Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OK, This Stuff Is Starting To Bug Me
Lets get it right, people

They're Navy SEALs, not Navy Seals. SEALs are Naval Special Forces whose unit name stands for "Sea, Air, Land". Seals are aquatic mammals.

The Calvary doesn't come to the rescue. Calvary is where Christ was crucified. Cavalry are guys on horseback who come to the rescue.

"Don't axe me questions like that." An axe is a sharpened forestry implement. Ask is to put to a question or seek information.


Blogger JACK said...

And Marines are ALWAYS with a capital "M".

5:08 PM  
Blogger Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...

Thank you soooo much for completely avoiding all apostrophe abuse in that post. That is one of my pet peeves.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Smiley said...

This is what happens when kids are not taught how to spell in school and rely on spell check. We, my dear sir, not only had to learn spellings but also grammar. I hear that grammar is not taught in Canadian schools.

6:26 PM  
Blogger the Egyptian said...

who put a burr up you a-- ;>) I know it bugs me too. Sister Mary Alphonsine would be scolding everyone to no end about it if she were alive today

7:06 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

And just yesterday in New York's Daily News a sports columnist who has a second column of "political reporter" wrote about an Easter Mass he attended where a Priest was "saying" the Mass. Any Catholic knows that a Mass is "celebrated" although "saying" a Mass is also commonly used by some Religious.

8:28 PM  
Blogger chestertonian said...

And Marines are ALWAYS with a capital "M".Affirmative!

Also -- and this damn near drives me to a murderous rage when I see it in the press -- "Marine" is NOT synonomous with "soldier."

A soldier is a member of the U.S. Army. In other words, a solder is a piece of shit, ass-sucking, limp-wristed, maggot-eaten dogface Army dog.

A MARINE, on the other hand, is a proud member of the U.S Marine Corps: a man among men; a manly, gallant, brave, beer-chugging warrior who kills bad guys, protects the weak, adores our Lady, is worshipped by his wife and children, loves God, family, and country deeply (and, yes, in THAT order) and, if he isn't Catholic yet, deeply wishes he could be.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Cookie said...

Hey, not EVERYONE can have a Chapel Hill-quality degree in Journalism... a degree that gets you nowhere because the entire state is shutting down economically... Hmm...

12:54 PM  
Blogger Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...


My father was a soldier. My uncle was a soldier. My brother was a soldier. While United States soldiers need not live up to the extraordinary standard set by the United States Marine Corps, and the Army has at times been used to warehouse all the turkeys dredged up by Selective Service, that does not mean soldiers are axiomatically without virtue.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Simplex Vir said...


I don't think that my fellow former Marine Chestertonian meant any insult by his statement:

"A soldier is a member of the U.S. Army. In other words, a solder is a piece of shit, ass-sucking, limp-wristed, maggot-eaten dogface Army dog."

In all honesty that was said with much respect. Normally a Marine wouldn't waste breath putting down the dreggs of the armed services so evidently he puts soldiers on a higher platue!

In all seriousness we all know that there are fine military men serving in all branches, yes even the Air Force, with thier candy and soda machines in boot camp that lasts four weeks.

11:53 PM  
Blogger chestertonian said...

ATL, What Simplex said. With all the hyperbole I used, it should have been obvious that I had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.

As a former Marine I of course strongly believe that Marines stand head-and-shoulders above soldiers by almost any measure. However that does not mean I think that all soldiers "are axiomatically without virtue."

And, also like Simplex said, the Army is still better than the Chair Force. Simplex forgot to mention the maid service in the Chair Force's four-week boot camp.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...

First, @Simplex & Chestertonian, the surname is spelled India Lima Alpha Romeo Sierra Alpha Delta India November. Cavey gets it right, which I sincerely appreciate. ATL is the Atlanta International Airport, which I ain't.

Second, if you're looking for a short form, by all means call me Ark.

Third, your allowance that your description of soldiers is primarily esprit de corps coupled with inter-service rivalry is accepted.

And if we're gonna do inter-service jokes, I have a couple at the Air Force's expense.

"What do you call these?" (sticks hands in pockets) "Air Force gloves."

When the Marines are ordered to secure a building, they charge it from all sides and take the high ground.

When the Army is ordered to secure a building, they set up a perimeter and challenge all who approach.

When the Navy is ordered to secure a building, they turn off the lights and lock the doors.

When the Air Force is ordered to secure a building, they obtain a three-year lease with an option to buy.

1:48 PM  
Blogger chestertonian said...


Ok, Ark, fair enough, here's another one: Lock a Marine in an empty room with two ball bearings, and he'll break one and lose the other.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

What my dear old dad (a retired Navy Chief) use to tell me; "You can always tell a Marine, you just can't tell him much."

4:55 PM  

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