and how it had led him to the quest for the truth about God. He first went to Columbia to study philosophy, and he knew that this was not what he was looking for. A friend suggested he try philosophy at Fordham and mentioned the name Dietrich von Hildebrand. After just one class with my husband, he knew he had found what he was looking for. One day after class my husband and this student went for a walk. He told my husband during this time that he was surprised at the fact that several professors, after discovering he was Jewish, assured him that they would not try to convert him to Catholicism. My husband, stunned, stopped, turned to him and said, "They said what?!" He repeated the story and my husband told him, "I would walk to the ends of the earth to make you a Catholic." To make a long story short, the young man became a Catholic, was ordained a Carthusian priest, and went on to enter the only Charter House in the United States ( in Vermont)!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Crescendo That Ended In A Disappointed Sigh
Snake bit... again

Well, looks as if any freeing of the Traditional Latin Mass won't be happening any time soon. Status quo is the watch-word of the day. The Mass that glorifies God Almighty, strengthens Faith, fosters vocations... that Mass is still by permission only. Oh well, all in God's good time.

But bad theater... and even worse Catholicism is permissible. Here's what I'm talking about;

How I Spent My Easter Vigil

An old family friend was just rcv'd in The Church last night. She asked if my wife and I would attend the Easter Vigil at St. (Missed The) Mark Sorta-Catholic church. To say this place is "liberal" is a masterpiece of understatement. Imagine one of the Protestant Mega-McChurches with a crucifix and the so-called 'Blessed Sacrament Chapel', AKA 'Christ In A Broom Closet', hidden way in the back. I kept wondering why people kept genuflecting as they entered their pews. After all, they sat with their backs to Christ, and genuflected to a man (the priest). It went downhill from there.

Anyhow, I felt like I was ecclesiastically violated. I've seen better organized monkey s***-fights at the zoo.

But where do I begin? Should I start with the priest who kept changing his mind if we should (at the beginning of Mass) stand/sit/go outside/stay inside? Seriously... before Mass it was announced that we 'should all exit the church to process in', then when half the congregation was outside, the good padre corrected himself and said that only the 'RCIA folks' needed to be outside, the rest of us should go back inside. Lots of bumping into and exclamations of "what's going on here!?" as this Chinese Fire Drill unfolded.

That pretty much set the tempo for the evening.

Should I talk of the choir that consisted of 18 acoustic guitars, one drum set, and a real hep-cat cool dude with a casio sound machine? Speaking of such... last night we heard 'hymns' that were cha-cha flavored, Negro Spirituals (complete with wailings and 'AMENS' from the lily white choir), and other toe-tappers that must have originally been done by the Vince Guiraldi Trio (you , know... the 'Charlie Brown' theme music).

Oh, and before I forget... one git-picker in the choir kept throwing his arm up during the Hit Parade. Our very own Pete Townsend? I half expected them to break into a Mike Curb Congregation inspired (and really crappy) version of "Baba O'Reilly". There was one "hymn" that I SWEAR was based on the old Herb Alpert song "This Guy". You know, "you see dis guy, dis guys in luv wid youuuuuuuu...". I guess they were singing about Jesus.

Ohhhh.... and the multitude of laity that kept the conga line going to the podium for Readings. If I used the phrase "drama queens and over-the-top bad acting"... would that paint a mental picture?

And should I bring up the worn-out old dyke dressed up an awful lot like a priest that sat conspicuously close to the good old Padre during Mass? And not one single altar boy.... but 6 altar girls. But hey, why should any boy desire to serve at the alter? That's a girl thing. Anyone remember the old saying "the cradle of vocations is at the foot of the altar"? And no one in the hierarchy can figure out why we have empty seminaries. At least in the Novus Ordo... Traditional seminaries have waiting lists.

Anyhow, twice during Mass, I actually laughed out loud. It was all just soooo...... INSIPID! But around hour #2 I actually started to get really pissed. Things went from the mildly amusing and confusing, to absurd, to outright disrespectful and irreverent. Entertainment value at a minimum... The Glorification of Man at a maximum. It was glaringly obvious that Horizontal Worship was the order of the day.

