Friday, November 30, 2007

When All Else Fails, Blame The Canadians!
They think they're so high and mighty with that bacon that's really ham!

Quicker than Canada's own Lover Boy disappeared from the charts back in the 80's, the Envro-Gestapo has found another group to blame for global warming... Canadian beer-drinkers.

I can hear 'em now: "'Eh you, drop the Molsen and slowly step away from the six-pack now, you hoser. I said DROP IT, 'EH!"

From Fox News;

Study: Canadian Beer Drinkers Threaten Planet
Friday, November 30, 2007

Scientists have found a new threat to the planet: Canadian beer drinkers.

The government-commissioned study says the old, inefficient "beer fridges" that one in three Canadian households use to store their Molson and Labatt's contribute significantly to global warming by guzzling gas- and coal-fired electricity.

"People need to understand the impact of their lifestyles," British environmental consultant Joanna Yarrow tells New Scientist magazine. "Clearly the environmental implications of having a frivolous luxury like a beer fridge are not hitting home. This research helps inform people — let's hope it has an effect."

The problem is that the beer fridges are mostly decades-old machines that began their second careers as beverage dispensers when Canadians upgraded to more energy-efficient models to store whatever Canadians eat besides doughnuts and poutine.

University of Alberta researcher Denise Young, who led the study, suggests that provincial authorities hold beer-fridge buy-backs or round-ups to eliminate the threat — methods that Americans use to get guns off the streets.
What's next? Assault with a Frigidaire?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dissecting Keith Kerr And CNN
Liberal bias? Nooooo.....

To watch the major news networks the past 24 hours (and I have), you'd think the only newsworthy thing brought up at the CNN/YouTube GOP Presidential Debate was that the Bobsey Twins of the GOP (better known as Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani) got into a pimp-slap fight with each other about who was a bigger scumbag over illegal immigration. Unfortunately, neither of these two dopes pulled their heads out of their rectums long enough to actually say what they'd do to fix the problem.

Anyhow, it turns out that a certain Mr. Keith Kerr, retired Colonel., U.S. Army; retired Brigadier General, California National Reserve, asked the following question; “why you think that American men and women in uniform are not professional enough to serve with gays and lesbians?” Talk about your loaded questions. Interesting way to put it, huh? It's the troops who are screwed-up, not the sexual deviants and perverts.

But anyhow, concerning the good Colonel, or General, or whatever the hell rank he is, it wasn't revealed by CNN until AFTER the debate was over that the good Colonel-General (must be a new rank) is actually a member of Hillary Clinton's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Americans For Hillary Steering Committee. With that said, I find it odd that of the over 5,000 YouTube submissions, his was one of the few selected. And CNN actually flew him cross-country so he could actually be there live at the debate proper. Wow. Does CNN do that for everyone?

And I also find it odd that YouTube is owned by... you guessed it... Google. You mean to tell me that CNN failed to even Google Colonel-General Kerr prior to trotting him out in from of God and the entire civilized world with hopes of putting the candidates on the spot?

Think about it. What are the odds that THIS particular guy was chosen out of thousands.... and THIS particular guy was flown at CNN's dime all the was cross-country of all those chosen. DAMN! Those odds are astronomical! And the whole time, CNN supposedly never knew this guy worked for Slickary. In the immortal words of Dr. Evil; Riiiiiiiiight.

Also, CNN ran across the screen at the bottom that this guy is a BGen, US Army, ret. Nooo.... he left the US Army as an Enlisted Man, then joined the California National Guard. It was from there that he retired as a Colonel, not as CNN would have us believe that we was retired from the active Army as a One Star. There IS a difference.

On the same lines, Kerr identifies himself as a "retired Brigadier General, California National Reserve". Ok... what the hell is the California National Reserve? I do know there is such a thing as the California National GUARD. I also know there are certain organizations known as the MARINE CORPS Reserve; the NAVY Reserve, etc, etc. But I reiterate -- what the hell is the California National Reserve?

Well, I found out. They're a group of unpaid volunteers who are subservient to the California National Guard. In essence, they're a bunch of old guys who wear camouflage and pass out water bottles to the Guardsmen as they deploy. God bless 'em, but let's be honest. They're less than the National Guard, but more than the Boy Scouts. Not exactly 2d Recon Battalion. More like the 125th Tongue Depressor & Mess Kit Repair Battalion.

Also, a particular news organ has referred to Colonel-General Kerr as a "gay war veteran". And that particular news organ is CNN. I know... big shock. But anyhow, according to the pro-sodomite organization Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (of which the Colonel-General was one of the head honchos), this guy was never within 8,000 miles of a combat zone.

So much for being a "gay war vet", huh? Unless you count his sword fighting with his now dead Episcopalian "priest" lifelong butt-buddy.
Banned From Prison...
But acceptable for your 10 year old

Bizarre as it seems, this is true. Here's just a bit of the article from The Catholic News Agency;

Washington DC, Nov 28, 2007 / 12:04 pm (CNA).- A self-described sexual health children's book is so graphic in its contents that material from it has been banned from a state prison and several web sites.

The book, titled It's Perfectly Normal, has been targeted by the American Life League (ALL) as completely inappropriate, especially since its instruction is aimed at children ages ten and up.

Endorsed by Planned Parenthood, it contains written descriptions and cartoon depictions of sex acts, including two pictures of teenagers engaged in masturbation. The text is dismissive of religious disapproval of masturbation and also discusses deviant sex acts. Free copies of the book are distributed to children at an annual party sponsored by Planned Parenthood.

A few months ago a Washington State prison rejected a fund-raising letter that included censored images from the book for being "sexually explicit" and "obscene."
So I dug a little deeper into this story, and found the following (glowing) review from some "mental health expert" idiot in Arkansas.

The book is non-judgmental and accepting about homosexuality and bisexuality, and represents gay and lesbian sexuality as simply another way of being. does say that sex includes activities apart from vaginal intercourse, such as oral sex and anal sex. Strangely, the book says very little about virginity, and the word does not appear in the index.

So It's Perfectly Normal does a great job in explaining sexuality to young people. It would be appropriate for children of any age so long as parents felt comfortable explaining it, but it is probably best for children aged between 8 and 13.
8 year olds, 'eh? What a yutz. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; anyone who states that some guy sloshing his penis around in some other dude's feces filled colon is "normal", obviously doesn't understand what normal means.
Gee... I Never Knew That!
As heard the other day on The John-Boy and Billy Big Show

John-Boy: "It was disclosed yesterday that Neil Diamond really wrote his hit song "Sweet Caroline" about none other than Caroline Kennedy. Diamond stated that he saw a photograph in 1969 of the sweet and innocent Caroline Kennedy on horseback that inspired him to write the hit song."

Billy: "...but what Diamond left out was that it was Caroline's grandmother who inspired 'Cracklin' Rosie'."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Presidential Election Prediction...
You heard it here first

I've been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks -- Who will Clinton pick as her Veep running mate? First off, let's cut through the crap. With the exception of the most ardent of Obama supporters, we all know it's gonna be the WWotN who'll win the Defeatocrat nomination.

But I digress, my prediction for the bottom of the ticket? Former Clinton crony and current Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson.

This one's a no-brainer. Why in the hell should Slickary choose Obama, who also happens to be the obvious pick of self-loathing lily-white hand-wringing limousine-liberals everywhere? Simple. Clinton doesn't NEED Obama.

What the hell could Obama bring to her ticket? The Black vote? Don't be stupid. Slickary already has that all sewn up, but good. Case in point, the following headline: Clinton endorsed by S.C. ministers amid faith fight with Obama. And yes, they're all Black Ministers. That's just one of many, many stories saying the same thing -- Clinton has the Black vote. So like I said, Obama brings nothing to the table.

