Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh, How I Loved These Guys
And how they broke my heart as a kid

I posted a few years ago why I've given up on both the Raiders and the NFL overall.

But I did see a documentary on the old AFL the other day, and it had me all weepy-eyed over my beloved Oakland Raiders of old.

Those guys were REAL football. Daryle "The Mad Bomber" Lamonica, Kenny "Snake" Stabler, Dave "The Ghost" Casper, Lester "The Molester" Hayes, Freddie "Stickum" Biletnikoff, Jim "Double Aught" Otto, Jack "The Assassin" Tatum, and above all, George "The Grand Old Man" Blanda.

If they did this kind of stuff nowadays, they'd be arrested. But then again, I'm pretty sure that jail time was a prerequisite for the old Raiders.



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