Sunday, July 09, 2006

Starving For Peace (and attention)
Hollywood stars fast for a whole day!

Absolutely hilarious piece from Mark Steyn. Well worth the read.

Looks as if professional pouter, Sean Penn, along with professional crazy-lady Cindy Sheehan, along with Tom Robbins mother, Susan Sarandon, (among others) will be involved in something called a "rolling fast" to bring the troops home from Iraq.

They're going to give up chow for a whopping 24 hours, then "hand it over to a comrade". Comrade, indeed. I wonder how fellow faster Michael Moore is doing? I hear his weight is hovering dangerously at 300 pounds. Big Mac... STAT!!

Speaking of Michael Moore... has anyone else noticed how hard he cultivates that "I'm just another laid off factory worker - just like you" persona? The scraggly beard. The ratty pull over shirt. The beat-up ball cap. Always a week overdue for a haircut. He looks so down-and-out. Poor guy.

Ya know what? Michael Moore's a millionaire. He lives in a multi-million dollar home. He's chauffeured around in luxury cars. He invests in evil corporations. Oh... and he's made tons of money from his investments in evil corporations.

And the sad thing is... some people really do think he's a laid-off factory worker from Detroit just waiting to be called back to the assembly line any day now.


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