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Where’s that Old Time “Spirit of Vatican II”?
So much for saying Mass in the vernacular

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, England’s top Roman Protestant, is whining because the influx of Polish immigrants is hurting his attempt to dismantle the Catholic Church there.

At right, Poles fill British churches to overlowing for Sunday Mass, even if it means kneeling on concrete to worship their Lord.

Mass attendance in England fell 40 per cent between 1963 and 1991 (ahh, the fruits of Vatican II), but the arrival of immigrants from Catholic countries in eastern Europe halted the decline and led to an increase in weekly Mass attendance last year. Leading the growth were the immigrants from Poland, a country that is 98% Catholic.

One would think that is a good thing, especially in country where the most popular names in London’s maternity wards for the last five years has been Mohammed.

But here’s the problem as the super-lib Cardinal sees it.

The Polish immigrants brought along Polish priests to minister to their needs and therein lies the problem with the Archbishop of Westminster. Murphy-O'Connor wants the Polish community to do more to learn English and integrate into local parishes, claiming the Catholic Church in the UK is in danger of dividing along ethnic lines as the number of Polish-speaking churches increases. In fact he’s even accused the immigrants of creating a separate church in Britain.

Now, keep in mind that Murphy-O'Connor doesn’t like the classic Latin Mass and is already trying to prevent implementation of the Pope’s motu propio granting any priest in the world the ability to say the traditional Mass whenever he wants.

Okay, he doesn’t like the Latin Mass, then shouldn’t he be in favor of the Mass being said in the vernacular? Obviously not when it is said in the language of people who actually show up for Mass on Sunday. What he really wants is those loyal Polish Catholics exposed to the modernist sermons of his Vat2-indoctrinated clergy.
"Catholic" Clerics & Religious Saddle-Up With Communists, Atheists, Homo-Militants
Our Lady of Akita's warning get louder all the time
Helmet tip to to the MIG Fighter

It really wasn't all that long ago where our leaders not only warned us of the dangers of Communism, Secular-Atheism and militant homosexuals, but they activly fought against such.

How times have changed. Check out the following from a group of gutless Surrenderistas that go by the moniker of But of course, one of the bigest backers of Islamo-Terrorism on the face of the earth, namely Iran, is just another "victim" of mean ol' America.

And how about some of the folks and organizations that have signed on with this motley bunch of appeasing surrender-monkeys: (Partial list)

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Detroit Archdiocese, Founding President, Pax Christi
George Galloway, MP, Britain
Gerry Condon, Vietnam war deserter/antiwar activist, Director, Soldier Say No/Project Safe Haven
LeiLani Dowell, Queers for Peace & Justice
Klaus Hartmann, Chairman, German Freethinkers Association
Jesse Lokahi Heiwa,
Beth Lamont, NY Humanist Society
Minnie Bruce Pratt, Lesbian Author/activist, National Writers Union, Jersey City, NJ
Communist Party Usa Wisconsin Section, Green Bay, WI
Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Ferrara, Italy
Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Roma, Italy
Enlightend Humanist Party, Dothan, AL
Franciscan Sisters, Rome, Italy
Freedom Socialist Party National Office, Seattle, WA
Humanist Party Of Italy, Milan, Italy
International Socialist Organization, Chicago, IL
Karl Marx Institute Bangladesh,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Left Party, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Arlington, VA
School Sisters Of Notre Dame, Milwaukee, WI
St. Vincent Ferrer Church, Brooklyn, NY
Alberto Burgio, member of the central commitee, Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Ferrara, Italy
Bruno Steri, member of the central commitee, Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Roma, Italy
Cecelia Lavan, Justice Promoter, Dominican Sisters, New Rochelle, NY
Tiziana Longhitano, Docente, Franciscan Sisters, Rome, Italy
Gene Betot, Social Justice Minsister, Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Arlington, VA
It's a sad day indeed when Catholics join forces with those who despise and hate our own Church. If the above mentioned "Catholics" really are anti-war... fine. But do they REALLY have to sign on with the Communists, et al?

Our Lady of Akita, Pray For Us

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sweden Shows Her True Colors
'Cuz it definitely ain't a him anymore

An interesting sign of the times courtesy of The Local (Sweden's English newspaper) via the Brussels Journal; (Emphasis mine)

Army castrates heraldic lion
Published: 13 Dec 07 12:34 CET

Protests from female soldiers have led to the Swedish military removing the penis of a heraldic lion depicted on the Nordic Battlegroup's coat of arms. The armed forces agreed to emasculate the lion after a group of women from the rapid reaction force lodged a complaint to the European Court of Justice, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

But although the army was eventually happy to make the changes in the interests of gender equality, the artist who designed the insignia was less than pleased. "A heraldic lion is a powerful and stately figure with its genitalia intact and I cannot approve an edited image," Vladimir A Sagerlund from the National Archives told Göteborgs-Posten.

Sagerlund blasted the army for making changes to the coat of arms without his permission. "The army lacks knowledge about heraldry. Once upon a time coats of arms containing lions without genitalia were given to those who betrayed the Crown," said Sagerlund.

But the castrated lion has already won the day and is now worn on the arms of all soldiers in the battle group's Swedish battalions. "We were given the task of making sure the willy disappeared," Christian Braunstein from the army's 'tradition commission' told Göteborgs-Posten. "We were forced to cut the lion's willy off with the aid of a computer," he added.
Maybe it's one of them new fangled Rotary Lions. Not to be confused with a Ball-Bearing Lion.
She's A Victim Of WHAT?
Since when was "victim" synonymous with "personal accountability"?

Other than looking as if she's in dire need of expanding her 600 calorie a day diet, the new Miss France, Valerie Begue, has her mock crucifixion pose defended by ... get ready for this... a French bishop.

It looks as if The Theology of Victimization is rearing it's ugly head yet again.

From Catholic World News; (Emphasis mine)

Bishop defends Miss France contestant

Paris, Dec. 28, 2007 ( - A Catholic bishop from Reunion Island has been caught up in a controversy over provocative photos featuring Miss France 2008.

Valerie Begue, a native of Reunion Island, came under heavy pressure to resign her title of Miss France after the publication of photos that included one shot of the young woman in a bikini on a cross. Begue said that she regretted posing for the mock-crucifixion, saying that it had been a youthful mistake.
Bishop Gilbert Aubry of Reunion came to the titlist's defense. "The photo is shocking," he said, but argued that the blame for giving public offense should fall on those who distributed the photo. Insisting that the young woman "did not intend to offend the Church," he said that "Valerie is a victim who needs support." (Suuuure. No doubt, she was forced into that pose.)

After a compromise agreement allowed Begue to retain her title, while promising not to enter international competitions as Miss France, Bishop Aubry released a new public statement repeating that the beauty queen was a victim in the episode. The bishop noted that during the Miss France competition, contestants had appeared in costumes simulating angels' wings-- another image that he considered potentially offensive.
A contestant in a beauty pageant wearing angels wings is questionable. Someone posing in a photo of a mock crucifixion is offensive. You'd think a bishop would know the difference.

Begue was a big girl when she posed for this picture, and now she's facing the consequences. And fair enough... Begue has expressed regret for this particular episode. I'm going to assume that with regret comes remorse. The bottom line here is that she's taking responsibility for her actions. I find that not only admirable, but also quite refreshing. We all have done some rather stupid things in our youth.

With that said, why in the world is Bishop Aubry playing the "Victimization Game"? I'm quite frankly, sick and tired of our choices always being "someone else's fault". And I'm even more disgusted with out so-called leaders reinforcing that rather stupid notion.