But on the other hand, Richardson is half Mexican, on his mothers side. He's got Latino-Cred. Or as they say on the streets; Juice. Or in this case Jugo. Didn't Latinos recently overtake Blacks as the largest minority in the US? Yep, sure did.

The only question here for the Dems... will the overwhelmingly Catholic Latino population actually vote for a hard-core abortionist at the top of the ticket, even if "one of their own", so to speak, is at the bottom?

Time to see just how much Jugo our Catholic Bishops (read: USCCB) have left. Well, those that haven't pissed away any remaining credibility by defending and protecting rapist "priests", or by publicly hob-knobing with and/or kowtowing to baby killers. Time will tell.

Now if the Republicans were smart, they'd snatch up Mike Steele for the Veep slot. But rest assured, the Republicans will screw this up.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We Got Ranjith
To the tune of "The Go-Go's "We Got The Beat"
WARNING!! Harsh language alert!! (unless you're really Keen-O. Inside joke)

I've posted about His Excellency, Archbishop Malcom Ranjith (pronounced RAN-jeet) in the past. He's been described in the press as "a street fighter" for The Holy Father.

He's also the very same one who stated that "bishops and even cardinals" who misrepresented Summorum Pontificum were "in rebellion against the Pope", as well as "what the Holy Fathers says, has to be obeyed in the Church. If we do not follow this principle, we will allow ourselves to be used as instruments of the devil, and nobody else."

That got me thinking.....

Click here for the music.

No scrolling ahead of the music!


See the Traddies happy after Mass
No more bullshit Hootenanny Mass
No more choirs that horribly suck-ass
And we're happy as hell!

Trads got Ranjith
We got Ranjith
We got Ranjith
We got Ranjith

*Sister Bull Dyke whines "this shit ain't cool"
"Not 'The Spirit' of Vatican II"
"Not done yet destroying Catholic schools"
It's time she fell in line

Trads Got Ranjith
We got Ranjith
We got Ranjith
We got Ranjith

We got Ranjith
We got Ranjith
Everybody get on your feet
We got Ranjith
You know we can just call Ranjith
We got Ranjith
Jump back - get down
We got Ranjith
'Round and 'round and 'round

Trads Got Ranjith
We got Ranjith
We got Ranjith
We got Ranjith

* Alternate Chorus
Old broads in Spandex really want to dance
Liturg'cal Music puts them in a trance
Father Poof says just give them a chance
That's when we contact Rome
There will still be a daily posting, but I'll post this every 2d to ensure the word gets out

The Traditional Latin Mass Back In Wilmington, NC
Pass the word!!

One hour north is Camp Lejuene and New River Air Station (both Marine Corps). One hour south is Myrtle Beach, SC. One hour east is Ft Bragg (Army) and Pope Air Force Base. If you live in any of these grid squares or know anyone who lives within these coordinates, have I got news for you!

Father Walter Ospina will celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass according to the 1962 Missal (Traditional Latin Mass) at St Therese's Catholic Church, Wrightsville Beach (greater Wilmington), NC at 3:30, Sunday December 2, 2007.

St. Therese's is located at 207 S Lumina Ave. (map to St. Therese's, click here)

On a personal note, even though this parish is located on the beach, please remember that our outward appearance is a direct reflection of our inward disposition to The Lord. In other words, no purposfully dressing-down. No one is expected to show up in $2,000 duds, but we should always wear our best in God's House.

See ya at Mass!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Noooooo.... There's No Current Terrorist Threat IN America!
So saith brain dead Liberals

How soon people forget about the thwarted attack on Ft Dix, NJ; the thwarted attack on the fuel storage facilities at JFK Airport in NY; the 2 moslem "students" arrested in South Carolina with a pipe bomb in their car trunk... right outside the Naval Weapons Station.

Here's a bit of the article from The Washington Times; (emphasis mine)

Islamic terrorists target Army base -- in Arizona
By Sara A. CarterNovember 26, 2007

Fort Huachuca, the nation's largest intelligence-training center, changed security measures in May after being warned that Islamist terrorists, with the aid of Mexican drug cartels, were planning an attack on the facility.

Fort officials changed security measures after sources warned that possibly 60 Afghan and Iraqi terrorists were to be smuggled into the U.S. through underground tunnels with high-powered weapons to attack the Arizona Army base, according to multiple confidential law enforcement documents obtained by The Washington Times.

"A portion of the operatives were in the United States, with the remainder not yet in the United States," according to one of the documents, an FBI advisory that was distributed to the Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA, Customs and Border Protection and the Justice Department, among several other law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. "The Afghanis and Iraqis shaved their beards so as not to appear to be Middle Easterners."
By the way, I could give a tinkers damn less what the Liberal media say that "suitcase nukes" not existing. Actually, in the military, they're referred to as "nuke-packs", or technically, "atomic demolitions munitions". The phrase "suitcase nukes" is something the media coined. Can a nuke be placed in a store bought suitcase? Probably not. Could a nuke be one man portable? Absolutely. So when the media says that suitcase nukes don't exist, they're just playing word games. Portable nukes most certainly do exist.

In fact, in a pinch a lightweight warhead, something along the lines of a W-54, could be reconfigured to be portable. And we've had these things for decades. And so have the Russians, who recently lost... oops, I mean "misplaced" a bunch of them. Quite handy for Recon/Special Forces teams taking out extra large dams, bridges, or 10 square city blocks.

Speaking of "misplaced" nukes, did I mention that they can also be used by terrorists who would absolutely love to hit us in our own backyard?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scottish Cop And A Blast From The Past
No pun intended

Interesting story from The Sunday Herald (Great Britain), followed up by a Caveman posting from April, 2006. By the way, anyone who doesn't believe that the terrorists don't already have nukes (or at a minimum, are trying like hell to get them), is either monumentally naive or unbelievably stupid.

Top police officer warns that nuclear attack is inevitable
By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor
Scotland must prepare for ‘absolute terror’

A nuclear attack by terrorists causing widespread panic, chaos and death is inevitable and will happen soon, a senior Scottish police officer has warned. Ian Dickinson, who leads the police response to chemical, biological and nuclear threats in Scotland, has painted the bleakest picture yet of the dangers the world now faces.

Efforts to prevent terrorist groups from obtaining materials that could be made into radioactive dirty bombs - or even crude nuclear explosives - are bound to fail, he said. And the result will be horror on an unprecedented scale. "These materials are undoubtedly out there, and undoubtedly will end up in terrorists' hands, and undoubtedly will be used by terrorists some time soon," he declared. "We must plan for failure and prepare for absolute terror."

Dickinson is assistant chief constable with Lothian and Borders Police, and has responsibility through the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland for protecting Scotland from chemical and nuclear attacks. He has been closely involved in co-ordinating the country's counter-terrorism response.

He said: "An incident will continue for days and all the public will see is people dying without reason. What will we do when our children come home from school with blisters on their skin and their parents don't know what to do? What happens if 10 deaths, 50 deaths, 100 deaths start occurring in an unconnected and random way all over the country? The public will be rightly and understandably terrified."

Casualties caused by radiation, which most people don't understand, would trigger widespread "panic and fear", said Dickinson. And the response of the emergency services "would be chaotic" because of a shortage of resources.

'Tangible Proof' Al-Qaeda Deploying Nukes? mean the 'missing' 20 Russian nuke-packs?

Looks as if the 'experts' are going to announce what I've been saying for years. Al-Qaeda has nukes and plans on lighting 'em off in the United States.