I should be happy. At least I don't have to go to Mass there Easter morning with the kiddies. Dancing... bunny costumes... the works. More entertainment.

Well, I have to go now. I have the uncontrollable urge to shower and scrub-down with steel wool until my skin bleeds.

Happy Easter!

PS, I over heard a Protestant visitor say after Mass "that was just like our services!".

'Nuff said.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Non Est Hic Sed Surrexit

He Is Not Here, But Risen
The PC Gestapo Strikes at Ohio State
Much like the entire Duke Lacrosse Team... guilty by accusation

Scott Savage, the head honcho librarian at OSU is up on sexual harassment charges.

Specifically, what did this man did that was so terribly wrong? He's recommended.... that's right, just recommended... that freshmen have David Kupelian's controversial best seller, 'The Marketing of Evil' be added to their required reading list. It's irrelevant that Savage is on OSU's First Year Reading Experience Committee. Silly me.

The school's Office of Human Resources put Savage under "investigation" after three professors – Hannibal Hamlin, Norman Jones and J.K. Buckley – filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment, saying the book made them feel "unsafe."

Here's a laughable example of said 'harassment';

Buckley: "As a gay man I have long ago realized that the world is full of homophobic, hate-mongers who, of course, say that they are not. So I am not shocked, only deeply saddened – and THREATENED – that such mindless folks are on this great campus. I am ending now, with the hope that I have seriously challenged you Scott, and anyone who "thinks" as you purport to do. You have made me fearful and uneasy being a gay man on this campus. I am, in fact, notifying the OSU-M campus, and Ohio State University in general, that I no longer feel safe doing my job. I am being harassed."

Well cry me a river, sugar britches.

Commenting on the controversy surrounding his book, Kupelian said: "It's disgraceful that this university's faculty members would destroy an innocent man by calling him a 'sexual harasser,' just because he recommended my book. What's ironic is that my book simply champions the traditional, Judeo-Christian values almost all Americans took for granted 60 years ago. But today, many of us, at least on our nation's college campuses, are in mortal combat with those same values."

Friday, April 14, 2006

O'Malley, Wojciechowski, Cascardi, Novak
...and other Mormon names

Mormon membership is on the rise. And I don't mean in Utah or it's surrounding states. I'm talking about the Northeast United States. You know... the same Northeast that has traditionally been a stronghold of Catholicism. Mormon numbers have jumped 37 percent in 10 years, nearly double the religion's national growth rate of 21 percent, church data show.

The once-isolated sect is now one of the world's fastest-growing and affluent religions, with 12.3 million members globally. More than half live outside the United States, including a flourishing Latin American flock.

Yeah, sure sure... the homo-rapist scandal and subsequent cover-up by most American bishops, has been a contributing factor, but I'm of the opinion that the watered-down drivel that was force fed to us under the guise of "The Spirit of Vatican II" is the real culprit here.

From the book, Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II by Kenneth C. Jones, here's one small example;

A 1958 Gallup Poll reported that three in four Catholics attended church on Sundays. A recent study by the University of Notre Dame found that only one in four now attend.

Only 10 percent of lay religious teachers now accept church teaching on contraception. Fifty-three percent believe a Catholic can have an abortion and remain a good Catholic. Sixty-five percent believe that Catholics may divorce and remarry. Seventy-seven percent believe one can be a good Catholic without going to mass on Sundays. By one New York Times poll, 70 percent of all Catholics in the age group 18 to 44 believe the Eucharist is merely a "symbolic reminder" of Jesus.

Why do you think that most American practicing Catholics think this way? Simple... they were taught that it's OK to disregard Church Teachings, and still be a "good Catholic". In other words, many in positions of power brought this upon themselves... and the rest of us.

I know the Holy Father has upset many with his recent defense of Catholic teaching... I just wish he'd move just a wee bit quicker on hosing out that den of heretics better known as the USCCB.

One Of The Must Read Catholic Books
"Liberalism Is A Sin" by Father Felix Sarda Y Salvany

One of the most eye opening, theologically sound, common sense books ever written. A must read for all Catholics who take their Faith seriously. Refutes every aspect of the deadly error that one religion is as good as another and that a person has a moral right to choose whichever religion suits him best. Cuts through the foggy religious thinking rampant today!

