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Welcome Class, To Gutless Catholicism 101, Presented By Professor Harry Tick
Brought to you by the Roman Protestant Church of Australia
Helmet tip to Mr & Mrs NYPD

WARNING!!! VSC is in a particularly foul mood over this posting. If anyone thinks I'm being blasphemous at any point, that's not my intention. I do, however, satirize in a course fashion, the way the Roman Protestants have censored The Stations of The Cross, and what some of their ulterior motives very well may be. If harsh sarcasm isn't your cup of tea, I suggest you pass on this post.

Well class, as you've already been told, the upcoming World Youth Day will feature a Stations of The Cross devotion that will be almost cut in half. Refer to the handout I've provided from The Catholic News; Stations of Cross updated for WYD
Published: May 29, 2008

In a bid to ensure the World Youth Day Stations of the Cross will not incite anti-Semitic feelings and appeal to all Christians, organisers have dropped six traditional stations which have no scriptural foundation.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Church has changed one of its most popular devotions and a landmark event of World Youth Day to take account of the sensitivities of Jews and draw other Christian denominations into its youth celebrations.

In the Catholic tradition the Stations of the Cross, the depiction of the final hours of Jesus Christ, features 14 scenes including the fall of Jesus three times, but only eight stations have scriptural foundation.

To make the event more appealing to all Christians, a Vatican approved scriptural version, founded entirely on passages from the New Testament, will be adopted when it is staged in the streets of Sydney on July 18.
As many of you know, we here at the Roman Protestant Church of Australia, specifically here at To Hell With Maria University, have always denounced that so-called "Sacred Tradition" that's so infected Romanism.

The Papists have been playing fast and loose with the final hours of Jesus for only a few short years of their history.... well, I take that back: since the 1300's. But at least we here at TRPCoA know that 6 of the 8 "Stations" aren't Scripturally based!! Well, I take that back: 4 of the 6 are prophesied in the Old Testament, and the other 2 are alluded to rather strongly in the New Testament.

BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS!!! Like I said, we don't believe in "Sacred Tradition", that is unless we make it up as we go along. After all, you can't spell Protestant without protest!

Anyhow, here's the recommendation I'm making for the censored 6 Stations, and replacing them with more convergence, ecumenically-friendly episodes for us to contemplate -- Station II - Delete Christ Carries His Cross. OK, so the Bible doesn't specifically state that Jesus actually carried it Himself. Good enough for me! Replace this with Jesus Carries Around A Copy Of The Book Of Mormon, And Bothers The Hell Out Of His Neighbors. Disregard Mt 27: 30-31.

Station III - Delete Jesus Falls For The First Time, and replace it with Jesus Falls And Kisses The Asses Of The Jews. Forget about Is 53: 4-6

Station IV - Delete Jesus Meets His Sorrowful Mother, and replace it with Jesus Meets With The Liturgical Committee. Make sure the hymn sung at this particular station is Cole Porter's "Anything Goes". Pay no attention to Lk 2: 34-35, 51

Station VI - Delete St Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus, and replace it with Jesus Tries To Wipe Out Racism And Strive For Social Justice. Hey, there's only so much He can do. After all... He's only human. Oops! Did I just say that!!?? Anyhoo, blow off Is 53: 2-3

Station VII - Delete Jesus Falls For The Second Time, and replace it with Jesus Falls And Kisses The Asses Of The Moslems. Put this one in cold storage for 600 years. It'll come in handy eventually. No need for Lam 3: 1-2,9,16

Station IX - Delete Jesus Falls For The Third Time, and replace it with Jesus Falls And Kisses The Asses Of Protestants. Put this one in cold storage for 1,500 years. After all, we Protties need this one to justify our entire reason for being. Ignore Lam 3: 27-32
On a serious note, I recently had a discussion with a non-Catholic (Protestant) acquaintance. He made the comment "I love the way your Pope John Paul shaped your Church for over 20 years!", to wit, I queried "WHY!?"

His answer was more of an indictment --- "Because he made you more like us".

Friday, May 30, 2008

...During The Same Rally Where The Piss-Pots Where Staged On A Fallen Police Officers Memorial
What was it I said about the Obamanistas hating America?

You're gonna love this. Here's some of the article from World Net Daily ( (Emphasis mine) Communist band opens for Obama
'How many of 75,000 came to hear music?'

Posted: May 27, 2008
9:13 pm Eastern
By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A hip rock band that features the Soviet national anthem and communist-inspired lyrics was on stage to open for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama at his record-breaking Portland, Ore., rally that attracted 75,000.

The Decemberists, a Portland-based group with a large local following, also closed the May 18 event. The Decemberists typically begin their concerts with a Russian-language recording of the USSR's national anthem. A
YouTube video shows the Decemberists beginning an April 31, 2007, concert at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., with the anthem.

"Decemberists" refers to an uprising at Senate Square in St. Petersburg Dec. 14, 1825, when a group of Russian army officers led about 3,000 soldiers in protest as Nicholas I assumed the throne, after Czar Alexander died without an heir.

The Decemberists have posed for publicity photos in period Russian costumes with the red flag of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 waving behind them.

Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Media Institute at the Media Research Center in Alexandria, Va., thought the concert contributed to Obama's large draw, and he chastised mainstream media for not reporting that.

"How many of the people showed up to hear Obama, and how many to hear the band?" Knight asked.

Jason Linkins, political reporter at Huffington Post, objected, claiming the Decemberists are a relatively unknown independent folk-rock group that plays small clubs at local Portland nightclubs. But the band has appeared on national television, on the David Letterman Show Nov. 28, 2006 and on the Colbert Report, Dec. 20, 2006.

What remains undisputed is the group's pro-communist image and their open support of Obama, a point made by National Review blogger Jim Geraghty.

The Decemberists website
shows photographs of Obama casually posing with the band members outside a tent set up for the candidate and the band at the Mall along the Willamette River in downtown Portland. shows close-up photographs of the band playing for the rally.

In a YouTube video, Decemberist
lead singer Colin Meloy endorsed Barack Obama in an unfinished song with communist-style lyrics that begin, "Barack Obama. Alas, Barack Obama. His prophetic luminescence, it will shatter the putrescence and complacency of the bourgeoisie. …"
Piss On The Dead Cops
Obamaniacs at their best (worse?)

First the Che Guevara flag at the Houston, now this. Sheesh, people... how much more proof do we need concerning the character, or lack thereof, of the Obama Fifth Columnists? These scum hate America, those that protect America, even those who have died for America.

Here's some of the article from; (Emphasis mine) Officers: Memorial Used As Porta-Potty Pit Stop At Obama Rally
POSTED: 7:12 am PDT May 28, 2008
UPDATED: 7:20 pm PDT May 28, 2008

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland police officers have asked for an apology after they said organizers of a Barack Obama rally set up Porta-Potties on a memorial honoring fallen officers.

Earlier this month, 75,000 people gathered in Waterfront Park in downtown Portland to hear Obama speak at a pre-primary rally. Officer Thomas Brennan, a seven-year veteran with the Portland Police Bureau, said he was happy to help at the rally after being called in on his day off.

Brennan, who controlled the crowd near the Portland Police Memorial, noticed several Porta Potties set up in the middle of the memorial. Brennan had been at the site five days earlier for an annual memorial service and a flag was still set at half mast on the day of the rally.

"There was plenty of room elsewhere so space wasn't an issue," Brennan said. "So someone used some really poor decision making, whoever elected to put them there. I mean, it's somewhat hallowed ground, I guess you could call it."

After several days, Brennan attached a photo he took to a letter and e-mailed it to dozens of media outlets and the Obama campaign.

