Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Really Don't Mean To Beat A Dead Horse...
But Catholics need to know what the hell's going on

And "hell" being the operative word. But anyhow, imagine if you will, the following;

But first, I ask you to clear your mind of any preconceived notions as to who and what this is all about. Try to look on this from the outside looking in (even though anyone with an iota of common sense has this sham already figured out).

~ There's a conference in Los Angeles that will draw literally thousands and thousands of participants.

~ Among the speakers, there will be one individual who is a promoter of the occult “Enneagram” practice and “eco-spirituality”. He is also the founder and former director of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico which holds “wild man initiation rituals” for men. At the all-male retreats, he says, men remove clothing and touch each other in “wounded areas.” This individual was a featured speaker at the March, 1997, New Ways Ministry Symposium, a pro-homosexual activist group specifically banned by the Vatican.

~ Another of the speakers is an associate professor of moral theology at Marquette University, who opposed a 2006 Marriage Protection Act that proposed to ban homosexual unions. He said, "voting 'no' on the marriage amendment, in my judgment, is the best way to respect all of our Catholic beliefs and values." In 2004, this individual told fellow priests the "new Church" will be “more sensuous and feminine.”

~ And yet another featured speaker is an author and a prominent supporter of women's ordination. At the 1993 conference of the radical and excommunicated group Call to Action, this individual donned clerical vestments and staged a mock celebration of the Mass.

And as The Caveman asks rhetorically, can anyone guess what this conference is all about, and who exactly is sponsoring it?

Is it the anti-Catholic organization known as The Rainbow Sash Movement? Nahhh....

Is it the anti-Catholic organization known as Catholics For A Free Choice? Nahhh....

Is it the anti-Catholic organization known as WomenPriests? Nahhh....

Is it the anti-Catholic organization known as Call To Action? Nahhh....

Hold on to your hats... (drum roll, please) it's the Los Angeles Catholic archdiocese hosting its annual Religious Education Congress. Big shocker, huh? But like I asked, try to look at this from the outside looking in. If you were a non-Catholic reading this, what conclusion would you draw?

I know what I think... Satan is alive and well, and definitely running the show at the largest Catholic Archdiocese in the United States of America.

But if any of you in the LA area are considering protesting this abomination, keep in mind the track record of Mahony's Gestapo --

LOS ANGELES, July 5, 2005 ( - Faithful Catholics were outraged last week, when a group of young pro-life Catholics were removed and threatened with arrest at the Los Angeles Cathedral where notoriously liberal Roger Cardinal Mahony was “celebrating” a pro-abortion politician.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You Better Not Say A DAY-UM Thing About The South Any More!!
Two heads are better than one. But on the same kid?

How many times have we all heard the tired old mantra... "whatever two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes...", etc, etc, barf. Now we can change it to "Ommm... Ommm... Ommm gonna knock-up my sister".

Well fellow bloglodytes, that blatantly self-destructive belief has reached it's logical conclusion. The pride of Deutschland, Patrick und Susan Stubing (yeah, I'd say there was some serious stubing going on) are brother and sister... and parents of four children... by each other! EWWWWWWWW!!

And of course, this husband-wife/brother-sister act is challenging the German law that makes incest illegal. Of course, if they win, their son/brother and daughter/sister "kids" will be legitimate in the eyes of civil law.

But you know, I may be wrong. Possibly the logical conclusion hasn't been reached by the Stubing Family Freak Show. Using the sexual anarchists own rationale... why stop at just two consenting adults? Seriously, as long as everyone is over the age of eighteen, why can't grandmothers and granddaughter "get married"? Hell, why not Grandma Beatrice, her son Joe, Uncle Freddie, Great Aunt Gertrude, and grandson Biff?

Let 'em all get married into one big sweaty, pulsating, chromosome damaged heap of abomination to God. Kinda like kimchee.
Another Lent, Another Stab At Arianism
Like clockwork *sigh*
A helmet tip to Regular Guy Paul, Fr. Richtsteig, double Mac, and Amy.

It's Lent, otherwise known as open season on Christianity. OK... so going back a few years, what has Lent signified to the secular world?

~ March 2003. Unbelievably stupid people took serious a book that consists of chapters that were a whopping 2-3 pages in length. Oh, and let's not forget about albino Opus Dei monks that were actually hit men.

~ March 2006. National Geographic ceased to be the premier publication that made adolescent boys go blind and have hair grow on the palms of their hands... and switched to the heady task of making us buy off on something called "The Gospel of Judas".

~ (Double helmet tip to Amy) April 2, 2006. NBC actually gives air time to some doofus claiming he has proof that Jesus was never crucified. Oddly enough, this moron fails to display the good manners of actually giving us any "proof". We're all suppose to take his word for it.

~ March 1999. Bubba Clinton orders a cruise missile and aerial bombing campaign against Serbia to begin during the Serbian Orthodox season of The Great Lent, or what some call The Great Fast. Amazingly enough, he specifically ordered that no air strikes would take place against Iraq during Ramadan... even if the Hussein regime violated the No Fly Zone agreement and tried to kill American and allied personnel. But it's OK to kill Christians during Lent.

~ February 2007. Now we have the King of the Chick Flicks (and crappy ones at that) telling the world that he has DNA evidence that Jesus "and His family" are buried in Jerusalem. Gee... I sure would like to see the blood samples of Jesus Christ, The Holy Mother, and St. Mary Magdalen that James Cameron has in his possession. Wouldn't you?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Name That Republic!!
I can name that republic in two hints

Once upon a time, there was this fledgling little republic. This brand spanking new little republic was born right in the middle of a war. And a nasty one at that.

Anyhow, two world super-powers threw their lot in with this new republic. Things didn't go well at first. Quite a bit of the folks on the home front weren't all that thrilled with their perspective nation pumping troops and money into an "unwinnable" war.

Both of these super-powers had many in their governments wailing that their armed forces were "stretched too thin" throughout the world, and were calling for a redeployment of the troops to be brought back home. And as the "cut and run" crew was adamant that they should leave because "that was is in reality, a civil war, and none of our business".

Hmmm.... what to do, what to do?

I wonder what would have happened to that fledgling little republic of those two super-powers would have left before victory was achieved? Common sense can answer that question fairly easily.

Oh, and if you think that I'm talking about President Bush of the United States, and Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom supporting the fledgling little Republic of Iraq, Guess again.