You can either order the book here from Tan Publishing (for a whopping six bucks), or read it online right here.

Here's a few passages to whet your appetite;

Liberalism is the root of heresy, the tree of evil in whose branches all the harpies of infidelity find ample shelter; it is today the evil of all evils. (Ch. 4).

"The theater, literature, public and private morals are all saturated with obscenity and impurity. The result is inevitable; a corrupt generation necessarily begets a revolutionary generation. Liberalism is the program of naturalism. Free-thought begets free morals, or immorality. Restraint is thrown off and a free rein given to the passions. Whoever thinks what he pleases will do what he pleases. Liberalism in the intellectual order is license in the moral order. Disorder in the intellect begets disorder in the heart, and vice-versa. Thus does Liberalism propagate immorality, and immorality Liberalism." (Ch. 26).
Cardinal McCarrick Scores a Perfect 10!
Verbal gymnastics at it's BEST!

H/T to Jay over at Pro Ecclesia

The head of the Washington, D.C., Archdiocese on Monday criticized immigration reform legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives because it would hinder the Catholic Church's ability to help the needy, he said.

"The difficulty was that it made all these people who are illegal, criminals," Cardinal Theodore McCarrick told Cybercast News Service at a protest on the National Mall in Washington. "There's a big difference between being illegal and being criminal."

Interesting indeed. Archpresider Teddy "Let's Have Queer Priests" McCarrick is overly concerned about the House hindering "the Catholic Church's ability to help the needy". Ummm... I guess the $1,000,000,000 spent on paying off victims of predatory homo-rapist "priests" that the likes of McCarrick protected is a grand example of "helping the needy"... ya think?

I'm also very impressed with "there's a big difference between being illegal and being criminal". And there's also a big difference in being a Catholic leader and being an apostate. Orwell couldn't have done better.
No Cartoon Image Of mohammed On Comedy Central
South Park creators take their 30 pieces of silver

I use anatomically correct descriptions on this post. Many may find that offensive. Blasphemy to our Lord, and disrespect to His Mother and to the Pontiff were never my intentions.

Heavens to Mergatroid, let's not offend moslems. Comedy Central sure won't. That would be totally unacceptable, right?

But I wonder what exactly does Comedy Central consider acceptable?

1. A cartoon image of Jesus defecating on the American flag is acceptable.
2. A cartoon image of Jesus defecating on President Bush is acceptable.
3. A cartoon image of a statue of the Virgin Mary bleeding from the rectum is acceptable.
4. A cartoon image of a statue of the Virgin Mary bleeding from the vagina is acceptable.
5. A cartoon image of Pope Benedict stating that the blood is not actually coming from the statue's anus – but it's vagina. Since “chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time,” this is no miracle.

Can someone ComBox me a list of advertisers on Comedy Central?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

That Pesky Crucifix
In hoc signo vinces

Hat Tip to Fr. Tom Euteneuer

The following two paragraphs were lifted from Fr. Tom's latest newsletter which inspired this post.

Now has judgment come upon this world; now will this world's prince be driven out, and I—once I am lifted up from the earth—will draw all men to myself (Jn 12:31-32).

These are powerful words for sure but not to be taken as just the pious hopes of a man with a death sentence. Jesus was telling us that He would do for us what no other death or human act could accomplish. He would place an absolute barrier between us and the devil with a wall of Blood called the Crucifixion. It all fits together for anyone who has eyes to see: He is the Paschal Lamb that was slain for the sins of His people; He is the new Passover sacrifice celebrated as His people departed the land of slavery; His is the Blood on the doorposts and lintels of His people's hearts guarding them from the angel of death. No wonder the Church "lifts up" the Cross of Christ for all men to see!

Yeah...all except those wanna-be-Protestant churches that have taken the corpus off the crucifix (most of them aren't really into the Body of Christ, anyway, especially since so many don't even believe in the Real Presence) or have removed any semblence of a cross and replaced it with statues, paintings, mosaics, or banners of the Risen Lord. Hey, you don't get to Easter without going through the Passion. (By His stripes we are healed!)

