Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Purple Heart Marine Signs Minor League Contract
Yet another reason to be a San Diego Padres fan

This posting makes this beat-up old Jarhead especially proud.

The ties between the Marine Corps and the San Diego Padres have always been tight. Between Padres CEO Sandy Alderson being a former Viet-Nam War Marine infantry officer, Hall of Fame Padres broadcaster (and former NY Yankee All-Star) Jerry Coleman being a WWII and Korean War Marine fighter pilot and a retired Lt. Colonel, and that the Padres are the only team on all of Major League Baseball that has a special Opening Day specifically for the military (complete with camouflage Padres uniforms), the ties just got a little tighter.

The Saint Didacus Priests just signed 22-year old Cpl. Cooper Brannan, USMC, to a minor league contract as well as being invited to big league Spring Training in Arizona. Cpl. Brannan is also a disabled vet. He lost part of his (non-pitching) left hand during his 2d tour of duty in Iraq.

I sure do hope things work out for this young man. Wouldn't it be great if he made it to the baseball "biggs" one day? That would be a story that would rival Rudy and Hoosiers.


Blogger SleepyBob said...

Your Chargers sure fouled up when they let the best head coach in the NFL go. His bad luck in the playoffs has to end some time - he's too good a coach. Wish the Chiefs still had him.

7:20 AM  

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