I'm talking about His Most Catholic Majesty, Louis XVI of France and His Most Catholic Majesty, King Carlos III of Spain supporting a fledgling little republic that we all know nowadays as The United States of America.
I Wonder Why CNN Hasn't Broadcast This Story?

Click here for the original article

Iraqi translator has American dreams
Monday, 26 February 2007
Story and photo by Megan McCloskey
Stars and Stripes

CAMP TAQADDUM — He’s got the strut, the confident Devil Dog swagger. He peppers his speech with “awesome” (and more than occasionally drops the F-bomb). He’s definitely gung-ho. After three years of working with the U.S.-led coalition, “Sam,” an Iraqi translator for the 9th Engineer Support Battalion, has adopted the mannerisms of a typical young Marine. Now, he wants to be one.

The 25-year-old is hoping to immigrate to the United States, enlist in the Marine Corps, become an American citizen, and then join the officer ranks. “I love to be a military guy,” he said.

A recent policy that affords a small number of Iraqi and Afghan translators special resident status might just give him the chance. The dream, Sam said, took hold when he was a child.

He said he became fascinated with the U.S. military when it trained the Jordanian army in the 1980s. He searched out newspapers from Jordan and Saudi Arabia to read about American servicemembers, and he fantasized about being one of them. “But it was just a dream. I never thought it would happen one day,” Sam said. “Under Saddam, just thinking about that could get you killed.”

Despite being drawn to military life, Sam didn’t want to join Saddam’s army. But the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq presented a different opportunity. “I started thinking my dream is getting closer,” Sam said. With a civil engineering degree, he began working as a translator for the U.S. military. For safety reasons, Sam’s real name isn’t used by the unit, and his photo was not taken for this article.

A unit he worked with previously called him “Al Pacino,” but when he got with the 9th ESB, he chose “Sam.” “Like Uncle Sam,” he said, grinning. He hit up the 9th ESB’s commander to get the immigration paperwork started for him as soon as the unit came to CampTaqaddum in August.

“I told him ‘I’ve got to get to know you first,’” Lt. Col. Mark Menotti said, laughing. Sam seems in awe of the U.S. military, the Marines especially. “I love them. How they’re brave to do whatever the mission is, to always keep fighting,” he said. “I’ve seen many Marines get killed and injured for people that are not his people. Guys 18, 19 years old. They protect me.”

In turn, Sam is their cheerleader with the local community. “Some people have the wrong idea about Marines,” he said. “I tell them, ‘The engineers are here to help you.’ Some Iraqis don’t understand that right now, but I guarantee they’ll understand some day.” Menotti, who calls Sam trustworthy and insightful, recommended him for the special immigration status. The package was approved by Menotti’s boss and now rests with a general.

“Sam is a bright guy with an even temperament, someone who mitigates problems with the locals,” Menotti said. Cpl. Angel Figueroa, 9th ESB’s linguist manager, describes Sam as “more Americanized than the other translators.” “He uses the F-word excessively,” Figueroa jokes. “I was like, ‘You’ve definitely been with the military too long.’”

Sam insists that before hanging around the military he rarely cursed, a new habit that gets him chided by a fellow translator. He laughs at how, when he started, he thought he had a good grasp on English, but was constantly saying “What?” to the military slang. “They can’t just call a room a ‘room,’” he says. “It’s a ‘hooch.’”

“I want to be an American citizen, be a Marine, have an American wife,” he said with his trademark enthusiasm. “Even my car will be American.” Asked how he pictures the United States, Sam responded without hesitation. “Almost heaven,” he said. “My loyalty to America [doesn’t start] when I get the Marine job. I have it already.”

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thank You, Britain
Sure is nice to see that we still have at least some friends overseas

Brought to you by the good folks at 18 Doughty Street

And somewhat along the same lines, here's an interesting little article from entitled "Shhhh... The Surge Is Working". Here's a wee bit;

This turnaround in Baghdad is confirmed at home by the media's near-deafening silence. If it seems like you've heard less about how Iraq is spiraling into civil war in the weeks since the surge was announced, this is why. Even some discordant voices in the media are starting to wonder what's happening. Time magazine worries that it's "Quiet in Baghdad. Too quiet.". That's right -- a dramatic reduction in violence is actually bad news.

It's too early to claim victory just yet; the operation is just two weeks old. But U.S. troops have been able to accomplish all of this with just one more brigade in-country, with four more on the way by May.

Hey Britain... any chance we can swap the Time magazine fifth columnists for the 18 Doughty Street crew?


Saturday, February 24, 2007

...And Speaking Of Marines
Better than all the recruiting ads combined

File this one under "what the hell was I thinking!!??"

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica– A vacationing U.S. senior citizen killed an alleged mugger with his bare hands, and his travelling companions aboard a tour bus fended off two other assailants in the Atlantic coast city of Limon, police said.

The group of about a dozen cruise-ship passengers were climbing out of their vehicle Wednesday when the masked trio – one with a gun, the others with knives – attacked.

Suddenly, one of the tourists, a former U.S. Marine in his 70s, pounced on the gunman and put him in a headlock, breaking his collarbone before eventually killing him, according to Limon police chief Luis Hernandez.

"His neck was completely snapped," Hernandez said.
Semper Fidelis... literally
More straight talk from my Marines

Friday, February 23, 2007

Why You So Negative, Caveman?
Hmmmm... why AM I so negative?

I'll be the first to admit, the last few posts have been fairly on the rough side. As I damn well intended them to be. Ya see, fellow bloglodytes, I don't have to dig deep to find news stories that throw the spotlight directly on the cockroaches.

And as long as we have a so-called "Catholic" cardinal, bishop and university president priest who do their best to act like the "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" monkeys while unborn babies are slaughtered, you can bet your paycheck that THIS Caveman will do everything in his power to make sure that my fellow Catholics know what our "leaders" are up to.

As long as we have "moral theologians" who tell pornographic tales about The Holy Mother and St. Joseph, you can bet your paycheck that THIS Caveman will do everything in his power to make sure that my fellow Catholics know what our "leaders" are up to.

As long as we have a so-called "bishop" with a track record of homosexual harassment and protection of a kiddie-rapist "priest", and then he does everything in his power to protect accused "priests" in at least 150 more accusations, you can bet your paycheck that THIS Caveman will do everything in his power to make sure that my fellow Catholics know what our "leaders" are up to.

So with all that said, if anyone thinks that I'm going to somehow miraculously turn into a kindlier, gentler Caveman... forget about it. I'm going after these bastards with everything I got.

