Monday, September 25, 2006

They Stood Up To Them Once
They'll stand up to them again

145 years ago, the state of South Carolina stood up to a repressive Federal Government. Today, SC stands up to an ineffective Federal Government.

State lawmakers began meeting last week to discuss proposals they hope will give South Carolina some of the toughest laws against illegal immigration in the country.

According to Sen. Jim Ritchie, R-Spartanburg, “we are increasingly frustrated by the inability of the federal government to enforce its laws”

Here're the specifics --

• Require people to show proof of legal residence before receiving local, state or federal benefits administered by the state

• Require contractors working for the state to verify their employees’ legal status through a federal verification program

• Authorize local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws

• Call for jail personnel to check the legal status of anyone charged with a felony or DUI and notify federal immigration officials if the person is not a citizen.

It's about damn time... and another reason as to why States Rights aren't just a couple of dirty words.


Blogger Petrus Radii said...

Raise the Bonnie Blue Flag, Caveman!

"We are a band of brothers...!"

12:33 PM  

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