Bishop Aubry could take a lesson in maturity and personal accountability from young Miss Valerie Begue.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Thought The Scots Were Thrifty?
"Ye pissed away ourrrrrrr money!"

From Fox News;
Image Is Everything

Scottish officials decided they needed a new marketing slogan for their country. They wanted to replace the signs around the Glasgow Airport that read "the best small country in the world." So of course they got their experts together — worked on concepts for six months — and spent around $300,000 dollars on the project.

So what did they come up with? "Welcome to Scotland." Yep, that's it — just "Welcome to Scotland."
As you might imagine not everyone is happy with this. Says one media expert, "They all seem to appear to take an unbelievably boring pill before they decide to implement plans like this. I think it's incredibly uninventive."This gives me an idea for a new slogan for certain south central Asian nation --

Welcome To Pakistan
Land of Donkey Carts and ICBMs

Or possibly this one --

One Foot in the Space Age, One Foot in the Stone Age
Or maybe I just blow you up
Helemt tip to Mr & Mrs NYPD

First the moslems got their fatwas in a bunch over this Volkswagen ad. Then their alleged sensibilities were insulted over, of all things, a soccer jersey. Now their all up in arms (no big surprise there) over this safety commercial from the Dutch government.

Here's some of the article from The Guardian (Great Britain)
Dutch government firework safety ads featuring a spoof Islamist terrorist group have been criticised as insensitive and depicting a negative stereotype of the Muslim community.

The online ads, made for the Dutch government's consumer safety institute, have been made to look like a video message filmed by an Islamist military organisation called the Liberation Army Against Freedom. Featuring a group led by an Osama bin Laden lookalike figure at their camp, the viral ads are dubbed into Iraqi-accented Arabic and have versions with subtitles in Dutch and English.

The tone is intended to be humorous, with the terrorist group seen receiving a shipment of fireworks like an arms cache, wearing suicide vests made of firecrackers, and bungling efforts to "demonstrate to you our true power" by blowing themselves up.

However, the light treatment of such a serious issue has angered some industry insiders. "What is the campaign hoping to achieve by depicting a negative stereotype of the Muslim community in a fireworks advert?" said Saad Saraf, the chief executive of multicultural marketing specialists Media Reach Advertising.

Saraf, an Iraqi, was particularly offended by images in one ad
that show one person strap fireworks around him in a style similar to a suicide belt, which later explodes. "Are the producers aware that the actors in the advert are speaking in an Iraqi accent; with the current state of affairs in Iraq and the loss of lives as a result of suicide bombing, I question, what were the creatives thinking?," said Saraf.
For more from The Liberation Army Against Freedom, visit their website at

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Coolest Christmas Present!
Thanks to Mrs. Caveman

Pretty much an after thought, the House Sergeant Major picked up a little stocking stuffer for me just a day or two prior to Christmas itself. And if I say so myself, it's the coolest present I've gotten this year.

It's so versatile! Ain't this one cool noggin warmer?

I can be all the following;

The Heisman Trophy!

A really ugly nun or a nightmarish Pippy Longstocking

A Sherpa Guide pointing the way to the top of Mt. Everest

A Canadian! Here I am with all my Canadian money
Is It Permissible To Retro-Actively Abort Jamie Lynne Spears?
Girl pictured on the right not mentally developed enough to make a decision

A while back, I did a posting concerning some so-called "scientist" from Australia who is now on the staff at Princeton, was advocating the notion that newborns aren't really human beings, and could be put to death. And I use the word "scientist" loosely. Hell, even Mengele rated to be called "doctor".

Here's a little of what that crackpot said;

"Human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist over time. They are not persons." With animals being self-aware, "the life of a newborn is of less value than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee." And "a period of 28 days after birth might be allowed before an infant is accepted as having the same right to live as others."And I'm sure that many of you have already caught wind that the 16-yr old kid sister of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynne Spears, is pregnant and she's keeping her child. And without fail, the baby-butchers aren't happy about that at all.

And I'm not really all that shocked as to how arrogant the abortion proponents are. I guess teen-agers "aren't fully developed human beings" either, 'eh?

Case in point, here's some of the report from; (Emphasis mine)

Psychiatrist and author, Dr. Gail Saltz, gave an interesting insight into teenage pregnancy and parental response, in light of Jamie Lynn's decision, in an interview with Access Hollywood.

Saltz also noted that because of the way the brain develops, parents need to help children out with using judgment.

“The other issue is that the frontal lobe is not fully developed until you are in your early to mid 20s,” she said. “This is the part of the brain that houses judgment and consequence, so teens are less prepared to think about, ‘If I do this today, what will happen to me tomorrow?‘ You as a parent need to be that alter ego to them — be that frontal lobe. Talk to them about the consequences that may face them emotionally and of course physically.”

In a remarkably mature expression of her understanding of her situation, Spears concluded in her OK! Magazine interview, "I'm the one who has to live with it for the rest of my life. I put myself in this position, an adult position, so I have to act like an adult and take responsibility for what I did."
"Be that frontal lobe"... didn't Bill Murray use that line in Stripes?

(Click to view)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Worst Case Scenario In The Aftermath Of The Bhutto Assassination
And how if might affect us

May God have mercy on the soul of Benazir Bhutto. She was probably the last best hope for any kind of freedom and liberty in Pakistan. And now she's dead, no doubt at the hands of the Taliban/al-Qaeda Jihaadists.

Now begins the fake "official mournings" ordered by Musharraf, which are laughable in light that he was the one who put the Taliban in power to begin with in Afghanistan, and was infamous for turning Nelson's Eye to al-Qaeda.

And I just saw James Rosen of Fox News state "my sources have told me that when Bhutto returned to Pakistan, he received notification from 'a very high placed US official', I don't know if it was President Bush or Vice President Cheney, that Musharraf would be held personally responsible for the safety of Bhutto". And the only trump card that Musharraf had with the US, was that he paid lip-service to "clamping down" on the Jihaadists in western Pakistan. Obviously, all that's been pissed away.

Now we see scenes of Pakistan teetering on the edge of civil war. Undoubtedly, India's just a step or two away from placing her Armed Forces on full alert. It's no big secret that Pakistan's military is rife with Taliban/al-Qaeda sympathizers and/or operatives. And what little credibility Musharraf had with the American President has all but evaporated. As we use to say in the Marines: this guy's screwed, blued and tattooed.

So now it comes down to where the rubber meets the road. What happens if nuclear weapons capable Pakistan actually does fall into full fledged civil war? Keep in mind, it's the Jihaadist-friendly fanatics who are responsible for the security of Pakistan's nukes. Also, keep in mind that the guy who assassinated Benazir Bhutto today, blew himself up after he stitched her SUV with AK fire. Not because he didn't want to be arrested and questioned as to who his accomplices were... but because he thought he would go straight to Paradise and be served by 72 virgins for all eternity.

This is an enemy that fights to the death. The sooner The West comes to grips with this, the sooner we can get down to the business of killing them. Just like our fathers and grandfathers did the Kamikazes.

Now picture this in your head; instead of this scumbag being armed with a body-bomb and an AK-47, how about a small or medium yield nuclear warhead? And like I've posted about in the past... the warheads proper don't weigh all that much.

Anyhow, there's been the odd news story here and there what America very well may do in a worst case scenario in Pakistan... and that's sending our troops in take over Pakistan's nuclear weapons installations.