Even before 9-11, there were reports of 'unaccounted for' Russian nukes and that a little known thug by the name of Usama bin-Laden had them.

Prior to 9-11, anyone who said that one of the biggest reasons that America hadn't been hit by a massive terrorist attack was because of that rather large pond known as the Atlantic Ocean, and it was only a matter of time before we got the crap kicked out of us, was promptly labeled an alarmist and a fear-monger. (Guilty as charged)

What a wake-up call we all got on that particular Monday morning, huh?

Well, I for one believe that al-Qaeda already has nukes here. Hey, a nuke-pack only weighs 51 pounds and they have an approximately .020 kT yield (that's 400,000 pounds of TNT to you and me). I could tote a nuke-pack around all day, and I'm old and broken down.

Should I even bring up the 800 pound W-88 warhead? It has a yield of 475 kT (kilotons). That's 475,000 tons of TNT. And that translates to 950,000,000 pounds of TNT. An 800 lb. warhead equals almost a billion pounds of TNT. Hell, all you need is a good size U-Haul truck to lug that thing from coast to coast.

And people wonder why I'm pissed that we haven't:

1. Fought the War On Terrorism with enough ferocity. (Time to take off the Good-Guy White Cowboy Hat and start kickin' LOTS of ass)

2. Haven't done a damn thing about protecting our borders. (We're at war, right? Why don't we act like it?)

Maybe when we have a few dozen mushroom clouds over out nation, then people will start to get the hint.
There's No Such Thing As An Atheist
There most certainly is something they worship

I've been giving some thought to the notion of atheism, and as I was cruising through the various sites on the 'net, I stumbled across St. Thomas Aquinas' Five Proofs of the Existence of God. Using science, reason and philosophy, St. Thomas proves the existence of God;

First Way: The Argument From Motion
St. Thomas Aquinas, studying the works of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, concluded from common observation that an object that is in motion (e.g. the planets, a rolling stone) is put in motion by some other object or force. From this, St. Thomas believes that ultimately there must have been an UNMOVED MOVER (GOD) who first put things in motion. Follow the argument this way:

1) Nothing can move itself.
2) If every object in motion had a mover, then the first object in motion needed a mover.
3) This first mover is the Unmoved Mover, called God.

Second Way: Causation Of Existence
This Way deals with the issue of existence. St. Thomas concluded that common sense observation tells us that no object creates itself. In other words, some previous object had to create it. St. Thomas believed that ultimately there must have been an UNCAUSED FIRST CAUSE (GOD) who began the chain of existence for all things. Follow the argument this way:

1) There exists things that are caused (created) by other things.
2) Nothing can be the cause of itself (nothing can create itself.)
3) There can not be an endless string of objects causing other objects to exist.
4) Therefore, there must be an uncaused first cause called God.

Third Way: Contingent and Necessary Objects
This Way defines two types of objects in the universe: contingent beings and necessary beings. A contingent being is an object that can not exist without a necessary being causing its existence. St. Thomas believed that the existence of contingent beings would ultimately necessitate a being which must exist for all of the contingent beings to exist. This being, called a necessary being, is what we call God. Follow the argument this way:

1) Contingent beings are caused.
2) Not every being can be contingent.
3) There must exist a being which is necessary to cause contingent beings.
4) This necessary being is God.

Fourth Way: The Argument From Degrees And Perfection
St. Thomas formulated this Way from a very interesting observation about the qualities of things. For example one may say that of two marble sculptures one is more beautiful than the other. So for these two objects, one has a greater degree of beauty than the next. This is referred to as degrees or gradation of a quality. From this fact St. Thomas concluded that for any given quality (e.g. goodness, beauty, knowledge) there must be an perfect standard by which all such qualities are measured. These perfections are contained in God.

Fifth Way: The Argument From Intelligent Design
The final Way that St. Thomas speaks of has to do with the observable universe and the order of nature. St. Thomas states that common sense tells us that the universe works in such a way, that one can conclude that is was designed by an intelligent designer, God. In other words, all physical laws and the order of nature and life were designed and ordered by God, the intelligent designer.

And an even more basic way to understand that there is the existence of God, or St Thomas called Him; The Necessary Being, The Uncaused First Cause, The Unmoved Mover, etc, is something called The Earthquake in the Garbage Dump Conundrum.

As atheists maintain, everything in creation simply fell into place. By their logic, if an earthquake hits a garbage dump, then it's conceivable for a 747 to eventually fall into place. As common sense dictates, a 747 (or anything else) will can never simply "fall into place". It takes the Intelligent Hand of a Creator (God) to be the Prime Mover of all things in the universe. By the way, has anyone else noticed that atheists never can explain where all that cosmic matter even came from that caused the so-called Big Bang? Something had to create all that matter... right?

But back to the fact that there is no such thing as an atheist.

I remember reading some years ago that the bottom line difference between a believer and an atheist is that the believer accepts as fact that all knowledge, truth and beauty comes from above; whereas the atheist accepts as fact that all knowledge, truth and beauty comes from within themselves.

There you have it. The atheists consider themselves to be The Necessary Being, The Uncaused First Cause, The Unmoved Mover. Quite simply, they consider themselves to be God. They worship themselves. A perverse sort of theological masturbation, if you will.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

There will still be a daily posting, but I'll post this every 2d to ensure the word gets out

The Traditional Latin Mass Back In Wilmington, NC
Pass the word!!

One hour north is Camp Lejuene and New River Air Station (both Marine Corps). One hour south is Myrtle Beach, SC. One hour east is Ft Bragg (Army) and Pope Air Force Base. If you live in any of these grid squares or know anyone who lives within these coordinates, have I got news for you!

Father Walter Ospina will celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass according to the 1962 Missal (Traditional Latin Mass) at St Therese's Catholic Church, Wrightsville Beach (greater Wilmington), NC at 3:30, Sunday December 2, 2007.

St. Therese's is located at 207 S Lumina Ave. (map to St. Therese's, click here)

And speaking of The Catholic Church in the Land of Dixie, check out this article entitled Catholicism and the Old South. Take my word for it... it's fascinating.

On a personal note, even though this parish is located on the beach, please remember that our outward appearance is a direct reflection of our inward disposition to The Lord. In other words, no purposfully dressing-down. No one is expected to show up in $2,000 duds, but we should always wear our best in God's House.

See ya at Mass!!
Finally, A Catholic School Board With A Backbone
How about YOUR local Catholic school?

The fight continues to keep poison away from Catholic kids. But you know... if individual parents so desire to buy this crap for their kids, that's their call. But the garbage that Phillip Pullman is peddling has no place in Catholic schools. Period.

For some odd reason, the statement "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into The Church" keeps echoing in my head. No matter how much he tries to sugar-coat it, make it appear kid-friendly, put it in a pretty wrapper... whatever. The work of Phillip Pullman is still evil.

Here's some of the article from; (emphasis mine)
Ontario Catholic School Board Removes Anti-Catholic Book "The Golden Compass" from Library
Neighbouring Catholic Boards still Permit the Atheist Books in Libraries
By John-Henry Westen

TORONTO, November 22, 2007 ( - The Halton Catholic District School Board has pulled the anti-Catholic, anti-religion book "The Golden Compass" from library shelves after parents complained about them. However, the Toronto Star reports that the militant atheist books remain in the libraries of neighbouring Catholic school boards in Toronto and York region.

"The Golden Compass," is one of Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy, which includes "Northern Lights" (re-titled "The Golden Compass"), "The Subtle Knife" and "The Amber Spyglass." Pullman wrote these books with the intention of indoctrinating children with atheistic values.
Pullman told The Washington Post in 2001 that he was deliberately "trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief."