And apologies, and best wishes*, to those Protestant churches that still maintain the crucifix in their sanctuaries.

*for your eventual return to the One True Church
Get That Punk Kid To The Principal's Office!!
It's time to draw a line in the sand with these troublemakers

Tough as nails street thug, Malia Fontana hails from the mean streets of Fallbrook, California. This sleepy little village is just outside the Back Gate from the massive Marine Base, Camp Pendleton. The town is best known for avocado groves, retired Marines, vineyards... and rabble rousing teenagers.

Malia is already well known to school authorities as being a member of a school gang known as "Honor Students". This particularly savage gang has a history of such violent acts as:

a). Showing up to class.
b). Getting good grades.
c). Conducting themselves as civilized human beings.

Anyhow, this one particular agitator, Malia Fontana, actually showed up to school with a small American flag hanging out of her pocket. She was apprehended by a school security official, taken to an assistant principal's office and written up in an incident report that was placed in her student file. Now she is tying up the courts with a lawsuit claiming that her right to free speech was violated. Can you believe this punk!?

Defiant to the last, troublemaker Malia said 'I'm an American citizen. Why can't I wear the American flag?'. Next thing you know, she'll show up to school with a copy of the Constitution.

I for one, say that all this overt patriotism (and common sense) be squashed once and for all!


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Military Recruiters Forced From Campus
"Spoiled Rich Snotty Brats For Peace" assault recruiters

Oh yeah... that bastion of fairness, The San Francisco Chronicle gloats that 100 members of The Great Unwashed cornered 4 Army Recruiters at UC Santa Cruz. 100 smelly hippie punks versus 4 soldiers? I say even money. Same thing if there was only one Marine... but I digress, here's some of the story;

Four military recruiters hastily fled a job fair Tuesday morning at UC Santa Cruz after a raucous crowd of student protesters blocked an entrance to the building where the Army and National Guard had set up information tables.

Members of "Students Against War", who organized the counter-recruiting protest, loudly chanted "Don't come back. Don't come back" as the recruiters left the hilltop campus, escorted by several university police officers.

David Kliger, campus provost and executive vice chancellor, said officials had tried to engage the anti-war student group in discussions in the weeks leading up to the fair. But when talks broke down, officials began privately hoping for rain and brought in extra police.

It's time for the Federal Government to break down and stop sending money to UCSC. And I wonder if these maggot punks associated with Students Against War ever say two words against China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, etc, etc. I think we all know the answer to that particular question.

Better yet, what say we all wave bye-bye to said maggot punks as they vote with their feet and haul ass to one of those world famous Workers Paradises in Cuba, North Korea, etc. They'd fit right in with the Party elite.
Why Is It That...?
Follow the bouncing bumper stickers

Why is it that most people that have this bumper sticker on their car...

... steadfastly refuse to have this bumper sticker on their car?

And oddly enough, most people that have this bumper sticker on their car...

...also have this bumper sticker on their car.

Just a little something to contemplate.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Need To Brush Up On Your Basic Latin Prayers? Part II
Today's lesson, the Ave Maria

First off... the Hail Mary in 150 languages. From Achinese (spoken in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia) to Zurituutsch (Spoken in the canton of Zürich, northern Switzerland).

But on with today's lesson... in the Official Language of The Church, click here for the WAV file

Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Dominus tecum,
benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris tui Iesus.
Sancta Maria mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae.

In case you missed it, here is Venerable Pope Pius XII saying the Pater Noster (Our Father).
Pro-Abortion "Catholics", Indifferent Catholics, Wimpy Catholics
Now THAT'S what I call "Diversity On Campus"!

A sculpture of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, proposed as a "memorial for the victims of abortion" at Villanova University, has upset some students, including some who oppose abortion.

The objections range from the monument's proposed location to its political significance.

Some students think its placement along a high-traffic area in south campus is inappropriate. Others feel the monument is more of a political statement than a religious one. And still others believe it counters Villanova's goal of attracting non-Catholics to the school.