I can't speak for the other Branches of the Armed Forces, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Marine Corps MEU (SOC)s and FAST Teams are already forming up to head Pakistan way. If not on their way already.
A What Kind Of High School!?
Verbal engineering at it's best

In regards to a reference I made to the bulletin announcement from St. Mary's parish concerning how "Christmas isn't perfect", as my compadre, Former Altar Boy so correctly pointed out, Father Bringdown also stated that he's launching a feasibility study for the establishment of a... get ready for this... "a small, academically-oriented Catholic high school".

Now I've simply got to ask the $64,000 question: What the hell is an "academically-oriented Catholic high school"? Is that something that isn't a socially-oriented Catholic high school? Or possibly one that isn't an athletically-oriented Catholic high school? Or as Former Altar Boy correctly queries; " about they start a Catholic-oriented academic high school? I'm not sure most of the graduates of their grade school will pass the entrance exam."

How nice it would be to actually see a Catholic school around here that doesn't:

1. Teach the kids how to do the Ecclesiastical Boogaloo, especially in light that the Church has ruled against such.

2. Have a member of the teaching staff link directly to the website of the openly and militantly anti-God author, Phillip Pullman. (Thank God, that link has since been pulled)

3. Still have books by the very same anti-God author listed on the schools library list.

4. Teach ambiguous statements concerning how if we receive Holy Communion, that we "become Jesus".

5. Or even echo what a certain priest alludes to concerning denouncing legitimate authority. (Another prime example of verbal engineering)

Not to mention instances that Mrs. Caveman has passed on to me that she's witnessed first-hand... like a certain priest here in this deanery stating from the pulpit openly discouraging prayers to the Saints because that could lead to idolatry (oh, and this very same priest got rid of "...and all His Angels and Saints" in favor of "...and all God's Angels". What a nice slice of Roman Protestantism, 'eh? And that's only one example of some of the garbage we've witnessed throughout the years.

Bottom line, if there's going to be a Catholic high school here, how about we make sure it's a Catholic high school?

One other suggestion - If and when a Catholic high school is ever established here in Wilmington, I'd like to suggest the following name;

Our Lady of Akita Catholic High School

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Wounded Marine Makes It Home For Christmas
But first he has to visit the grave of his best friend

From the Montgomery (Alabama) Advertiser; (Emphasis mine)

A war hero goes home
By Jenn Rowell

A motorcycle convoy stopped at a Montgomery gas station Saturday to pick up more riders to escort a war hero home from Iraq. Members of the Alabama Patriot Guard joined others who rode to honor Lex, a military working dog on his way to Mississippi to live with the family of his fallen handler.

Marine Cpl. Dustin Lee was killed March 21 during a mortar attack in Fallujah, Iraq. Like any good Marine, Lex did what he was trained to do:
Wounded by shrapnel, he stayed by Lee's side and protected him until help arrived.

The Riders were anxious to shake hands with the father of the fallen 20-year-old Marine. They also wanted to pet Lex, who loved the star treatment. The bomb-sniffing dog is accustomed to being the center of attention, said Lee's father. "Lex was sort of a part of home for the Marines over there," Jerome Lee said. "They loved to pet him, and Dusty loved talking to the other guys and getting to know them."

Many of the Alabama Patriot Guards on hand Saturday were part of an earlier convoy that escorted Dustin Lee to his final resting place in Quitman, Miss. The family asked the Riders to be with Lex as he makes the transition from working dog to family pet.

"Because the Patriot Guard Riders had done it for Lee, the family wanted us to do the same thing for the dog," said Tom Ellis, a Vietnam veteran and co-captain of the Alabama group. "We want to show the military and their families that the people here do care about them." It was another opportunity to honor the family -- and Lex -- for their sacrifice.

"He's a veteran also," Ellis said. Defense Department officials said Lex is the first dog to receive early retirement -- the 8-year-old animal's career ended two years early -- to be adopted by a handlers' family. The orders came through just in time for Christmas. Lex has been stationed at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Ga., since recovering from his wounds. He was retired during a Friday ceremony.

Having their son's partner join them at home will be a comfort, Jerome Lee said. "Everywhere you saw Lex, you saw Dusty. They were inseparable."

Dustin Lee spent the final months of his life with Lex at his side. He was killed on a daily mission when a rocket-propelled grenade exploded nearby. The dog also was wounded but crawled over to his handler, nudged his face, then lay at his side as a corpsman treated his wounds, Marines in Lee's unit told his family.

Jerome Lee said the family would take Lex to visit their son's gravesite for a short ceremony before taking him home. They plan to build a special doghouse for Lex, who served two tours in Iraq. They've laid in plenty of pet supplies.

But Lex will be more than a pet. For the Lee family, the loyal shepherd will be a living reminder of the son and brother they have lost. "Lex was Dustin's partner. He's always going to be a part of Dusty," Jerome Lee said before his family drove away from Montgomery. "And for what time Lex has left, we're going to make sure he has a good life."
I don't know about you, but this story tears me up.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Random Thoughts On A Christmas Morn'
Is that The Holy Ghost touching my soul, or just the voices in my head?

1. What the hell is "Figgie Pudding", and where can I buy some?

2. When are the Micks, Limeys, Canucks, Ozzies, Kiwis, et al, going to get it right? It's MERRY Christmas... not HAPPY Christmas!! Sheesh, rest of the English speaking world, how about gettin' with the program!!??

3. Gold - $815.60 an ounce. Frankincense - $7.59 an ounce. Myrrh - $15.31 an ounce. Sheesh... two of those cheap skates re-gifted!

4. That phony-baloney Al Gore cares more about Polar Bears than he does Mrs. Claus and those adorable elves falling into the Arctic Sea. You're a mean one, Mr. Gore.

5. Shouldn't it be 'Chipmunks roasting on an open fire'? Seriously... how filling can chestnuts be?

6. Not that this has anything to do with Christmas, but why is Turkey bombing the Turds? That's just been in the news a lot lately, and I'm perplexed. What trouble are Turds to Turks? (Say that three times as fast as you can)

7. I'm not trying to perpetuate a negative ethnic stereotype, or anything... but why is Jose Feliciano proud that his father was arrested? 'Police Nabbed My Dad'? Damn, Jose. Talk about airing the family's dirty laundry in public.

8. I need to stop confusing mistletoe with a TOW missile, I need to stop confusing mistletoe with a TOW missile, I need to stop confusing mistletoe with a TOW missile. I lose more girlfriends that way.

9. I can't wait to hear the Pope's 'Semper Ubi Sub Ubi' speech! I wonder if it's boxers or briefs this year?

10. Regardless of what Father Bringdown says, Christmas IS perfect in spite of the imperfect people associated with it. Christmas will ALWAYS be perfect! You'd think a priest could understand the difference.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Marine Corps Style

Mt Suribachi, Iwo Jima. February-March 1945.

Saipan, Marianas Islands, South Pacific. June 1944.

Republic of Viet-Nam. December, 1967

Iraq. December, 2004
A Magnitude VIII Earthquake Hit Britain
500 years in the making

I'm certain a certain long-dead monarch is rolling over in his grave. Could this interesting little article from The Times (of London) be the reason why? (Emphasis mine)

A Catholic tremor through Westminster
William Rees-Mogg on our archaic rules of royal succession
The announcement of Tony Blair’s conversion is an important personal event for Blair and his family, but it is also an important historic event. When he last saw the Pope, Blair presented him with an autographed photograph of Cardinal Newman, the most significant Catholic convert of the 19th century. Blair has himself become the most significant British convert since Newman.