Pullman has repeatedly stated his belief that God is dead, and the author incorporates this theme into the second book when God dies. Pullman and fellow children's author Michael Rosen produced a course on atheism for schools called 'Why Atheism?' that is designed for children 11-years and older.

The Star reports after Pullman's controversial remarks hit the press due to publicity for the movie, an internal memo was sent to Halton Catholic elementary school principals that said "the book is apparently written by an atheist where the characters and text are anti-God, anti-Catholic and anti-religion."
But I guess I shouldn't be so hard on the Toronto and York Catholic School Boards... last month I posted a piece concerning a "Catholic" school literally 15 minutes from where I live that has ten books by Pullman readily available to Catholic schoolchildren.

Remember, this is the same guy who stated "My books are about killing God."
Demolishing Myths
Helmet tip to PreVat2 for passing this on to me.

This is an absolutely 1st rate article by Lt Col Ralph Peters, US Army (ret), that he wrote for American Legion magazine. I've edited it down to just a few sentences per points raised for spaces sake, but please do click on the link for the entire article. You'll be glad you did.

12 Myths of 21st-Century War
Unaware of the cost of freedom and served by leaders without military expertise, Americans have started to believe whatever's comfortable
By Ralph Peters
We're in trouble. We're in danger of losing more wars. Our troops haven't forgotten how to fight. We've never had better men and women in uniform. But our leaders and many of our fellow Americans no longer grasp what war means or what it takes to win.

Thanks to those who have served in uniform, we've lived in such safety and comfort for so long that for many Americans sacrifice means little more than skipping a second trip to the buffet table.

Two trends over the past four decades contributed to our national ignorance of the cost, and necessity, of victory. First, the most privileged Americans used the Vietnam War as an excuse to break their tradition of uniformed service. Ivy League universities once produced heroes. Now they resist Reserve Officer Training Corps representation on their campuses.

Yet, our leading universities still produce a disproportionate number of U.S. political leaders. The men and women destined to lead us in wartime dismiss military service as a waste of their time and talents. Delighted to pose for campaign photos with our troops, elected officials in private disdain the military. Only one serious presidential aspirant in either party is a veteran, while another presidential hopeful pays as much for a single haircut as I took home in a month as an Army private.

Second, we've stripped in-depth U.S. history classes out of our schools. Since the 1960s, one history course after another has been cut, while the content of those remaining focuses on social issues and our alleged misdeeds. Dumbed-down textbooks minimize the wars that kept us free. As a result, ignorance of the terrible price our troops had to pay for freedom in the past creates absurd expectations about our present conflicts. When the media offer flawed or biased analyses, the public lacks the knowledge to make informed judgments.

This combination of national leadership with no military expertise and a population that hasn't been taught the cost of freedom leaves us with a government that does whatever seems expedient and a citizenry that believes whatever's comfortable. Thus, myths about war thrive.

Myth No. 1: War doesn't change anything.

This campus slogan contradicts all of human history. Over thousands of years, war has been the last resort - and all too frequently the first resort - of tribes, religions, dynasties, empires, states and demagogues driven by grievance, greed or a heartless quest for glory. No one believes that war is a good thing, but it is sometimes necessary.

Wars, in fact, often change everything. Who would argue that the American Revolution, our Civil War or World War II changed nothing? Would the world be better today if we had been pacifists in the face of Nazi Germany and imperial Japan?

Myth No. 2: Victory is impossible today.

Victory is always possible, if our nation is willing to do what it takes to win. But victory is, indeed, impossible if U.S. troops are placed under impossible restrictions, if their leaders refuse to act boldly, if every target must be approved by lawyers, and if the American people are disheartened by a constant barrage of negativity from the media. We don't need generals who pop up behind microphones to apologize for every mistake our soldiers make. We need generals who win.

Despite our missteps, victory looked a great deal less likely in the early months of 1942 than it does against our enemies today. Should we have surrendered after the fall of the Philippines? Today's opinionmakers and elected officials have lost their grip on what it takes to win. In the timeless words of Nathan Bedford Forrest, "War means fighting, and fighting means killing."

Myth No. 3: Insurgencies can never be defeated.

Historically, fewer than one in 20 major insurgencies succeeded. Virtually no minor ones survived. The insurgencies we face today are, in fact, more lethal than the insurrections of the past century. We now face an international terrorist insurgency as well as local rebellions, all motivated by religious passion or ethnicity or a fatal compound of both. The good news is that in over 3,000 years of recorded history, insurgencies motivated by faith and blood overwhelmingly failed. The bad news is that they had to be put down with remorseless bloodshed.

Myth No. 4: There's no military solution; only negotiations can solve our problems.

In most cases, the reverse is true. Negotiations solve nothing until a military decision has been reached and one side recognizes a peace agreement as its only hope of survival. The only negotiations that produce lasting results are those conducted from positions of indisputable strength.

Myth No. 5: When we fight back, we only provoke our enemies.

When dealing with bullies, either in the schoolyard or in a global war, the opposite is true: if you don't fight back, you encourage your enemy to behave more viciously.

Passive resistance only works when directed against rule-of-law states, such as the core English-speaking nations. It doesn't work where silent protest is answered with a bayonet in the belly or a one-way trip to a political prison. We've allowed far too many myths about the "innate goodness of humanity" to creep up on us. Certainly, many humans would rather be good than bad. But if we're unwilling to fight the fraction of humanity that's evil, armed and determined to subjugate the rest, we'll face even grimmer conflicts.

Myth No. 6: Killing terrorists only turns them into martyrs.

It's an anomaly of today's Western world that privileged individuals feel more sympathy for dictators, mass murderers and terrorists - consider the irrational protests against Guantanamo - than they do for their victims. We were told, over and over, that killing Osama bin Laden or Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, hanging Saddam Hussein or targeting the Taliban's Mullah Omar would only unite their followers. Well, we haven't yet gotten Osama or Omar, but Zarqawi's dead and forgotten by his own movement, whose members never invoke that butcher's memory. And no one is fighting to avenge Saddam. The harsh truth is that when faced with true fanatics, killing them is the only way to end their influence.

Want to make a terrorist a martyr? Just lock him up. Attempts to try such monsters in a court of law turn into mockeries that only provide public platforms for their hate speech, which the global media is delighted to broadcast. Dead, they're dead. And killing them is the ultimate proof that they lack divine protection. Dead terrorists don't kill.

Myth No. 7: If we fight as fiercely as our enemies, we're no better than them.
Did the bombing campaign against Germany turn us into Nazis? Did dropping atomic bombs on Japan to end the war and save hundreds of thousands of American lives, as well as millions of Japanese lives, turn us into the beasts who conducted the Bataan Death March?

The greatest immorality is for the United States to lose a war. While we seek to be as humane as the path to victory permits, we cannot shrink from doing what it takes to win. But obsessing on tragic incidents - of which there have been remarkably few in Iraq or Afghanistan - obscures the greater moral issue: the need to defeat enemies who revel in butchering the innocent, who celebrate atrocities, and who claim their god wants blood.

Myth No. 8: The United States is more hated today than ever before.

The fashionable anti-Americanism of the chattering classes hasn't stopped the world from seeking one big green card. As I've traveled around the globe since 9/11, I've found that below the government-spokesman/professional-radical level, the United States remains the great dream for university graduates from Berlin to Bangalore to Bogota.