I'm sick of seeing Holy Mother The Church raped on a daily basis. How 'bout you?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

This Is What A "Catholic" Education Will Help Produce
...and Cardinal Maida does absolutely nothing (don't tell me you're surprised)

What a wonderful headline... "Catholic University of Detroit Proposing Abortion Agencies as Career Opportunities for Students"

Should I get into the gory details on how UDM (University of Detroit Mercy) aggressively places graduates in "dozens of clinical and non-clinical positions at Planned Parenthood clinics and similar organizations". Nahhh.... you can read that for yourself.

Maybe I should state how the UDM Women's Studies web page lists under "Professional Associations" Planned Parenthood, which UDM describes as the "Best known pro-choice organization in the U.S.". The web page also links to the pro-abortion group National Organization for Women (NOW). Nahhh.... you can read that for yourself.

Should I state how UDM has not only Planned Parenthood, but also the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) on the university's website links? Nahhh.... you can read that for yourself.

And in what should be a shocker to no one... how about the news flash that the UDM President - a Jesuit priest - Rev. Gerard L. Stockhausen, does not seem overly concerned by the Catholic University's ties to the largest abortion provider in the US. Nearly a year ago and Catholic World News reported that a Catholic society dedicated to ensuring fidelity at Catholic colleges pointed out that UDM was linking to Planned Parenthood on the UDM website. And nothing has changed. Should I point that out? Nahhh... you can read that for yourself.

And in the most egregious move yet, for at least an entire year, both Adam Cardinal Maida and Bishop John Quinn haven't done a damn thing. Both of these moral cowards have made the conscience decision to simply look the other way while thousands and thousands of babies were offered up as a sacrifice to Satan... BY GRADUATES OF A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR!

And the faithful look to Rome, but are answered by a thunderous silence.
FINALLY... Some Straight Talk Out Of Rome
'Bout time

Archbishop Malcom Ranjith, the Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, had some rather... interesting, shall we say... things about the Mass of Paul VI (better known as the New Mass, or the Novus Ordo Mass).

Here's a few tid-bits;

What I wished to insist on in those interviews was that the post-conciliar reform of the liturgy has not been able to achieve the expected goals of spiritual and missionary renewal in the Church so that today we could be truly happy about it.

Undoubtedly there have been positive results too; but the negative effects seem to have been greater, causing much disorientation in our ranks.

The churches have become empty, liturgical free-wheeling has become the order of the day, and the true meaning and significance of that which is celebrated has been obscured

Granted, Archbishop Ranjith can't authorize the freeing of the Tridentine Mass (only the Holy Father can), but it sure is refreshing to see some honesty coming from the Vatican on what an absolute and utter disaster the New Mass is.

By the way, wouldn't it be nice to see a North American or Western European cleric (other than the SSPX or the FSSP) say the same thing? But like I've been saying for years, most "Catholics" in North America and Western Europe have already abandoned The Faith.

If and when the Tridentine is freed, be prepared to see it flourish in Asia and Africa.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CAUTION!!! This Post Contains Quotes That Are Vile And Insulting To Both The Blessed Mother and St. Joseph
Brought to you by this evil troll of a man

The cancer within The Body of Christ is spreading. And instead of surgery, what is the remedy that many in the Church have prescribed? Triple the amount of cigarettes. Oh, and let's get some of those nasty ol' cancer cells and purposefully implant them on other parts of the body.

Case in point... the (im)moral theologian "Father" Richard Sparks.

At the 2001 L.A. Religious Education Congress (big shocker there, huh? Mahony at his finest), Fr. Sparks, while acknowledging Church teaching on the perpetual virginity of the Mother of God, said of her relationship with Joseph, “But if somebody says, ‘Do you think Joseph ever wanted to jump her bones?’ Do you think Joseph ever thought, ‘God, why can’t we consummate this thing?’... Now all I'm saying is -- even if they didn't have sex, did they ever neck? Or did they maybe cuddle and snuggle? Did he ever sort of fondle his wife? Did she ever kind of fondle him?”

What a sick bastard.

Check out the article proper to read of the scorched earth policy that Sparky hath wrought. Imagine the worst.... you'll be halfway right. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Home To A World Famous Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park, Perfect Weather, And Another (Morally) Bankrupt Catholic Diocese
San Diego, California... my hometown

Even though I was raised all over the world due to my father being a career Navy man, and I now live back East, I've always considered San Diego my hometown. And for the first time ever in my life, I'm embarrassed to say that.

You see, the Catholic Diocese of San Diego, under the leadership of Bishop Robert Brom, is striving to join the diocese of Tucson, Spokane, Portland, Ore., and Davenport, Iowa in declaring bankruptcy. Is the diocese broke? Hardly.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune;

Facing claims that could exceed $200 million, the diocese may choose this route rather than go to trial in about 150 lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by priests.

According to attorney Irwin Zalkin, who represents many of the 150 San Diego plaintiffs said the diocese has more than ample assets and insurance to settle the clergy-abuse claims and characterized bankruptcy as “a desperate maneuver.”

San Diego is one of the richest dioceses in the country,” Zalkin said. “It has more than $600 million in real estate assets based solely on tax assessors' values and not market value.” The real estate holdings include not only churches, schools, rectories and diocese offices, but also investment property, such as apartment buildings, condominium complexes, commercial developments and undeveloped land.

In addition, Zalkin said, the diocese is part of the Catholic Mutual Group, a pool of 125 dioceses in North America whose Web site states: “Our coverage is backed by recognized financial organizations with assets in excess of $75 billion.”

And another interesting tid-bit... Facing claims that could exceed $200 million, the diocese may choose this route rather than go to trial in about 150 lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by priests.

Ahhh... in other words, the identity of the accused "priests" will be safe and... ummm... what's the word I'm looking for.... oh, that's right, protected.

It's beyond me how a weasel the likes of Robert Brom could ever rise to the Episcopacy of The Catholic Church. But then again, the Dallas Morning News has some interesting news on His Sexcellency concerning the cover-up and protection (and actual participation) in predatory sexcapades that the majority of American bishops have been involved with.

One final interesting stat about the Diocese of San Diego; there's one priest for every 3,555 Catholics. By the way... there's no "Crisis in Vocations" in San Diego, is there? This must be that "Springtime of The Church" that the Vatican II-istas have been crowing about for 40 years. Ya think?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Chicken Little Gets Some Aussie Common Sense Smacked Into Him
'Bout damn time

A reading from the holy gospel of Al Gore ----

"In illo tempore, the world is getting hotter. No... there's another ice age on the way. No, it's getting hotter. Damn, I forget which one. But I'm sure that everyone needs to listen to what I have to say. After all, I invented the internet."