Brennan said officers haven't heard back from the Obama campaign. He said someone owes an apology to the families of the fallen officers. "Not for a moment do I think that Mr. Obama had anything to do with this," Brennan said. "But somebody at his campaign at a local level made the decision to put them there. And I just want an acknowledgement: 'Hey, we made a mistake.'"

A representative with the Obama campaign responded Wednesday morning and said the Porta-Potties were placed at the memorial because of a safety issue for wheelchair access. Teri Sorenson said there was no disrespect intended and the campaign had not responded because local offices have shut down until Obama becomes the official democratic candidate.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So When Exactly Will Cardinal George Grow A Pair And Dump This Buffoon?
Don't hold your breath

Oh, I've posted about this maniac many a time in the past. But the below video tales the cake. His alternating between his Jesse Jackson impersonation, and his breathless, and to be perfectly honest, feminine voice, is enough to make you puke.

I'm not even going to go into detail how this alleged Catholic has no problem "preaching" from a heretical sect that denies The Real Presence, most of the Sacraments, the perpetual virginity of The Holy Mother, papal authority, etc.

And the idiot who introduced Pfleger, described him "a pulpiteer". How true. It's all about Pfleger. I have a hard time believing that anything BUT Pfleger is the center of attention at any of his "Masses".
Ladies And Gents, I Present To You The Grand Knight Of The Ku Klux Kow
You just can't make this stuff up

This was brought to my attention just today, but it looks as if the whacko's over at PETA have for the past 10 years, considered milk to be racist. From;
Is Milk Racist?
By Brian Carnell
Sunday, July 26, 1998

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals made headlines recently after sending Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson a letter asking him to change the state's official beverage from milk to something "more healthful and humane" such as soy "milk." PETA’s letter was filled with the typical animal rights nonsense about milk -- that it’s "liquid meat" that causes everything from heart disease to cancer to osteoporosis.

Pretty standard fare for PETA except that beyond its alleged health risks, PETA Chairman Alex Pacheco claimed that Wisconsin’s selection of milk as its state beverage might also be racist. See if you can follow the logic here.

Some members of minority groups are to one degree or another lactose intolerant -- most mildly so. Therefore choosing milk as a state beverage is racist or as Pacheco put it, "a white choice in more ways than one."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FSSP Ordinations this Friday!

I am sending along some fascinating information regarding this coming Friday, May 30, 2008. In Lincoln, Nebraska, four men from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) will be ordained priests by Darío Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, the President for the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei. It will be televised live on EWTN at 11:00am (EST), 8:00am (PST). The ordinations will take place at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ, in the Diocese of Lincoln. It will be re-broadcast at 9:00pm Friday evening (PST). This incredible event will last four hours!

The FSSP is an international society of Catholic priests entrusted with the preservation and administration of the Catholic Church's ancient Latin liturgical traditions. Nearly 200 priests belong to the Fraternity and over 100 seminarians are studying in its two seminaries in Bavaria, Germany and Denton, Nebraska.

The men of the FSSP, founded by the late John Paul II in 1988, ONLY celebrate the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite (the Old Mass). They also celebrate all the sacraments according to the liturgical books in force in 1962. In other words, they celebrate as your fathers, grandfathers, and almost all the Saints knew from approximately the 5th century until 1969. I have been privileged to have met several of them over the years, and they are incredible!

Even if you’ve only attended the Ordinary form (the New Mass), or have zero interest in tradition, this will be a once in a life time event. It will be unlike any ordination you’ve every seen since the late 1960s. It will be void of banal music, improvisation, joke telling, culturally sensitive readings or strange musical instruments, inclusive language, feminist theology, hand clapping, polyester chasubles, liturgical dancers, communion standing and in the hand, et al. In other words, it will be magnificent and majestic, totally focused on God, not Man.

If you can’t spend the time to watch (who can during a work week?), I would urge you to tape it. And if not for you, for your children and grandchildren.

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi: The law of prayer is the law of faith, or “How we pray, is how we believe.”
The ONE TIME I Don't Post A Reference!!
But a special helmet tip to Kasia for keepin' me honest

A few days back, I stated in a post, the following; By the way, keep in mind that the so-called "pedophilia scandal" is a whitewash. 80% of the monetary settlements had nothing to do with sex with pre-pubescent boys, but with adolescent and adult males... in other words, textbook homosexuality.Of course, I failed to cite a reference (something which I pride myself on). And with all sincerity, I thank Kasia for asking me the source.

Here's some of the article from The American Psychological Association; Research on sex offenses in the Catholic Church has shown, however, that around 80 percent of priests who have abused minors are ephebophiles, who target post-pubescent adolescent boys.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can't They Just Leave Things Alone Down Under?
Yes, that can be taken two ways

This is just plain sick. From The Telegraph (UK); Judge gives girl, 12, go-ahead to change sex
By Nick Squires in Sydney
Last Updated: 12:22AM BST 26/05/2008

A judge has provoked controversy in Australia by ruling that a 12-year-old girl could begin the first phase of a sex change. The unnamed girl has begun hormone treatment to block puberty after a judge accepted an application from her mother for her to begin to reassign her gender.

A family court judgment said it was important to act quickly to prevent the onset of puberty as the girl dreaded the prospect of menstruation and developing breasts, and had threatened self-harm.

It was reported yesterday that during a hearing in December, the court heard that the girl from Victoria had thought of herself as a boy since the age of four. Several medical experts, including a psychiatrist, backed her application for a sex change.
A Quick Trey Update
Good news!

As many of you have been asking -- here's the latest; he was released from the hospital. The spinal fluid leakage has stopped. So other than a pounding headache, he's at home recuperating slowly.

It's still up in the air if he's going to have trouble with his vision, long term, but at least he never did have to have his noggin drilled open. And that's always a good thing.

The prayers have helped more than you know. Again... thanks, everyone!

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's the Testicularly Challenged Avenger!!
WARNING!! Harsh language and crude humor alert!!

What a heartwarming tale for Memorial Day. The British Empire must be so proud of itself. Here's a snippet (no pun intended) from The Telegraph (UK); (Emphasis and comments mine) Sex change Paratrooper wins £250,000 for 'hurt feelings'
By Andy Bloxham

A former paratrooper who had a sex change operation has won a payout of £250,000 for hurt feelings after she was ordered to wear a man's uniform to a medical examination.

Jan Hamilton, 43, used to be Captain Ian Hamilton and served in Bosnia and Afghanistan and was wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq
(Not much to the imagination as to what got blown off). She then began gender reassignment surgery and claimed she made repeated requests to discuss the transition with her superiors. However, Miss Hamilton said she was summoned to attend a compulsory medical examination in April 2007 while wearing her male uniform.

A £45,000-a-year job as the head of Army media relations in Gibraltar was then withdrawn, which she claimed was as a result of her sex change. Miss Hamilton, who had refused to attend the medical, began legal action against the Ministry of Defence for sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal.

She said: "It would have been humiliating and demeaning for me to turn up for my medical examination dressed in a man's uniform." The MoD [Ministry of Defense] then decided to pay her the £250,000 in an out-of-court settlement.
("Humiliating and demeaning", huh? I wonder how much I can sue the Marine Corps for being referred to as "dip-shit", "worthless turd", "scumbag", and the ever popular "f***-up", when I went through Boot Camp? I smell financial windfall!!)

The size of the payout is likely to anger campaigners for better compensation for those injured in the line of duty. According to current MoD settlements, soldiers receive £57,000 for the loss of a leg and £285,000 for the loss of both arms or legs.
OK... so if a Brit loses both legs, it's £285,000, but if Captain Sackless gets an avocado-adectomy and bids goodbye forever to his Dynamic Duo, he/she/it gets £250,000?