Pro-life freshman Clint Gilliam agrees with the concept of the statue, but thinks its high-profile placement is a bad idea. "It's just a little in your face," he said. "It sort of makes people who don't believe in those things uncomfortable."

Adds freshman Peggy Costello, "I'm personally pro-life and I don't like the statue at all. "I feel that putting up a statue like that completely counters the diversity we're trying to advocate or uphold," said Costello, 19, who thinks the memorial could alienate non-Catholics.

Has anyone found any spine donors for those "Catholic" students at Villanova yet? Oh, and before I forget... I don't find said statue all that offensive. Once you get beyond the size 16 EEE feets on the Blessed Virgin Mary, it's a pretty nice sculpture!

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Latinos That CNN Won't Interview
Gee, I wonder why?

Interesting story "Migrant Issue Divides Latinos" from the Arizona Republic, written by Daniel Gonzalez.

Here are a few lines;

"That's the objective of the marches. To give the impression that all Latinos are for allowing the illegals to become citizens. Well, I'm not," Phoenix resident Lionel De La Rosa said.

Born in Texas, the 71-year-old Vietnam veteran favors punitive measures more in line with the immigration bill passed by the House in December that would have made being in the United States illegally a felony.

"I'm for that 100 percent," he said. "As far as my Latino friends are concerned, they all agree on this.

Meanwhile, south Phoenix resident Elsie Orta has no plans to participate in today's march in Phoenix.

"Other Hispanics have told me to go to the demonstrations," said Orta, 55, who said her mother is from New Mexico and her father's family traces its roots to Spain. "I think it's hurting them. They're making a fool of themselves."

The Phoenix native believes Arizona is under siege by undocumented immigrants who speak Spanish, use public services and take jobs away from citizens. Undocumented immigrants, she said, should be deported.

"They want us to cater to them all the time," she said. "They're coming over here, they're taking our jobs. And now, everything has to be in English and Spanish? I don't think so.
They need to go back."

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Bullet Hole Story That Should Have Shaken Washington
But the Valerie Plame story is news?

The scandal de jour that has the Democrats salivating is that Scooter Libby is fingering The Prez for outing CIA operative Valerie Plame.

You gotta be kidding me. Plame hadn't been an "operative" for many a year. Actually, she's been flying a desk at The Company for what... the past few years? Her working at McLean wasn't exactly National Security stuff. Sheesh, if anyone wanted to know if Madam Plame worked for the CIA, just hang out in front of the parking lot. You'd have seen her drive in every morning, and drive out every afternoon.

I'm much more curious about the .45 caliber hole on the top of the head of the former Clinton Administration Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown.

Click here for info concerning the investigation (and flying subpoenas) on Secretary Brown before his death, and click here for info on the actual death of Secretary Brown.

He just happened to smack his head against a .45 caliber rivet when the plane crashed, right? Yeaaaaah... suuuure.
No Justice, No (Religion of) Peace!

Hat Tip to Kathy over at Relapsed Catholic

Bryan Cork shouted such terrible and hateful racist slurs to including "proud to be British" and "go back to where you came from" outside an English mosque. And for his trouble, he now gets to spend the next six months in prison.

He plead guilty to some Orwellian nightmare-law known as "racially aggravated harassment". Stupid Bryan, he should have carried a sign that said stuff about beheading and exterminating people instead. Absolutely nothing would have happened to him then. Silly Bryan.

Judge Paul Batty told Cork "that racism in any form would not be tolerated". Ummm... Judge Batty, no comment on the "Beheading" signs?

*scratching chin thoughtfully* I wonder how many years in a British prison I'd get for my "Gun Control Is Two Shots To The Chest And One To The Head" and "AMERICA - LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT" bumper stickers on my truck? Do you think I should send some to Judge Batty? Hmmm.... *more scratching chin thoughtfully*

Let's Not Canonize Judas Quite Yet
What The Da Vinci Code hath wrought

Yeah, yeah, yeah... we've been bombarded with the fiction that there is a completely valid and legitimate Gospel that has been lost for centuries; the so-called Gospel of Judas.