And all the while, Chicken Little (in the guise of the National Catholic Distorter and the USCCB) are urinating all over themselves about the so-called "global warming".

Gee, weren't they all in a tizzy not too long ago about another ice age that supposedly was imminent? I guess their proof was those really hot temperature readings a few months ago. Hey guys... that what we call "summer". And even if global temperatures are slightly on the rise, there's scientific evidence o'plenty that this is a cyclical phenomenon.

But anyhow... the voice of common sense from Down Under, otherwise known as Cardinal Pell had some rather interesting things to say.

And I have to admit, his admonishment of the global warming bunch, to include fellow Catholic clerics, does sound an awful lot like Our Lady of Akita's warnings when he said "What we were seeing from the doomsayers was an induced dose of mild hysteria, semi-religious if you like, but dangerously close to superstition." Talk about your shot across the bow.

Here's the article in it's entirety. Enjoy!!

Cardinal denounces global-warming zealots
Cardinal Pell of Sydney denounced the "nonsense about climate disasters" and the "semi-religious" zealotry of those worried about global warming.
Monday, February 19, 2007
By Martin Barillas

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Australia wrote to his flock that “doomsayers” and “zealots” who worry about global warming have subjected their listeners to “a lot of nonsense about climate disasters”.

Noting that some opinion page editors and others have called for “Nuremberg-style trials for global warming sceptics, while a USA television correspondent compared sceptics to ‘holocaust deniers’”, Cardinal George Pell said “Christians don’t go against reason although we sometimes go beyond it in faith to embrace probabilities. What we were seeing from the doomsayers was an induced dose of mild hysteria, semi-religious if you like, but dangerously close to superstition.”

Writing on the Sydney Australia website on February 18, Cardinal Pell said that he is “deeply sceptical about man-made catastrophic global warming, but still open to further evidence.” He noted that global climate change, such as the Ice Age, had come about with or without human intervention and that he would be surprised, however, if man-made pollution had no ill effect at all.

Hey Australia, any chance we can trade you 100 of our bishops for Cardinal Pell? Please?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

How About A Rousing Game Of Ecclesiastical Keep-Away?
Et tu, Charlie Brown?

Sometimes I just can't help but get the impression that Pope Benedict is Lucy, we Tridentine-minded folks are Charlie Brown, and the Motu Proprio is the football.

Why I Won't Vote For Any The Top Six
Based on nothing more than my personal prejudice and warped sense of humor

In alphabetical order, the reason(s) I won't vote for the following RepubliCrats;

Hillary Clinton
Sorry, those bug-eyes are too much for me to take. They creep me out.

Rudy Giuliani
I can't get beyond the lisp. And I'm eagerly awaiting the day he says
the following at a press conference -- "With the budget and the deficit and
the guhflicta War On the ooooooy Terrorism and the HEY LADY!!!!"

John Edwards
He looks too damn much like this guy

John McCain
On his better days, he looks like the guest of honor at an Irish
wake. And on the days that the mortuary beautician didn't show up....

Barack Obama
Admit it, he's really The Ghost Rider, sans flames.
Good thing he gave up smoking.

Mitt Romney
He looks too damn much like this guy

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Where Is Your Salvation Found?
Per Vatican II, in my well formed conscience

I have little doubt that according to California Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez, it's found within himself. And why not? He was raised on that "according to my well formed conscience" drivel his whole life.

Yep... we've all heard that worn-out mantra for decades now. "According to my well formed conscience." Code for "I'll do anything I want because Vatican II says I can".

Now as we all know, the actual documents of V2 never came out and said exactly that... but they were vague enough that they could mean anything you wanted them to mean. Specifically, within the non-binding/non-dogmatic Declaration of Religious Liberty and The Pastoral Constitution on The Church in the Modern World. Like most of Vatican II, there are loop holes big enough to drive a Mac truck through.

As expected, Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez, who describes himself as a Catholic, yesterday announced he would support and co-sign AB-374, the latest legislative effort to legalize assisted suicide in California.

“Nunez, who is Catholic, said he is ‘ready to buck my church,’ and added that the toughest conversation that he'll have to have is with his ‘Catholic mother who wanted me to become a priest,’” the [San Francisco] Chronicle reported.

No, numb-nuts... the toughest conversation you're going to have is when you stand in judgment in front of God Almighty and you try to tap-dance your way out of eternal damnation... that is if you don't change your ways, and damn double-quick,

Fabian Nunez (and Nancy Pelosi, Rudy Giuliani, Joe Biden, John Kerry, etc.) are perfect examples of the New & Improved, Vatican II Approved Catholic Church. They are what the likes of Weakland, Mahony, Bernadine, etc, ad nauseum, have been striving for since the mid-1960's;

~ You decide what's right and wrong, not God's Church.
~ Your new Sacred Scripture is a political party's platform, not The Holy Bible.
~ Your new Sacred Tradition is all that's been done in "the spirit of Vatican II", not the past 2,000 years of Catholicism.
~ Truth doesn't come from above, it comes from within.
~ Despite the initial sucking of teeth by certain Church leaders, no matter how extreme the unrepentant sin you commit, you'll always be welcome "at The Lord's table" for Holy Communion... and you get to decide what exactly "Holy Communion" is.
The Smartest People Visit The Lair
And this proves it

What period of current American history am I describing?

~ This war began with the support of the majority of the American people.

~ Many American considered this war to be essentially a civil war, until there was evidence that another nation was supplying arms and manpower to the enemy.

~ It was obvious that there were political mistakes made in the early years of this war.

~ It was equally obvious that despite the political blunders, the American military forces themselves never suffered a major defeat. The American forces decisively won every stand-up battle against the enemy.

~ The enemy was deathly afraid to take on the American military. Whenever possible, the enemy chose guerrilla tactics.

~ In time, our host-nation ally slowly began to show the world that they could field a competent and battle-ready military.

~ Despite American military prowess and constant success on the battlefield, many in the American media (mostly liberal) declared the war unwinnable.

~ Despite American military prowess and constant success on the battlefield, many in the American institutes of higher learning (mostly liberal) declared the war unwinnable.