As we use to say in the Marine Corps... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over!? Seriously, what in the hell are the British thinking?

I swear, I've seen monkey shit-fights at the zoo better organized than this.
Mary Rose Gives Us A Simply And Very Appropriate Reflection This Memorial Day
Please visit Mary Rose over at True Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter I visited my father this past weekend and we had a lovely Sunday together. We attended a Latin Mass at a very old and distinguished landmark church (however, it was a Low Mass since they were going to have a processional following the Mass. Which was slightly disappointing. I was looking forward to hearing chant echoing from the gorgeous balcony above. My dad said next time we visit, we'll be able to hear it. Good ol' dad!)

Afterward, we visited my mother's grave and I placed my silk flowers in the vase. Near my mother is buried Cpl. Timothy Roos, a young Marine who was killed in action while serving in Iraq. He is buried in an outdoor mausoleum structure and his block was decorated with homemade cards, signs, and somehow had his Marine helmet hanging from it, filled with memorabilia such as his cell phone and other accessories. I happened to notice that a Purple Heart was hanging from the helmet.

As we were leaving, an man came by and ended up sitting on this gorgeous commemorative granite bench they had placed before Cpl. Roos's spot. I stopped to talk to the man. I am not sure, but I think this was his father. I asked if that was really a Purple Heart medal. He said it was, and that his buddies had placed it there for him. So I don't know if he was actually awarded the Purple Heart or if it was someone giving it to him, but the whole thing made me cry. I thanked this man for Cpl. Roos's ultimate sacrifice. The man also had been a Marine and I thanked him for his service.

We can't thank these type of people enough for what they do. Let us all remember them today.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The "I Don't Think I've Done A Meme On This Blog Yet..." Meme
By my goombaette, Alli over at Holy Cookie

What time is your alarm clock set to? I don't have an alarm clock. Both time and the world revolve around me.

What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? If they're bearing gifts for me.

Do you think people talk about you behind your back? I'll answer that in a second. First let me tell you about Alli...!

What movie do you know every line to? The Quiet Man. And I'm trying to learn all the lines from The Commitments... if those drunken Irish would just learn to speak English.

What is your favorite movie? The Quiet Man.

Is anyone in love with you? Jesus loves me, this I know, cuz The Caveman tells me so.

Do you sleep on your side, stomach or back? Cavey never sleeps.

Who was the last person to make you mad? Sheesh. I think the more appropriate question is who's the last person that didn't make me mad?

Are you a lover or a fighter? I love to fight. Does that answer your stupid-assed question?

Are you a morning or evening person? Morning. I piss off more people before 9 AM than most people piss off all day.

Are you a cuddler? If telling people to kiss my ass counts as cuddling, then yes... I'm a cuddler.

Are you a perfectionist? Nope. I'm a utilitarian kinda guy.

Have you ever written a poem? Sure. As a matter of fact, I'm working on one right now. But I only have the first line... "There once was a man from Nantucket".

Do you have more guy or girl friends? Only those in my head.

How many tickets have you gotten? ZZ Top - San Diego - 1977. That was the last ticket I got.

Piercings? Do knife wounds count?

Do you have a tattoo? Seven.

Are you patient? Hell no.

Do you miss anyone right now? My dad. (I had to answer at least one question seriously)

Tea or coffee? Coffee.

Regularly burn incense? The only thing I regularly burn are bridges behind me.

Ever been in love? At $4.99 a minute!? No way!

Best room for a fireplace? Right in the middle of the bivouac area.

What do you do when you’re sad or upset? Lash out inappropriately and indiscriminately.

Afraid of heights? Sure am. But I ball up that fear and hide it in a dark, far-away, secret place deep in my psyche. That's another reason why I'm the well adjusted guy that I am.

Can you change the oil in your car? Change the oil? I just keep screaming at my car "KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING!!"

Favorite flower? No particular favorite. Much like the Novus Ordo wall rug admonishes us, I bloom where I'm planted.

Favorite hangout? My recliner.

Middle name? Kevin.

Most romantic sounding language? Binary. 0110 YOU!

Ever been overseas? Yep. Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, a night in jail in Tijuana.

I tag anyone else who'd like to play.
I think not

And if you missed this when it first came out (like I did), here's a tasty bit of the story that even made the uber-liberal Boston Globe go ballistic. If you get a chance, read the entire article. It's excellent. What would JFK do?

KRIV-TV image of Texas Obama volunteers with Che Guevara flag.

IN 1963, John F. Kennedy was murdered in Texas by a fervent admirer of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. In 2008, a large Cuban flag emblazoned with the image of Che Guevara, Castro's brutal henchman, is prominently displayed in a Barack Obama campaign volunteer office in Houston.

Obama has been widely compared to JFK, most notably by the late president's brother and daughter. President Kennedy, a stalwart anticommunist, despised Castro and his gang of totalitarian thugs. But when word broke last week that Obama's supporters in Houston work under a banner glorifying Che, the campaign's reaction was to brush it off as an issue involving volunteers, not the official campaign. After two days of controversy, the campaign issued a statement calling the flag "inappropriate" and saying its display "does not reflect Senator Obama's views." Would JFK have reacted so mildly?

With Che at his side, Castro toppled Fulgencio Batista in January 1959. "As soon as they had seized power," notes "The Black Book of Communism," a magisterial survey of communist crime in the 20th century, "they began to conduct mass executions inside the two main prisons, La Cabana and Santa Clara." As chief prosecutor of the new regime, Che oversaw the bloodbath, ordering hundreds of executions in the first months of 1959. Those he killed, "The Black Book" records, included "former comrades-in-arms who refused to abandon their democratic beliefs."

Like totalitarians of every stripe, Che didn't scruple at the death of innocents. "Quit the dallying!" he ordered Jose Vilasuso, a conscientious government lawyer who was seeking evidence against several prisoners. "Your job is a very simple one. Judicial evidence is an archaic and secondary bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! We execute from revolutionary conviction."

Time magazine once called Che the "brain” of the Cuban Revolution, and saluted his "icy calculation, vast competence, high intelligence, and . . . perceptive sense of humor." A better description comes from journalist Humberto Fontova, who observes in "Exposing The Real Che Guevara" that Che was for Castro what Heinrich Himmer was for Hitler and Lavrenty Beria for Stalin - "the snarling enforcer." Fittingly, a massive drawing of Che adorns the headquarters of Cuba's secret police in Havana.

That this sadistic thug's face also adorns the office of a US presidential candidate's supporters is appalling and disgraceful. That the candidate couldn't bring himself to say so is even worse.
Keep this in mind tomorrow... Memorial Day. Remind yourself who just may be our next Commander in Chief.
And The USCCB Lets Out A Huge "WHEW!"
Gimme high five, Jesus

Ripped from the headlines of the USCCB's Ministry of Propaganda; Vatican: Receiving Eucharist kneeling may not be permanent change
By Cindy Wooden

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The four dozen people who received Communion from Pope Benedict XVI on the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ received the Eucharist on the tongue while kneeling.

Vatican officials said the gesture at the May 22 Mass outside the Basilica of St. John Lateran does not mark a permanent change in papal liturgies, but highlighted the solemnity of the feast and a connection to Mass practices in the past.
I've said it before, I'll say it again... if Jesus came down out of the clouds and stood before you right this moment, how would you greet Him -- on your knees in awe and reverence, or standing with a handshake?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Snapshot Of Those Telling The Holy Father To Go To Hell
After just a quick perusal of the news...

After my usual morning ritual of cruising various Catholic news portals, I couldn't help but notice a number of articles I've read in the past 24 hours where some rather high placed/oft quoted (by the liberal media) Catholics are taking their potshots at Pope Benedict.

