Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vicente Fox, America's Most Wanted
Public Enemy #1?

As most of us already know, El Presidente is about to legalize most drugs in Mexico. Personal amounts of cocaine, heroin, LSD, etc, will all be perfectly legal.

Now let's jump in the ol' wayback machine and go back to the days of Ronnie Reagan. Remember the nation formerly known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? How is it that good old Reagan managed to have that nation collapse without firing a shot? Simple, we broke their backs economically.

SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative (otherwise popularly known as "Star Wars") cost this nation billions upon billions of dollars. The Democrats collectively defecated themselves. The liberals in Europe screamed how Reagan was 'pushing the USSR' into a corner that would result in war.

The Russians simply couldn't keep up. They pumped billions upon billions of rubles that they sorely needed elsewhere (for things like food) to counter Reagan's Star Wars plan. But try as they may, that rather loud snapping sound was the Russians economic backbone being broke in two.

So what's any of this have to do with Vicente Fox? Quite obviously, Fox intends to break our economic backbone. Maybe not of the entire United States, but at least that of certain states, counties, and cities.

Think about it, whenever the INS or Border Patrol arrest an illegal, that usually is nothing more than a free sack lunch and a bus ride to the border. Ahhh... but not if they just so happen to have cocaine, heroin, LSD, etc on their person. Now it's a trip through that Great Black Hole Of Taxpayers Money better known as the American Judicial System.

I know for a fact that there are law enforcement types who read this blog. Hopefully, one of them can give us the dollar amount for just processing through the legal system someone who's popped with heroin. I feel safe in the assumption that it's in the thousands.

And how much is it per inmate? According to the 1996 Department of Justice, the highest average annual operating cost per State inmate occurred in Minnesota, ($37,800) and the lowest in Alabama ($8,000). Keep in mind, these stats are TEN years old.

El Presidente's no fool. He knows that our judicial system is already on the brink of economic collapse. A million or so illegals added to the mix should work in his favor just fine, thank you very much.

Vicente Fox is more of a threat to American sovereignty than Usama bin-Laden could ever hope to be. I just want to know when he'll be added to the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list.


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