On the domestic front, we hear ludicrous claims that our country has never been so divided. Well, that leaves out our Civil War. Our historical amnesia also erases the violent protests of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the mass confrontations, rioting and deaths. Is today's America really more fractured than it was in 1968?

Myth No. 9: Our invasion of Iraq created our terrorist problems.

This claim rearranges the order of events, as if the attacks of 9/11 happened after Baghdad fell. Our terrorist problems have been created by the catastrophic failure of Middle Eastern civilization to compete on any front and were exacerbated by the determination of successive U.S. administrations, Democrat and Republican, to pretend that Islamist terrorism was a brief aberration. Refusing to respond to attacks, from the bombings in Beirut to Khobar Towers, from the first attack on the Twin Towers to the near-sinking of the USS Cole, we allowed our enemies to believe that we were weak and cowardly. Their unchallenged successes served as a powerful recruiting tool.

Did our mistakes on the ground in Iraq radicalize some new recruits for terror? Yes. But imagine how many more recruits there might have been and the damage they might have inflicted on our homeland had we not responded militarily in Afghanistan and then carried the fight to Iraq. Now Iraq is al-Qaeda's Vietnam, not ours.

Myth No. 10: If we just leave, the Iraqis will patch up their differences on their own.

The point may come at which we have to accept that Iraqis are so determined to destroy their own future that there's nothing more we can do. But we're not there yet, and leaving immediately would guarantee not just one massacre but a series of slaughters and the delivery of a massive victory to the forces of terrorism. We must be open-minded about practical measures, from changes in strategy to troop reductions, if that's what the developing situation warrants. But it's grossly irresponsible to claim that our presence is the primary cause of the violence in Iraq - an allegation that ignores history.

Myth No. 11: It's all Israel's fault. Or the popular Washington corollary: "The Saudis are our friends."

Israel is the Muslim world's excuse for failure, not a reason for it. Even if we didn't support Israel, Islamist extremists would blame us for countless other imagined wrongs, since they fear our freedoms and our culture even more than they do our military. All men and women of conscience must recognize the core difference between Israel and its neighbors: Israel genuinely wants to live in peace, while its genocidal neighbors want Israel erased from the map.

As for the mad belief that the Saudis are our friends, it endures only because the Saudis have spent so much money on both sides of the aisle in Washington. Saudi money continues to subsidize anti-Western extremism, to divide fragile societies, and encourage hatred between Muslims and all others. Saudi extremism has done far more damage to the Middle East than Israel ever did. The Saudis are our enemies.

Myth No. 12: The Middle East's problems are all America's fault.

Muslim extremists would like everyone to believe this, but it just isn't true. The collapse of once great Middle Eastern civilizations has been under way for more than five centuries, and the region became a backwater before the United States became a country. But Islamic civilization was on a downward trajectory that could not be arrested. Its social and economic structures, its values, its neglect of education, its lack of scientific curiosity, the indolence of its ruling classes and its inability to produce a single modern state that served its people all guaranteed that, as the West's progress accelerated, the Middle East would fall ever farther behind. The Middle East has itself to blame for its problems.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Example Of Al-Qaeda Freedom Fighters
So brave... soooo brave

I'll bet Youssef al-Hayali and his wife were secretly American spies. Yep, I'll bet that's exactly what the rabidly anti-American, terrorist defending liberal scum will say after reading this article. Either that, or they'll blather on about how Reuters is just a mouthpiece for the American Military/Industrial Complex. Followed by a hearty cheer of "VIVA CHE!!"

Don't forget, folks... as you read this, keep reminding yourself that the al-Qaeda terrorists aren't the bad guys, we Americans and our allies are.

Iraqi school guard, wife beheaded as children watch BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Three suspected al Qaeda militants, including two sisters, beheaded their uncle and his wife, forcing the couple's children to watch, Iraqi police said on Friday. The militants considered that school guard Youssef al-Hayali was an infidel because he did not pray and wore western-style trousers, they told police interrogators after being arrested in Diyala province northwest of Baghdad.

The three cousins executed Hayali and his wife Zeinab Kamel at the all-boys school in Jalawlah in Diyala province, village police chief Captain Ahmed Khalifa said.
To be sure, there have been atrocities committed by American Servicemen. An amazingly minuscule number, no matter what those idiots Mark Cuban, Brian De Palma and Michael Moore say.

How sad that many take the outright lies from these morons as Gospel truth, but turn a blind eye to the daily atrocities committed by al-Qaeda against the Iraqi people.

But wait... if Cuban, De Palma, Moore, et al, ever admitted to the truth of the matter that the overwhelming number of Iraqi civilians who have been killed (usually by beheadings, car bombs set off in marketplaces, executions, or IED's lit off at schools, etc) was done by al-Qaeda, how could they defend their liberal agenda? Simple -- they couldn't.

Liberals are so easy to dissect. But then again, most Ivory Tower residing, gutless phonies are.
I Just KNEW Pope Benedict Was A Bloglodyte!
Blog on, Holy Father... blog on

I was checking out my SiteMeter this morning, and what do I see under the "Location" tab?

1 United Kingdom Grays, Thurrock
2 United States Mountain View, California
3 United States Princeton, Indiana
4 United States Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5 Holy See (Vatican City State)


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Enough Of The Mixed Signals, Enough Of Trying To Be Everything To Everyone, Enough Of The Ambiguity
It's time to heal with steel

A couple of recent postings dovetail nicely into this one. A few days back, I asked why the recent USCCB statement entitled Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the United States, which states "The statement explains the necessity of opposing actions that are intrinsically wrong, such as abortion and euthanasia, because these actions involve directly and intentionally ending an innocent human life" was passed just "overwhelmingly" (221-4), and not unanimously?

I also stated that I can't help but wonder who voted against it. And why. Call me old-fashioned, but I find it rather disturbing that four bishops won't even vote in favor of such a basically Catholic position as previously stated.

Well, I think I got my answer via The California Catholic Daily.

The vote on “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship” was 221-4. Sister Mary Ann Walsh from the USCCB office of media relations said she was unable to say who the dissenting bishops were. “It was done by secret ballot,” she said.As one commenter stated; "The USCCB is a farce. This pricey group should be disbanded. To my mind, they are a bunch of gutless wonders, pompous blowhards leading us into chaos, all the while hiding behind anonymity." Tell us how you really feel.

Who are those four bishops in question? Purposefully, we'll never know. But speaking of four bishops of questionable Catholicism, check out some of this bit of back-slapping from the Rainbow Sash Movement from late 2004; (emphasis mine)

Press Release
For Immediate Release

The Rainbow Sash Movement: Gay Catholics Act Up with the National Council of Catholic Bishops

The following press release was issued today by the Rainbow Sash Movement:

Earlier this year Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago made international news for denying RSM members and their supporters Holy Communion at his Cathedral...

However, there is division on this matter among the bishops: Archbishop Harry Flynn (Minneapolis/St Paul, MN), Cardinal Roger Mahony (Los Angeles, CA), Bishop Mathew Clark (Rochester, NY), have welcomed RSM members to Holy Communion this past year. Additionally, Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton (Detroit) has supported our call for inclusion.
And the incoming President of the USCCB, Francis Cardinal George, was prominently mentioned (and condemned) in the homo-blurb. And yes, I've criticized some of the episodes that Cdl George has been involved in the past, here, here, and here.

I just can't help but get the impression that His Eminence will defend traditional, orthodox Catholic Teaching only when the pressure is on from Rome. The rest of the time, he's bullied, punked-out, and essentially trying his best to be everything to everyone.