Religion is not a matter of mere statistics, nor are these statistics simple. Yet the fact that Catholic weekly church attendances in England have overtaken Anglican by 862,000 to 853,000 is significant. One should nevertheless qualify it. The Catholic figures have been raised by Polish immigration. The Poles bring Polish Catholicism with them; they are a devout nation.
Without a doubt, the Catholic Re-Awakening in Britain has a distinctive Polish flavor to it. That is unless the Brits can find a letter-day Cardinal Newman amongst themselves.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Further Evidence That The Surge Is A Failure
Silly Americans

Here's some of the article from The Telegraph (of London); (Emphasis mine)

Christmas is back on cards in Baghdad
By Aqeel Hussein in Baghdad and Colin Freeman
Last Updated: 2:30am GMT 23/12/2007

Iraqi Christians who fled a district of Baghdad that declared itself an al-Qaeda caliphate have returned home to celebrate their first Christmas in two years. Known as the "Vatican of Iraq", the small but long-established Christian enclave in the mainly Sunni Muslim district of Doura suffered constant terror at the hands of al-Qaeda gunmen who tried to impose a Taliban-style rule.

Churches were car-bombed, women were threatened for not wearing Islamic headscarves, and families had to pay monthly "protection" money to local mosques to keep them safe from kidnap gangs.

Now, in a significant success for the US troop surge, al-Qaeda has been rooted out of Doura and the hundreds of Christian families who left the area are returning. On Christmas Day, they will congregate in battle-scarred St Mary's Church, where part of the crucifix on its tower is still missing after being shot at by ­terrorists. "We closed the church two years ago because of all the trouble," said the priest, Father Younadim Shamoon, 45, who has decorated its bullet-cratered walls with modest fairy lights.

Nine months into the US troop surge, though, local Sunnis have been persuaded to reject al-Qaeda's influence. Last week, Sheikh Samir al Jibouri, a local Sunni cleric, visited Fr Shamoon to give him his personal guarantee that his flock would be safe. "He has also told us that we don't have to pay protection money any more," said Fr Shamoon. "He said he had been forced to take the money from us by al-Qaeda, and that he would work for the rest of his life to make up for it."

Major Kirk Luedeke, a spokesman for the US Army's 1st Infantry Division, confirmed that Christian families were returning. "What is more important is that the Muslim tribal leaders are openly showing support for their Christian neighbours," he added.

Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, says that America should be able to withdraw about 20,000 of its 158,000 troops from Iraq by the middle of next year, thanks to security gains achieved by the surge.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Theology Of The (S)Lightly Slapped Wrist
Don't expect anything as Lefevbresque as excommunication
Helmet tip to that Wind Dummy over at Ignorant Redneck Rants

Two headlines jumped out at me this fine morning... first we have this gem of a story from Here's just a taste; (emphasis mine)

Archbishop has Priest Remove Notice from Parish Website About Blessing Homosexual Couples

ST. PAUL, Minnesota, December 21, 2007 ( - The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has informed that after a meeting with Archbishop Harry J. Flynn, Father Leo Tibesar, of Saint Frances Cabrini Parish in Minneapolis has agreed to remove from the parish website "any language from the St. Frances Cabrini parish website that is in opposition to Roman Catholic Church doctrine."

Removed from the parish website was a page titled a "Statement of Reconciliation" which bemoaned Church teaching on sexual purity and married chastity and misrepresentied these teachings as a form of "oppression." The statement said the parish is committed to "Publicly bless the relationships of a same sex couple after the couple completes a process of discernment similar to that completed by heterosexual couples before marriage." The item had an asterisk referring to a note on the bottom reading "not being implemented at this time."

The news comes less than a month after published two separate articles on Father Tibesar and St. Frances Cabrini Parish:

One on the web page:
US Catholic Parish set to "Publicly Bless the Relationship of Same-Sex Couples"

and another on a recorded homily of Fr. Tiebsar's:
ON TAPE: U.S. Priest Blasts Vatican Cardinal and Archbishop over Homosexuality During Homily

The statement from the Archdiocese also notes that during his meeting with Archbishop Flynn and Auxiliary Bishop Richard Pates, Father Tibesar also agreed "to refrain from statements in any form that are contrary to Church teaching." The priest confirmed these commitments to Archbishop Flynn in a letter following their meeting.

Dennis McGrath, spokesman for the Archdiocese told that Fr. Tibesar claimed that he did not know the controversial statement was on his website.

Last year reported that the website of Dignity USA, the most prominent US lobby organization fighting Catholic teaching on human sexuality "from within" the Church, featured Fr. Tibesar as a member of the organization's National Leadership Team.

Fr. Tibesar is still the pastor of Saint Frances Cabrini Parish.
Wow. After essentially raising a rather large middle finger to Catholicism in general, this guys fitting punishment is to take the notice of homo-blessings off the parish website, and to promise to "refrain" from ever doing it again. I'm underwhelmed.

Then we have this other bit of disconcerting news from Poland via Catholic World News;

Polish hierarchy too conservative, priest complains

Warsaw, Dec. 21, 2007 ( - A prominent Polish Catholic priest has complained that the country's hierarchy is leaving "no room for discussion and change" in the Church.

"John Paul II built such a conservative Church," complained Father Tadeusz Bartos, the Dominican founder of a private university. In an interview with Przekroj magazine, he charged that there is "no left wing in the Polish episcopate."

Father Bartos called particular attention to Archbishop Jozef Zycinski of Lublin, who is often cited as one of the more liberal prelates in Poland. In the Dominican priest's opinion the archbishop cannot be considered liberal in his outlook because he supports efforts to rehabilitate homosexuals by changing their orientation. His support for those efforts "causes doubts," Father Bartos said, insisting that homosexuality is not a condition that can be treated. "In medical matters," he said, "I trust doctors more than bishops."
He arrogantly and openly challenges Church teaching on homosexuality. By the way, sodomy is a moral disorder that involves medical consiquences. Small things like anal cancer being 10 times greater in homosexuals than heterosexuals, to parasitic infections due to oral-anal contact, to the colon actually "falling out" of the rectum because it has been, in essence, turned inside-out.

How much you want to bet that absolutely nothing will happen to Bartos? But then again, he just might get the ever so slight tap on the wrist.

Friday, December 21, 2007

St. Mary's (Yet Again) Ignores Rome
Caution: Disobedience is habit-forming

I recently had a friend of mine mention that one of the Catholic schools locally offers so-called "Liturgical Dance" as an extracurricular activity. "No!" said I. Not at St. Mary's!!

After about 5 whole minutes of checking out this alleged Catholic school's website, I came up with the following;

Mrs. Xxxxx served 2 years on the St. Mary School Advisory Board and is currently serving on the St. Mary School Development Committee. She shares her love for dance by teaching liturgical dance to students in grades 3-8 afterschool.OK, I'm sure the teacher cited is a lovely lady. I'm going to give her benefit of the doubt and assume that she's under the impression that "Liturgical Dance" is just hunky-dory. However, with that said, I'm fairly sure that the principal is aware of what the teaching of The Church is on the subject. Or at least she should be.

Now that brings me to the shepherd of this flock, Father Bob. I've posted about some of the things the good father preaches there at St. Mary's. I'd like to think that he knows exactly what the teaching of The Church is concerning liturgical dance.

Anyhow, I've posted a few of the pertinent passages from an authoritative point of reference from The Vatican; (Emphasis mine)

Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship
The following essay appeared in "Notitiae" 11 (1975) 202-205, and is labeled as a "qualified and authoritative sketch." It is the mind of the Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship (presently called Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments) that this article is to be considered "an authoritative point of reference for every discussion on the matter." Therefore, it is commended for study by diocesan liturgical commissions and offices of worship. (This English translation first appeared in The Canon Law Digest, Vol. VIII, pp. 78-82).

