Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Dew-Dew Head Thought This Up?
Do the Dew

WARNING!! Harsh language alert! If crude language offends you, don't read this post.

Bishop Trautperson of the Diocese of Eerie is the chairman for the liturgy committee of the USCCB. You remember him, dontchya? He's the one that implied that the average American Catholic is too stupid to understand the difference between "for many" and "for all". Well, get ready for some vintage "Spirit of Vatican II-Speak" from two of my favorite guys.

From The California Catholic Daily, an article concerning how the Vox Clara Commission has set the end of 2009 for the completion and approval of the new English missal; And where the existing translation renders the Second Eucharistic Prayer’s haec ergo dona, quaesumus, Spiritus tui rore sanctifica... as “let your Spirit come upon these gifts to make them holy…,” the new translation has "therefore, make holy these gifts, we pray, by the dew of the Spirit...."

Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, Pennsylvania, criticized the “dew” translation at the April 2006 Los Angeles archdiocesan Religious Education Congress, suggesting that the use of "dew" would evoke images of defecation for modern listeners.

I wonder if Bishop Trautman giggles whenever he says "...and Jesus rode an ass". Ya think the good bishop laughs out loud whenever he reads "... and the cock crowed three times". But seriously, does this mean that Rorate Caeli now has to change their name to Stercus Caeli? Sheesh. How'd this guy ever become a bishop?

But not to be outdone, Cardinal "What's $661 Million Between Friends" Mahony prattles on with; "Following the [clerical sex abuse] scandal," Mahony said, "the last thing our people need is to now disrupt the liturgy, which has been a source of nourishment and strength during this difficult journey."

You gotta be shittin' me. Even over the raped bodies of hundreds of children in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Roger the Dodger will grasp and any sword to keep the Novus Ordo alive.

This man has no shame. Our Lady of Akita was right.


Blogger ignorant redneck said...

Trautman and Mahony are birds of a feather, which is to say, not the manliest of debaters. They both try very hard to divert attention from their agendas. One, by focusing on poor catachesis, the other by trying to invole the spctre ofa problem he exacerbated.

These two "Princes of the Church" hate the Church, and wish to remake in their own vein, to allow and justify their own failure to live up to their vocations.

Some bishops are goldbricks, some are excellent, and some are... 8-Balls.

These two are 8-balls, who not only want to "re-image" the Church, they have no respect for the laity, or our specific vocations within the Body of Christ, or even our ability to read and write.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Bruce said...

Will Cardinal Mahoney resign? If Law had to leave Boston (and I'm not arguing he should have stayed) why does Mahoney get to stay in L.A.? At least Law helped get us the Catechism. Mahoney gave his diocese a deficient and confusing pastoral letter on the Most Holy Eucharist. At Cardinal O'Connor's funeral Law got several minutes of a standing ovation when he pointed out to all the faithful as well as the unfaithful bigwig politicians present that O'Connor was unequivocally pro-life. (The lenghth of the applause forced even the Clintons to stand reluctantly!) According to Raymond Arroyo, Mahoney relentlessly sought to destory Mother Angelica and EWTN for calling a spade a spade. Moreover, Mahoney continually provides an insidious forum for heretics at his "catechetical" congresses.
Where is the supposed watchdog "Voice of the Faithful?" Is there some reason they want Mahoney to stay?

9:45 PM  
Blogger paramedicgirl said...

Well Cavey, ya got me on that one! I didn't know until the end of your post that the harsh language alert was for using the words "Trautman and Mahoney."

9:32 PM  

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