But the Dan Brown Brigade seems to gloss over the lil fact that one of the heavy hitters of the Early Church, St. Irenaeus, condemned it as early as 180 AD. Oh, and the small handful that adhered to said writing were also Gnostics... you know, those wild and crazy heretics who believed;

1. The Gnostic Savior does not save. Gnosticism lacks the idea of atonement. There is no sin to be atoned for, except ignorance be that sin. Nor does the Saviour in any sense benefit the human race by vicarious sufferings.

2. The Gnostic Savior has no human nature, not a man; he only seemed a man. Gnostics deny The Duality of Christ. Jesus was True God but not True Man. The notion that Jesus needed to be released from “the man that clothes him”, or his physical body, hearkens back to an early Church heresy that which suggested that the flesh was evil and mankind needed to shed material things for the sake of the spiritual.

3. Catholic ethics teach that one can never use an evil means to reach a good end. Under Catholic thinking, it would never be morally acceptable for Judas to betray his master, even for the sake of a greater good. So much for the idea that Jesus ordered Judas to betray Him.

You know, what it really comes down to is this; either the Gospel of Judas is heresy, or Catholicism has been perpetrating a fraud on all Mankind for almost 2,000 years. It's time we drew a line in the sand. We as Catholics, need to stand up to this garbage.
California Officially Loses It's Mind
"Mom" and "Dad" to be outlawed

Remember Sheila Kuehl? From what I've garnered, she was either the actress who played Zelda on the old "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" TV show, or she was Peppermint Patty's 'life partner'... I can't recall.

Either way, she's now a State Senator in California. She's sponsored SB 1437 which would require students to learn about the so-called "contributions" homosexuals have made to society and that could remove gender-specific terms including "mom" and "dad" from textbooks is making progress in California. Hmmm, I wonder if the link between homosexual sex and the AIDS epidemic will be brought up. Probably not.

Anyhow, Kuehl went on to say "we've been working since 1995 to try to improve the climate in schools for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender kids, as well as those kids who are just thought to be gay...". What? "Thought to be gay"? Oh, you mean those who you haven't brainwashed yet?

Karen England of Capitol Resource Institute, a traditional-values organization. "Under SB 1437 school districts would likely be prohibited from having a 'prom king and queen' because that would show bias based on gender and sexual orientation.

"Under SB 1437 school districts would also likely have to do away with dress codes and would have to accommodate transsexuals on girl-specific or boy-specific sports teams."

The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to let Mexico have California. Eventually, the queers will all die from AIDS, and the pro-abortion straights will "choose" themselves out of existence. Plenty of room for Mexico's overflow population. It's a win-win-win situation!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Front Page News?
Yeah... this IS front page news!

Every so often, I check out the local newspaper of one of the places I use to live, the US Territory of Guam. The Pacific Daily News ran a pretty interesting front page story.

The Santa Bernadita Chapel in Yigo (where my grandfather is from) recently had their pastor visit Nevers, France, where he retrieved a First Class Relic (a lock of hair) and a Second Class Relic (a piece of cloth from her habit) from St. Bernadette Soubirous.

I proudly say... Yes, this is front page news on Guam. Not so much because there aren't more important things to report, it's just that on this overwhelmingly Catholic island, people really do know what's important. Oh, and also, you'd be surprised how many Catholic Holy Days are considered legal Territorial Holidays.

Just a side note.... years ago when legalizing abortion was being debated in the Territorial Legislature, the Archbishop of Guam went before the legislature and wagged his finger and said "I know each and every one of you. I tell you this, whoever votes in favor of abortion will be excommunicated".

The result? The 1990 "Guam Abortion Law" said that the "life of every human being begins at conception, and that unborn children have protectable interests in life, health, and well-being."

The law made it a felony to perform an abortion. And of course, this was overturned by Supreme Court of the United States as unconstitutional. With that, I give the SCOTUS the traditional greeting of Guam "Si Yu'us Ma'ase"... which literally translates to "May God have mercy on you".


