Thursday, December 27, 2007

A What Kind Of High School!?
Verbal engineering at it's best

In regards to a reference I made to the bulletin announcement from St. Mary's parish concerning how "Christmas isn't perfect", as my compadre, Former Altar Boy so correctly pointed out, Father Bringdown also stated that he's launching a feasibility study for the establishment of a... get ready for this... "a small, academically-oriented Catholic high school".

Now I've simply got to ask the $64,000 question: What the hell is an "academically-oriented Catholic high school"? Is that something that isn't a socially-oriented Catholic high school? Or possibly one that isn't an athletically-oriented Catholic high school? Or as Former Altar Boy correctly queries; " about they start a Catholic-oriented academic high school? I'm not sure most of the graduates of their grade school will pass the entrance exam."

How nice it would be to actually see a Catholic school around here that doesn't:

1. Teach the kids how to do the Ecclesiastical Boogaloo, especially in light that the Church has ruled against such.

2. Have a member of the teaching staff link directly to the website of the openly and militantly anti-God author, Phillip Pullman. (Thank God, that link has since been pulled)

3. Still have books by the very same anti-God author listed on the schools library list.

4. Teach ambiguous statements concerning how if we receive Holy Communion, that we "become Jesus".

5. Or even echo what a certain priest alludes to concerning denouncing legitimate authority. (Another prime example of verbal engineering)

Not to mention instances that Mrs. Caveman has passed on to me that she's witnessed first-hand... like a certain priest here in this deanery stating from the pulpit openly discouraging prayers to the Saints because that could lead to idolatry (oh, and this very same priest got rid of "...and all His Angels and Saints" in favor of "...and all God's Angels". What a nice slice of Roman Protestantism, 'eh? And that's only one example of some of the garbage we've witnessed throughout the years.

Bottom line, if there's going to be a Catholic high school here, how about we make sure it's a Catholic high school?

One other suggestion - If and when a Catholic high school is ever established here in Wilmington, I'd like to suggest the following name;

Our Lady of Akita Catholic High School


Blogger ignorant redneck said...

I went to a "Catholic" high School.

I have friends and aquaintances who went to "Catholic" high school.

I regard the phrase "Catholic High School" as an oxymoron.

And, as I read your blog, I become more and more a supported of Home Schooling!

11:30 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Big 10-4 on the name "Our Lady of Akita Catholic High School." Put it proudly right out in front that it is a CATHOLIC school. But what I've heard of the current leadership at St. Mary's, I don't hold much hope.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Subvet said...

The War Department and I received a brocure from our newly opened "Catholic" high school last year. For the measly sum of ten grand a year our kids would receive the latest and greatest instruction in, among other things, "social justice". That particular term always goes right up my butt.

So when the time comes, we'll send the little darlings to a nondenominational Christian school that we've thoroughly vetted. It'll probably be more Catholic than any institute that bears the name.

12:38 AM  

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