~ Despite American military prowess and constant success on the battlefield, many in the American Congress (mostly liberal) declared the war unwinnable.

~ Whenever American military forces committed an atrocity, liberals ensured that the news of such was given constant media coverage.

~ Whenever the enemy committed atrocities that made the Americans pale in comparison, the liberals were strangely mute on the subject.

~ Despite American military prowess and constant success on the battlefield, after years and years of liberal propaganda bombardment, many Americans eventually became convinced that the war was unwinnable.

~ Yet again... despite American military prowess and constant success on the battlefield, an American Presidency was brought down for leading this nation into an unwinnable war.

~ The enemy eventually won the war after the American military, despite prowess and constant success on the battlefield, was ordered to leave before the enemy was completely defeated.

~ Once firmly in control of our defeated former ally, the enemy killed millions of men, women, and children.

OK... here's the $64,000 question; who can tell if I'm describing the Viet-Nam War or the current war in Iraq?

Friday, February 16, 2007

When Stupid Catholics Attack
More from the "What More Proof Do You Need?" file
And as Theo points out correctly, this is satire.

My good goomba, Paul "Just This Regular Guy, You Know?" plants his tongue firmly in his cheek with this little gem concerning "Catholics favorite SACRAMENT(?)".

One thing's for sure... who ever's in charge of catechizes up in the Archdiocese of Boston is desperately in need of an ass-kicking. If anything, just for general purpose.
To Know, Know, Know Him... Is To Love, Love, Love Him
And she do, (yes she do!) And she do, (yes she do!) And she doooooooo

In the latest installment of the "What More Proof Do You Need?" series, we have this little gem from the good folks at The California Catholic Daily;

U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Santa Ana, a longtime supporter of abortion “rights” who has consistently won 100% approval ratings from the National Abortion Rights Action League and Planned Parenthood, took time out of her busy schedule last week to enter into the Congressional Record praise for the Diocese of Orange and its bishop, Tod Brown.

You remember Presider Brown, don't you? He's the one who enforced the blatantly stupid idea that kneeling during the Consecration is a Mortal Sin. Way to go, Hot Toddie! I'm sure you're just tickled (code) pink over that endorsement.

And while I have the "What More Proof Do You Need?" file broke out... as of today's date, take a gander at what the USCCB considers "news"...

• New ‘People on the Move’ Coordinator Joins U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
• Cardinal Says Legislation to Prevent Discrimination Based n Genetic Tests Should Be Amended
• Catholic Campaign for Human Development Honors California Church Group That Helps Low-Income Latina Women Empower Themselves
• Zen/Ch’an – Catholic Dialogue Opens New Quadrennium
• U.S. Bishops Call for Moral Focus on Global Climate Change; New Report Demands Urgent Attention
• Radio Retreats in English, Spanish Offered by Catholic Communication Campaign

The second story had to do with defending the humanity of handicapped kids (admirable), and the last one had to do with Lenten radio broadcasts (some of them are presented by bishops with less then stellar records of defending the basics of Catholicism, but at least this story has to do with Salvation of Souls).

And, unfortunately, the rest of the stories look like either Al Gore movies, or Al Gore fundraising events. 2 out of 3 have to do with the Salvation of Society instead of the Salvation of Souls. You ever get the feeling that the USCCB had their priorities all screwed-up?

How couldn't we??!! They've come right out and showed to the entire world where their priorities are. Sheesh... what more proof do we need?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Happens When A Cardinal Tells The Pope To Go Screw Himself?
Absolutely nothing (and don't tell me you're surprised)

This fine morning I was perusing one of my favorite Catholic news portals, and two stories were side-by-side, and literally jumped out at me.

The first one was concerning how the Cardinal of Vienna has (yet again) allowed homosexual "couples" to have their relationships "blessed" in the Cathedral of St. Stephen.

The second story was all about the hot air coming emanating from Pope Benedict about how Catholic bishops are responsible for "a solid religious instruction that can withstand the challenges of an extensively secularized society"

Ummm... Your Holiness, how does it feel to have one of the more senior Princes of The Church tell you to basically go f%@& yourself?

Whatever happened to our PanzerKardinal? Was God's Rotweiller neutered when we weren't looking? One thing's for sure, our Pontiff is desperately in need of our prayers.

Holy Father, your Soldiers of Christ are awaiting our marching orders from you. But take this piece of advice... warriors (holy or otherwise) despise timidity in our leaders. In other words, quit being a doormat for the Smoke of Satan crew. If you're going to be a leader... then LEAD!
I Can Name That Body Part In Five Notes
Yet another reason as to why I love Scrubs

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Day Catholic Priests Became Eucharistic Sperm Donors
As usual, deafening silence from Rome

Only the sickened, warped mind of Martin Luther Mahony could twist his self-made crisis in the priesthood into something that only the deranged could even conceive of as a sign of God’s deep love for the Church. Say goodbye to the Sacramental priesthood in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and say hello to the further Protestantization of the Catholic Church under the banner of "The Spirit of Vatican II".

From The Tidings, the LA archdiocesan newspaper;

The [parish] councils ensure that, in directing parish life, pastors collaborate with laity in what Cardinal Mahony in his 2000 pastoral letter, As I Have Done for You, called “a broadly based shared ministry”. In his letter, Mahony altered the priest’s office as stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church as sanctifying, teaching, and ruling, to “sanctifying, teaching, and guiding.”

“What some refer to as a ‘vocations crisis’ is, rather, one of the many fruits of the Second Vatican Council, a sign of God’s deep love for the Church, and an invitation to a more creative and effective ordering of gifts and energy in the Body of Christ,” said Mahony.

The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council is an important group, since, Mahony told the inaugural meeting, it will oversee implementing the synod’s six pastoral initiatives, which include the establishment of lay leadership of parishes -- Parish Life Directors.

Deacon Gus Sebenius addressed the meeting to report on a November meeting of an archdiocesan staffing planning conference that discussed the results of a 2006 parish viability study. The study, according to the Tidings, “reported that 40 percent of parishes would choose to twin with another parish and share one pastor, and 35 percent are interested in having a parish life director to manage administrative responsibilities while a sacramental priest minister is available to say Mass and focus on pastoral ministry.”

I can see the ad in The Tidings now... "for as little as $50, Father Skippy will visit your worship space and consecrate all your Oreos and grape juice. Make your reservations now. The number of priests is diminishing daily, Glory be to Vatican II!!"
Purple Heart Marine Signs Minor League Contract
Yet another reason to be a San Diego Padres fan

This posting makes this beat-up old Jarhead especially proud.