Dancing and Worship

The dance has never been made an integral part of the official worship of the Latin Church.

If local churches have accepted the dance, sometimes even in the church building, that was on the occasion of feasts in order to manifest sentiments of joy and devotion. But that always took place outside of liturgical services.

Conciliar decisions have often condemned the religious dance because it conduces little to worship and because it could degenerate into disorders.

However, the same criterion and judgment [that apply to the Eastern Rites] cannot be applied in the western culture.

Here dancing is tied with love, with diversion, with profaneness, with unbridling of the senses: such dancing, in general, is not pure.

For that reason it cannot be introduced into liturgical celebrations of any kind whatever: that would be to inject into the liturgy one of the most desacralized and desacralizing elements; and so it would be equivalent to creating an atmosphere of profaneness which would easily recall to those present and to the participants in the celebration worldly places and situations.

Neither can acceptance be had of the proposal to introduce into the liturgy the so-called artistic ballet because there would be presentation here also of a spectacle at which one would assist, while in the liturgy one of the norms from which one cannot prescind is that of participation.

If the proposal of the religious dance in the West is really to be made welcome, care will have to be taken that in its regard a place be found outside of the liturgy, in assembly areas which are not strictly liturgical. Moreover, the priests must always be excluded from the dance.
I'm sure you've noticed that I've made an effort to emphasis the words "liturgy" and "liturgical". Why not? Isn't what's being taught at St. Mary's Liturgical Dance? Not Interpretive Dance, nor Artistic Dance, but Liturgical Dance.

It's a reasonable assumption that what these children are being taught is to one day be incorporated into (hold on to your hat)... the liturgy!!?? If the pastor and principal authorize interpretive and/or artistic dance into the curriculum, fine. But they haven't. They've authorized something that The Church has stated cannot be authorized.

And in all honesty, I'm not sure if this particular parish actually has dancing girls traipsing about during Mass itself, but that's irrelevant. They're being trained to. That's the important part.

But in all fairness, this particular document dates back to 1975. Hmmm... I wonder if Francis Cardinal Arinze, head honcho for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, has said anything just a wee bit more up-to-date?

Amazingly enough... he has! Take a gander at just some of his comments on this topic from 2003;

Has liturgical dance been approved for Masses by your office?

There has never been a document from our Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments saying that dance is approved in the Mass.

The question of dance is difficult and delicate. However, it is good to know that the tradition of the Latin Church has not known the dance. It is something that people are introducing in the last ten years -- or twenty years. It was not always so. Now it is spreading like wildfire, one can say, in all the continents -- some more than others. In my own continent, Africa, it is spreading. In Asia, it is spreading.

Now, some priests and lay people think that Mass is never complete without dance. The difficulty is this: we come to Mass primarily to adore God -- what we call the vertical dimension. We do not come to Mass to entertain one another. That's not the purpose of Mass. The parish hall is for that.

So all those that want to entertain us -- after Mass, let us go to the parish hall and then you can dance. And then we clap. But when we come to Mass we don't come to clap. We don't come to watch people, to admire people. We want to adore God, to thank Him, to ask Him pardon for our sins, and to ask Him for what we need.

Most dances that are staged during Mass should have been done in the parish hall. And some of them are not even suitable for the parish hall.

I saw in one place -- I will not tell you where -- where they staged a dance during Mass, and that dance was offensive. It broke the rules of moral theology and modesty. Those who arranged it -- they should have had their heads washed with a bucket of holy water! [laughter]
Seriously... is it really asking all that much for Catholic schools actually adhere to what The Catholic Church teaches? Is it?

Am I the only one here who is under the distinct impression that some folks could really give a damn less what The Church teaches?
More From The Anglican/Episcopalian Implosion Front
This should come as no suprise

Not all that long ago I posted about how 1 in 33 Anglican ministers don't believe in God. The posting is here (scroll down half-way).

Now we have this little nugget from the head-honcho for the Anglican Communion stating that it's no longer a requirement to believe in the virgin birth.

Here's some of the article from The Australian; (emphasis mine)
Anglicans need not believe in virgin birth
From correspondents in London December 20, 2007

The leader of the world's Anglicans has described the Christmas story of the three wise men as nothing but a "legend" and has said not all followers must believe in the virgin birth of Jesus.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has picked apart elements of the Christmas story, including how a star rose high in the sky and stood still to guide the wise men to Jesus's birth place.

Stars simply don't behave like that, he told the BBC during an interview. Dr Williams said there was little evidence that the three wise men had existed at all. Certainly there was nothing to prove they were kings.

The only reference to the wise men from the East was in Matthew's gospel and the details were very vague, he said. "Matthew's gospel says they are astrologers, wise men, priests from somewhere outside the Roman Empire, that's all we're really told. It works quite well as legend," he said.

He went on to say that while he believed in it himself, new Christians need not leap over the "hurdle" of belief in the virgin birth before they could join the church. He said the virgin birth was "part of what I have inherited". And on the timing of Jesus's birth, he said the son of God was likely not born in December at all.
But would you really expect anything different than the bitter fruit that's fallen from the Tree of Heresy?

And by the way, don't believe the lie that Anglicanism is supposedly "The 4th Branch of Christianity". It's just another generic Protestant denomination among thousands. Gussied up and trying their damndest to look Catholic, to be sure... but but when push comes to shove, heresy is heresy. Just ask Dr. Williams.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

If You Can Find It...
You need to see this Modernist nightmare

Many years ago, I read about some flick out of the early 70's based (and titled) on the book Catholics. Since it was shifted over to DVD, it's been renamed The Conflict. I finally saw it for sale the other day, and of course had to buy it. And am I glad I did, even if the DVD version is poorly edited.

The story takes place in far-away 1999, right after the closing of The Fourth Vatican Council. The Catholic Church has officially renounced Transubstantiation, private Confession, Papal authority has been surrendered to some shadowy Ecumenical Council in The Hague, priests openly declare that Social Justice is more important that personal salvation, a melding of Buddhism and Catholicism is all the rage among priests, etc, etc.

A group of Monks living on an island off the west coast of Ireland still cling to the Traditional Latin Mass. Modernist Rome really doesn't care, until throngs from around the world start making pilgrimages to their little corner of the world. And that's when the Ecumaniacs move to shut them down. Rome's uber-liberal hired gun is played Martin Sheen, and it's obvious he didn't have to do much to get into character.

But why I think it's important for all Catholics to see this movie is because much of it really has come true.

According to every survey, study and poll conducted, most practicing Catholics don't even believe in The Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist. Go to any parish and you'll see with frightening regularity that just a handful of The Faithful partake of the Sacrament of Confession, yet hundreds take Holy Communion. Many priests, bishop and cardinals routinely ignore The Holy Father with impunity. Social Justice and embracing Buddhism really is all the rage for many priests.

Like I said, Catholics/The Conflict is a must see. And the ending is rather Hitchcockian, much like The Birds. The viewer is scratching his head and saying "but what the hell happens from here!!??"

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ya Just Can't Make This Stuff Up...
Those whacky moslems!

From Catholic World News;

Iranian manufacturers tout new "Islamic car" Tehran, Dec. 19, 2007 ( - Manufacturers in Iran have announced the plans for the world's first "Islamic car."

The Iran Khodro company, which produced the Renault Logan, will partner with the Turkish government and the Malaysian company Proton to build a new vehicle, which will be adorned with Islamic symbols and have a compass pointing toward the Muslim holy city of Mecca.