Case in point:

From The Telegraph (UK), we read the rather sensationalistic headline: Pope Benedict attacked by Catholic Church’s most senior theologians. But alas, it was a plurality of one. A certain discredited Swiss Roman Protestant by the name of Hans Küng,who lamented the “tragedy” for the Catholic Church that Rome had failed to follow the path of liberalisation set out by the Vatican II council in 1965. I've read that particular article a few times to see who else was quoted as to rate the pluralization of the word "theologian". No such luck. I guess at The Telegraph, Hans and Küng count as two different people.

I also posted just yesterday concerning one of the senior clergyman in The Philippines who none-too-subtly openly challenged what The Pope (via Cardinal Bertone) had to say concerning homosexuals and their supporters being admitted to seminary. I'm still scratching my head as to exactly why Cardinal Rosales is so strongly in favor of queers infecting the priesthood. Hmmmm....

Lastly, I couldn't help but notice that not only is San Diego last in the National League West, my beloved hometown is also doing pretty piss poor when it comes to fidelity and loyalty. Specifically, the end-run that Bishop Robert "Will Sell Church Property To Pay For Rapists" Brom is pulling on Summorum Pontificum. It turns out that Bishop Bobbie is doing his own version of court packing... not to be confused with the fudge packing that so prevalent in the Diocese of San Diego.
Pardon Me, Ma'am... You're Nanny Government Is Showing
Not to be confused with "we can see right through your manifesto"

Well, at least she has the guts to say it. But will this be before or after they fix national health care, defeat world-wide Islamofascism, make social security financially viable, finally figure out exactly how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop?

Socialists. They promise sooooo much. Yet everything they touch normally turns to shit.

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Camelot With A Tan"?
Based on what?

Yes, Michelle Obama recently stated "I am Camelot with a tan".

First off, other than being roughly the same age as Jackie Kennedy was back in the early 1960's, I don't see a helluva lot that would equate the Obama's to so-called Camelot.

Secondly, Michelle... you don't have a tan. Your body has a higher content of melanin. Try to get it right, sweetheart.

But to further dispel the myth that the Obamas are resurrecting Camelot, here's something I posted a few months back....

Barack Obama Is JUST LIKE JFK!!

1. JFK volunteered for military service. BO never joined the Armed Forces.

2. JFK volunteered for combat duty. BO never joined the Armed Forces.

3. JFK was decorated for personal heroism and was wounded in combat. BO never joined the Armed Forces.

4. JFK served in the United States House of Representatives for six years. BO never served in the US House.

5. JFK authored a Pulitzer Prize winning book. BO hasn't.

6. JFK served in the United States Senate for six years before he ran for President (a total of twelve years experience in the US Congress). BO served in the Senate for two years before he ran for President (a total of two years experience).

7. JFK supported the Armed Forces to the degree that the US Army officially named their Special Forces school the "John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School". BO didn't even bother to vote on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, which among other things, reaffirmed support for all men and women of the United States Armed Forces, and allocated funds for veterans health services.

8. JFK was young, handsome and married to a beautiful woman. BO is young, handsome and is married to a beautiful woman.Yeah... Barack Obama is just like John Kennedy.
Time For Cardinal Bertone To Administer A Choke Hold
Or by it's technical term - an Ecclesiastical Corrective Restraining Maneuver

Helmet tip to Dad29

Little more than a handful of days after The Vatican issued specifics on homosexuals being admitted to the seminary, the Lavender Mafia fires back.

Here's some of this sad story from Catholic World News; (Emphasis and comments mine)
Celibate homosexuals can be priests: Filipino cardinal
Manila, May. 21, 2008 ( - A leading prelate in the Philippines has said that homosexual men can be ordained to the priesthood, despite a Vatican statement to the contrary.

Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales of Manila told reporters that homosexuals who do not "act out" can be good priests. His statement came immediately after the release of a letter in which Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (The timing was no accident), the Vatican Secretary of State, confirmed that a Church policy barring homosexuals from priestly training applies to all the world's seminaries.

Speaking on Radio Veritas in the Philippines, Cardinal Rosales said that the Vatican did not intend to ban chaste homosexuals from the seminaries. "A homosexual inclination is not bad (How does the catechism describe homosexuality? "A grave moral disorder"? Yeah... that's it) but acting it out is an entirely different matter, and that is what is written in the sacred scriptures,” he said.
OK fellow Bloglodytes. I've only got a Bachelor's degree, so I'm not really all that smart. But what part of the following doesn't Cardinal Rosales understand? The Church... cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called 'gay culture. And also that this ban is universal and without exceptions.And this is from a cardinal from a so-called "conservative" Catholic nation? All Cardinal Rosales has done is steel the resolve of the homo-friendly Roman Protestants seeking to destroy The Church from within.

Hold on to your hats. This is just going to get worse.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

UN Sends Hundreds Of Thousands Of Condoms To Myanmar
Helmet tip to Former Altar Boy for passing this info on to me

Here's a snipped of the article from (South Africa);
220,000 condoms off to Myanmar
Bangkok - The United Nations will send nearly a quarter of a million condoms into cyclone-hit Myanmar to help needy survivors with no access to contraceptives, a UN official says. So far, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said it had sent 72,800 condoms to survivors struggling to maintain their family planning after the storm hit in early May. A total of 218,400 condoms would be delivered, UNFPA aid advisor Chaiyos Kunanusont said.

Cyclone Nargis left 2.4 million people in desperate need of food, medicine and shelter, the UN estimated, but Chaiyos said not all of the affected people would need family planning supplies.

Cyclone Nargis left at least 133,000 people dead and missing, and aid groups had complained that supplies were not getting to survivors quickly enough because of limitations imposed by the ruling junta.
Hmmm, just what could 2.4 million starving and homeless people do with a quarter of a million love gloves? Wait... I know!!

VSC's Top Ten Reasons To Send Condoms To Myanmar's Ruling Junta

10 - They make great impromptu beach balls to throw around while waiting in line for inconsequential things, like food, to finally show up. Party on!!

9 - Hire one of those birthday magicians, and he can twist blown up condoms to look like food. You never know, it just might take everyones mind off revolution for a while.

8. In a none too subtle double entendre, the junta could join forces with Bob Barker, have all the condoms inflated, painted brown, then declare it as a UN/Price Is Right monument to everyone having their dachshunds spayed or neutered.

7. A few drops of Essence of Spearmint added to each one, and the Junta could sell them as the newest Willy Wonka candy -- The Everlasting Knob Stopper.

6. Triple bag 'em, and they could be marketed at flesh-toned beer coozies. The extreamly gullible hedonists would completely believe the slogan - All The Drunkenness, None Of The Calories!

5. Fill them with helium, and then use them as makeshift weather balloons. They'd come in handy finding out if anything nasty was on it's way... like a force 5 cyclone.

4. Sell them to really stupid people as deposit envelops for sperm banks.

3. Utilize them as giant baby-bottle nipples for the gallon jugs of soy milk. And what a godsend they would be to the prophylactose intolerant.

2. Sell them on E-Bay and on late night infomercials as The Richard Gere Brand Gerbil Travel Case.

1 - They can develop a time machine, send the condoms back to the moment in time when the daddies of those UN idiots started getting a twitch in their hitch... wrap them rascals, and VIOLA! Pre-emptive artificial means of stupid control.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You No Listen To Da Holy Fada, I Choke-a You Neck!
If-a you still no listen, I take you fishin' wid Fredo!!

Is it just me, or does Cardinal Bertone look like the Cappo of one of The Five Families?