And while I'm bragging about Guam, here's a pic of my cousin, Kim Santos. She won the 1980 Miss World competition (that's the British version of the Miss Universe). Pretty girl, huh?
"Gay Agenda Fuels Catholic Exodus" -
Sign held by a Catholic protestor outside of "Catholic" University of San Diego

WITH PAPAL FLAGS WAVING and balloons flying overhead, the activist group Catholic Crusaders greeted the University of San Diego Board of Trustees as they arrived at the campus for a February 24 meeting. One protestor held a sign which read "Gay Agenda fuels Catholic Exodus". Other signs alerted trustees that the freshman class of 2005 has 68 fewer Catholics than the 2004 class. The Crusaders, who have protested outside the university's main gate many times over the past three years, usually direct their messages to parents. The February 24 event was their first protest aimed particularly at the board of trustees.

During the protest, seven student reporters from the school newspaper, The Vista, approached the Crusaders to question them and take pictures. The following afternoon, a second contingent of Crusaders assembled at the school's main entrance to protest a "Pride" alumni event and fundraiser held at the campus alumni center. PRIDE, an organization of homosexual students and faculty advisors, celebrated its tenth anniversary at USD along with two other gay activist groups on campus, "Pride-Law" and "Rainbow Educators."

Talk about the world being turned upside-down. Faithful Catholics are on the outside looking in, while activist homosexuals are permitted to "teach" at a so-called Catholic university.

Shame of the University of San Diego, and shame on the Bishop of San Diego, Bishop Brom for allowing this travesty to continue. Is it any wonder that Brom's diocese is 2d to last in America for enrolled seminarians?
Ladies, Have You Got The Definitive Derriere?
Finally, someone with more time on their hands than me

OK folks, here we have the scientifically proven formula for the perfect heinie; (S+C) x (B+F)/T = V

Dr. David Holmes, a psychology lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, England, devised the formula, and the good doctor states that "Kylie Minogue, whose celebrated bottom relaunched her career with the help of a pair of hotpants, would almost certainly score a perfect 80. Her bottom is pretty much perfect in these areas, more so than the likes of Charlotte Church or Jennifer Lopez, who have more curvy posteriors".

Personally, I'm going with the lovely Mrs. Rabbit (besides, I have to stay in the bounds of good taste). And before anyone decides to spaz-out on me for being oh so crass and posting this, I would like to say in my defense two things;

1. I'm Catholic, not castrated.
2. Of course I posted this... I'm a caveman. Whaddya expect?


How could I have been so stupid and forgotten our perennial blog fav-babe Adriana Lima??!!

Sorry guys!
Need To Brush Up On Your Basic Latin Prayers?
Let Venerable Pope Pius XII teach you!

With His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI asking all of us to familiarize ourselves with our basic Latin prayers, HERE is a WAV file of Venerable Pope Pius XII reciting the Pater Noster (Our Father).

Pater noster, qui es in caelis
sanctificetur nomen tuum;
Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua sicut in caelo et in terra
Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie.
Et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
Et ne nos inducas in tentationem;
sed libera nos a malo.
The Continual Mutation Of The Dominicans
With shepherds like him... well, you know the rest

Hat Tip to New Catholic over at Rorate Caeli

The poor Dominicans. They've gone from ;

"A man who governs his passions is master of the world. We must either rule them, or be ruled by them."
Saint Dominic

"How ... strongly should we be drawn to Christ if we find our pleasure in truth, happiness, justice, eternal life: all of which Christ is!"
Saint Thomas Aquinas

"The Glorious Virgin the blessed fruit of her womb has saved a world condemned by the fall of our first parents."
Pope Saint Pius V

To Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, the former Master General of the worldwide Dominican Order, has some very... shall I say "interesting" things to say.

On the subject of the church and homosexuality, Radcliffe called for the church to "stand with" gay people.

"We must accompany them as they discern what this means, letting our images be stretched open," he said. "This means watching 'Brokeback Mountain,' reading gay novels, living with our gay friends and listening with them as they listen to the Lord."

Radcliffe described the Allied firebombing of Dresden during the Second World War, the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the detention centers at Guantanamo Bay, and the practice of "special renditions," in effect meaning torture, now in use as part of the War on Terror, as examples of the logic of "expediency."

How sad the good Father failed to bring up the London Blitz, The Rape of Nanking, or the 9-11 Attacks. Should I even bring up his legitimatation of homosexuality? The poor Dominicans.