The ties between the Marine Corps and the San Diego Padres have always been tight. Between Padres CEO Sandy Alderson being a former Viet-Nam War Marine infantry officer, Hall of Fame Padres broadcaster (and former NY Yankee All-Star) Jerry Coleman being a WWII and Korean War Marine fighter pilot and a retired Lt. Colonel, and that the Padres are the only team on all of Major League Baseball that has a special Opening Day specifically for the military (complete with camouflage Padres uniforms), the ties just got a little tighter.

The Saint Didacus Priests just signed 22-year old Cpl. Cooper Brannan, USMC, to a minor league contract as well as being invited to big league Spring Training in Arizona. Cpl. Brannan is also a disabled vet. He lost part of his (non-pitching) left hand during his 2d tour of duty in Iraq.

I sure do hope things work out for this young man. Wouldn't it be great if he made it to the baseball "biggs" one day? That would be a story that would rival Rudy and Hoosiers.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Blast From The Past
It's been a slow news day

From Dec 16, 2005
Anna Haycraft (A.K.A. Alice Thomas Ellis)

The Post Vatican II Chesterton

The more I read of this lady, the more I like her. An English convert, raised a Secular Humanist. There must be something in that British water...

But anyhow, her criticism of the Second Vatican Council and it's subsequent "fruits" are just as thought provoking (and hilarious) as anything that good ol' Gilbert ever wrote. Just a few examples:

She declared that the Second Vatican Council had unleashed a "tide of sewage", and lashed out at guitars and ecumenical priests - all the "Protestantised happy-clappy stuff" which would end in the "triumph of Chaos and old night".

"Nowhere have I found any evidence of Vatican II having had a beneficial influence."

"In place of the old rigours we have sentimentality, confusion, untruth, meaningless talk of renewal and improvement, and sharing and caring where once these were taken for granted and practised in a specifically and recognisably Catholic fashion."

"Now the Church has lost its head, priests feel free to say what they think themselves, and they don't have any thoughts at all except for some rubbish about the brotherhood of man. They seem to regard Our Lord as a sort of beaten egg to bind us all together."

How she viewed The Church since Vatican II (and my personal favorite) - "It is as though one's revered, dignified and darling old mother had slapped on a mini-skirt and fishnet tights and started ogling strangers. A kind of menopausal madness, a sudden yearning to be attractive to all. It is tragic and hilarious and awfully embarrassing. And of course, those who knew her before feel a great sense of betrayal and can't bring themselves to go and see her any more."

On Ecumenism - "I have never been in favour of ecumenism, either wide or narrow, for it reminds me of those promiscuous bouquets concocted by florists wherein bullied blossoms, chronologically and geographically incompatible, wilt miserably.... It may seem like a sweet idea, but it doesn't work."

Her personal feelings on the post-conciliar Church, she found herself "in uncharted territory in an almost dreamlike state of disorientation, in an atmosphere so unfamiliar that it seemed unreal. New or re-ordered churches of Lutheran barrenness, all Catholic culture, all tradition lost."

On her on-going battle with ultra-liberal Liverpool Archbishop Derek Worlock (and this applies to every other cleric in Western Europe and North America) -
"But look what he did for the ecumenical movement," his friends cry. "And look what he did to the Church," we respond....Ecumenism seems to mean taking something pure and strong, mixing it up with something weak and polluted, slashing it about, watching the churches empty and then congratulating yourself on your progress.

Was this gal great, or what? May His Perpetual Light shine upon you, Anna.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Supporting The Death Penalty Is Sinful And Will Land You In HELL!!
...and other fairy tales

Vatican on the Death Penalty, Not Inherently Evil, but "difficult to justify today"
By John-Henry Westen
VATICAN CITY, February 7, 2007 ( - A declaration of the Holy See regarding the death penalty was released today. It was delivered at a world congress on the death penalty, held in Paris, France from February 1 to 3.

Rather than condemning the practice outright, the Vatican used nuanced language to indicate that while it found the practice "an affront to human dignity", it could in some circumstances be necessitated. The language is starkly different from that used to condemn abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage which can never be justified.

"The Catholic Church continues to maintain that the legitimate authorities of State have the duty to protect society from aggressors," says the document on the death penalty. "Some States traditionally include the death penalty among the means used to achieve this end," an option "that is difficult to justify today."

"Difficult" to justify.... but not impossible.

I have no problem whatsoever if any fellow Catholic is against the DP for whatever reason. Hell... if anything, I applaude them for sticking by their convictions. But what does irk me to no end is when I'm told that my approval of the DP in rare cases, and only in cases of extreme gravity, are sinful and will stain my immortal soul forever and land me in eternal hellfire.

I'll readily admit that the majority of those in positions of power with The Church are against the DP. I can live with that. Let's just say that all those that bombard me with the "DP is sinful" mantra, I can now tell to go pound sand.
Houston... We Have NO Problem
Nothing that a well placed catch-phrase won't solve

To those that think I can occasionally be rude, crude an/or socially unacceptable... know this;

Whitney speaks for me!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sorry, No Kool-Aid For Me
And I won't go swimming in the Weurl-Pool, either

In what the Catholic World News calls "a bold pastoral initiative", I not only find to be personally find offensive, but what's even worse... a slap in the face of Holy Mother The Church.

I'm sure most of you remember that Washington, DC's Archbishop Weurl recently did his best Sergeant Schultz imitation with his "I see nothing..... NOOOOOOTHING!" episode where he looked the other way when a certain hard core pro-abortion/embryonic stem-cell research/same-sex marriage San Francisco politician received Holy Communion within his Archdiocese.

And taking a page from the "Betrayal For Dummies" book by Judas Iscariot, this very same archbishop failed to display even a little bit of courage when Granny Pelosi referred to herself as a "Conservative Catholic". I guess it's asking too much for the Archbishop of Washington, DC to tell the Speaker of the House that "Conservative Catholics" don't have a 100% approval rating from Planned Parenthood. Silly me.

But anyhow... this archbishop now is trying re-invent himself as some sort of trail blazer visionary by stating that Catholics should receive the Sacrament of Confession more often. Gee.... no kidding?

This guy's got the backbone of a chocolate eclair. If he would back up his "bold pastoral initiatives" with even a smidgen of substance, then I'd take him serious.

Remember, fellow bloglodytes... just because a cheating husband gives his wife a peck of a kiss on the cheek every now and then, that doesn't mean he loves her.

