Saturday, April 29, 2006

Say Hello To My Lil' Friends!
New to the lair

I've been slack in posting the new Bloglodytes who have drug fresh kill into the lair and shared raw meat with the Cavemen. If you haven't done so already, swing on by these fine Catholic blogs.

Cletus Huckleberry. Not to be confused with Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel of Simpsons fame, but he IS the self-proclaimed official blog of right-thinking Catholics in Northeast Florida. Good enough for me!

Some Have Hats ...and some have loin cloths. But that begs the question, does a dead muskrat on my head qualify as a hat? Hmmm....

50 Days After. Not to be confused with 10 Years After or 28 Days Later. Quite the enigmatic title, but an excellent blog nonetheless!

Ramblings of a GOP Soccer Mom. But Mom, why force your kids to play European Kick-Ball? No Baseball where ya live? Or may I suggest the Cavemens fav sport... bonking liberals over the head with a really big club?


Blogger Christine said...

Thanks so much for the link, Cavemen.

The reason I let them play metric football (actually only one plays sports) is because for two seasons, that is what the homeschool rec league around here does. There's also basketball (if enough kids her age sign up) and T-ball over the summer. But around here there are LOTS of sports if you want to have practice 4 to 5 times a week and travel for games! (Ugh, and I mean that in a very non-cavewoman way.)

My daughter really likes metric football, though. Bummer for me. I'd rather go for basketball, personally. Or swimming. That's at the Y this winter. But soccer? :-P

Hey, that bonking libs might be fun...we are in a college town and quite close to Virginia Tech. Plenty of college profs with their Kerry stickers still on the bumpers...not to mention the anti-Christian ones...

1:25 PM  

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