Monday, September 24, 2007

The Ignorant Redneck Rants
Rant away, brother!!

I've added a whole slew of folks to the Fellow Bloglodyte column on the left hand side. Hey, swing by and say hi. They're all absolutely first rate!

Altare Dei

Sheep In The Midst Of Wolves

Irish Trad

Uncovering Orthodoxy

Argent By The Tiber

The Blue Boar

Holy Tara-Wrist

Wife And Mom Of Two

But I tell ya... this posting from The Ignorant Redneck caught my eye.

About Sodomites
It's been pointed out to me that this is an inflammatory word. Good.

Let me explain:

A homosexual is a person who experiences primarily same sex attraction.

A gay is a person (usually used for males) who has decided that acting on same sex attraction is morally permissible, or even a socially positive activity.

A sodomite is someone who forces homosexual activity on another. (See the story of Lot--unsavory as it is). Minors are presumed not to be able to give consent, that's why sexual activities with a minor are commonly known as statutory rape. So--someone who has homosexual relations with a minor is a sodomite.


Blogger Karin said...

Thank you :)

And in regards to sodomites I totally agree with the post!

5:59 AM  
Blogger M. Alexander said...

Can I shamlessly promote a new website?

We're trying to combine all the Latin Masses in the U.S. and Canada, all approved and in union by the way.

Send us your additions and corrections.

Okay, you may now go back to your regularly scheduled programming and if I'm not mistaken I think it is once again getting to be "pie weatha"! I hope that post will be resurrected. One of the greats!
Mary Alexander

8:24 PM  

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