Anyhow, Here's a rather straightforward article concerning homosexuals being admitted to seminaries. By the way, keep in mind that the so-called "pedophilia scandal" is a whitewash. 80% of the monetary settlements had nothing to do with sex with pre-pubescent boys, but with adolescent and adult males... in other words, textbook homosexuality.

Here's some of the article from The Catholic News Agency; (Emphasis mine) Vatican says prohibition against gays in seminaries is universal

Vatican City, May 19, 2008 / 09:21 am (CNA).- Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, has sent a letter to the bishops of the world with the approval of Pope Benedict XVI reaffirming the norms established by the Congregation for Catholic Education in the 2005 document, “Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocation with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in view of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders,” as universal and without exceptions.

The letter, which Cardinal Bertone said was issued in response “to numerous requests for clarification,” implies that the prohibition against accepting homosexual candidates in seminaries applies not only to diocesan seminaries but also to those of religious orders and congregations, as well as to those that are located in mission territories.

The 2005 Instruction indicated the Congregation for Catholic Education, “in accord with the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, believes it necessary to state clearly that the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practise homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called 'gay culture'."
With that last proviso, does that mean that we can start shit-canning most of the members of the USCCB? Please? Either way, the battle lines have been drawn. Don't expect the Lavender Mafia to go quietly into that good night.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Why Is It Again That The Church Is Dying In Britain?
Gee... I wonder if I can figure this one out

Someone more learned than I made the following observations concerning the goings on in England concerning at least one Anglican "flying bishop" and literally thousands of fellow Anglicans who are ready to cross the Tiber. Back in the very early 1990s, the Anglican Bishop of London converted. It was thought at that time that John Paul’s Vatican would welcome thousands of Anglican converts “crossing the Tiber.” This was due to the brewing scandal of Anglican “female bishops & priestesses.” In fact, numerous high ranking Anglicans asked the English Catholic bishops for the American solution with the “Anglican Use” liturgy, and the reception of Holy Orders for those with wives and families.

This huge opportunity was lost when England’s radically liberal Catholic Episcopacy refused that request. John Paul, in his usual “Ecumenical” style, refused to step in (which he certainly could have done).

Now we are faced with the same liberal [Catholic] English bishops (not wanting to upset the ecumenical apple cart), and the major roadblock of Cardinal Walter Kasper in Rome.

Note to Benedict XVI: Toss Kasper into the Tiber, and relieve the English bishops of their duties. I’m sure he could find a far away monastery for the whole lousy lot of them!
Truer words were never spoken.

But on the heels of that, I read that Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor-Heinz-Kerry-Rodham-Clinton, or whatever the hell his name is, is now exhorting us all to... well, you're just going to have to read it for yourself.

Here's some of the article from The Beeb; (Emphasis mine) 'Respect atheists', says cardinal
Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor urges deeper understanding between believers and non-believers

The Archbishop of Westminster has urged Christians to treat atheists and agnostics with "deep esteem".

Believers may be partly responsible for the decline in faith by losing sense of the mystery and treating God as a "fact in the world", he said in a lecture.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor called for more understanding and appreciation between believers and non-believers.

But the leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales said that Britain must not become "a God-free zone".
Hmmm... "deep esteem" for those who deny God, 'eh? And more than a few are militantly anti-God. Will any one else join the good Cardinal in manning the papier-mâché walls that defend The Church?

I tell ya, I can give atheists the common courtesy that all human being deserve... but "deep esteem" and "more appreciation" specifically because they deny The Almighty? It's glaringly obvious to me what the problem is in the UK.

Let's not forget who the REAL enemy is in Britain... all those nasty Polish immigrants. Those backward folk... with that silly belief in the Real Presence, their Rosaries, their irritatingly constant kneeling before God.

The Polish immigrants are constantly bitched about by many a Catholic honcho in Britain... but we're admonished to line up and kiss the asses of atheists? Bullshit. Hell, a blind man could see what the problem is in Great Britain.
What The Heck, I'll Leave It Posted For Another Day Or Two
So you know who you're giving to

I thought I'd pass some info on my brother-in-law, as well as the PayPal Donate button. Good and bad news -- first the good. The swelling on his brain has "gone down a little", and found out yesterday that the blood clot behind one of his eyes has also "gone down a little. Well, at least they haven't gotten worse.

Now the bad news -- his heart rate is dropping at an alarming rate. From a good and strong 60, to bouncing around in the 40's, then a dip down to 30. From what I've been told, the doctors have added some kind of a stimulant to his drip to kick start his heart rate.

Anyhow, there's been some concern that he's pretty much given up. But as his wife (my wife's baby sister) has said to him, "Trey, you need to start fighting. There's a little girl at home who doesn't understand yet why her daddy isn't there." Please offer a prayer today.

Here's a recent picture of Trey and Bailey taken at a Father-Daughter dance.

Yeah, I know this is a shameless tugging at the heart strings. And I'd do it again in a skinny minute.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dante Learns To Dance... And Realizes He's In Love
Hey, at least it isn't a Scrubs or a Carpoolers video

WARNING!! This video contains footage of a rather giggly gal, and gratuitous male VBC*.

Jay and Silent Bob KILL ME in this video. The first few seconds come in kinda screwy, but this is hilarious! And yes... this takes place in the roof of a fast food resturaunt.

*Visible Butt Crack

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Play That Funky Music, Half-White Boy
I don't think this is what The Knack had in mind

Click here for the music. Sing along... enjoy! Ooh, my little Democrat, my Lefty-crat,
When you gonna double my tax, Obama?
Why you such a Socialist, a Socialist?
Should I even bother to aks, Obama?

He's so insecure, such a wimp. Never knew his dad.
He's easily punked-out, by guys like Ahmadinejad.
My, my, my, my, yi, yi, WHOO!
M-m-m- my Obama,

Move a little further left,
a-further left,
Do just what your told by your spouse, Obama.
Why she hate this country, huh?
Cram a sock in her freakin' mouth, Obama.

He's so insecure, such a wimp. Never knew his dad.
Don't dare cross Michelle, such a shrew. She done chopped off his 'nads.
My, my, my, my, yi, yi, WHOO!
M-m-m- my Obama,

Ooh, you gonna shaft us good.
sh-shaft us good.
Quicker than Wright could say "Amen!", Obama.
What's your foreign policy?
Waving paper like Chamberlain, Obama.

He's so insecure, such a wimp. Never knew his dad.
Darling of the Left, let's face facts, he's just a passing fad.
My, my, my, my, yi, yi, WHOO!
M-m-m- my Obama,

Ooh, my Obama
But Of Course Political Correctness Would Lead To This...
As if we didn't know

I remember a handful of years ago, reading that; ... the Irish Bishops decided to remove seven New Testament scriptural readings from the Mass because they were "liable to give contemporary society an undesirably negative impression regarding women".And yes, the article from The Post (Ireland) includes the seven passages that were removed from the Mass readings. Scroll to the end of the article. Silly Sts. Peter and Paul. What were they thinking?

Anyhow, I got to thinking the other day about just how far PC has crept into Christianity. I recently read Galatians 3:28, which states: There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Yep, I'm sure many of you know where I'm going... and yes, I actually found the following from those worshippers of The Sacred Orgasm over at the UCC; When will the Church finally be brave enough to say with Paul, “in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave or free, male or female,” gay or straight?And if anyone thinks they're referring to celibate homosexuals who realize that homosexuality is intrinsically evil and a grave moral disorder... then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you might be interested in.