I realize that The Holy Father is moving forward carefully in cleansing The Church of the sewage and pollution that "the fresh breath of air" that is the "Spirit of Vatican II", but we really don't need leaders that have the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

Whether we care to admit it or not, there's a cancer in The Church. And as we all know, we don't deal with cancer slowly and quietly. As surgeons love to say, it's time to heal with steel.
The Traditional Latin Mass Back In Wilmington, NC
Pass the word!!

One hour north is Camp Lejuene and New River Air Station (both Marine Corps). One hour south is Myrtle Beach, SC. One hour east is Ft Bragg (Army) and Pope Air Force Base. If you live in any of these grid squares or know anyone who lives within these coordinates, have I got news for you!

Father Walter Ospina will celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass according to the 1962 Missal (Traditional Latin Mass) at St Therese's Catholic Church, Wrightsville Beach (greater Wilmington), NC at 3:30, Sunday December 2, 2007.

St. Therese's is located at 207 S Lumina Ave (map to St. Therese's, click here).

And speaking of The Catholic Church in the Land of Dixie, check out this article entitled Catholicism and the Old South. Take my word for it... it's fascinating.

On a personal note, even though this parish is located on the beach, please remember that our outward appearance is a direct reflection of our inward disposition to The Lord. In other words, no purposfully dressing-down. No one is expected to show up in $2,000 duds, but we should always wear our best in God's House.

See ya at Mass!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Southern Style

'Twas the night 'fore Thanksgiving,and all through the house

I've knocked back a 12-pack, I'm half way to soused;

Like the damn fool I am, I took my wife's dare,

Now her whole stinkin' family will invade The Lair;

Her sister's a psycho who needs to take meds

To silence the voices that live in her head;

Her brother-in-law is a Southern-Fried slob,

Who never can quite handle keeping a job;

Their kids eat like animals, I wish they would go,

Their table manners are reminiscent of a Gallagher show.

Away to the drug store I flew like a flash,

Those rednecks aren't even here, and I've already a rash.

Back in my home, I hear such a clatter,

I peeks out the cave to see what the matter!

When, what to my bloodshot eyes should appear,

A sight that Jeff Foxworthy made his career.

A rusted out, smoke belching '72 van,

The modern day version of the Jed Clampett clan.

It was covered with stickers, from "Jesus is Lord!",

To some mean little kid takin' a leak on a Ford.

A Chevy crammed with Rednecks - all that could fits,

Mo' damn crackers than a box full of Ritz!

More rapid than bail jumpers my wife's kin they did came,

She whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

Hey Jim-Bob! Hey Dooley! Hey Bubba and Cale;

Hey Buckshot! Hey Skeeter. When you get outta jail?

From the corner of my eye, I see Cousin Boford,

I never did like him, he's light in the loafers.

They just got here, not sure I can hack it,

It's time to be fitted for a Caveman Straight Jacket.

A twitch of my eye, a sharp pain in my head,

Here comes that aneurysm that I've always dread;

To my wife, who I love more than she knows;

But that nut-job family of hers gots to go!

From the top of the roof! I'm all dressed in cammo!

My high-powered rifle; I got enough ammo.

Now haul ass! Grab your kids! Get up and scoot!

Don't dawdle or waste time; I'm libel to shoot!

And I exclaimed as they left, as I cut off the porch light,

"Happy Thanksgiving y'all, now stay the hell outta my sight!!"

In all seriousness, my wife's family are actually very fine people who (like most Southerners) would literally give you the shirts off their backs.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to all!
For The First Time Ever, I Miss Yoko Ono
Pardon me whilst I vomit...

That wacky Heather Mills. This is her solution to the myth of man-made global warming... drink rats' milk. Seriously, I'm not making this stuff up. Only a liberal could be this deranged.

Here's just a bit of the article from The Scotsman; (emphasis mine)

Mills: Why don't we drink rats' milk?

Ms Mills, 39, unveiled... two new posters, in which she features, to draw a connection between the rise in global warming and dairy livestock production.

Addressing her audience - dozens of journalists and a handful of bemused tourists - she said: "There are fields of grain just miles from starving children in Africa, being shipped to Europe to feed our livestock.

"There are 25 alternative milks available in health shops and supermarkets. "Why do we not drink rats' milk, cats' milk or dogs' milk?"

I wonder how much a quart of Deniro goes for?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Aztlan Rising
Helmet tip to Mig

As I've stated time and time again on this blog, I don't care if the next 10 million immigrants to this nation are from Central/South America.... just so long as they obey the rules and go about it correctly and legally.

I've also posted before on this blog that there's a fairly high number of Americans of Latino descent that are firmly against illegal immigration. Funny how CNN won't interview them, huh? And let's not forget how the patron saint of the Aztlan movement, Cesar Chavez, ensured that illegals were beaten and terrorized by his own thugs. Again, CNN won't do a story on that either, will they?

But anyhow, this is an interesting video concerning "Aztlan", which is the catch phrase for the American Southwest eventually becoming part of the Mexican nation.

As a friend of mine who's a law enforcement agent on the Southwest border passed on to me concerning some of the loudmouths who he's busted sneaking into this country, some of them say "in two more years, all this will be part of Mexico". And as my buddy so succinctly retorts (I'll clean it up); "You're probably right. And undoubtedly, you'll have it just as [screwed]-up as the rest of Mexico".

Something also one might like to keep in mind concerning all those "rednecks" who want to stop illegal immigration: the National Executive Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is a man named Al Garza. That's right, he's an American of Latino descent.

And by the way, before anyone starts screaming what a racist I am, know that my late grandfather was Antonio Diaz Perez (+), and my late grandmother was Estella Pangalinan Perez (+).

Monday, November 19, 2007

Christendom's Greatest Joy - Islam's Greatest Fear
A united Christianity

As I've posted the past few days concerning The Traditional Anglican Communion converting en masse back to The Mother Church of their ancestors, I've also wanted to point out a rather earth-shaking bit of news out of Ravenna, Italy. Here's just a bit;

Vatican hails "step" to healing Orthodox rift
By Phil Stewart

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican has praised an agreement between Roman Catholic and Orthodox theologians as a first step towards a possible healing of their millennium-long schism but said the road ahead was long and arduous.

The Vatican issued on Thursday a joint declaration agreed last month that said the Pope held the highest rank in the unified Church before the 1054 Great Schism -- a statement that could allow Catholics and Orthodox to work more closely. But the document made clear neither side yet agreed on what power came with that rank. The Orthodox in the old Byzantine Empire rejected the universal authority of the Roman Pontiff and gradually developed autonomous national churches with no papacy.

Cardinal Walter Kasper, head of the Vatican department promoting Christian unity, said the document gave Catholics hope but cautioned there was still a very long way to go before Catholics and Orthodox could speak of any kind of unity. "This document is a modest first step and as such one of hope. But we must not exaggerate its importance," he told Vatican radio late on Wednesday ahead of the document's release. "This will not be easy. The road is very long and difficult."

Personally, I foresee a slow "coming around" of the various Orthodox Churches. Remember, there are literally dozens of various branches of Orthodoxy... Russian, Syrian, Greek, Serbian, Ethiopian, Malabar, Coptic, etc. Also, let's not forget that The Holy Father recently referred to the various Orthodox, unlike the Protestantism, as "Sister Churches".

To get a little, you gotta give a little. The Holy Father has declared Orthodoxy as Sister Churches; the Orthodox recognize the Bishop of Rome as the highest ranking of all the Patriarchs. As Cardinal Kaspar said; "This will not be easy. The road is very long and difficult".

I predict inter-Communion within the next few short years, if not sooner. And I can think of no greater obstical to Eurabia than a united Christendom.

