Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rome Sweet Rome
The Primacy of Peter becomes clearer every day

First there was the news that The Traditional Anglican Communion is converting en masse to The Catholic Church. Then came the thunderbolt that there really is progress between Catholicism and the some of the larger Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Now there's words that the Orthodox Assyrian Catholic Apostolic Diocese (of the United States) is swimming the Tiber... or the Euphrates, as the case may be.

Here's some of the announcement from Kaldaya.net; (emphasis mine)

After praying to the Father and reflecting on the Scriptures and Tradition, the attendees unanimously adopted a “Declaration of Intention” in which they state their resolution “to enter full communion with the Catholic Church” and “to resume church unity with the Chaldean Catholic Church.” As a result, they foresee that this declaration will initiate a process of negotiation with respective Church authorities to define a concrete model of this union, in which the particularity of our apostolic tradition is preserved.More of this wonderful news, specifically, Assyrians from San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; Sacramento, CA; Turlock, CA; Chicago IL; and Phoenix, AZ endorsing the ACAD proclamation can be found here.

Thanks be to God!


Blogger PreVat2 said...

I am deeply ashamed that you would publish such nonsense, and actually back such an old fashioned, pre-Vatican II mindset. In fact, where have you been???? Cardinal Walter Kasper has already made it very plain (and simple for you Cavemen/Marines) that we are NOT to bring folks into the Roman-Protestant...opps, sorry, Roman Catholic Church anymore. We are to RESPECT...did you get that Cavey? We are to RESPECT those of other faith paths.

Remember Cavey, since 1965, we are a church, not THE CHURCH. Damn it Cavey, get with the times. Accept your fate and bend your knee to Kasper!!!

8:23 AM  

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