Friday, May 16, 2008

True Ecumenism
Conversion, not convergence

I've posted in the past concerning an entire diocese of Assyrian Orthodox converting back to Catholicism. Well, it's just been finalized. Here's the article from The California Catholic Daily; Ecumenical triumph
California-based diocese of the Assyrian Apostolic Church enters full communion with the Catholic Church

On Pentecost, leaders of the Chaldean Catholic Church in California formally received into communion a bishop of the Assyrian Apostolic Church of the East, his clergy and faithful. The bishop, Mar Mawai Soro, who presided over the western Assyrian diocese headquartered in San Jose, was disciplined by the Holy Synod of the Assyrian Apostolic Church in 2005 for publicly defending papal primacy.

The Assyrian Church (centered in Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq), which dates back to the earliest days of the Christian faith, eventually came to embrace the teachings of the fifth century archbishop of Constantinople, Nestorius, condemned by the Council of Ephesus in 431. Beginning, however, in the 16th century, large numbers of Nestorian Assyrians came into union with Rome, forming the Chaldean Catholic Church -- which today is larger than the Assyrian Church.

The course of events that led the California-based Assyrian diocese into full communion with the Catholic Church began in November 2005, when Mar Mawai Soro presented a paper, The Position of the Church of the East Theological Tradition on the Questions of Church Unity and Full Communion, to the Holy Synod of the Assyrian Church. Five days after Mar Mawai delivered the paper, in which he argued for the necessity of papal primacy, he was suspended by the synod. Subsequently, with loyal clergy and faithful, Mar Bawai formed the Assyrian Catholic Apostolic Diocese.

The new diocese then began to draw closer to the El Cajon-based Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle. On Jan. 17, 2008, the clergy of the Assyrian Catholic Apostolic Diocese, meeting in Dublin, unanimously adopted a “Declaration of Intention” to “enter full communion with the Catholic Church” and “resume church unity with the Chaldean Catholic Church.” On March 28, the Chaldean and Assyrian clergy met at the Cathedral of St. Peter in San Diego, where they recited a Catholic profession of faith before the altar.

The union, which brought the bishop, Mar Bawai, six priests, over 30 deacons and subdeacons, and about 3,000 faithful into full, Catholic communion, was solemnized May 10-11 at St. Thomas Church in Turlock and at St. Matthew Church in Ceres.

Traditionalist order is ready to return to Rome

By Anna Arco9 May 2008

A traditionalist community in Scotland has signalled that it is willing to engage in talks with Rome as a result of the Motu Proprio. The Transalpine Redemptorist Congregation on the remote Orkney island of Papa Stronsay have had informal talks with a Redemptorist bishop at the Vatican and will start speaking to the Ecclesia Dei Commission. Fr Anthony Mary, one of the monks, said the order wanted to "see what the commission has to offer and whether it's perfectly acceptable to us and what we stand for. We are traditional Catholics. We hold on to the old rite and we don't want to lose any of that."

After false rumours circulated on the internet which suggested the community had already returned to Rome the monks issued a lengthy statement explaining their position. The document said Pope Benedict XVI's liberalisation of the 1962 form of the Roman Rite with last year's Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum put the order, which is affiliated with the Society of St Pius X, in a position where it must at least consider talks with Rome. It said: "All these serious considerations, dear friends, move us to go and see what Rome has to say. Let not our contacts with Rome be understood as meaning that we will break off our friendship with the Society of St Pius X and other traditionalist organisations around the world. On the contrary, we positively want with all our hearts to remain in contact sharing all that we may learn with Bishop Fellay and the other heads of traditional orders for the good of tradition as a whole."

Only time will tell if the moment has come for an agreement with Rome. Prudence requires of us to proceed slowly and cautiously, reflecting well at each step of the discussions. "The Transalpines have come under pressure from certain members of the SSPX, which last month rejected the possibility of a reunion with Rome. The order recalled three Brothers who were in training at an SSPX seminary after the rector of the seminary took the seminarians aside and suggested they form a break-away community in order to stop an agreement with Rome.
According to the Papa Stronsay blog, the superior, Fr Michael Mary, received an email from the Society which said that Transalpines would no longer be welcome in SSPX seminaries if the order reached an agreement with the Ecclesia Dei commission. "We have no desire to sling mud at people or give a bad name to people but sometimes in order to defend yourself you have to state exactly what happened two or three weeks ago," said Fr Anthony Mary.
I Always Knew That Bloglodytes were The Coolest People!
But we all knew that

I'm going to bring down the PayPal donate button for the Help Trey Fund as of this upcoming Sunday. The outpouring of support has been absolutely phenominal. There's no doubt in my mind that everyone has at least said a quick prayer for him. And those prayers add up.

But the main reason I'm ging to bring this to an end, is because my sister-in-law was in Trey's hospital room yesterday and told him "don't worry. Kevin put an appeal on his blog, so between that and what family has given, we have enough to pay the mortgage."

I was told that he just let out a long sigh... looked up and said "Thank God". Maybe now my redneck B-I-L will realize that we Catholics (and some of you Orthodox!) aren't the Mary-worshipping monsters he was told about his whole life.

I have a funny feeling that some eyes have been opened. One might even say that the scales have fallen from their eyes.

Anyhow, you people are awesome. On behalf of Trey and his family, I would like to personally thank you all. May God bless each and every one of you.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hagee's "Apology" To The Catholic Church
Don't crap on my shoes and call it a spit-shine

John Hagee recently stated in an interview with Fox News some of the following; (Emphasis mine) Hagee has claimed that his “great whore” remarks were taken out of context, and that he was not directing them at the Roman Catholic Church. A spokesman said via e-mail Tuesday that Hagee “never used this phrase to refer to the Catholic Church.”Interesting. In an article from Alex Rich that was printed in the New York Times, Rich asks the following painfully simple requests -- (Emphasis mine) ...Go directly to YouTube, search for “John Hagee Roman Church Hitler,” and be recharged by a fresh jolt of clerical jive.

What you’ll find is a white televangelist, the Rev. John Hagee, lecturing in front of an enormous diorama. Wielding a pointer, he pokes at the image of a woman with Pamela Anderson-sized breasts, her hand raising a golden chalice. The woman is “the Great Whore,” Mr. Hagee explains, and she is drinking “the blood of the Jewish people.” That’s because the Great Whore represents “the Roman Church,” which, in his view, has thirsted for Jewish blood throughout history, from the Crusades to the Holocaust.
I've done one better... here's the video itself. You tell me exactly what was "taken out of context".

Help Trey Fund Update

It looked like he was slowly improving, but no. It turns out that the spinal fluid won't stop leaking. So as of Wednesday afternoon/evening, they may have to drill at least one hole in the base of his skull. It may be due to the spinal fluid, it may be due to his brain swelling. I just don't know.

Mrs. Caveman is down in Charleston now trying to help out as best she can with their kids and all.

A sincere thanks for all the prayers that have been offered. I can tell you that my brother-in-law is very, very grateful.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Breck Girl Speaks!
Is that an endorsement or a curse?

I just saw on the news that former one term senator who never ran for re-election because he knew he's get his ass kicked, and ambulance-chaser extraordinaire, John Edwards, has just endorsed Barack Hussein Obama for president.

Isn't that kinda like the captain of the Titanic recommending trans-Atlantic travelers to buy tickets on the Hindenburg?
How DARE A Politician Have Morals!!
Lesbos in the attack mode

Here's a bit of a rather interesting article from The California Catholic Daily; (Emphasis mine) Unqualified “on religious grounds”
Lesbians say popular ex-NBA star unfit to be mayor of Sacramento because his faith teaches that same-sex marriage is immoral

According to homosexual activists in Sacramento, mayoral candidate and former NBA basketball star Kevin Johnson – considered by many political observers as having a good chance at unseating incumbent Mayor Heather Fargo -- has suddenly become unfit for office. The reason for his abrupt disqualification?
Johnson opposes same-sex marriage.