The cost of the "Islamic car" is projected to be somewhere between $8,500 and $12,000.
And until the end of Ramalamadingdong, we here at Craaaaazy Achmeds Used Cars are Jihaadists over savings!

And each and every one comes factory equipped with driver-side, passenger-side, back seat, trunk, hood, wheel, rear-view mirror and delux cup-holder bomb bags... no charge!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Much acclaimed film expert (*nota bene - not ecclesiastical garb expert) Franco Zefirelli, recently asked to assist in overhauling the papal image (yeah - B.XVI comes across as WAY too nice!) is quoted as saying that the Pope comes across "coldly" and needs a "happy image."

To add insult to dumb-assness, the same 1970's quasi-flesh tease period piece guru has deemed that the Holy Father's "wardrobe" (try "sacred vesture" you, idiot!) is in need of "review" because it is "too sumptuous and flashy".

Somebody in the Italian Mafia - please take care of this jackass!

I say the Holy Father isn't flashy enough!
Forget About Running With The Bulls...
It time to run with the moslems!

A few zillion moslems just hit the streets in Mecca for the Hajj. The clock starts now for those idiots to start rioting and stampeding.

Religion of Peace and all that jazz, you know.

One may learn that this past weekend, on the Melbourne Australia website of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter it was announced that in the Mother Diocese of the Latin West, H.H., Pope Benedict XVI will erect the Parish of Trinita dei Pellegrini as a "Personal Parish" for the celebration of all the Sacraments in the Extraordinary Form in accordance with Summorum Pontificum Art. 10.
Fas est Ordinario loci, si opportunum iudicaverit, paroeciam personalem ad normam canonis 518 pro celebrationibus iuxta formam antiquiorem ritus romani erigere aut rectorem vel cappellanum nominare, servatis de iure servandis.

In other words: ALL TRAD - ALL THE TIME

The same announcement from the FSSP includes that:
the Holy Father wishes this model to be “an exemplar for the whole Church”.
Two Thoughts:
1 - One wonders how many dioceses will follow the set model. Riiiiiiiiiiiight....
There is at least one potential exemplar Parish in my own diocese, and if that were somehow not feasible, then there are at least three priests in said diocese who would be willing to found such an exemplar Parish from the ground up. There is no reason that a diocese should have to be dependent upon the Traditional Orders/Societies of Apostolic Life such as the FSSP to found Personal Parishes when there are diocesan priests in a given place who would give their eye-teeth to do as much (and here come the 6 magic words) were they permitted to do so.

2 - Not to illuminate the obvious here, but why, on Earth, is this the first such Parish in ROME OF ALL PLACES?!?!? How is it possible that the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey (to name only two) are so far ahead of the curve on this? Mind boggling.

So May I Introduce To You, The One And Only...
Thought I was going to say 'Billy Shears', didn't you?

*As the theme song to The Dating Game plays in the background*

He's a Cancer/Libra riser who hails from parts unknown. He DESPISES long walks on the beach, AND DETEST EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THE "GAME" OF GOLF AND GOLF "CULTURE". His specialties are knowing where all the skeletons are buried, tight groupings, dressing like Johnny Cash, verbal napalm runs, concealable handguns, and dead languages. And his turn-offs are heresy, Martin Sheen movies, mean people, fake people, and people who are cruel to dogs. He also aspires one day to somehow incorporate The Stars and Bars on to the Vatican flag.

Let's give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Lair contributing team, Vetus Melius Est!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Enough Of Scandals Being Named After Watergate
I have an idea for a new tag-line

Ever notice how many scandals are given the "-gate" suffix reminiscent of Watergate (and how they're suppose to remind us all of the Nixon presidency)? Here're a few examples;

  • Filegate — The illegal possession and scrutiny of 300-900 FBI files by the Clinton Administration without the file's subject's permission.
  • Monicagate, Lewinskygate, Tailgate, Sexgate, or Zippergate — named after Monica Lewinsky who had an "inappropriate relationship" with the then-US President Bill Clinton.
  • Iggygate - a controversy involving talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres and a dog (named Iggy) she adopted through a pet adoption agency, only to give it to another family, violating the adoption agreement.
  • Nannygate — noncitizen domestic help for U.S. attorney general nominees. Also the name of a scandal involving former New York City Police Chief Bernard Kerik
  • Camillagate — tape of a telephone conversation between Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker-Bowles

  • My personal favorite -

  • Shot in the Face Gate — Alternate name given to the controversy surrounding Vice President Dick Cheney's shooting of Republican lawyer Harry Whittington during a quail-hunting trip in February 2006 and the suspected cover up.

  • Let's be honest... the Watergate burglary was a 3d-rate comedy of errors. Dick Nixon never had prior knowledge of it, but he did try to protect his people. That's where the cover-up came into play, and the downfall of his presidency.

    But if we REALLY want to give a proper tag to governmental corruption and scandals in general, how about we name them all after a REAL fraud perpetrated on the American people. And by a Democrat president and congress.

    I propose that all future scandals be named after The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. I can see it now...

  • The Gulf of Files
  • The Gulf of Monica
  • The Gulf of Iggy
  • The Gulf of Nanny
  • The Gulf of Camilla
  • The Gulf of Shot In The Face
  • Who's Been Linking To My Blog?
    ...and other age-old questions

    Ever wonder how many other bloggers have taken your particular pearls of wisdom and linked to them on their own blogs? If so, here's a quick and simple way to keep track. Just go to and simply type in your blog address. Simple as that!

    From there, you can even sign up for e-mail alerts to give you instant notification of who has linked to you. Pretty cool stuff.

    Sunday, December 16, 2007

    I Finally Met A Roman Mormon
    Not to be confused with a Roman Protestant

    Due to inclement weather, Mrs. Caveman and I decided not to make our regular 250 mile pilgrimage to our Traditional Latin Mass. So we had to suck it up and roll the dice here locally. Allow me to state that even though I'd rather not attend a Novus Ordo Mass, I have been to ones that were reverend and respectful... well as reverend and respectful as you can get when if comes to the open-ended Novus Ordo. But anyhow, what an interesting Sunday we had. Our foray into becoming God; my buddy the bishop; and how we mere humans rate over God, went something like this --

    We went to a "faith community" that I've posted about before (here and here), but there's a fairly new priest there and we've heard that he's half-ways decent... so we decided to check it out.

    Besides the aesthetically steril surroundings and the roar of the crowd prior to Mass that made personal prayer difficult (Somethings never change. Different priest, same bullshit) it was your typical Gee-Aren't-We-Great-Fest Cult of Man orgy that's so typical of the "Spirit" of Vatican II mindset.

    But the main outrage of the morning was the sermon. Good ol' Padre was telling the tale of how he had to make a stop at a nearby nursing home to visit a dying man. Padre made it clear that he was really tired, and wanted to make his visit as quick as possible. Poor Father. Rough week. How inconsiderate of this guy to be on his deathbed.

    Anyhow, As Padre relates the story - He (the dying man) asked me, "if I take Communion, will I become Jesus?" All I could think of is what St Augustine said about 'you become what you eat'... and the man asked me again, "if I take Communion, will I become Jesus?" All I could say was 'Amen'! Then the man said that he was ready to recive Jesus.