Friday, February 09, 2007

THIS Is The Face Of The Enemy
The warnings of Our Lady of Akita, incarnate
Warning: Harsh language alert. If you find straightforward, crude language offensive, please don't read this post.

I hope this posting pisses off all sorts of people. And just as soon as they get done getting pissed off at me, hopefully it'll dawn on them that I'm right.

What is it that I'm so damn cock-sure of? Martin Luther Niederauer of the Archdiocese of Sham Francisco actually had the gall to state in a recent radio interview that he "really doesn't know what Nancy Pelosi's stance is on abortion". You gotta be shittin' me. Does this fool actually expect us to believe him? Oh, and the Vatican directive that pro-abortion politicians “must” be denied communion is obviously being used as toilet paper in the SF Chancery.

But wait... there's more!

Mr. Smoke of Satan also has stated that he's "really very happy" that Catholic Charities of San Francisco will be working with providers of adoptions to sodomites... even though the Vatican has issued a directive that states that adoption of children by homosexual couples to be “violence” toward the child.

Yet another Vatican directive that is nothing more than more toilet paper for Niederauer to wipe his ass with.

And Rome does nothing but put out directives that are promptly ignored and then shit upon. I'm starting to get that sick feeling that we really don't have a Pope Benedict XVI. What we really have is a John Paul III. All bark, no bite.

For the love of God, Pope Benedict... quit sitting on your hands and DO SOMETHING!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whatever You Do... Don't Tell 'Em The Truth!
Planned Parenthood - 1
Catholicism - 0

Hold onto your hats, fellow bloglodytes... an alleged Catholic High School has canceled a seminar that was critical of Margaret Sanger, foundress of Planned Parenthood. Draw your own conclusions as to why.

A Catholic girls' school abruptly cancelled a best-selling author's speech about the founder of Planned Parenthood and her controversial pro-eugenics views because the "content could be misunderstood," according to a representative of the national conservative group that was to have sponsored the event.

Daniel Flynn, author of the 2005 book, "Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas," was invited by the Pro-Life Club at Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, Mich., to speak on the foundations of the abortion rights movement, said Jason Mattera, a spokesman for Young America's Foundation.

During an after-school event on Monday, Feb. 12 - at which attendance would be voluntary - Flynn was slated to give "a fact-based talk" drawn from the chapter in his book dealing with Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the U.S.

Just days before the event, however, Principal Carolyn Witte suddenly cancelled the lecture, calling the subject "unsuitable for high school students." Matter said Witte had told him the "content could be misunderstood."

"The principal didn't mention how information exposing Sanger's nefarious programs to sterilize large segments of the blacks, Italians and Jews - whom Sanger referred to as 'human weeds' - could be 'misunderstood,' particularly by a pro-life club sanctioned by a Catholic school," Mattera said.

Hey, wasn't there some big whoop-te-do about "celebrating Catholic schools in America" a week or so back? What a sad, sad joke.
Does Anyone Take Seriously the Warnings of Our Blessed Mother?
Events continue to confirm her prophecy

Former Altar Boy SPEAKS!!

Pilgrims still flock to shrines commemorating appearances of the Blessed Virgin at Lourdes, France (1858), Knock, Ireland (1879), and Fatima, Portugal (1917). That earthly visits of a Heavenly Queen are revered and honored is good and to be applauded. But am I the only one who wonders why we hear so little about the prophecies of Our Mother during her Vatican-approved appearances at Akita, Japan just 34 years ago?

For example:

"The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests). Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

And what about the numerous reports of priests ripping off the Sunday collection money or absconding with the parish savings.

Considering the seriousness of her remarks and the state of the Church today, you’d think we’d have intercessory prayers to Our Lady of Akita after every Mass.

Consider these recent news items:

Cardinal clashes with Pope over euthanasia

Former seminary rector challenges celibacy stance

Priest may face attempted murder charge

Priests’ advice in confessional against Church teaching

Given her prophecies about cardinals, bishops, and priests, I don't think it is mere coincidence the Blessed Virgin’s appearances in Akita are the only ones since Vatican II, when devotions to her, and all the saints were minimized, often ridiculed, if not entirely abandoned, by the Vat2 Wannabeprots.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And If He Did? So What!
Nothing will happen anyways

Interesting op/ed piece from Spero News that asks the musical question: did Bishop Gumbleton obstruct justice? Here's a wee bit;

You may have noticed in the last few days that Bishop Gumbleton is being hailed as an 'outspoken advocate' for the victims of sex abuse by priests.

Having spent five years (1990-1995) in the Archdiocese of Detroit, where I watched the local scandal unfold, I have no recollection whatsoever of Gumbleton doing anything but being part of the cover-up. Indeed, in one instance, I believe he obstructed justice, as he did not comply with archdiocesan policy.

Just for the record, I personally believe that The Gumbinator did obstruct justice. But then again, I think that most American bishops had a hand in obstruction from one degree to another. Click here for a by name break down of the bishops who were in on the cover-up/protection of kiddie raping "priests".

But back to my initial point... even if Gumby was in on obstruction of justice, so what? Much like Bernard Cardinal "Catch Me If You Can" Law, formerly of Boston, what's the worst that could happen to Gumbleton?

An enigmatic someone in the Vatican will ensure that Gumbleton (just like Law) will be spirited out of the United States if and when the District Attorneys office starts to turn up the heat just a little too much.

Poor Gumby. If worse comes to worse, a life sentence of hangin' out in Roman cafes, sippin' vino, playing footsie and giggling his days and nights away with Italian fags.... basically living La Dolce Vita. Poor guy.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Treat The Symptom, Ignore The Disease
*as I shake my head in disbelief*

To borrow from Lord Tennyson; "Stupid to the left of me, stupid to the right of me, stupid all around me".

This tid-bit from the Beeb has got my skivvies all tied up in knots --- The Financial Times reports that Masterfoods, the company which makes the Mars and Snickers chocolate bars, are to stop marketing confectionery to children under 12.

The paper says this is the first time a major foodmaker has set such a high global age threshold for such products and it reflects all the concern about advertising being linked to childhood obesity.

OK, just to make sure I understand this... the average North American and Western European kid considers a rousing game of what-the-hell-ever on his PlayStation and/or XBox to be what us old farts use to call "going outside to play".