Thank God for Pope Benedict.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The new Scrubs

This rates right up there with the other greats of misunderstood lyrics... such as;

1. Bad Moon Rising - CCR gives directions to the throne - "there's a bathroom on the right".
2. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles torment a disease inflicted female - "the girl with colitis goes by".
3. Tiny Dancer - Who knew Elton was The Boss? - "Hold me closer Tony Danza".

Hope you enjoy this clip as much as I do!

The Prophetic Protestant
Or just a coincidence?

Here's some fascinating perspectives from the Protestant Philadelphia Church of God newspaper, The Trumpet; The entire article is well worth the read. (emphasis mine)

The Significance of Anglicans Turning Catholic
November 14, 2007

A conservative Anglican communion is pleading to be incorporated into the Church of Rome. Reflecting a broader trend, the significance of this event is destined to grow with time. A forecast made in the 1930s is making its way into today’s headlines.

Those headlines would be easy enough to pass over, but they are worth taking a moment to think about. They represent a dangerous weakening of British sovereignty that first glance wouldn’t suggest. Not only that, they confirm just how far ahead of his time was the man making the forecast.

It is against this backdrop that this headline appeared in late October: “Traditional Anglicans ask for full communion with Catholics.”

The Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) is a group of churches with a worldwide membership approaching half a million people. It formed in 1990 from a dozen Anglican churches that broke away from the 80-million-strong Anglican Communion (of which the Church of England is the heart), mostly to protest the liberalism creeping into that organization.

From its beginning, the TAC has had a spiritual affinity with Roman Catholics. Shortly after it formed, it began informal consultations with the Vatican on how to gain formal recognition as part of the Catholic Church. The primate of the group, Archbishop John Hepworth, says, “We have no doctrinal difference with Rome.”

Archbishop Hepworth says, “Unity with Peter is a biblical imperative,” referring to the pope’s claim to be the rightful successor to the Apostle Peter. “What is important, and we are having to learn as a community,” he says, “is to ask not what we think, but what the church says, and five centuries of bad habits are going to die hard.”

Thus, in October, the TAC sent a letter, the text of which was unanimously agreed upon by the communion’s bishops and vicars-general, formally requesting “full, corporate and sacramental union” with the Roman Catholic Church.

This is the situation as it stands. A statement in the British newspaper Catholic Herald in December 1993 appears more and more true: “The days of the Anglican Church are numbered, and most of its worshipers will return to the true faith of their distant medieval forebears.”

Should that prediction occur, it would fully vindicate a similar, far earlier forecast.

For half a century, Herbert W. Armstrong served as editor in chief of what was, during its apex in the 1980s, the world’s most popular newsmagazine, the Plain Truth. Its pages often prophesied of an event that for decades many considered an impossibility—the unification of Protestants with their Roman Catholic mother church. Mr. Armstrong foretold the event as far back as 1934, the year the magazine began.

A sample, from the October 1961 Plain Truth edition: “The pope will step in as the supreme unifying authority—the only one that can finally unite the differing nations of Europe. … Europe will go Roman Catholic! Protestantism will be absorbed into the ‘Mother’ Church—and totally abolished.”

It is because of statements such as these that the Trumpet, which follows the Plain Truth’s pattern of Bible-based news analysis, has closely watched efforts by religious leaders to bring Protestant churches back into communion with the Vatican. These latest moves among Anglicans fit the mold in an astonishing way.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is America Fighting An Unjust War?
From the Catholic perspective

We were discussing this very same topic just the other day. Lo and behold... look what article I just stumbled across --

Here's some of the article from the Catholic News Service;

Military archdiocese praises veterans for serving 'noble causes'

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- In a statement for Veterans Day, the U.S. military archdiocese paid tribute to "every man and woman who faithfully served in the noble causes of securing peace and freedom in the military service of our great nation."

"To our courageous and honorable veterans, we thank you. The archdiocese ... stands ready to serve your spiritual and pastoral needs wherever you find yourself in the journey of life," said the statement, issued by Auxiliary Bishop Richard B. Higgins, archdiocesan administrator and vicar for veterans affairs of the Washington-based U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services.

"The same devoted spirit that drove our patriotic ancestors to fight alongside" Gen. George Washington in the Revolutionary War and Gen. George Patton in World War II, he said, "still rings true for those who fight alongside our current generals in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever American troops are deployed."

"Whether storming the beaches of Normandy, battling the brutal winters of Korea, enduring the steaming jungles of Vietnam, or securing order to distant and troubled lands in the Middle East, our American service members exemplify a true culture of generosity," Bishop Higgins said.

If, as the liberals state, the War in Iraq really is an unjust war from the Catholic perspective, then all those hundreds of thousands of Catholics (and let's not forget the hundreds of Catholic Chaplains, currently serving must all be in a state of mortal sin for participating in said "unjust war". Right? The libs can't have it both ways.

If someone wants to be against the war for whatever reason, I can deal with that. Just don't play the hysteria card and start screaming how the International War on Terror is in violation of official Church Teaching, and ergo, all participants are in a state of mortal sin.

'Nuff said.
A Stunner Out Of Britain
This is a 100% MUST READ!

The good ship USS 21st Century Catholic Counter-Reformation is well under way and under full sail. Cap'n Benedict has already announced over the 1MC that rough seas are ahead, but stout hearts and a firm resolve will get us through the gales that already trying to knock us off our course.

OK, enough of the squid-speak. You've got to read this article. Sheesh... when even the secular media recognizes the outright mutiny taking place in our Church, that might give the rest of us a real reason to look upon some our more "progressive leaders" a look with more than just a jaundiced eye.

From The Telegraph (Great Britain), here are a few paragraphs; (emphasis mine)

Pope gets radical and woos the Anglicans
By Damian Thompson
Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 16/11/2007

The 80-year-old Pontiff is planning a purification of the Roman liturgy in which decades of trendy innovations will be swept away. This recovery of the sacred is intended to draw Catholics closer to the Orthodox and ultimately to heal the 1,000 year Great Schism. But it is also designed to attract vast numbers of conservative Anglicans, who will be offered the protection of the Holy Father if they covert en masse.
The liberal cardinals don't like the sound of it at all.

Ever since the shock of Benedict's election, they have been waiting for him to show his hand. Now that he has, the resistance has begun in earnest -
and the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, is in the thick of it.

"Pope Benedict is isolated," I was told when I visited Rome last week. "So many people, even in the Vatican, oppose him, and he feels the strain immensely." Yet he is ploughing ahead. He reminds me of another conservative revolutionary, Margaret Thatcher, who waited a couple of years before taking on the Cabinet "wets" sabotaging her reforms.

Benedict's pontificate moved into a new phase on July 7, with the publication of his apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum. With a stroke of his pen, the Pope restored the traditional Latin Mass - in effect banned for 40 years - to parity with the modern liturgy. Shortly afterwards, he replaced Archbishop Piero Marini, the papal Master of Ceremonies
who turned many of John Paul II's Masses into politically correct carnivals.

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor was most displeased. Last week, he hit back with a "commentary" on Summorum Pontificum. According to Murphy-O'Connor, the ruling leaves the power of local bishops untouched. In fact, it removes the bishops' power to block the ancient liturgy. In other words, the cardinal - who tried to stop Benedict issuing the ruling - is misrepresenting its contents.

Alas, he is not alone: dozens of bishops in Britain, Europe and America have tried the same trick. Murphy-O'Connor's "commentary" was modelled on equally dire "guidelines" written by Bishop Arthur Roche of Leeds
with the apparent purpose of discouraging the faithful from exercising their new rights.