    What absolute and utter garbage. This priest didn't have the guts to tell that dying man The Truth. We don't 'become Jesus'. Rather, Jesus completely overtakes and consumes US when we recieve Holy Communion. We don't consume Him. He consumes us. But no... this priest would rather dance around heretical Mormon "theology" concerning "becomeing a god" drivel. Or then again, maybe he was big into that Cosmic Jesus tripe that was so big back in the 70's and 80's. Either way, this guy's a moral coward. He didn't tell that man what he needed to hear... he told him what he wanted to hear. I was standing up ready to walk out, but Mrs. Caveman soothed the savage caveman.

    Then during the part of this Novus Ordo group-grope where the announced presider stated that we are in union with Benedict our Pope, Mike our Bishop, etc, etc. 'Mike our bishop', 'eh? I was stunned. Rather presumptuous, wouldn't you say? Personally, I consider that to be unbelievably disrespectful. If I ever see Bishop Burbidge again, I just might refer to His Excellency as "Bishop Mike". What the hell... why not? One of his own priests does.

    But on second thought, maybe I do realize why this guy is so laid back. Just one quick look at his congregation said it all. Half looked like they just fell out of bed, and the other half looked as if they were on their way to a barbecue. After all, the flock is a direct reflection of the shepherd.

    Finally, the end of this exersize in theistic masturbation was mercifully coming to an end. The last thing Father Feelgood said was "Let us go forth to love and serve each other". Shouldn't that have been "to love and serve The Lord"?

    In all fairness, this priest does seem quite the affable fellow, but he just got so many of the basics wrong. And no one, especially a priest, should get away with that.
    On The Heels Of Oprah Butting Her Foot In Her Mouth
    No pun intended...

    Yet again, the ever popular race card is being played again... and yet again, those that scream racism the loudest are looking rather stupid. Again.

    Here's some of a fascinating piece from; (emphasis mine)

    Racial Hoaxes and the NAACP
    By Walter E. Williams
    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Last May, firefighters at a Baltimore, Md., fire station came under scrutiny for displaying a deer with an afro wig, gold tooth, gold chain and a cigarette hanging from its mouth.

    Marvin "Doc" Cheatham, president of the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP, went ballistic, charging, "There is now and has been a culture of racism and white supremacy within the Baltimore City Fire Department."

    As it turns out, it was a black fireman who dressed up the critter. Cheatham refused to apologize for his accusations of fire department racism, maintaining "there is now and has been a culture of racism and white supremacy within the Baltimore City Fire Department."

    On Nov. 21, a hangman's noose was found at the fire station with a note, "We can't hang the cheaters, but we can hang the failures. No EMT-1, NO JOB." The noose and note turned up on the heels of an investigation into allegations of cheating on the test that emergency medical technicians must take for certification.

    Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, a black, in a written statement said, "I am outraged by this deplorable act of hatred and intimidation. Threats and racial attacks are unacceptable anywhere, especially in a firehouse." Doc Cheatham said, "We're going to demand that this be handled as a hate crime. This thing really needs to end here in Baltimore city." The incident prompted a federal investigation.

    Last week, Donald Maynard, a black firefighter-paramedic, confessed to having placed the noose, note and drawing depicting a lynching on a bunk in the firehouse. City officials said Maynard was recently suspended, prior to his confession, from the department Friday for failing to meet requirements for advanced life-saving training. A spokesman for Mayor Dixon said there would be no criminal charges filed.

    In response to Maynard's confession, NAACP President Cheatham still blamed white racism, saying, "It really saddens us to hear that evidently things have reached a stage that even an African-American does an injustice to himself and his own people as a result of a negative culture in that department."
    Like I posted the other day, the best Oprah can do is to allude to racism, and look the fool all the while. Oh, and before anyone screams about how the author of this piece is a hard-core White racist, I have news for you... he's Black. Thank God Dr. Williams has the guts to expose the roaches and other assorted race pimps.

    Saturday, December 15, 2007

    I'd Rather Have A Gun And Not Need It
    Than need a gun and not have it

    Here's some of the article from The Portland Herald Press;

    Here's more proof that 'disarmed' and 'victim' are synonymous
    When violence looms and every second counts, recall that the police are only minutes away.
    M.D. Harmon December 14, 2007

    Has anyone ever wondered why people with guns who have kissed sanity good-bye never take out their uncontrollable rage on the nearest police station? Nor do they drive off to the nearest Army base, shooting range or hunting club to vent their murderous frustration.

    It should only take a moment's thought to understand why: Those places have people who have relatively easy access to weapons themselves. It's one thing to be homicidal and suicidal, but it's quite another to consider that one's murderous intent could be brought to an untimely halt through the immediate application of superior firepower.

    However, there are places that draw these people like magnets, and they, too, are easy to locate: They are the places where the possession of firearms is forbidden, and that fact is widely advertised.

    Some of these places even go so far as to publicly display their vulnerability to mass murder through the posting of signs that say "No Guns Permitted" or "Gun-Free Zone."

    Virginia Tech was proud of its "gun-free" status, and boasted about how safe a place it was once it posted signs forbidding firearms on campus. Thirty-two people died there last April as the cost of that exercise in hubris and futility.

    Other places where firearms are typically banned are stores, including shopping malls, government buildings, including schools, and places of worship. We saw in the Columbine shootings how effective gun bans are for schools.

    And in Omaha last week, eight people died in a shopping mall before the shooter, cornered by police, killed himself. In Ogden, Utah, last February, a man killed five people in a mall before an armed off-duty police officer pinned him down until help could arrive.

    And just this past weekend, a disturbed youth who had posted violent diatribes against Christians on an Internet site killed two students at a Colorado missionary center. He later showed up at a church that had an association with the missionary group carrying multiple weapons and 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

    But because of the earlier shootings, the church had activated its voluntary security force, composed of members who had licenses to carry concealed weapons and the training to use them. The gunman killed two teenage girls in the church parking lot and wounded their father before he entered the church.

    But once he got inside, he was confronted by one of the church's volunteer guards, Jeanne Assam, a former police officer armed with a pistol. As witnesses described it, she advanced on the shooter yelling "Surrender," and when he raised his weapon, fired several shots, bringing him to the ground. Police reported that the badly wounded gunman then shot himself to death. Assam, dubbed "Dirty Harriet" by one writer, was credited by the church's pastor with having saved 50 to 100 lives.

    It's almost enough to make a fair-minded, thoughtful person conclude that armed, law-abiding citizens might have saved countless more lives at places like those listed above.

    But not in the view of the confiscation crowd. They point at the weapons the gunmen used and say that banning them would halt such shootings. Problem is, there's precious little evidence to support that view, and much to disprove it.
    "Holiday" Card Most Satanic
    Leave it to the butchers at Planned Parenthood

    The fiends at Planned Parenthood to come up with this sacrilegious bit of drivel;

    Planned Parenthood Wishes Members "Choice on Earth," No Christmas Cards
    by Steven Ertelt Editor
    December 14, 2007

    Washington, DC ( -- Planned Parenthood sent an email "holiday" greeting on Friday to its pro-abortion members nationwide with the message "Choice on Earth." Surprisingly, the nation's largest abortion business has yet to promote sales of its Christmas cards with the same offensive message.
    The greeting comes from Cecile Richards, the president of the pro-abortion group. "As I reflect upon the past year and consider the next, I can't help but feel a sense of good will," Richards writes. "Good will toward the women, men, and families that we serve. Good will toward you, my Planned Parenthood family."

    "And good, determined will to accomplish the work that lies ahead in the new year," Richards ads. The greeting closes with an image of the Earth and the message, "Choice on Earth. From all of us at Planned Parenthood, we wish you a peaceful holiday season."
    Time for a common sense check. WWPPD?

