Monday, December 31, 2007

"Catholic" Clerics & Religious Saddle-Up With Communists, Atheists, Homo-Militants
Our Lady of Akita's warning get louder all the time
Helmet tip to to the MIG Fighter

It really wasn't all that long ago where our leaders not only warned us of the dangers of Communism, Secular-Atheism and militant homosexuals, but they activly fought against such.

How times have changed. Check out the following from a group of gutless Surrenderistas that go by the moniker of But of course, one of the bigest backers of Islamo-Terrorism on the face of the earth, namely Iran, is just another "victim" of mean ol' America.

And how about some of the folks and organizations that have signed on with this motley bunch of appeasing surrender-monkeys: (Partial list)

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Detroit Archdiocese, Founding President, Pax Christi
George Galloway, MP, Britain
Gerry Condon, Vietnam war deserter/antiwar activist, Director, Soldier Say No/Project Safe Haven
LeiLani Dowell, Queers for Peace & Justice
Klaus Hartmann, Chairman, German Freethinkers Association
Jesse Lokahi Heiwa,
Beth Lamont, NY Humanist Society
Minnie Bruce Pratt, Lesbian Author/activist, National Writers Union, Jersey City, NJ
Communist Party Usa Wisconsin Section, Green Bay, WI
Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Ferrara, Italy
Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Roma, Italy
Enlightend Humanist Party, Dothan, AL
Franciscan Sisters, Rome, Italy
Freedom Socialist Party National Office, Seattle, WA
Humanist Party Of Italy, Milan, Italy
International Socialist Organization, Chicago, IL
Karl Marx Institute Bangladesh,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Left Party, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Arlington, VA
School Sisters Of Notre Dame, Milwaukee, WI
St. Vincent Ferrer Church, Brooklyn, NY
Alberto Burgio, member of the central commitee, Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Ferrara, Italy
Bruno Steri, member of the central commitee, Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Roma, Italy
Cecelia Lavan, Justice Promoter, Dominican Sisters, New Rochelle, NY
Tiziana Longhitano, Docente, Franciscan Sisters, Rome, Italy
Gene Betot, Social Justice Minsister, Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Arlington, VA
It's a sad day indeed when Catholics join forces with those who despise and hate our own Church. If the above mentioned "Catholics" really are anti-war... fine. But do they REALLY have to sign on with the Communists, et al?

Our Lady of Akita, Pray For Us


Blogger Dymphna said...

Don't know about the others but I can tell you that Our Lady Queen of Peace in Arlington is flaky with a capital F. My husband and I went to Mass there once and were shocked. A dog-- yes a live tail wagging little dog, was on the altar and the priest acted like a comedian. The tabernacle was dusty.That told me everything I need to know about that parish and the folks who run it.

11:03 AM  

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