Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Gay Agenda Fuels Catholic Exodus" -
Sign held by a Catholic protestor outside of "Catholic" University of San Diego

WITH PAPAL FLAGS WAVING and balloons flying overhead, the activist group Catholic Crusaders greeted the University of San Diego Board of Trustees as they arrived at the campus for a February 24 meeting. One protestor held a sign which read "Gay Agenda fuels Catholic Exodus". Other signs alerted trustees that the freshman class of 2005 has 68 fewer Catholics than the 2004 class. The Crusaders, who have protested outside the university's main gate many times over the past three years, usually direct their messages to parents. The February 24 event was their first protest aimed particularly at the board of trustees.

During the protest, seven student reporters from the school newspaper, The Vista, approached the Crusaders to question them and take pictures. The following afternoon, a second contingent of Crusaders assembled at the school's main entrance to protest a "Pride" alumni event and fundraiser held at the campus alumni center. PRIDE, an organization of homosexual students and faculty advisors, celebrated its tenth anniversary at USD along with two other gay activist groups on campus, "Pride-Law" and "Rainbow Educators."

Talk about the world being turned upside-down. Faithful Catholics are on the outside looking in, while activist homosexuals are permitted to "teach" at a so-called Catholic university.

Shame of the University of San Diego, and shame on the Bishop of San Diego, Bishop Brom for allowing this travesty to continue. Is it any wonder that Brom's diocese is 2d to last in America for enrolled seminarians?


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