Friday, September 22, 2006

Surrender Your Children!
Lebensborn, 2006

Interesting anti-spanking website I came across. Are you a felony spanker?

This site is chock full of illuminating and interesting articles that even a troglodyte like me can understand. Gee, am I ever glad they these good folks are around to tell us how to raise our kids.

Check out some of their articles. My comments in red.

Physical and psychological abuse of children in the classroom. This is lib-speak for 'making children follow the rules is a bad thing'

Boot camp for kids: Torturing teens for fun and profit. The liberals are right. We should 'relate to' 14 year olds who are on the very precipice of becoming career felons. Hugs are the answer to everything.

Spanking can be sexual abuse. Only a liberal could even be perverse enough to equate the two.

Rape as punishment. As opposed to rape as reward?

Flogging for God: Violence toward children under the guise of religion. Ahhh... spanking is the tool of those nasty Christians!

What Should I Do When I See Someone Hitting Their Kid? How about minding your own damn business?

VIOLATED SCHOOLCHILDREN: Corporal punishment-induced trauma. Does a red bottom for being a brat really qualify as a trauma?

There is also a lovely set of photos equating the beating of slaves in the 19th century to the paddling of children in the 21st century. Oddly enough, the photo of the paddling present day happens to be a picture of a white teacher paddling a black pupil. Subtle, huh?

Also, there is another interesting side-by-side graph showing the Top Ten Paddling States right next to the Top Ten Lynching States. And yes, both sets of graphs are Southern states. Hmmm... I wonder if there's also a direct link between paddling and lynching with fatback, cornbread, sweet tea, boiled peanuts, and referring to your elders as sir and ma'am?

There is also a link proudly proclaiming that Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Austria and Cyprus prohibit corporal punishment of children. Oddly enough, these nations also legalized slicing them into small pieces in their mother's womb.

I get it now --- paddles "bad"... scalpels and vacuums "good"

Silly me.


Blogger Dave said...

My kids may get a swat every now and then. However, that is our prerogative as parents, and if anyone else lays a hand on my kid without my consent, I may very well end up in jail for my reaction.

That being said, I have no trouble with things like juvenile boot camp. The little buggers need that sometimes...

7:11 AM  

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