    A 14-year old girl is in an arranged marriage with a much older man. She's already pregnant before the wedding vows are even barely finalized. By any cultural standard, this little family is barely above being categorized as impoverished. When the previously mentioned 14-year old girl finally does give birth, they are so down and out, that she must give birth in a stable where the only source of warmth are the rags they wear, the breath of the animals, and what little heat is emitted from animal droppings.

    We all know what Planned Parenthood would say about "carrying that pregnancy to term", don't we? And they have the audacity to wish upon us "Choice On Earth". Even satan can appear as an Angel of Light.

    Friday, December 14, 2007

    Lousy Democrats!
    You tell 'em, Homer
    Helmet tip to my goomba-ette, Helen

    Here's some of the article from
    Ramadan Yea, Christmas Nay
    By Amanda Carpenter
    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Democrats who supported a House resolution to honor Ramadan voted against a similar resolution to honor Christmas and Christianity last night.

    18 Democrats voted “nay” or “present” on a resolution to “recognize the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.” An eagle-eyed Republican House staffer points out that those same members, with one exception, voted to “recognize the commencement of Ramadan,” a Muslim religious observance in October.
    Personally, I think that a certain Mr. Homer J. Simspon says it best. (Click Here)
    Blast From The Past!

    Originally posted Dec 3, 2005

    Einstein Discovers The Theory Of ROCK!
    E=MC Skynyrd

    With a hat tip to and to

    The Novus Ordo Of Pop Music

    WARNING!! Scary images alert

    God bless Anna Haycraft, may God rest her soul. One of her quotes came to mind the other day when I was watching some drivel on TV about celebrities present day. Here's what she had to say about the "Spirit" of Vatican II and what it's done to The Church overall;

    "It is as though one's revered, dignified and darling old mother had slapped on a mini-skirt and fishnet tights and started ogling strangers. A kind of menopausal madness, a sudden yearning to be attractive to all. It is tragic and hilarious and awfully embarrassing. And of course, those who knew her before feel a great sense of betrayal and can't bring themselves to go and see her any more."How the worm has turned. From being a semi-talented 80's Pop Star (if you count being an easier lay than a throw rug a talent) to a 50-ish burned-out hag who once was a 38 C and is now a 42 Long, and she must resort to publically french kissing fellow losers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera just to be "relevant" to kids today.

    I guess that's what happens when you try to be everything to everyone. And that's why Madonna wins the title of The Novus Ordo of Pop Music Award.

    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    You Asked, We Respond!!
    An extra large Helmet Tip to the enigmatic Paul

    A couple of Bloglodytes have asked (previous posting below) where they may be able to purchase the Crusader Cross-style jersey of Inter Milan Football Club. Thanks to Paul, here's the link.

    Happy Crusading!
    Maybe There IS Something To European Professional Kick-Ball
    Anything that pisses off moslems is OK by me

    From The Times of London;

    Muslim lawyer sues over Inter Milan 'Crusaders' kit

    A Turkish lawyer is taking legal action against Inter Milan, the Italian football team, for wearing a strip with “Crusader-style” red crosses that he alleges is ”offensive to Muslim sensibilities”.

    Baris Kaska, a lawyer in Izmir who specialises in European law, said that he had lodged a complaint in a local court against Inter Milan, which last month played the Istanbul team Fenerbahce in a Champions League match at the San Siro stadium in Milan. The Inter players wore a new strip - a white shirt with a giant red cross on it - marking the club's centenary.

    Mr Kaska said he was not only seeking damages but was also appealing to Uefa to annul the match, which Inter won 3-0. “That cross only brings one thing to mind - the symbol of the Templar Knights,” he said. “It made me think immediately of the bloody days of the past. While I was watching the game I felt profound grief in my soul.” Mr Kaska told the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that the cross symbolised “Western racist superiority over Islam”.

    He said that Inter had “manifested in the most explicit manner the superiority of one religion over another”. He said the court had contacted both Uefa and Fifa to convey his demand that Inter should be “heavily fined for displaying an offensive symbol”. “How could Uefa allow this?“demanded the Turkish paper Radikal.
    "Offensive to Muslim sensibilities"? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over. I guess killing your daughter because she refuses to wear a headscarf is an example of "moslem sensibilities", 'eh?

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Father Euteneuer Should Have Been Elected President Of The USCCB
    Time to take out the trash

    Nice to see SOMEONE call a spade a spade. (emphasis mine)

    Priest asks Bishops to fire Golden Compass critic

    The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer called on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to fire Harry Forbes for his positive reviews of immoral or anti-Catholic films.
    Wednesday, December 12, 2007 By Spero News - The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, STL, president of Human Life International, today called on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to fire Harry Forbes, director of the Office for Film and Broadcasting of the Conference, for his positive reviews of immoral or anti-Catholic films on the Conference's Catholic News Service.

    Father Euteneuer said, "I refuse to believe that Harry Forbes, who gave such glowing remarks to the homosexual promo film Brokeback Mountain and the atheist indoctrination flick The Golden Compass, speaks in the name of our bishops. An employee who shames our bishops with reviews of this sort should be fired. He now has a track record and is not worthy to be a public spokesperson for any Catholic let alone the national conference of bishops. I urgently ask the bishops to correct this anomaly at the headquarters and restore the dignity of the conference, which has been sullied by this man."

    According to Father Euteneuer, "There seems to be a decades-old pattern of embarrassment on the part of some USCCB subordinates and other lay officials when it comes to the teachings of the Catholic Church. All too often these scandals involve matters of homosexuality. In 1987 we had the document 'The Many Faces of AIDS' which was problematic on the use of condoms, then in 1997 the scandalous document 'Always our Children' so distorted Catholic teaching that it had to be rewritten after its release."

    Father Euteneuer added, "Then in December, 2005, Forbes's review of Brokeback Mountain with its original 'L' rating for 'Limited' had to be corrected and reclassified as 'O' for 'Morally Objectionable.' The bishops have been embarrassed by their staff like clockwork for almost 20 years. Now, in December 2007, the bishops have had to withdraw Forbes's review of The Golden Compass from CNS after publication. After major scandals involving homosexual clergy, do we really need their movie reviewer now tiptoeing around hostile atheism?

    "Let Harry Forbes be the sign that the bishops can break the cycle of subtle and overt dissent among their subordinates. They should show him the door and require all other employees to take an Oath of Fidelity. That will separate the wheat from the chaff," concluded Fr. Euteneuer.
    One thing I disagree with Fr. Euteneuer on -- individuals in place like Harry Forbes were PUT THERE TO BEGIN WITH by bishops who are like minded. If there's going to be a slamming of Harry Forbes, there needs to be an even greater slamming of the Lavender Mafia in the hierarchy.


    Mark from Dominican Idaho sends word that there has simply been "a replacing of one bad review with an even worse one".

    As Mark shows us; (Mark's comments in black)
    'Compass': Challenging believers to articulate faith, values
    By Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP

    Others, such as Donna Frietas and Jason King, admit to Pullman's atheism in their book "Killing the Imposter God," but think he employs feminist and liberation critical theology in his writings, and that using these lenses reveals truth rather than denies it.
    Yeah, spelling words right reveals truth... Sr. Rose ends with:

    To "just say no" is not a valid option in today's media world.

    I beg to differ. I say no to pornography and a host of other aberations with which there is little reason to subject myself to, and every reason not to. Sister seems to have forgotten that our Lord to whom she is vowed taught the "custody of the eyes." - for it is by them that the filth enters the heart. time for some sweeping.