Saturday, February 24, 2007

...And Speaking Of Marines
Better than all the recruiting ads combined

File this one under "what the hell was I thinking!!??"

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica– A vacationing U.S. senior citizen killed an alleged mugger with his bare hands, and his travelling companions aboard a tour bus fended off two other assailants in the Atlantic coast city of Limon, police said.

The group of about a dozen cruise-ship passengers were climbing out of their vehicle Wednesday when the masked trio – one with a gun, the others with knives – attacked.

Suddenly, one of the tourists, a former U.S. Marine in his 70s, pounced on the gunman and put him in a headlock, breaking his collarbone before eventually killing him, according to Limon police chief Luis Hernandez.

"His neck was completely snapped," Hernandez said.


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