Monday, February 19, 2007

Chicken Little Gets Some Aussie Common Sense Smacked Into Him
'Bout damn time

A reading from the holy gospel of Al Gore ----

"In illo tempore, the world is getting hotter. No... there's another ice age on the way. No, it's getting hotter. Damn, I forget which one. But I'm sure that everyone needs to listen to what I have to say. After all, I invented the internet."

And all the while, Chicken Little (in the guise of the National Catholic Distorter and the USCCB) are urinating all over themselves about the so-called "global warming".

Gee, weren't they all in a tizzy not too long ago about another ice age that supposedly was imminent? I guess their proof was those really hot temperature readings a few months ago. Hey guys... that what we call "summer". And even if global temperatures are slightly on the rise, there's scientific evidence o'plenty that this is a cyclical phenomenon.

But anyhow... the voice of common sense from Down Under, otherwise known as Cardinal Pell had some rather interesting things to say.

And I have to admit, his admonishment of the global warming bunch, to include fellow Catholic clerics, does sound an awful lot like Our Lady of Akita's warnings when he said "What we were seeing from the doomsayers was an induced dose of mild hysteria, semi-religious if you like, but dangerously close to superstition." Talk about your shot across the bow.

Here's the article in it's entirety. Enjoy!!

Cardinal denounces global-warming zealots
Cardinal Pell of Sydney denounced the "nonsense about climate disasters" and the "semi-religious" zealotry of those worried about global warming.
Monday, February 19, 2007
By Martin Barillas

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Australia wrote to his flock that “doomsayers” and “zealots” who worry about global warming have subjected their listeners to “a lot of nonsense about climate disasters”.

Noting that some opinion page editors and others have called for “Nuremberg-style trials for global warming sceptics, while a USA television correspondent compared sceptics to ‘holocaust deniers’”, Cardinal George Pell said “Christians don’t go against reason although we sometimes go beyond it in faith to embrace probabilities. What we were seeing from the doomsayers was an induced dose of mild hysteria, semi-religious if you like, but dangerously close to superstition.”

Writing on the Sydney Australia website on February 18, Cardinal Pell said that he is “deeply sceptical about man-made catastrophic global warming, but still open to further evidence.” He noted that global climate change, such as the Ice Age, had come about with or without human intervention and that he would be surprised, however, if man-made pollution had no ill effect at all.

Hey Australia, any chance we can trade you 100 of our bishops for Cardinal Pell? Please?


Blogger Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'd take him over our archbishop any day. What an embarrassment to go "lecture" the state legislators about how "global warming" is a danger to the "poor". Ugh.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Mac McLernon said...

We need him more than you do...

6:43 AM  

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