A few years ago the ploy might have worked. But news travels fast in the traditionalist blogosphere, and these tactics have been brought to the attention of papal advisers.

This month, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, a senior Vatican official close to Benedict, declared that "bishops and even cardinals" who misrepresented Summorum Pontificum were
"in rebellion against the Pope".

Ranjith is tipped to become the next Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, in charge of regulating worldwide liturgy. That makes sense: if Benedict is moving into a higher gear, then he needs street fighters in high office.

The liberation of the Latin liturgy, the rapprochement with Eastern Orthodoxy, the absorption of former Anglicans - all these ambitions reflect Benedict's conviction that the Catholic Church must rediscover the liturgical treasure of Christian history to perform its most important task: worshipping God.

This conviction is shared by growing numbers of young Catholics, but not by the church politicians who have dominated the hierarchies of Europe for too long.

By failing to welcome the latest papal initiatives - or even to display any interest in them, beyond the narrow question of how their power is affected - the bishops of England and Wales have confirmed Benedict's low opinion of them.

Now he should replace them. If the Catholic reformation is to start anywhere, it might as well be here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho...
Christmas cheer, or the mating call of the Red Velvet Pimp Sparrow?

Just when we thought that political correctness couldn't become even more absurd, we have the following;

Christmas insanity: 'Ho, ho, ho' becomes 'Ha, ha, ha'
Controversy erupts over attempt to gag Santa's greeting

When kids hear Santa Claus bellow, "Ho, ho, ho," is their first thought prostitution? That concern has prompted an attempt to gag the traditional greeting, and many Santas are now fighting back.

According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Santas across Australia are rebelling against attempts to change their saying to a more politically correct, "ha, ha, ha."

It all started when the recruitment firm Westaff told its Christmas trainees that the "ho, ho, ho" phrase could frighten children and possibly be derogatory to women.

I for one am appalled. I hereby demand that the Miss America Pageant do away with the title Miss Idaho. I think they should refer to that particular contestant as Miss That State Between Montana and Washington. Sheesh, how dare the pageant organizers purposefully insult the illiterate prostitute demographic.

And when will Disney to do away with that particular song on their Pirates of the Caribbean ride? You know, the song that's street slang for getting the attention of prostitute twins. While I'm at it, for the sake of truth in advertising I hereby demand Ho-Ho's snack cakes be renamed Syphilis and Gonorrhea. And I'm not going to touch "ho-hum" with a 10 foot sexual double-entendre.

But in the same vein of holiday greetings that are insulting to soiled doves, "Trick or Treat" certainly does have connotations of prostitution. Well, the first part of the phrase does... and possibly the last part does as well. But only if you consider an unimaginable burning sensation when you pee that so intense you're amazingly capable of ripping the urinal right off the wall, followed by a rather large (and painful) gamma globulin shot to be a "treat".

In the meantime, I'll just put my hands in the air... like I just don't care. Heyyyyyy - Hoooooo!

Or would that be "Haaaaaaa"?
Breaking News - Signs Of Catholicism At Latest USCCB Meeting!
Film at 11

Even though I've been out of the loop for almost a week now, I'm sure the Catholic Blogosphere is all atwitter over the latest to come out of the USCCB; namely, the document entitled Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the United States.

First off, I gotta give credit where credit is due. When I read statements such as "The statement explains the necessity of opposing actions that are intrinsically wrong, such as abortion and euthanasia, because these actions involve directly and intentionally ending an innocent human life", I know damn good and well that Pope Benedict has been rattling more than just a few cages.

Not all that long ago we were hit every Presidential election cycle with statements such as "abortion is just one stance among many that we should prayerfully consider" coming out of quite a few chanceries, remember?

A few recurring themes in this document stuck out to me; (comments and emphasis mine)

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) today overwhelmingly approved a statement called Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the United States. (Just overhwlemingly? Why not unanimously? I can't help but wonder who voted against it. And why)

A second temptation involves “dismissing or ignoring other serious threats to human life and dignity. Racism and other unjust discrimination (I wonder what they mean by "unjust discrimination"? The only reason I ask this is because of all the so-called 'Gay & Lesbian Ministries' that are so prevalent in many diocese),

torture (let's just hope the USCCB doesn't qualify torture as something harsher than.... ohhhh, the time-out corner or having to endure this years Notre Dame football team),

the use of the death penalty (keep in mind that this statement was developed by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn. The same Bishop DiMarzio who stated; "While the bishops argue against capital punishment, he said, Catholics may disagree without separating themselves from the Church community". Ladies and gents, what we have he is what's better known as double-talk),

resorting to unjust war (I also hope the USCCB understands that bombing the crap outta Canada simply because that particular nation begat Alanis Morissette, both the disco and skank version, would qualify as an unjust war. Killing terrorists and those who support them isn't. BTW, we all know that the USCCB is referring to the War in Iraq, and I've already commented on that before),

war crimes (such as having to listen to Alanis Morissette, both the disco and the skank version),

the failure to respond to those who are suffering from hunger or lack health care (and to think of all the hundreds of millions spent on out-of-court settlements for bishop protected rapist "priests". I wonder how many hungry and sick people could have been taken care of with that money),

or unjust immigration policies (correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't The Church already definitively spoken on the topic? Why does the USCCB continue to harp on this?) are all serious moral issues that challenge our consciences and require us to act.”

Admittantly, I'm not as enthusiastic as many of my fellow Catholics are, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

If It's Not True, It Ought to Be
Only God looks down on a Marine; everyone else looks up

A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the courses had a professor who was a vowed atheist and a member of the ACLU. One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, “God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I’ll give you exactly 15 minutes.”

The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, “Here I am God. I’m still waiting.”

It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him; knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold.

The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, “What the hell is the matter with you? Why did you do that?”

The Marine calmly replied, “God was too busy today protecting America’s troops who are protecting your right to say stupid shit and act like an asshole. So, He sent me.”
Gee, I Sure Want To Send My Kids To "Catholic" School In California!
But let's be honest, many "Catholic" schools are just for rich Protestant kids

From The California Catholic Daily. Here's some of the article;

Priest has pro-life parishioner arrested
Dispute over graphic abortion pictures ends in trespass charges at San Mateo parish

A pro-life activist banned from stepping on the grounds of St. Matthew’s Church in San Mateo after a controversy over his display of signs showing graphic pictures of aborted babies was arrested on Tuesday, Nov. 13, for trespassing on church grounds.

St. Matthew’s pastor, the Rev. Anthony McGuire, placed Ross Foti, 72, under citizen’s arrest when he came for the 8:15 a.m. Mass on Tuesday, the Nov. 14 Oakland Tribune reported. San Mateo police arrived and cited Foti for misdemeanor trespassing and released him. Foti has been ordered to appear in San Mateo County Superior Court on Dec. 27.

Foti, a well-known pro-life activist, has long been controversial at St. Matthew’s. Parents of children at the parish school began complaining last year of Foti’s truck, displaying the graphic signs, which he parked on a public street adjacent to the school. Parents, who dropped their children off on the street for school, complained that their children had to view the graphic pictures.

OK, "parked on a public street..." I don't see this standing up in court for one second. Personally, I'd love to see Ross Foti sue the living shit outta "Father" McGuire and the Diocese of Oakland. That's the only thing these wolves in sheep's clothing understand; a hit right in the bank book. They've abandoned Catholicism long ago.

BTW, those parents who pissed and moaned about the "graphic signs" that were so upsetting, reminds me of the newsreels at the end of WWII that showed the heaps of humanity that the Nazis butchered. I guess we shouldn't show those anymore, huh?