As kids, we old farts use to run, break a sweat, and even occasionally skin our knees. And these food blisters now-a-days sit on their collective corpulent asses and get sore thumbs. And everyone scratches their heads and wonder why we have a generation of fat-assed kids who couldn't run a mile of their lives depended on it.

But please, please, pretty please Masterfoods... whatever you do, don't let the USCCB know what your up to. They just might use the rationale of Masterfoods, and in an effort to cut down on sin, might abolish the Sacrament of Confession.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Tale Of Two Catholics
Just something to think about

Two entertainment-world celebrities. Both from Ireland, both schooled by the Christain Brothers. Looks can be deceiving.

Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame
"I grew up being taught by the Christian Brothers, who were dreadful, dreadful human beings. Just the whole hypocrisy. And the cruelness of their ways toward children. They were very sexually repressed. Bitter. Cowards, really. I have nothing good to say about them and will have nothing good to say about them. It was ugly. Very ugly. Dreadful. I learnt nothing from the Christian Brothers--except shame.

Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzie
On the other hand is the tale of a fallen away Catholic who was dying of years of herion abuse. The night he died, he actually cried out to God; mercy, mercy! He also called for a priest to give him Last Rites.

A Mass of Christian Burial was held at St. Elizabeth's Church in Richmond, and on January 11th he was buried from the Howth Parish Church in Ireland. The Gaelic inscription on his stone reads, "Go dtuga Dia suaimhneas da anam" - "May God give peace to his soul".

Saturday, February 03, 2007

This Is The BEST They Have To Offer?
But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth - The Apocalypse of St. John, 3:16. Douay-Rheims Bible

I just want to make sure I have this correct. The heavy-hitters in both the Republican Party, and The Catholic Church are there fine fellows ~

Senator John McCain - Who happens to be in favor of embryonic stem cell research, as well as against the overturning of Roe V. Wade. "I would not seek to overturn Roe v. Wade tomorrow, because doing so would endanger the lives of women". This guy's a Republican leader?

Archbishop Donald Weurl, Washington, DC - That brave shepherd who chooses to look the other way while baby-butchers are given Holy Communion at "Catholic" churches. This guy's a Catholic Leader?

Mayor Rudy Giuliani - Well known for his anti-2d Amendment stance where law abiding Americans are suppose to be able to defend their families, homes and themselves. But not if "Big Government" Rudy gets his way. He's also pro-abort and pro-homo union. This guy's a Republican leader?

Roger Cardinal Mahony, Los Angeles - Infamous supporter of the pro-sodomy lifestyle. And just about everything else heretical. This guy's a Catholic leader?

Governor Mitt Romney - Better known as Mr. All Over The Map. Last I heard, he was in favor of abortion, homo-unions, stem cell research, etc. But in all fairness, it's only Saturday. I'm sure his stances will mutate a few dozen more times between now and the primaries. This guy's a Republican leader?

Bernard Cardinal Law - Yet another brave shepherd who not only opened the gates for the wolves to devour the lambs... he also did everything he could to protect the wolves even after they did unspeakable acts of degradation and violence against hundreds and hundreds of children. This guy's a Catholic leader?

Remember folks, just because someone calls themselves a Catholic or a Republican leader, that doesn't mean that they really are. Obedience to error isn't true obedience.

I'm reminded of the quote ~ "Satan's masterstroke is to have succeeded in sowing disobedience to all Tradition through obedience."

Friday, February 02, 2007

...But We All Know That's What They're Thinking
Where does the USCCB end, and the Cavemen begin?
WARNING! Sarcasm purposefully intended

In the latest act of self-back slapping for not really accomplishing anything of any real significance, the Judas Isacariot Fan Club and Circle Jerk Society (AKA: the USCCB) has issued a communiqué stating that a delegation of Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders will meet with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the State Department on January 29 to support increased U.S engagement in achieving peace in the Middle East.

Wow. I'm underwhelmed.

But what wasn't mentioned was that the moslem delegates planned on eventually kidnapping the Christian and Jewish delgates and all their family members and videotaping their torture and eventual beheadings. And of course, all that will be released on the internet.

Oh... and the JIFC&CJS will defend the moslems actions as it is nothing more than them acting upon their own particular faith tradition.

The Spirit of Vatican II style ecumenism as it's finest.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Have Met The Enemy, And They Are Us
How Catholic Education Failed Alexandra Pelosi

An excellent article on the state of Catholic education since the great and sweeping changes of Vatican II. Here's a wee bit;

Even though she attended some of the best Catholic schools in California, Nancy Pelosi's daughter says teachers never told her abortion, homosexuality were sinful.

“In my family, we have a hundred years of Catholic school experience, and none of us ever heard that homosexuality was a sin. At my school, the nuns taught us about evolution.”

Let's cut through the bullshit, gang. The Second Vatican Council has been an unmitigated disaster. Case in point; in certain 3d World countries, seminaries and convents that number more than 30 are called stellar examples of how the Church is vibrant and growing. Pure bullshit. As long as they're just a smidgen above replacement levels, they pat themselves on the back and declare victory.

Boston, New York, Los Angeles and other cities that were once the bulwark of Catholicism in America have become veritable bone yards. And the Judasistas that run there places constantly insult out intelligence (and the obvious) by telling us all how great things are.

Here's the bottom line -- since V2, the Catholic Church has been suffering from some sort of ecclesiastical version of Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.

Mahony, Weurl, Egan and the rest of the Wolves In Sheep's Clothing, Inc. slowly poison the souls of Catholic children do death just so someone will pay attention to them.

Forget about a Vatican III, we need a Trent II.
Here we go again!!

Hey gang. Sorry for my absence. Last Friday I was rushed to the ER because my insicion had become infected and had fluid literally pouring from it. The stitching on the abdominal wall had snapped and they had to open me up again and re-stich everything back together again.

And to ensure I heal proper this time, they hooked up a "wound-vac" or sump pump or what ever the hell it's called.... and now I have no staples on the skin, but a sponge inserted into the wound, and it slowly sucks the wound into healing. The only problem is that the wound melds with the spong, so whenever they change the dressing every other day, it's like ripping a band-aide off with the scab attached to it. Only this goes from sternum to below the navel.

Whole new levels of pain. But at least it wasn't as bad as the cathater (sp?).

I was FINALLY sprung from the hospital yesterday. So now I'm back to square one on the healing-o-meter.

So rest assured, fellow bloglodydts.... I'll start blogging probably tomorrow. Only this time I'll be under heavy percocet, and I won't hold back as I'm known to do!!