Toward the end of a forum for mayoral candidates on Wednesday, May 7, each candidate was asked to give a yes or no answer to the question, “Do you support gay marriage?” Of the seven candidates, all answered yes, except for Johnson, who said:
“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Much to his surprise, Johnson’s response galvanized pro-homosexual political activists into action overnight. They called a press conference the next day, Thursday, May 8, to denounce Johnson. “It hit me like a brick,” Gretchen Bender, a member of the county Board of Education and the first openly lesbian candidate ever elected to public office in Sacramento County, told the May 9 Sacramento Bee. "I've been working with Kevin on this issue. But, based on that comment at the forum, I now think he is acting on religious grounds, and he is not ready to lead this city." Six other lesbians involved in Sacramento politics joined Bender at the press conference.

Johnson, 42, played for 12 seasons in the NBA before returning to Sacramento to start a non-profit neighborhood agency whose purpose is to revitalize a rundown neighborhood and provide better educational opportunities for underprivileged youth.

Johnson, “a born-again Christian,” said his position on homosexual marriage is based on his religious beliefs. His campaign issued a statement following Bender’s press conference rejecting the suggestion that opposition to same-sex marriage is the same as prejudice against homosexuals. “I fully support and will defend the present laws of California recognizing the rights and obligations of same-sex couples in civil unions,” he said in the prepared statement. “I also support equal benefits such as insurance and leave for same-sex couples. The issue of marriage is presently before the California Supreme Court, and I will uphold the law as the court makes its decision. I have never tolerated discrimination or harassment of any kind, and will continue to be vigilant in those efforts.”

Bender, however, was unmoved by Johnson’s statement. "He's giving a political answer to a moral question," she told the Bee.
Think about this, fellow Bloglodytes... what does Sacramento translate to in English?

Anyhow, I may not agree with Johnson concerning so-called "civil unions", but at least he has the 'nads to stand up to the dykes. Maybe that's the problem. Or maybe they just don't like his last name. Sheesh... could you imagine the uproar if he was from Johnson City, Tennessee? The dykes would lose their minds.

But then again... if all that were true, you could bet that sure as hell, he's get The Rear Guard in the Elton John Brigade vote.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Please give to the Help Trey Fund
What comes around, goes around

This past weekend, my brother-in-law, Robert "Trey" Bullock, was attacked down in Charleston, SC. From what we've gathered so far (and in all honesty, my wife and I haven't gotten all the details yet), but we have been told that he was assaulted with an axe and a tire iron... and still beaten while he was already unconscious on the ground.

Being a construction worker in a state that's already saturated with illegals who undercut his bids with regularity, Trey is hurting for money. So much so, that he had to cancel his health/hospitalization insurance a few months back.

Now he's in MUSC (the Medical University of South Carolina) with a fractured skull, fractured facial bones, blood on the brain, and he's leaking spinal fluid.

A Victims Advocacy group has already agreed to pay for a portion of his medical expenses, but like I said, only a portion.

I've placed a PayPal donate button to the left of the blog, so if you can help... even if it's a dollar or two, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and my God bless.
In A Word... Stunning
Quick - someone make this guy the President of Notre Dame

This past Sunday, I picked up a copy of The Latin Mass magazine at church. I'll readily admit, it's been quite awhile since I'd read a copy. And the shames on me.

For those of you who've never read such, here are two seperate tid-bits from an article entitled "Solemnity - The Crux of the Matter" by Dr. Peter A. Kwasniewski of Wyoming Catholic College.

Enjoy -- It is a smugness epitomized in the casual entrance of laymen and women into the sanctuary for lectoring or distributing communion; the faint half-elevation of the Eucharist, not to mention many other signs of shallow or absent faith in the Real Presence; the overall chummy feeling, the "sign of peace," the lack of silence before or after Mass; the verbal top-heaviness that makes of God a small and tame object ready to be conjured and controlled, ready for a relationship on equal terms at best.In reality, the most unwashed,unlettered medieval peasant knew better what was happening in the lofty sanctuary of his lofty church - the peasant who knew, in part from the stained glass windows whose beauty and intricacy still cause us to marvel, that "God died for me, the Blood of Jesus washes away my sins, and all this is wondrously present at the Mass" - than does many a modern parishioner sitting in his whitewashed church of angular artifacts, who does not clearly confess the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist, who confuses sentimentality with charity and sing-alongs with prayer.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Yep, That's The Definition
Helmet tip to Mr & Mrs NYPD

WARNING!! Don't watch this if you've just eaten.

Puppet (pŭp'ĭt) n.

1. A small figure of a person or animal, having a cloth body and hollow head, designed to be fitted over and manipulated by the hand.

2. A figure having jointed parts animated from above by strings or wires; a marionette.

3. One whose behavior is determined by the will of others: a political puppet.

4. Someone who can only operate when someone else's hand is up their ass.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

You've Come A Long Way, BABY!
She's cool, she's hip, she's the Mother of God!
Helmet tip to David from Down Under

OK gang, it's time to play the latest installment of "Name That Embarrassment".

The below listed poster is:

A. An ad for Virginia Slims cigarettes.

B. Some gal with an aching back from being oppressed by evil men.

C. Illustrated directions for The Hokey Pokey.

D. The Blessed Virgin Mary.

The embarrassing answer can be found here. Scroll down to "Marian Procession".
What, No Mother's Day Post?
And now for something completely different
Helmet tip to PreVatII

WARNING! Harsh language alert! (To include the ComBox)

I thought you might enjoy this bit of erudite political observation from the (good ol') boys over at Red State Update.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

When Lesbyterians Go Bad
The theology of Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

This is a textbook definition of Orwellian. Here's some of the article by The California Catholic; (Emphasis and comments mine) “That which by definition cannot be done”
Presbyterians won’t censure minister for performing same-sex marriages because there is no such thing

The highest court of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has ruled that a San Rafael minister did not violate church law by presiding over same-sex marriages – because the Presbyterian Church does not recognized same-sex marriage. (They must have taken their cue from Bush's attitude towards illegal immigration; if you close your eyes real, real tight... the problem doesn't exist.)

The Rev. Jane Spahr, 65, a lesbian activist and retired Presbyterian minister, (Big shocker there, huh? I think a certain Senior Drill Instructor, Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann says it best.) said that she has presided at hundreds of same-sex unions since 1974. In recent years, because homosexuals have wanted marriages instead of simple unions, Spahr has been conducting marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples – at least 14 such ceremonies in the last five years.

The Judicial Commission ruled that since Presbyterian church law defines marriage as “a civil contract between a woman and a man,” Spahr, in performing same-sex marriage ceremonies, was "doing that which by definition cannot be done." On this account, the commission ruled, she was not guilty of violating church law nor should she be censured, as the synod court had ordered. (In other words, the door is kicked wide open for theological anarchy. But isn't that the essence of Protestantism, anyways?)

At the same time, the Judicial Commission said, clergy "who are authorized to perform marriages shall not state, imply or represent that a same-sex ceremony is a marriage. ... A same-sex ceremony is not and cannot be a marriage." (And if they don't "imply or represent", what will happen to them? Absolutely nothing - that's what.)

In response to the ruling, Spahr has said she will continue to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, for which she could be sanctioned in the future. (Two words come to mind... "Screw" and "You". But then again, I think she's already incorporated that into her "wedding" vows. After all, homo-marriage is nothing more than the worship of the Sacred Orgasm.)

