Thursday, January 19, 2006

American Taliban's Daddy Claims Maggot Son Tortured By U.S. Military
...and your point, exactly?

Harsh language alert. If off-color language pisses you off, you might want to skip this post.

Frank Lindh, had to fight back the tears (Bravo Foxtrot Delta) when he addressed the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Awwww.... daddy got all weepy eyed. Hey dad, how about acting like a man. No wonder your son's such a damn little punk.

Seems that Daddy Lindh is all emotional and shit because he claims that his douche bag brat was tortured by American military forces in Afghanistan. Said Lindh; "John Lindh did not need to be tortured to tell the American forces where he had been and what he had seen," "I cannot fathom why the military felt it necessary to humiliate him in this way." At times fighting back tears, the father accused U.S. forces of torturing his son. He showed a photo of his son's body strapped to a stretcher at a military base in southern Afghanistan.

Tortured.... TORTURED? Hey dip shit, your enemy combatant scumbag kid was strapped tight and blindfolded because he was deemed a severe threat. I guess that lil' Johnny totin' around a Kalashnikov and bragging to CNN how much he loved the Taliban kinda made the American Military not really trust him all that much. Ya think? How sad that this little bastard didn't think about the consequences of his actions before he took up arms against his own country. Hey Johnny... tough shit.

I for one, certainly do hope that sonny boy did get the shit kicked out of him. Am I the only one that remembers that this little ass-hole was captured during the Mazar-e Sharif Prison uprising where CIA officer Johnny Michael Spann was brutally murdered by Lindh's runnin' buddies??!!

With any luck at all, little Johnny Lindh is now the Sweetheart of Cell Block 16. Or at least Big Bubba's girlfriend.


Anonymous prevat2 said...

Having taken up arms against his fellow countrymen, little Johnny should have been tried by a U.S. Military Court as an enemy combatant, and then shot or hung. However, having been given a 20 year sentence, this little bastard deserves to remain behind bars for the rest of his time with NO time off for "good behavior."

Screw you little Johnny. May you receive a well deserved shank in the back on the prison yard!

9:02 AM  
Blogger DigiHairshirt said...

Caveman, stop sugar coating it, how do you really feel? *wink*

12:21 PM  

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