Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Continual Mutation Of The Dominicans
With shepherds like him... well, you know the rest

Hat Tip to New Catholic over at Rorate Caeli

The poor Dominicans. They've gone from ;

"A man who governs his passions is master of the world. We must either rule them, or be ruled by them."
Saint Dominic

"How ... strongly should we be drawn to Christ if we find our pleasure in truth, happiness, justice, eternal life: all of which Christ is!"
Saint Thomas Aquinas

"The Glorious Virgin the blessed fruit of her womb has saved a world condemned by the fall of our first parents."
Pope Saint Pius V

To Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, the former Master General of the worldwide Dominican Order, has some very... shall I say "interesting" things to say.

On the subject of the church and homosexuality, Radcliffe called for the church to "stand with" gay people.

"We must accompany them as they discern what this means, letting our images be stretched open," he said. "This means watching 'Brokeback Mountain,' reading gay novels, living with our gay friends and listening with them as they listen to the Lord."

Radcliffe described the Allied firebombing of Dresden during the Second World War, the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the detention centers at Guantanamo Bay, and the practice of "special renditions," in effect meaning torture, now in use as part of the War on Terror, as examples of the logic of "expediency."

How sad the good Father failed to bring up the London Blitz, The Rape of Nanking, or the 9-11 Attacks. Should I even bring up his legitimatation of homosexuality? The poor Dominicans.


Blogger Jay Anderson said...

The Dominicans I know are nothing like Fr. Radcliffe and, in fact, cringe when prominent Dominicans do this sort of thing.

The sort of Dominican that should be trumpeted is Fr. Brian Shanley at Providence College, who recently put the kibosh on the "Vagina Monologues".

Finally, at least they're not the Jebbies.

8:16 PM  

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