Over the past 20 years, the Presbyterian Church has seen a steady decline in its membership. (The old ones are dying off... the young ones are physically incapable of sexual reproduction. You do the math.) Though it is the nation’s ninth largest church, the Presbyterian Church membership went from 3 million in 1986 to 2.27 million in 2006.
(And I still think that a certain Senior Drill Instructor says it best.)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Isn't It Amazing What Happens When You Defend What The Holy Father Says And What The Church Teaches?
Quality, not quantity

For those who haven't caught wind yet, Archbishop Burke of St. Louis has just been promoted by The Holy Father to the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, which interprets canon, or church, law. Benedict also assigned the archbishop to the Congregation for the Clergy, which regulates the formation and training of clergy.

In 2006, Benedict named Burke to the Vatican’s Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature, the Roman Catholic church’s supreme court and its highest judicial authority.

Hmmm... The very same Archbishop Burke who not just gives lip-service to, but actually publically stated that he would refuse Holy Communion to pro-abortion "Catholics". The very same Archbishop Burke who not just gives lip-service to, but actually celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass. The very same Archbishop Burke who not just gives lip-service to, but actually fosters and promotes Marian devotion.

Like I said, isn't it amazing what happens when you defend what the Holy Father says and what The Church teaches?
Still No Response From NC Catholics
Should I be surprised?

I sent this letter to the editor of the local diocesan paper two weeks ago. Still no response. Gee, I wonder why? Dear Editor,
In the most recent edition (Apr. 2008) of NC Catholics, the article written by Msgr. Hadden gave me the impression that he was attempting to state that St. Monica was (to use the technically correct terms) a Sub-Saharan Black African (Negroid), other than a North African Arab (Caucasoid).

Granted, Msgr. Hadden did state that she was "African", and essentially, he's correct. But as I've already said, Arabs are Caucasoid, not Negroid.

Is there any historical evidence that Msgr. Hadden is correct, and that St. Monica wasn't a member of the majority Arab ethnic group of Egypt, and was in fact, a Sub-Saharan Black African? If there is, could you please cite it. All the evidence that I've uncovered thus far states that she was an Egyptian Arab, and not a Sub-Saharan Black.

Also, the sentence "Saint Monica, an African laywoman, is a saint with whom black women can readily identify, because Monica epitomizes the present black woman." is quite honestly, insulting. As my wife and daughter have informed me, St. Monica is a Saint that ALL women can identify with, regardless of skin color. Please keep in mind that no one racial group has a monopoly on any given suffering.
As one can tell from the images that I use on this blog itself, I have no problem whatsoever with any given cultural artistic style being utilized in the evangelizing with any given people. If a distinctively Japanese-looking Mary assists in aiding the Japanese in understand Marian devotion... I have no problem with that.

But to insinuate that that any given Saint in reality is a member of a certain ethic group, when he/she clearly isn't, that's racial pandering of the worst kind. Some might even call it lying.

After all, would it be factual to portray St. Paul Miki and Companions (The Japanese Martyrs) in traditional Jewish garb and with distinctively Jewish physical features? Or for that matter, instead of Jewish, how about Yemenis or Armenians or Khazaks? After all, aren't they all Asians?

Or possibly we should portray St. Juan Diego as an Aleut donning a fur lined parka and hunting seals? Why not? After all, aren't the Mexican Indians and the Aleuts all Aboriginal North Americans?

Better yet... how about a portrayal of Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions (The Ugandan Martyrs) as redheaded, green eyed, and an extremely fair-skinned Tunisians? Why not? They're all Africans. Yeah, that would last for all of two seconds.

But you know what? St. Paul Miki will always be portrayed as Japanese; St. Juan Diego will always be portrayed as a Mexican Indian; St. Charles Lwanga will always be portrayed as a Black African. Know why? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY WERE! And no amount of pew pandering will ever change that.

If St. Monica was in fact, Black African... so be it. But there's been no credible evidence of such being the case. With, of course, the exception of the run-away and factually incorrect political correctness. If you want to consider that "evidence".

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Blast From The Past
From May 8, 2006
And a special helmet tip to VSO for reminding me!!
Happy Hard Hat Riot Day!
Construction Workers, Stock Exchange Suits, New York's Finest.... just two words; HELL YES!!

Hat Tip to Relapsed Catholic

"A lot of us are World War II vets and fathers and purple hearts. We're from a generation that believes the flag over everything." - Electrician Morty Grutman, quoted in the New York Post, May 9, 1970.

36 years ago today, communist led anti-war hippie scum (better known as The Great Unwashed) staged themselves at the George Washington statue on Wall Street and were waving Communist Viet Cong flags and burning, urinating and defecating on American flags, just like what had recently happened in Washington DC.

New York city construction workers (better known as The Hard Hats) had had enough. They proceeded to charge the hippie base camp and set up American flags, then pursued and thumped the living shit out of said Great Unwashed. What happened next, no one expected... the construction workers were unexpectedly joined by white collar office workers (better known as The Suits) from the New York Stock Exchange. The NYSE literally emptied as Suits fought shoulder to shoulder along side the Hard Hats.

Mayor John Lindsay ordered that all flags on City buildings be lowered to half mast due to the Kent State shootings, which the construction workers of New York overwhelmingly opposed. They threatened to overwhelm City Hall unless the flag was raised to full mast, which it was... by the construction workers themselves.

In an other unexpected turn of events, 150 NYPD officers assigned to City Hall didn't interfere while the Hard Hats and Suits taught the Great Unwashed a thing or two about manners, decorum, and patriotism. As the American flag was raised to full staff over City Hall, the construction workers asked Police Officers remove their riot helmets in respect. They did.

The Hard Hat Riots were followed by a series of pro-war rallies in New York almost every day during May. These rallies culminated in a large Wednesday, May 20, 1970, rally. Over 100,000 hard hats, stock brokers and other workers peacefully marched through the streets of downtown New York City. The rally was organized by the local New York City construction workers union to show support for President Nixon and the Vietnam War.

Funny, schools never teach about this.

What In The World Is THAT!!??
One thing's for sure... it's uuuuuuuug-ly!

1. A coffee mug handle for people with freakishly large hands?

2. That thang that burst out of John Hurt's stomach in the movie Alien?

3. An outward sign of God's Covenant with the Hebrew People?

4. A statue of the Madonna and The Child Jesus?

The answer is disturbingly found here.


With a special helmet tip to Celibatarian who posted this info in the ComBox; Missing artwork of Virgin Mary as stripper stirs University of Dallas
Stolen print of stripper Virgin pits school, artistic freedom

11:31 AM CST on Saturday, March 8, 2008
By SAM HODGES / The Dallas Morning News

Looking back, trouble seemed likely when an artwork depicting a stripper as the Virgin Mary went on display last month at the University of Dallas.

And trouble sure came, though the artist says she was making a point about perceptions and didn't intend anything sacrilegious.

The artwork – a print – prompted complaints from students at the Catholic college in Irving. Then, on Feb. 14, it was discovered missing from a school gallery.

It still hasn't been found, and campus police are investigating the case as a theft. Meanwhile, students, alumni and others have been weighing in, though some never got a chance to see the print and have had to rely on descriptions.

University president Frank Lazarus, in particular, has been criticized by alumni who feel he erred by not ordering the print removed after he got a look at it.

"It was imprudent of him to leave it up," said Tom Lagarde, a member of the Class of '97 and secretary of the school's national alumni board.

"Regardless of what the artist's message was ... the means she used were illicit, at least for Catholics."

Dr. Lazarus didn't respond to requests for an interview. But earlier he released a statement denouncing the apparent theft and acknowledging the school's struggle to balance academic and artistic freedom with preservation of "Catholic character."
What a gutless puke.