Thursday, February 22, 2007

This Is What A "Catholic" Education Will Help Produce
...and Cardinal Maida does absolutely nothing (don't tell me you're surprised)

What a wonderful headline... "Catholic University of Detroit Proposing Abortion Agencies as Career Opportunities for Students"

Should I get into the gory details on how UDM (University of Detroit Mercy) aggressively places graduates in "dozens of clinical and non-clinical positions at Planned Parenthood clinics and similar organizations". Nahhh.... you can read that for yourself.

Maybe I should state how the UDM Women's Studies web page lists under "Professional Associations" Planned Parenthood, which UDM describes as the "Best known pro-choice organization in the U.S.". The web page also links to the pro-abortion group National Organization for Women (NOW). Nahhh.... you can read that for yourself.

Should I state how UDM has not only Planned Parenthood, but also the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) on the university's website links? Nahhh.... you can read that for yourself.

And in what should be a shocker to no one... how about the news flash that the UDM President - a Jesuit priest - Rev. Gerard L. Stockhausen, does not seem overly concerned by the Catholic University's ties to the largest abortion provider in the US. Nearly a year ago and Catholic World News reported that a Catholic society dedicated to ensuring fidelity at Catholic colleges pointed out that UDM was linking to Planned Parenthood on the UDM website. And nothing has changed. Should I point that out? Nahhh... you can read that for yourself.

And in the most egregious move yet, for at least an entire year, both Adam Cardinal Maida and Bishop John Quinn haven't done a damn thing. Both of these moral cowards have made the conscience decision to simply look the other way while thousands and thousands of babies were offered up as a sacrifice to Satan... BY GRADUATES OF A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR!

And the faithful look to Rome, but are answered by a thunderous silence.


Blogger Petrus Radii said...

None of this would have happened, had the Jesuits stayed suppressed like they were supposed to do a few centuries back.

As for retirement-bound Cardinal Maida, it's not really his fault! You see, John Cardinal Dearden is really still alive and ruling the Michigan Province hiddenly. His wizened (that's "wrinkled-up" for all you public school graduates!) body and brain are pumped full of chemicals in a secret room at the Archbishop's palace in Detroit. Some people have reported seeing him golfing recently with Jimmy Hoffa on the links at the former St. John's Seminary in Plymouth, Michigan. So what's a poor Polack to do, except the lock-step samba with Iron-Pants John?

8:39 PM  
Blogger Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

It increasingly appears, as I predicted over a year ago, that Pope Benedict will not be purging the clergy nor the episcopacy of dissenting, unfaithful, disobediant, and scandalous members who don't own weed eaters.

Not soon, and not ever.

12:42 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

All that information available to the public and their excellencies have done a thing to stop it. What are the reading? I'm sure it must be important stuff intended to strengthen their minds to better serve their flocks. Hmmmm...let me guess.
Dinner menus at 5 star restaurants?
The price sticker on the window of a new German import?
The labels on vintage bottles in their wine cellars (and not altar wine, for sure!)?

Lord, how many souls will You let be led stray at the hands of these so-called shepherds before You do something?

1:31 AM  
Blogger Simon-Peter said...

Lest we forget...they lie, as in this:

scroll down until you see "The Nancy Pelosi Fan Club."

2:19 AM  
Blogger Kasia said...


I can't defend UDM (I'm a lifelong Detroit-and-suburbs resident). I can't defend the actions of many of our clergy (as Petrus Radii wryly observed, Cdl. Dearden's influence is still felt).

The two things I will say in defense of Cdl. Maida:

He is very much in a lame-duck position. He's past retirement age, dutifully submitted his resignation at the appropriate time, and was asked to stay on to shepherd us through the rest of the parish restructuring process, which he agreed to do.

Now, should he have been chastising UDM and its administration earlier? Very likely. But that brings me to my second point, which is that we don't know what kinds of communication he has been having with UDM's administration privately.

Did you see the post on The Cafeteria Is Closed earlier in the month about faculty at UDM putting "pro-choice" stickers on their office doors? Symptom of the same syndrome...

4:01 PM  

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