Thursday, April 13, 2006

Get That Punk Kid To The Principal's Office!!
It's time to draw a line in the sand with these troublemakers

Tough as nails street thug, Malia Fontana hails from the mean streets of Fallbrook, California. This sleepy little village is just outside the Back Gate from the massive Marine Base, Camp Pendleton. The town is best known for avocado groves, retired Marines, vineyards... and rabble rousing teenagers.

Malia is already well known to school authorities as being a member of a school gang known as "Honor Students". This particularly savage gang has a history of such violent acts as:

a). Showing up to class.
b). Getting good grades.
c). Conducting themselves as civilized human beings.

Anyhow, this one particular agitator, Malia Fontana, actually showed up to school with a small American flag hanging out of her pocket. She was apprehended by a school security official, taken to an assistant principal's office and written up in an incident report that was placed in her student file. Now she is tying up the courts with a lawsuit claiming that her right to free speech was violated. Can you believe this punk!?

Defiant to the last, troublemaker Malia said 'I'm an American citizen. Why can't I wear the American flag?'. Next thing you know, she'll show up to school with a copy of the Constitution.

I for one, say that all this overt patriotism (and common sense) be squashed once and for all!



Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Who does she think she is, anyhow? I'll bet she's a native-born citizen, too! If they don't rein her in now, the next thing you know, she'll want to say the Pledge of Allegiance to that flag as an excuse to mouth "under God" inside the public school!!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Moof said...

Yes, thank heaven we've become so enlightened in this era that such dagerous ideas as patriotism, faith, morals and courage are recognized for the inflammatory drivel they really represent.

What would we do if everyone began to think like that ... ???

8:51 PM  

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